Volume 58, Number 2, April 2022
First Demonstration of the Korean eLoran Accuracy in a Narrow Waterway Using Improved ASF Maps.

Woohyun Kim Pyo-Woong Son Sul Gee Park Sang Hyun Park Jiwon Seo

The First Carrier Phase Tracking and Positioning Results With Starlink LEO Satellite Signals.

Joe Khalife Mohammad Neinavaie Zaher M. Kassas

Range Sidelobe Level Reduction With a Train of Diverse LFM Pulses.

Nadav Neuberger Risto Vehmas

A General Formal Method for Manifold Coverage Analysis of Satellite Constellations.

Xiaoyu Chen Zhiming Song Guangming Dai Maocai Wang Emiliano Ortore Christian Circi

Detection of Sea-Surface Small Targets Masked by Range Sidelobes of Large Objects.

Kun Zhang Peng-Lang Shui Yuan Feng

Three-Dimensional Swarming Using Cyclic Stochastic Optimization.

Carsten H. Botts

Clutter Rank Analysis in Airborne FDA-MIMO Radar With Range Ambiguity.

Keyi Wang Guisheng Liao Jingwei Xu Yuhong Zhang Lei Huang

Robust Attitude Control Scheme for Constantly Spinning Small-Sized Quadrotor in the Presence of Imbalance Characteristics.

Hakjun Lee Seongwon Yoon Soohee Han

An Evidential Reasoning Rule Considering Parameter Uncertainty.

Jie Wang Zhi-Jie Zhou Chang-Hua Hu Xiaoxia Han Shuai-Wen Tang Pengyun Ning

Information-Based Particle Flow With Convergence Control.

Kari C. Ward Kyle J. DeMars

A Minimal Architecture for Real-Time Lunar Surface Positioning Using Joint Doppler and Ranging.

William W. Jun Kar-Ming Cheung Edgar Glenn Lightsey Charles Lee

Fixed-Time Terminal Angle-Constrained Cooperative Guidance Law Against Maneuvering Target.

Wei Dong Chunyan Wang Jianan Wang Zongyu Zuo Jiayuan Shan

Robust Multiple Model Predictive Control for Ascent Trajectory Tracking of Aerospace Vehicles.

Rui Cao YanBin Liu Yuping Lu

Optimal Vehicle-Target Assignment: A Swarm of Pursuers to Intercept Maneuvering Evaders Based on Ideal Proportional Navigation.

Mohammad Mehdi Asadi Luca Giovanni Gianoli David Saussié

Calibration of the Cylindrical Polarimetric Phased Array Radar via GPS-Disciplined Bistatic Pattern Measurement.

Matthew Herndon Mark B. Yeary

Adaptive Mutual Coupling Compensation Method for Airborne STAP Radar With End-Fire Array.

Yuanyi Xiong Wenchong Xie

AIS Data Aided Rayleigh CFAR Ship Detection Algorithm of Multiple-Target Environment in SAR Images.

Jiaqiu Ai Zhilin Pei Baidong Yao Zhaocheng Wang Mengdao Xing

Attitude Reconstruction From Inertial Measurement: Mitigating Runge Effect for Dynamic Applications.

Yuanxin Wu Maoran Zhu

Correlated Noncoherent Radar Detection for Gamma- Fluctuating Targets in Compound Clutter.

Josef Zuk

Protecting GNSS Open Service Navigation Message Authentication Against Distance-Decreasing Attacks.

Kewei Zhang Erik G. Larsson Panos Papadimitratos

Particle Swarm Optimization for Magnetometer Calibration With Rotation Axis Fitting Using In-Orbit Data.

Bagus Adiwiluhung Riwanto Petri Niemela Hendrik Ehrpais Andris Slavinskis Muhammad Rizwan Mughal Jaan Praks

Increased Robustness to Delay in Incremental Controllers Using Input Scaling Gain.

