Volume 68, Number 12, December 2019
A Low-Power, High-Performance Speech Recognition Accelerator.

Reza Yazdani José-María Arnau Antonio González

OverCome: Coarse-Grained Instruction Commit with Handover Register Renaming.

Ipoom Jeong Changmin Lee Keunsoo Kim Won Woo Ro

Improving Availability of Multicore Real-Time Systems Suffering Both Permanent and Transient Faults.

Junlong Zhou Xiaobo Sharon Hu Yue Ma Jin Sun Tongquan Wei Shiyan Hu

Integration and Boost of a Read-Modify-Write Module in Phase Change Memory System.

Hyokeun Lee Moonsoo Kim Hyunchul Kim Hyun Kim Hyuk-Jae Lee

Fast Coflow Scheduling via Traffic Compression and Stage Pipelining in Datacenter Networks.

Qihua Zhou Kun Wang Peng Li Deze Zeng Song Guo Baoliu Ye Minyi Guo

DC-PCM: Mitigating PCM Write Disturbance with Low Performance Overhead by Using Detection Cells.

Jungwhan Choi Jaemin Jang Lee-Sup Kim

A New Cube Attack on MORUS by Using Division Property.

Tao Ye Yongzhuang Wei Willi Meier

Resilience of Randomized RNS Arithmetic with Respect to Side-Channel Leaks of Cryptographic Computation.

Jérôme Courtois Lokman A. Abbas-Turki Jean-Claude Bajard

TAP: Reducing the Energy of Asymmetric Hybrid Last-Level Cache via Thrashing Aware Placement and Migration.

Jing-Yuan Luo Hsiang-Yun Cheng Ing-Chao Lin Da-Wei Chang

Volume 68, Number 11, November 2019
Design and Analysis of Area and Power Efficient Approximate Booth Multipliers.

Suganthi Venkatachalam Elizabeth Adams Hyuk Jae Lee Seok-Bum Ko

A Generalized RNS Mclaughlin Modular Multiplication with Non-Coprime Moduli Sets.

Zhen Gu Shuguo Li

Tensor Product DFT Codes vs Standard DFT Codes.

G. Robert Redinbo

SqueezeFlow: A Sparse CNN Accelerator Exploiting Concise Convolution Rules.

Jiajun Li Shuhao Jiang Shijun Gong Jingya Wu Junchao Yan Guihai Yan Xiaowei Li

On the Efficiency of Voltage Overscaling under Temperature and Aging Effects.

Hussam Amrouch Seyed Borna Ehsani Andreas Gerstlauer Jörg Henkel

Low-Power Unsigned Divider and Square Root Circuit Designs Using Adaptive Approximation.

Honglan Jiang Leibo Liu Fabrizio Lombardi Jie Han

HALLS: An Energy-Efficient Highly Adaptable Last Level STT-RAM Cache for Multicore Systems.

Kyle Kuan Tosiron Adegbija

Generation of Finely-Pipelined GF(PP) Multipliers for Flexible Curve Based Cryptography on FPGAs.

Gabriel Gallin Arnaud Tisserand

Fast and Energy-Efficient OLAP Data Management on Hybrid Main Memory Systems.

Ahmad Hassan Dimitrios S. Nikolopoulos Hans Vandierendonck

DR Refresh: Releasing DRAM Potential by Enabling Read Accesses Under Refresh.

Yuhai Cao Chao Li Jing Wang Weigong Zhang Quan Chen Jingwen Leng Bin Yao Yao Shen Minyi Guo

Algorithms for Triple-Word Arithmetic.

Nicolas Fabiano Jean-Michel Muller Joris Picot

Algebraic Differential Fault Analysis on SIMON Block Cipher.

Duc-Phong Le Sze Ling Yeo Khoongming Khoo

Volume 68, Number 10, October 2019
Tunable Floating-Point Adder.

Alberto Nannarelli

Segmented Tag Cache: A Novel Cache Organization for Reducing Dynamic Read Energy.

Moonsoo Kim Ik-Joon Chang Hyuk-Jae Lee

Energy-Efficient Permanent Fault Tolerance in Hard Real-Time Systems.

Fatemehsadat Mireshghallah Mohammad Bakhshalipour Mohammad Sadrosadati Hamid Sarbazi-Azad

Translation, Abstraction and Integration for Effective Smart System Design.

Michele Lora Sara Vinco Franco Fummi

The Parallel Multi-Mode Digraph Task Model for Energy-Aware Real-Time Heterogeneous Multi-Core Systems.

