Volume 305, April 2022
Sensitive loss: Improving accuracy and fairness of face representations with discrimination-aware deep learning.

Ignacio Serna Aythami Morales Julian Fiérrez Nick Obradovich

Memory-limited model-based diagnosis.

Patrick Rodler

An abstract, logical approach to characterizing strong equivalence in non-monotonic knowledge representation formalisms.

Ringo Baumann Hannes Strass

AI Journal Special Issue on Ethics for Autonomous Systems.

Michael Fisher Sven Koenig Marija Slavkovik

A local method for identifying causal relations under Markov equivalence.

Zhuangyan Fang Yue Liu Zhi Geng Shengyu Zhu Yangbo He

A counter abstraction technique for verifying properties of probabilistic swarm systems.

Alessio Lomuscio Edoardo Pirovano

Unsupervised and few-shot parsing from pretrained language models.

Zhiyuan Zeng Deyi Xiong

Envy-free allocations respecting social networks.

Robert Bredereck Andrzej Kaczmarczyk Rolf Niedermeier

Online joint bid/daily budget optimization of Internet advertising campaigns.

Alessandro Nuara Francesco Trovò Nicola Gatti Marcello Restelli

Multi-agent pathfinding with continuous time.

Anton Andreychuk Konstantin S. Yakovlev Pavel Surynek Dor Atzmon Roni Stern

LMMS reloaded: Transformer-based sense embeddings for disambiguation and beyond.

Daniel Loureiro Alípio Mário Jorge José Camacho-Collados