Rafael de Angelis Cordeiro Apolo Silva Marton José R. Azinheira José Reginaldo Hughes Carvalho Alexandra Moutinho

Robust Copula-Based Detection of Shallow-Buried Landmines With Forward-Looking Radar.

Afief D. Pambudi Fauzia Ahmad Abdelhak M. Zoubir

Pursuer Aim Identification for an Aircraft Formation Using a Passive Sensor Without State Estimation.

Zijiao Tian Kaipei Yang Meir Danino Yaakov Bar-Shalom Benny Milgrom

Cooperative Game Method for On-Orbit Substructure Transportation Using Modular Robots.

Nan Han Jianjun Luo Lijun Zong

A Parametric Approach to Space-Time Adaptive Processing in Bistatic Radar Systems.

Jacob Klintberg Tomas McKelvey Patrik B. G. Dammert

Constrained Contextual Bandit Learning for Adaptive Radar Waveform Selection.

Charles E. Thornton R. Michael Buehrer Anthony F. Martone

Economic Model-Predictive Control for Aircraft Forced Landing: Framework and Two-Level Implementation.

Zihang Dong Jingjing Jiang Cunjia Liu Matthew Coombes Wen-Hua Chen

Clustering Methods for Particle Filters With Gaussian Mixture Models.

Sehyun Yun Renato Zanetti

Composite Guidance for Impact Time Control Under Physical Constraints.

Hyeong-Geun Kim Hyeonbeom Lee

Prescribed Performance-Based Powered Descent Guidance for Step-Shaped Hazardous Terrains.

Youmin Gong Yanning Guo Guangfu Ma Yao Zhang Minwen Guo

Adaptive Fault-Tolerant Distributed Formation Control of Clustered Vertical Takeoff and Landing UAVs.

Yao Zou Kewei Xia Wei He

Flexible Task Scheduling in Data Relay Satellite Networks.

Guohua Wu Qizhang Luo Yanqi Zhu Xinjiang Chen Yanghe Feng Witold Pedrycz

Augmented Nonlinear Least Squares Estimation With Applications to Localization.

Qin Li Jian Lan Le Zhang Badong Chen Kaijian Zhu

Analysis of Guidance Laws With Nonmonotonic Line-of-Sight Rate Convergence.

Seokwon Lee Namhoon Cho Hyo-Sang Shin

Detection of Radio-Frequency Electronics by Stimulated Emission of Carrier Modulation.

Gregory J. Mazzaro

Compressive Sensing Technique for Mitigating Nonlinear Memory Effects in Radar Receivers.

Euan Ward Shahzad Gishkori Bernard Mulgrew

An Autofocus Approach With Applications to Ionospheric Scintillation Compensation for Spaceborne SAR Images.

Yifei Ji Zhen Dong Yongsheng Zhang Qilei Zhang

Bayesian Approximation Filtering With False Data Attack on Network.

Abhinoy Kumar Singh Sumit Kumar Nagendra Kumar Rahul Radhakrishnan

Entropy-Driven Morphological Top-Hat Transformation for Infrared Small Target Detection.

Lizhen Deng Guoxia Xu Jieke Zhang Hu Zhu

Modeling of Fixed Service Interference in Aeronautical SATCOM Channels.

Stephan P. Winter Andreas Knopp

Relative Orbital Motion of a Charged Object Near a Spaceborne Radially Directed Rotating Magnetic Dipole.

Chao Peng Zhengfan Zhu Hao Zhang Changxuan Wen

Cooperative Range and Angle Estimation With PA and FDA Radars.

Jingjing Zhu Shengqi Zhu Jingwei Xu Lan Lan Xiongpeng He

Poisson Multi-Bernoulli Approximations for Multiple Extended Object Filtering.

Yuxuan Xia Karl Granström Lennart Svensson Maryam Fatemi Ángel F. García-Fernández Jason L. Williams

RFI Mitigation for One-Bit UWB Radar Systems.

