Volume 19, Number 4, December 2019
"Product + logistics" bundling sale and co-delivery in cross-border e-commerce.

Baozhuang Niu Jingmai Wang Carman K. M. Lee Lei Chen

Understanding information system success model and valence framework in sellers' acceptance of cross-border e-commerce: a sequential multi-method approach.

Yi Cui Jian Mou Jason F. Cohen Yanping Liu

Analysis of launch strategy in cross-border e-Commerce market via topic modeling of consumer reviews.

Feifei Wang Yang Yang Geoffrey K. F. Tso Yang Li

A two-sided matching model in the context of B2B export cross-border e-commerce.

Yumeng Miao Rong Du Jin Li J. Christopher Westland

Consumer's risk perception on the Belt and Road countries: evidence from the cross-border e-commerce.

Jianping Li Yinhong Yao Yuanjie Xu Jingyu Li Lu Wei Xiaoqian Zhu

Designing a talents training model for cross-border e-commerce: a mixed approach of problem-based learning with social media.

Xusen Cheng Linlin Su Alex Zarifis

Customs classification for cross-border e-commerce based on text-image adaptive convolutional neural network.

Guo Li Na Li

Understanding the topics of export cross-border e-commerce consumers feedback: an LDA approach.

Jian Mou Gang Ren Chunxiu Qin Kerry Kurcz

Introduction to the special issue: electronic commerce in China's Belt and Road Initiative.

J. Christopher Westland

Volume 19, Number 3, September 2019
End-to-middle-to-end solution for IMS media plane security.

Jose Oscar Fajardo Fidel Liberal Fudong Li Nathan L. Clarke Is-Haka Mkwawa

An efficient anonymous remote attestation scheme for trusted computing based on improved CPK.

Fajiang Yu Jing Chen Yang Xiang Jiacheng Zhu Yangdi Zhao

A survey on anonymous voice over IP communication: attacks and defenses.

Ge Zhang Simone Fischer-Hübner

Towards a cooperative security system for mobile-health applications.

Bruno M. C. Silva Joel J. P. C. Rodrigues Fábio Canelo Ivo M. C. Lopes Jaime Lloret

What content and context factors lead to selection of a video clip? The heuristic route perspective.

Sang-Hyeak Yoon Hee-Woong Kim

Factors affecting consumers' mobile payment behavior: a meta-analysis.

Zhunzhun Liu Shenglin Ben Ruidong Zhang

Lowering the pirate flag: a TPB study of the factors influencing the intention to pay for movie streaming services.

Domenico Sardanelli Agostino Vollero Alfonso Siano Gianmaria Bottoni

The interaction effects of information cascades, word of mouth and recommendation systems on online reading behavior: an empirical investigation.

Qihua Liu Xiaoyu Zhang Liyi Zhang Yang Zhao

Strong anonymous mobile payment against curious third-party provider.

Chenglong Cao Xiaoling Zhu

Measuring e-service quality and its importance to customer satisfaction and loyalty: an empirical study in a telecom setting.

Ronggang Zhou Xiaorui Wang Yuhan Shi Renqian Zhang Leyuan Zhang Haiyan Guo

Editorial: special issue on advances in security and privacy for future mobile communications.

Georgios Kambourakis Gregorio Martínez Pérez Félix Gómez Mármol

Volume 19, Number 2, June 2019
A data-driven approach for extracting and analyzing collaboration patterns at the interagent and intergroup levels in business process.

Shanshan Wang Kun Chen Zhiyong Liu Ren-Yong Guo Jianshan Sun Qiongjie Dai

Benefit-based O2O commerce segmentation: a means-end chain approach.

Lin Xiao Zixiu Guo John D'Ambra

The process of solving problems with self-service technologies: a study from the user's perspective.

Alireza Nili Mary Tate David Johnstone

Transfer of electronic commerce trust between physical and virtual environments: experimental effects of structural assurance and situational normality.

Stephen C. Wingreen Natasha C. H. L. Mazey Stephen L. Baglione Gordon R. Storholm

Digital transformation and possession attachment: examining the endowment effect for consumers' relationships with hedonic and utilitarian digital service technologies.

Martin P. Fritze Andreas B. Eisingerich Martin Benkenstein

Incorporating facial attractiveness in photos for online dating recommendation.

Zhihong Li Yining Song Xiaoying Xu

What makes a helpful online review? A meta-analysis of review characteristics.

Yani Wang Jun Wang Tang Yao

Volume 19, Number 1, March 2019
An incentive mechanism to promote honesty among seller agents in electronic marketplaces.

Mohammad Riazati Mehdi Shajari Siavash Khorsandi

The icon matters: how design instability affects download intention of mobile apps under prevention and promotion motivations.

Chien-Huang Lin Ming Chen

Online payments strategy: how third-party internet seals of approval and payment provider reputation influence the Millennials' online transactions.

Sofia Cardoso Luis F. Martinez

Negative online reviews of popular products: understanding the effects of review proportion and quality on consumers' attitude and intention to buy.

Muhammad Rifki Shihab Audry Pragita Putri

Factors affecting platform default risk in online peer-to-peer (P2P) lending business: an empirical study using Chinese online P2P platform data.

Yeujun Yoon Yu Li Yan Feng

The relationship between soft information in loan titles and online peer-to-peer lending: evidence from RenRenDai platform.

Jianrong Yao Jiarui Chen June Wei Yuangao Chen Shuiqing Yang

Off-line digital cash schemes providing untraceability, anonymity and change.

Lynn Batten Xun Yi

An adjustable re-ranking approach for improving the individual and aggregate diversities of product recommendations.

Qi Wang Jijun Yu Weiwei Deng

A reputation management mechanism that incorporates accountability in online ratings.

Subhasis Thakur

Modeling social learning on consumers' long-term usage of a mobile technology: a Bayesian estimation of a Bayesian learning model.

Haijing Hao Rema Padman Baohong Sun Rahul Telang