Houssam-Eddine Zahaf Giuseppe Lipari Marko Bertogna Pierre Boulet

SCADFA: Combined SCA+DFA Attacks on Block Ciphers with Practical Validations.

Sikhar Patranabis Nilanjan Datta Dirmanto Jap Jakub Breier Shivam Bhasin Debdeep Mukhopadhyay

NeST: A Neural Network Synthesis Tool Based on a Grow-and-Prune Paradigm.

Xiaoliang Dai Hongxu Yin Niraj K. Jha

Improved Division Property Based Cube Attacks Exploiting Algebraic Properties of Superpoly.

Yonglin Hao Takanori Isobe Lin Jiao Chaoyun Li Willi Meier Yosuke Todo Qingju Wang

CHERI Concentrate: Practical Compressed Capabilities.

Jonathan Woodruff Alexandre Joannou Hongyan Xia Anthony C. J. Fox Robert M. Norton David Chisnall Brooks Davis Khilan Gudka Nathaniel Wesley Filardo A. Theodore Markettos Michael Roe Peter G. Neumann Robert N. M. Watson Simon W. Moore

Efficient Management of Cache Accesses to Boost GPGPU Memory Subsystem Performance.

Francisco Candel Alejandro Valero Salvador Petit Julio Sahuquillo

An Effective DRAM Address Remapping for Mitigating Rowhammer Errors.

Moonsoo Kim Jungwoo Choi Hyun Kim Hyuk-Jae Lee

A Light-Weight White-Box Encryption Scheme for Securing Distributed Embedded Devices.

Yang Shi Wujing Wei Hongfei Fan Man Ho Au Xiapu Luo

Volume 68, Number 9, September 2019
An ALU Protection Methodology for Soft Processors on SRAM-Based FPGAs.

Alexis Ramos Ricardo Gonzalez-Toral Pedro Reviriego Juan Antonio Maestro

Sytare: A Lightweight Kernel for NVRAM-Based Transiently-Powered Systems.

Gautier Berthou Tristan Delizy Kevin Marquet Tanguy Risset Guillaume Salagnac

Semi-Clairvoyant Scheduling in Data Analytics Systems.

Xiaoda Zhang Zhuzhong Qian Sheng Zhang Xiangbo Li Xiaoliang Wang Sanglu Lu

Quick-and-Dirty: An Architecture for High-Performance Temporary Short Writes in MLC PCM.

Mingzhe Zhang Lunkai Zhang Lei Jiang Frederic T. Chong Zhiyong Liu

On the Construction of Composite Finite Fields for Hardware Obfuscation.

Xinmiao Zhang Yingjie Lao

NV-eCryptfs: Accelerating Enterprise-Level Cryptographic File System with Non-Volatile Memory.

Chunhua Xiao Lei Zhang Weichen Liu Linfeng Cheng Pengda Li Yanyue Pan Neil Bergmann

NNPIM: A Processing In-Memory Architecture for Neural Network Acceleration.

Saransh Gupta Mohsen Imani Harveen Kaur Tajana Simunic Rosing

NICO: Reducing Software-Transparent Crash Consistency Cost for Persistent Memory.

Xueliang Wei Dan Feng Wei Tong Jingning Liu Liuqing Ye

Improving the Lifetime of Non-Volatile Cache by Write Restriction.

Sukarn Agarwal Hemangee K. Kapoor

CD-Xbar: A Converge-Diverge Crossbar Network for High-Performance GPUs.

Xia Zhao Sheng Ma Zhiying Wang Natalie D. Enright Jerger Lieven Eeckhout

Boolean Minimization of Projected Sums of Products via Boolean Relations.

Anna Bernasconi Valentina Ciriani Gabriella Trucco Tiziano Villa

An Absorbing Markov Chain Based Model to Solve Computation and Communication Tradeoff in GPU-Accelerated MDRUs for Safety Confirmation in Disaster Scenarios.

Bomin Mao Fengxiao Tang Zubair Md. Fadlullah Nei Kato

Volume 68, Number 8, August 2019
Optimized Modular Multiplication for Supersingular Isogeny Diffie-Hellman.

Weiqiang Liu Jian Ni Zhe Liu Chunyang Liu Máire O'Neill

The Security of ARM TrustZone in a FPGA-Based SoC.

El Mehdi Benhani Lilian Bossuet Alain Aubert

RepuCoin: Your Reputation Is Your Power.