Tianyi Zhang Jiaying Ren Jian Li Lam H. Nguyen Petre Stoica

Radio Frequency Interference Detection Using Nonnegative Matrix Factorization.

Felipe B. da Silva Ediz Cetin Wallace A. Martins

Range-Dependent Ambiguous Clutter Suppression for Airborne SSF-STAP Radar.

Wei Chen Wenchong Xie Yongliang Wang

Optimal Sensor Precision for Multirate Sensing for Bounded Estimation Error.

Niladri Das Raktim Bhattacharya

Range-Angle Transceiver Beamforming Based on Semicircular-FDA Scheme.

Yanhong Xu Anyi Wang Jingwei Xu

3-D Target Localization and Motion Analysis Based on Doppler Shifted Frequencies.

Musaab M. Ahmed K. C. Ho Gang Wang

Adaptive Confidence Verification for Analysis of BPSK Signals.

Guobing Hu Bin Gu Mengxi Xu Weiping Wang Pinjiao Zhao

Performance of UAV-Assisted Multiuser Terrestrial-Satellite Communication System Over Mixed FSO/RF Channels.

Praveen Kumar Singya Mohamed-Slim Alouini

Kalman Filter and Correlated Measurement Noise: The Variance Inflation Factor.

Gaël Kermarrec Ankit Jain Steffen Schön

Dual Quaternion Kalman Filtering and Observability Analysis for Satellite Relative Navigation With Line-of-Sight Measurements.

Yigal Zivan Daniel Choukroun

Volume 58, Number 1, February 2022
Automotive Radar Maximum Unambiguous Velocity Extension Via High-Order Phase Components.

Michael Dikshtein Oren Longman Shahar Villeval Igal Bilik

Rapid Homing Guidance Using Jerk Command and Time-Delay Estimation Method.

Tae-Hun Kim Bong-Gyun Park

Exploiting Doppler in Bernoulli Track-Before-Detect for a Scanning Maritime Radar.

Branko Ristic Du Yong Kim Luke Rosenberg Robin P. Guan

Near-Field Passive Localization and Gain-Phase Compensation With Partly Calibrated Arrays.

Ting Shu Jin He Linna Li

Periodic On-Off Keying Codes for Laser Radar Incoherent Pulse Compression.

Michael J. Lindenfeld

Optimal Geometry Analysis for Elliptic Localization in Multistatic Radars With two Transmitters.

Mohammad Sadeghi Fereidoon Behnia Rouhollah Amiri

Cascaded Least Square Algorithm for Strong Clutter Removal in Airborne Passive Radar.

Jinxin Sui Jun Wang Luo Zuo Jie Gao

UAV Waypoint Opportunistic Navigation in GNSS-Denied Environments.

Yanhao Yang Joe Khalife Joshua J. Morales Zaher M. Kassas

Fast Detection of the Number of Signals Based on Ritz Values: A Noise-Power-Aided Approach.

Ming Zhang Shitao Zhu Xiaoming Chen Anxue Zhang

Assessing Power Amplifier Impairments and Digital Predistortion on Radar Waveforms for Spectral Coexistence.

Augusto Aubry Vincenzo Carotenuto Antonio De Maio Alfonso Farina Alessio Izzo Rosario Schiano Lo Moriello

LDACS Flight Trials: Demonstration and Performance Analysis of the Future Aeronautical Communications System.

Miguel A. Bellido-Manganell Thomas Gräupl Oliver Heirich Nils Mäurer Alexandra Filip-Dhaubhadel Daniel M. Mielke Lukas Marcel Schalk Dennis Becker Nicolas Schneckenburger Michael Schnell

End-Game Algorithm for Guided Weapon System Against Aerial Evader.

Madhumita Chakravarti Santanu Bijoy Majumder G. Shivanand

Performance Comparison of Planar, Cylindrical, and Polygonalized Phased Arrays for Surveillance and Ubiquitous Radar.

