Volume 307, June 2022
Learning infinite-word automata with loop-index queries.

Jakub Michaliszyn Jan Otop

Multi-view graph convolutional networks with attention mechanism.

Kaixuan Yao Jiye Liang Jianqing Liang Ming Li Feilong Cao

Special issue on Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI).

Tim Miller Robert R. Hoffman Ofra Amir Andreas Holzinger

Advanced algorithms for abstract dialectical frameworks based on complexity analysis of subclasses and SAT solving.

Thomas Linsbichler Marco Maratea Andreas Niskanen Johannes Peter Wallner Stefan Woltran

Analyzing generalized planning under nondeterminism.

Vaishak Belle

Decidability and complexity of action-based temporal planning over dense time.

Nicola Gigante Andrea Micheli Angelo Montanari Enrico Scala

Inconsistency-tolerant query answering for existential rules.

Thomas Lukasiewicz Enrico Malizia Maria Vanina Martinez Cristian Molinaro Andreas Pieris Gerardo I. Simari

Bayesian agency: Linear versus tractable contracts.

Matteo Castiglioni Alberto Marchesi Nicola Gatti