Jiangshan Yu David Kozhaya Jeremie Decouchant Paulo Jorge Esteves Veríssimo

GPU Instruction Hotspots Detection Based on Binary Instrumentation Approach.

Anton V. Gorshkov Michael Berezalsky Julia Fedorova Konstantin Levit-Gurevich Noam Itzhaki

Evaluating High Performance Pattern Matching on the Automata Processor.

Indranil Roy Ankit Srivastava Matt Grimm Marziyeh Nourian Michela Becchi Srinivas Aluru

SPARE: Spiking Neural Network Acceleration Using ROM-Embedded RAMs as In-Memory-Computation Primitives.

Amogh Agrawal Aayush Ankit Kaushik Roy

Optimal Application Mapping and Scheduling for Network-on-Chips with Computation in STT-RAM Based Router.

Lei Yang Weichen Liu Nan Guan Nikil D. Dutt

In-Memory Processing on the Spintronic CRAM: From Hardware Design to Application Mapping.

Masoud Zabihi Zamshed Iqbal Chowdhury Zhengyang Zhao Ulya R. Karpuzcu Jianping Wang Sachin S. Sapatnekar

Efficient and Consistent NVMM Cache for SSD-Based File System.

Youmin Chen Youyou Lu Pei Chen Jiwu Shu

HyVE: Hybrid Vertex-Edge Memory Hierarchy for Energy-Efficient Graph Processing.

Guohao Dai Tianhao Huang Yu Wang Huazhong Yang John Wawrzynek

An Analytical Model for Performance and Lifetime Estimation of Hybrid DRAM-NVM Main Memories.

Reza Salkhordeh Onur Mutlu Hossein Asadi

Guest Editorial: IEEE Transactions on Computers Special Section on Emerging Non-Volatile Memory Technologies: From Devices to Architectures and Systems.

Yuan-Hao Chang Jingtong Hu Mehdi Baradaran Tahoori Ronald F. DeMara

Volume 68, Number 7, July 2019
Concurrent Error Detectable Carry Select Adder with Easy Testability.

Nobutaka Kito Naofumi Takagi

Tackling Biased PUFs Through Biased Masking: A Debiasing Method for Efficient Fuzzy Extractor.

Rei Ueno Manami Suzuki Naofumi Homma

Maintaining Data Freshness in Distributed Cyber-Physical Systems.

Guohui Li Chunyang Zhou Jianjun Li Bing Guo

Intra-Cluster Coalescing and Distributed-Block Scheduling to Reduce GPU NoC Pressure.

Lu Wang Xia Zhao David R. Kaeli Zhiying Wang Lieven Eeckhout

In-the-Field Mitigation of Process Variability for Improved FPGA Performance.

Konstantinos Maragos George Lentaris Dimitrios Soudris

Efficient Multiple-Precision Floating-Point Fused Multiply-Add with Mixed-Precision Support.

Hao Zhang Dongdong Chen Seok-Bum Ko

Dapper: An Adaptive Manager for Large-Capacity Persistent Memory.

Dongliang Xue Linpeng Huang Chao Li Chentao Wu

An Ontology-Based Method for HW/SW Architecture Reconstruction.

Seyyedeh Atefeh Musavi Mahmoud Reza Hashemi

New Multiplicative Inverse Architectures Using Gaussian Normal Basis.

Arash Reyhani-Masoleh Hayssam El-Razouk Amin Monfared

Arithmetic Considerations for Isogeny-Based Cryptography.

Joppe W. Bos Simon Friedberger

High-Precision Anchored Accumulators for Reproducible Floating-Point Summation.

Neil Burgess Christopher E. Goodyer Christopher Neal Hinds David Raymond Lutz

Certified Roundoff Error Bounds Using Bernstein Expansions and Sparse Krivine-Stengle Representations.

Victor Magron Alexandre Rocca Thao Dang

Guest Editors Introduction: Special Section on Computer Arithmetic.

Javier D. Bruguera Florent de Dinechin

Volume 68, Number 6, June 2019
Value Iteration Architecture Based Deep Learning for Intelligent Routing Exploiting Heterogeneous Computing Platforms.

Zubair Md. Fadlullah Bomin Mao Fengxiao Tang Nei Kato

The Concept of Unschedulability Core for Optimizing Real-Time Systems with Fixed-Priority Scheduling.

Yecheng Zhao Haibo Zeng

SparCE: Sparsity Aware General-Purpose Core Extensions to Accelerate Deep Neural Networks.