William Mark Dorsey Dan P. Scholnik Anna Stumme

Decorrelated Debiased Converted Measurement Kalman Filter for Phased Array Radar Tracking System.

Min-Hyun Cho Min-Jea Tahk

Doppler-Range Processing for Enhanced High-Speed Moving Target Detection Using LFMCW Automotive Radar.

Luzhou Xu Jaime Lien Jian Li

Joint Design of Radar Waveform and Detector via End-to-End Learning With Waveform Constraints.

Wei Jiang Alexander M. Haimovich Osvaldo Simeone

MAI Modeling and Mitigation for GNSS Acquisition in Urban Environments.

Nesreen I. Ziedan

PMBM Filter With Partially Grid-Based Birth Model With Applications in Sensor Management.

Per Boström-Rost Daniel Axehill Gustaf Hendeby

Cost-Effective and Highly Reliable Circuit-Components Design for Safety-Critical Applications.

Aibin Yan Zhengzheng Fan Liang Ding Jie Cui Zhengfeng Huang Qijun Wang Hao Zheng Patrick Girard Xiaoqing Wen

High-Precision Aircraft Guidance System Based on Dual-Optical Frequency Combs: Accurate Autonomous Landing of Drones.

Hania Angelina Fernandez Julio E. Posada-Roman José Ramon López Fernandez Borja Jerez Pablo Acedo

Modifications to Finite Difference Algorithm for Polynomial Phase Signal Parameter Estimation.

Nathan M. Madsen Siyang Cao

Path Following Control Design for a Gliding Missile.

Rollen S. D'Souza Christopher Nielsen

Adaptation to Unknown Leader Velocity in Vector-Field UAV Formation.

Simone Baldi Danping Sun Guopeng Zhou Di Liu

Predefined-Time Predefined-Bounded Attitude Tracking Control for Rigid Spacecraft.

Dong Ye An-Min Zou Zhaowei Sun

Velocimeter-Aided Attitude Estimation for Mars Autonomous Landing: Observability Analysis and Filter Algorithms.

Maodeng Li Xiangyu Huang Chao Xu Minwen Guo Jinchang Hu Ce Hao Dayi Wang

Velocity-Free Trajectory Tracking and Active Vibration Control of Flexible Space Manipulator.

Shiyuan Jia Jinjun Shan

Magnetic Navigation on an F-16 Aircraft Using Online Calibration.

Aaron Canciani

Diffusion Distributed Quantized State Estimation With Variable Bandwidth.

Jingzhi Liu Feng Chen Minyu Feng Shiyuan Wang

A Simplified Worldwide Ionospheric Model for Satellite Navigation.

Cheng Wang Tao Zhang Lei Fan Chuang Shi Guifei Jing

Neural-Adaptive Constrained Flight Control for Air-Ground Recovery Under Terrain Obstacles.

Zikang Su Xinwei Wang Honglun Wang

Range Ambiguous Clutter Suppression Approach With Elevation Time Diverse Array.

Xiongpeng He Guisheng Liao Shengqi Zhu Jingwei Xu Jiang Zhu

Space-Time Block-Coded ARTM CPM for Aeronautical Mobile Telemetry.

Chad Josephson Erik Perrins Michael Rice

Neural Network-Based Formation Control With Target Tracking for Second-Order Nonlinear Multiagent Systems.

Kiarash Aryankia Rastko R. Selmic

Launch Point Estimation With a Single Passive Sensor Without Trajectory State Estimation.

Zijiao Tian Kaipei Yang Meir Danino Yaakov Bar-Shalom Benny Milgrom

Orbit Estimation for Spacecraft Based on Intermittent Measurements: An Event-Triggered UKF Approach.

Lijun Hou Hengguang Zou Kaikai Zheng Lei Zhang Na Zhou Junqiang Ren Dawei Shi

Appointed Fixed Time Observer-Based Sliding Mode Control for a Quadrotor UAV Under External Disturbances.

