Volume 67, Number 6, November 2020
Polynomiality for Bin Packing with a Constant Number of Item Types.

Michel X. Goemans Thomas Rothvoss

A Constant-factor Approximation Algorithm for the Asymmetric Traveling Salesman Problem.

Ola Svensson Jakub Tarnawski László A. Végh

Approximating Edit Distance Within Constant Factor in Truly Sub-quadratic Time.

Diptarka Chakraborty Debarati Das Elazar Goldenberg Michal Koucký Michael E. Saks

Invited Articles Foreword.

Éva Tardos

Semantic Optimization of Conjunctive Queries.

Pablo Barceló Diego Figueira Georg Gottlob Andreas Pieris

A Unified Translation of Linear Temporal Logic to ω-Automata.

Javier Esparza Jan Kretínský Salomon Sickert

Near-optimal Sample Complexity Bounds for Robust Learning of Gaussian Mixtures via Compression Schemes.

Hassan Ashtiani Shai Ben-David Nicholas J. A. Harvey Christopher Liaw Abbas Mehrabian Yaniv Plan

Volume 67, Number 3, June 2020
A Near-linear Time ε-Approximation Algorithm for Geometric Bipartite Matching.

Sharath Raghvendra Pankaj K. Agarwal

Fully Online Matching.

Zhiyi Huang Ning Kang Zhihao Gavin Tang Xiaowei Wu Yuhao Zhang Xue Zhu

Representative Sets and Irrelevant Vertices: New Tools for Kernelization.

Stefan Kratsch Magnus Wahlström

Distributed Exact Shortest Paths in Sublinear Time.

Michael Elkin

The Power of Shunning: Efficient Asynchronous Byzantine Agreement Revisited.

Laasya Bangalore Ashish Choudhury Arpita Patra

Volume 67, Number 2, May 2020
A Simple Deterministic Distributed MST Algorithm with Near-Optimal Time and Message Complexities.

Michael Elkin

Invited Article Foreword.

Éva Tardos

Polynomial Counting in Anonymous Dynamic Networks with Applications to Anonymous Dynamic Algebraic Computations.

Dariusz R. Kowalski Miguel A. Mosteiro

A Simpler and Faster Strongly Polynomial Algorithm for Generalized Flow Maximization.

Neil Olver László A. Végh

Frege Systems for Quantified Boolean Logic.

Olaf Beyersdorff Ilario Bonacina Leroy Chew Ján Pich

Deterministic Factorization of Sparse Polynomials with Bounded Individual Degree.

Vishwas Bhargava Shubhangi Saraf Ilya Volkovich