Sanchari Sen Shubham Jain Swagath Venkataramani Anand Raghunathan

Self-Synchronized Encryption for Physical Layer in 10Gbps Optical Links.

Adrián Pérez-Resa Miguel Garcia-Bosque Carlos Sánchez-Azqueta Santiago Celma

Resource-Oriented Partitioning for Multiprocessor Systems with Shared Resources.

Maolin Yang Wen-Hung Huang Jian-Jia Chen

Promoting the Harmony between Sparsity and Regularity: A Relaxed Synchronous Architecture for Convolutional Neural Networks.

Wenyan Lu Guihai Yan Jiajun Li Shijun Gong Shuhao Jiang Jingya Wu Xiaowei Li

Learning-Based Application-Agnostic 3D NoC Design for Heterogeneous Manycore Systems.

Biresh Kumar Joardar Ryan Gary Kim Janardhan Rao Doppa Partha Pratim Pande Diana Marculescu Radu Marculescu

Increasing the Reliability of Software Timing Analysis for Cache-Based Processors.

Suzana Milutinovic Enrico Mezzetti Jaume Abella Francisco J. Cazorla

Handling Transients of Dynamic Real-Time Workload Under EDF Scheduling.

Daniel Casini Alessandro Biondi Giorgio C. Buttazzo

Design and Analysis of Approximate Redundant Binary Multipliers.

Weiqiang Liu Tian Cao Peipei Yin Yuying Zhu Chenghua Wang Earl E. Swartzlander Jr. Fabrizio Lombardi

Volume 68, Number 5, May 2019
Two Bit Overlap: A Class of Double Error Correction One Step Majority Logic Decodable Codes.

Pedro Reviriego Shanshan Liu Ori Rottenstreich Fabrizio Lombardi

Mapping Monotone Boolean Functions into Majority.

Eleonora Testa Mathias Soeken Luca Gaetano Amarù Winston Haaswijk Giovanni De Micheli

Efficient Implementations of Reduced Precision Redundancy (RPR) Multiply and Accumulate (MAC).

Ke Chen Linbin Chen Pedro Reviriego Fabrizio Lombardi

SyRA: Early System Reliability Analysis for Cross-Layer Soft Errors Resilience in Memory Arrays of Microprocessor Systems.

Alessandro Vallero Alessandro Savino Athanasios Chatzidimitriou Manolis Kaliorakis Maha Kooli Marc Riera Marti Anglada Giorgio Di Natale Alberto Bosio Ramon Canal Antonio González Dimitris Gizopoulos Riccardo Mariani Stefano Di Carlo

Sparse-Insertion Write Cache to Mitigate Write Disturbance Errors in Phase Change Memory.

Jaemin Jang Wongyu Shin Jungwhan Choi Yongju Kim Lee-Sup Kim

Sherlock N-overlap: Invasive Normalization and Overlap Coefficient for the Similarity Analysis Between Source Code.

Franca B. Allyson Maciel L. Danilo José Marques Soares Giovanni Cordeiro Barroso

Quantum Circuit Design of a T-count Optimized Integer Multiplier.

Edgard Muñoz-Coreas Himanshu Thapliyal

mARGOt: A Dynamic Autotuning Framework for Self-Aware Approximate Computing.

Davide Gadioli Emanuele Vitali Gianluca Palermo Cristina Silvano

Improved Affine Arithmetic-Based Precision Analysis for Polynomial Function Evaluation.

Rima Bellal El-sedik Lamini Hacène Belbachir Samir Tagzout Adel Belouchrani

Faster Key Compression for Isogeny-Based Cryptosystems.

Gustavo Zanon Marcos A. Simplício Jr. Geovandro C. C. F. Pereira Javad Doliskani Paulo S. L. M. Barreto

Energy Proportional Neural Network Inference with Adaptive Voltage and Frequency Scaling.

José L. Núñez-Yáñez

Efficient Mitchell's Approximate Log Multipliers for Convolutional Neural Networks.

Min Soo Kim Alberto A. Del Barrio Leonardo Tavares Oliveira Román Hermida Nader Bagherzadeh

Configurable-ECC: Architecting a Flexible ECC Scheme to Support Different Sized Accesses in High Bandwidth Memory Systems.

Hsing Min Chen Shin-Ying Lee Trevor N. Mudge Carole-Jean Wu Chaitali Chakrabarti

Can I/O Variability Be Reduced on QoS-Less HPC Storage Systems?

