Volume 12, Number 4, December 2020
Impact of Using Active Locomotion Interfaces for Gameplay: A Study on Exertion Levels and Presence.

Leigh Gray Erandi Lakshika Michael Barlow

Correlating Psychophysiological Responses of Exergaming Boxing for Predictive Heart Rate Regression Models in Young Adults.

Nor Aina Mohd Jai Maziah Mat Rosly Nasrul Anuar Abd Razak

A Distributed Multiplayer Game to Promote Active Transport at Workplaces: User-Centered Design, Implementation, and Lessons Learned.

Teemu Henrikki Laine Jörgen Normark Helena Lindvall Anna-Karin Lindqvist Stina Rutberg

User-Centered Design of a Scenario-Based Serious Game: Game-Based Teaching of Future Healthcare.

Renée Schulz Berglind Smaradottir Andreas Prinz Takahiro Hara

Staying Motivated During Difficult Times: A Snapshot of Serious Games for Paediatric Cancer Patients.

Ezwan Shah Abd Majid Jaime Andres Garcia A. Imran Nordin William L. Raffe

The Anesthesia Crisis Scenario Builder for Authoring Anesthesia Crisis-Based Simulations.

Kyle Wilcocks Bill Kapralos Alvaro Uribe-Quevedo Fahad Alam Adam Dubrowski

Fammeal: A Gamified Mobile Application for Parents and Children to Help Healthcare Centers Treat Childhood Obesity.

Lisa Afonso Rui Rodrigues Eduardo Reis Kylee Miller Joana Castro Nuno Parente Carina Teixeira Ana Fraga Sandra Torres

Analysis, Design, and Prototypical Implementation of a Serious Game Reha@Stroke to Support Rehabilitation of Stroke Patients With the Help of a Mobile Phone.

René Baranyi Pawel Czech Stefan Hofstätter Christoph Aigner Thomas Grechenig

Guest Editorial: Special Issue on Serious Games for Health.

Duarte Duque João L. Vilaça Marjorie A. Zielke Nuno Dias Nuno F. Rodrigues Ruck Thawonmas

Volume 12, Number 3, September 2020
Procedural Generation of Multistory Buildings With Interior.

Jonas Freiknecht Wolfgang Effelsberg

A Game Design Plot: Exploring the Educational Potential of History-Based Video Games.

Farzan Baradaran Rahimi Beaumie Kim Richard M. Levy Jeffrey E. Boyd

Solving Sudoku With Ant Colony Optimization.

Huw Lloyd Martyn Amos

AutoRhythm: A Music Game With Automatic Hit-Timing Generation and Percussion Identification.

Tzu-Chun Yeh Jyh-Shing Roger Jang

REAL: Reality-Enhanced Applied Games.

Francesco Bellotti Riccardo Berta Pratheep Paranthaman Gautam Dange Alessandro De Gloria

Adaptive Music Composition for Games.

Patrick Hutchings Jon McCormack

Improving Solvability for Procedurally Generated Challenges in Physical Solitaire Games Through Entangled Components.

Mark Goadrich James Droscha

Video Game Development in a Rush: A Survey of the Global Game Jam Participants.

Markus Borg Vahid Garousi Anas Mahmoud Thomas Olsson Oskar Stålberg

Testing a Protocol for Characterizing Game Playing Agents Trained via Evolution on a New Game.

Eun-Youn Kim Daniel A. Ashlock

Virtual Environment Positioning Utilizing Play-Script Spatiotemporal Reasoning.

Christine Talbot G. Michael Youngblood

Volume 12, Number 2, June 2020
Infinite Loot Box: A Platform for Simulating Video Game Loot Boxes.

Dominic Kao

A Mobile Game for Automatic Emotion-Labeling of Images.

Haik Kalantarian Khaled Jedoui Peter Washington Dennis P. Wall

Winning Is Not Everything: Enhancing Game Development With Intelligent Agents.

Yunqi Zhao Igor Borovikov Fernando de Mesentier Silva Ahmad Beirami Jason Rupert Caedmon Somers Jesse Harder John Kolen Jervis Pinto Reza Pourabolghasem James Pestrak Harold Chaput Mohsen Sardari Long Lin Sundeep Narravula Navid Aghdaie Kazi A. Zaman

Learning the Game of Go by Scalable Network Without Prior Knowledge of Komi.

Bohong Yang Lin Wang Hong Lu Youzhao Yang

Crawling in Rogue's Dungeons With Deep Reinforcement Techniques.

Andrea Asperti Daniele Cortesi Carlo De Pieri Gianmaria Pedrini Francesco Sovrano

Comparison Training for Computer Chinese Chess.

Jr-Chang Chen Wen-Jie Tseng I-Chen Wu Ting-Han Wei

Toward Personalized Adaptive Gamification: A Machine Learning Model for Predicting Performance.

Christian E. López Conrad S. Tucker

"Are You Playing a Shooter Again?!" Deep Representation Learning for Audio-Based Video Game Genre Recognition.

Shahin Amiriparian Nicholas Cummins Maurice Gerczuk Sergey Pugachevskiy Sandra Ottl Björn W. Schuller

Self-Adaptive Monte Carlo Tree Search in General Game Playing.

Chiara F. Sironi Jialin Liu Mark H. M. Winands

Dual Indicators to Analyze AI Benchmarks: Difficulty, Discrimination, Ability, and Generality.

Fernando Martínez-Plumed José Hernández-Orallo

Volume 12, Number 1, March 2020

Moshe Sipper Jason H. Moore

Measuring Player Retention and Monetization Using the Mean Cumulative Function.

Markus Viljanen Antti Airola Anne-Maarit Majanoja Jukka Heikkonen Tapio Pahikkala

Avatars of a Feather Flock Together: Gender Homophily in Online Video Games Revealed via Exponential Random Graph Modeling.

Shiyu Zhang Sander Bakkes Diederik M. Roijers Pieter Spronck

Manipulating Narrative Salience in Interactive Stories Using Indexter's Pairwise Event Salience Hypothesis.

Rachelyn Farrell Stephen G. Ware Lewis J. Baker

Reinforcement Learning to Create Value and Policy Functions Using Minimax Tree Search in Hex.

Kei Takada Hiroyuki Iizuka Masahito Yamamoto

Construction of Strongly Mutually Distinct Sudoku Tables and Solid Sudoku Cubes by Cyclotomic Cosets.

Mehrab Najafian Mohammad Hesam Tadayon Morteza Esmaeili

Profit Optimizing Churn Prediction for Long-Term Loyal Customers in Online Games.

EunJo Lee Boram Kim Sungwook Kang Byung-Soo Kang Yoonjae Jang Huy Kang Kim

Procedural Puzzle Generation: A Survey.

Barbara De Kegel Mads Haahr

Deep Learning for Video Game Playing.

Niels Justesen Philip Bontrager Julian Togelius Sebastian Risi