Bo Li Wenquan Gong Yongsheng Yang Bing Xiao Dechao Ran

An Iterative Filter for FLL-Assisted-PLL Carrier Tracking At Low $C/N_0$ and High Dynamic Conditions.

Rong Yang Xingqun Zhan Wantong Chen Yafeng Li

Distributed Adaptive Attitude Synchronization of Multiple Spacecraft With Event-Triggered Communication.

Jiang Long Wei Wang Kexin Liu Jinhu Lü

Track Segment Association With Dual Contrast Neural Network.

Wei Xiong Pingliang Xu Yaqi Cui Zhenyu Xiong Yafei Lv Xiangqi Gu

Use of ICA to Separate Micro-Doppler Signatures in ISAR Images of Aircraft That Has Fast-Rotating Parts.

In-Oh Choi Ki-Bong Kang Kyung-Tae Kim Sang-Hong Park

Size-Optimal Network-Coded Bundle Aggregation for Earth-Lunar Disruption-Tolerant Network via Markov Decision.

Yunlai Xu Yue Li Afang Yuan Qinyu Zhang Zhihua Yang

Evaluation of Adaptive Partitioning and Real-Time Capability for Virtualization With Xen Hypervisor.

Bernd Schulz Björn Annighöfer

Scheduling and Planning Framework for Time Delay Integration Imaging by Agile Satellite.

Wei Qiu Chao Xu Zhigang Ren Kok Lay Teo

3-D Near-Field Source Localization Using a Spatially Spread Acoustic Vector Sensor.

Ting Shu Jin He Veerendra Dakulagi

Neural Network-Based Control of an Adaptive Radar.

Peter John-Baptiste Joel Tidmore Johnson Graeme Edward Smith

Twistor-Based Adaptive Pose Control of Spacecraft for Landing on an Asteroid With Collision Avoidance.

Bo Zhang Ying Zhang Junqiang Bai

Adaptive Finite-Time Backstepping Global Sliding Mode Tracker of Quad-Rotor UAVs Under Model Uncertainty, Wind Perturbation, and Input Saturation.

Omid Mofid Saleh Mobayen

T-S Fuzzy-Based Event-Triggering Attitude-Tracking Control for Elastic Spacecraft With Quantization.

Ang Li Choon Ki Ahn Ming Liu

Multiple-Model Approach to Over-the-Horizon Radar Tracking Based on Target Perceivability.

Leilei Guo Jian Lan X. Rong Li

Robust Output-Feedback Control for Spacecraft Proximity Operations With Forbidden Zone.

Qi Li Shuo Song Chong Sun Qiuxiong Gou Zhiqi Niu

Slow-Time FDA-MIMO Technique With Application to STAP Radar.

Cai Wen Yan Huang Jinye Peng Jianxin Wu Guimei Zheng Yuhong Zhang

State Estimation With a Destination Constraint Imposed by Proportional Navigation Guidance Law.

Keyi Li Gongjian Zhou

Highly Accurate Closed-Form Approximation for the Probability of Detection of Weibull Fluctuating Targets in Noncoherent Detectors.

Fernando Darío Almeida García Andrea Carolina Flores Rodriguez Gustavo Fraidenraich

Radar Cross Section Based Statistical Recognition of UAVs at Microwave Frequencies.

Martins Ezuma Chethan Kumar Anjinappa Mark Funderburk Ismail Güvenç

Integrated Control of Attitude Maneuver and Vibration Suppression Using Pyramid-Type SGCMGs.

Jitang Guo Xinlong Chen Mengping Zhu Qingrui Zhou

A New Baseline Measurement Method for Multinode and Multibaseline Interferometric SAR Systems Using Fiber Bragg Gratings.

Zhuangsheng Zhu Meng Zhang Xiangyang Zhou

From the Editor-in-Chief.

Michael Rice