Dan Huang Qing Liu Jong Choi Norbert Podhorszki Scott Klasky Jeremy Logan George Ostrouchov Xubin He Matthew Wolf

Volume 68, Number 4, April 2019
Better Circuits for Binary Polynomial Multiplication.

Magnus Gausdal Find René Peralta

An STT-MRAM Based in Memory Architecture for Low Power Integral Computing.

Yinglin Zhao Peng Ouyang Wang Kang Shouyi Yin Youguang Zhang Shaojun Wei Weisheng Zhao

Adaptive Cooperation of Prefetching and Warp Scheduling on GPUs.

Yunho Oh Keunsoo Kim Myung Kuk Yoon Jong Hyun Park Yongjun Park Murali Annavaram Won Woo Ro

Towards Hardware IIR Filters Computing Just Right: Direct Form I Case Study.

Anastasia Volkova Matei Istoan Florent de Dinechin Thibault Hilaire

Secure Tensor Decomposition for Big Data Using Transparent Computing Paradigm.

Liwei Kuang Laurence T. Yang Qing Zhu Jinjun Chen

Practical Applications of Improved Gaussian Sampling for Trapdoor Lattices.

Kamil Doruk Gür Yuriy Polyakov Kurt Rohloff Gerard W. Ryan Hadi Sajjadpour Erkay Savas

PaRS: A Popularity-Aware Redundancy Scheme for In-Memory Stores.

Panping Zhou Jianzhong Huang Xiao Qin Changsheng Xie

Parallel Hierarchical Subspace Clustering of Categorical Data.

Ning Pang Jifu Zhang Chaowei Zhang Xiao Qin

GDP: A Greedy Based Dynamic Power Budgeting Method for Multi/Many-Core Systems in Dark Silicon.

Hai Wang Diya Tang Ming Zhang Sheldon X.-D. Tan Chi Zhang He Tang Yuan Yuan

Exploring Shared Virtual Memory for FPGA Accelerators with a Configurable IOMMU.

Pirmin Vogel Andrea Marongiu Luca Benini

EMC: Energy-Aware Morphable Cache Design for Non-Volatile Processors.

Weining Song Yang Zhou Mengying Zhao Lei Ju Chun Jason Xue Zhiping Jia

A Scalable Near-Memory Architecture for Training Deep Neural Networks on Large In-Memory Datasets.

Fabian Schuiki Michael Schaffner Frank K. Gürkaynak Luca Benini

ApproxSSD: Data Layout Aware Sampling on an Array of SSDs.

Jian Zhou Huafeng Wu Jun Wang

Volume 68, Number 3, March 2019
TA-LRW: A Replacement Policy for Error Rate Reduction in STT-MRAM Caches.

Elham Cheshmikhani Hamed Farbeh Seyed Ghassem Miremadi Hossein Asadi

RT-ByzCast: Byzantine-Resilient Real-Time Reliable Broadcast.

David Kozhaya Jeremie Decouchant Paulo Jorge Esteves Veríssimo

Reducing Flash Memory Write Traffic by Exploiting a Few MBs of Capacitor-Powered Write Buffer Inside Solid-State Drives (SSDs).

Xubin Chen Yin Li Tong Zhang

Redio: Accelerating Disk-Based Graph Processing by Reducing Disk I/Os.

Chengwen Wu Guangyan Zhang Yang Wang Xinyang Jiang Weimin Zheng

Optimizing File Systems with a Write-Efficient Journaling Scheme on Non-Volatile Memory.

Xiaoyi Zhang Dan Feng Yu Hua Jianxi Chen

GCMA: Guaranteed Contiguous Memory Allocator.

Seongjae Park Minchan Kim Heon Y. Yeom

Dynamic Voltage and Frequency Scaling in NoCs with Supervised and Reinforcement Learning Techniques.

Quintin Fettes Mark Clark Razvan C. Bunescu Avinash Karanth Ahmed Louri

Content Aware Refresh: Exploiting the Asymmetry of DRAM Retention Errors to Reduce the Refresh Frequency of Less Vulnerable Data.

Shibo Wang Mahdi Nazm Bojnordi Xiaochen Guo Engin Ipek

CC Meets FIPS: A Hybrid Test Methodology for First Order Side Channel Analysis.

Debapriya Basu Roy Shivam Bhasin Sylvain Guilley Annelie Heuser Sikhar Patranabis Debdeep Mukhopadhyay

ASAP: Accelerated Short-Read Alignment on Programmable Hardware.

Subho S. Banerjee Mohamed El-Hadedy Jong Bin Lim Zbigniew T. Kalbarczyk Deming Chen Steven S. Lumetta Ravishankar K. Iyer

Analysis, Modeling and Optimization of Equal Segment Based Approximate Adders.

Sunil Dutt Satyabrata Dash Sukumar Nandi Gaurav Trivedi

Volume 68, Number 2, February 2019
Affine Modeling of Program Traces.

Gabriel Rodríguez Mahmut T. Kandemir Juan Touriño

RC-NVM: Dual-Addressing Non-Volatile Memory Architecture Supporting Both Row and Column Memory Accesses.

Shuo Li Nong Xiao Peng Wang Guangyu Sun Xiaoyang Wang Yiran Chen Hai Helen Li Jason Cong Tao Zhang

Microcontroller TRNGs Using Perturbed States of NOR Flash Memory Cells.

Prawar Poudel Biswajit Ray Aleksandar Milenkovic

Coding for Write Latency Reduction in a Multi-Level Cell (MLC) Phase Change Memory (PCM).

Kazuteru Namba Fabrizio Lombardi

A Theoretical Model to Link Uniqueness and Min-Entropy for PUF Evaluations.

Chongyan Gu Weiqiang Liu Neil Hanley Robert Hesselbarth Máire O'Neill

Tolerating C Integer Error via Precision Elevation.

Xi Cheng Min Zhou Xiaoyu Song Ming Gu Jiaguang Sun

Sampled Simulation of Task-Based Programs.

Thomas Grass Trevor E. Carlson Alejandro Rico Germán Ceballos Eduard Ayguadé Marc Casas Miquel Moretó

Phantasy: Low-Latency Virtualization-Based Fault Tolerance via Asynchronous Prefetching.

Shiru Ren Yunqi Zhang Lichen Pan Zhen Xiao

Enhancing Instruction TLB Resilience to Soft Errors.

Alfonso Sánchez-Macián Luis Alberto Aranda Pedro Reviriego Vahdaneh Kiani Juan Antonio Maestro

Efficient Design-for-Test Approach for Networks-on-Chip.

Junshi Wang Masoumeh Ebrahimi Letian Huang Xuan Xie Qiang Li Guangjun Li Axel Jantsch

Automated Test Generation for Debugging Multiple Bugs in Arithmetic Circuits.

Farimah Farahmandi Prabhat Mishra

An Energy-Efficient Accelerator Based on Hybrid CPU-FPGA Devices for Password Recovery.

Peng Liu Shunbin Li Qingyuan Ding

Adaptive Partition Testing.

Chang-Ai Sun Hepeng Dai Huai Liu Tsong Yueh Chen Kai-Yuan Cai

Volume 68, Number 1, January 2019
Scalable Byzantine Consensus via Hardware-Assisted Secret Sharing.

Jian Liu Wenting Li Ghassan O. Karame N. Asokan

Optimal Binning for Genomics.

Andrea Gulino Abdulrahman Kaitoua Stefano Ceri

On Improving the Write Responsiveness for Host-Aware SMR Drives.

Ming-Chang Yang Yuan-Hao Chang Fenggang Wu Tei-Wei Kuo David H. C. Du

On Analysis of Lightweight Stream Ciphers with Keyed Update.

Orhun Kara Muhammed F. Esgin

Minimizing Retention Induced Refresh Through Exploiting Process Variation of Flash Memory.

Yejia Di Liang Shi Congming Gao Qiao Li Chun Jason Xue Kaijie Wu

Hardware Optimizations and Analysis for the WG-16 Cipher with Tower Field Arithmetic.

Nusa Zidaric Mark D. Aagaard Guang Gong

Dynamic Guardband Selection: Thermal-Aware Optimization for Unreliable Multi-Core Systems.

Heba Khdr Hussam Amrouch Jörg Henkel

Disaggregated Cloud Memory with Elastic Block Management.

Kwangwon Koh Kangho Kim Seung-Hyub Jeon Jaehyuk Huh

An Efficient Method for Calculating the Error Statistics of Block-Based Approximate Adders.

Yi Wu You Li Xiangxuan Ge Yuan Gao Weikang Qian

An Aging-Aware GPU Register File Design Based on Data Redundancy.

Alejandro Valero Francisco Candel Darío Suárez Gracia Salvador Petit Julio Sahuquillo

Editorial from the Incoming Editor-in-Chief.

Ahmed Louri

Thank-You State of the Journal Editorial by the Outgoing Editor-in-Chief.

Paolo Montuschi