Volume 64, Number 12, December 2018
Polar Coding for the Multiple Access Wiretap Channel via Rate-Splitting and Cooperative Jamming.

Remi A. Chou Aylin Yener

Plausible Deniability Over Broadcast Channels.

Mayank Bakshi Vinod M. Prabhakaran

State-Dependent Gaussian Multiple Access Channels: New Outer Bounds and Capacity Results.

Wei Yang Yingbin Liang Shlomo Shamai Shitz H. Vincent Poor

Universal Lattice Codes for MIMO Channels.

Antonio Campello Cong Ling Jean-Claude Belfiore

On the Capacity of a Class of Signal-Dependent Noise Channels.

Hamid Ghourchian Gholamali Aminian Amin Gohari Mahtab Mirmohseni Masoumeh Nasiri-Kenari

Energy-Constrained Private and Quantum Capacities of Quantum Channels.

Mark M. Wilde Haoyu Qi

On Privacy Amplification, Lossy Compression, and Their Duality to Channel Coding.

Joseph M. Renes

Network Coherence Time Matters - Aligned Image Sets and the Degrees of Freedom of Interference Networks With Finite Precision CSIT and Perfect CSIR.

Arash Gholami Davoodi Syed Ali Jafar

Spatiotemporal Information Coupling in Network Navigation.

Santiago Mazuelas Yuan Shen Moe Z. Win

Universal Sampling Rate Distortion.

Vinay Praneeth Boda Prakash Narayan

Common-Message Broadcast Channels With Feedback in the Nonasymptotic Regime: Full Feedback.

Kasper F. Trillingsgaard Wei Yang Giuseppe Durisi Petar Popovski

Common-Message Broadcast Channels With Feedback in the Nonasymptotic Regime: Stop Feedback.

Kasper F. Trillingsgaard Wei Yang Giuseppe Durisi Petar Popovski

A Joint Typicality Approach to Compute-Forward.

Sung Hoon Lim Chen Feng Adriano Pastore Bobak Nazer Michael Gastpar

Approximation by Combinations of ReLU and Squared ReLU Ridge Functions With ℓ1 and ℓ0 Controls.

Jason M. Klusowski Andrew R. Barron

Lower Bounds on Exponential Moments of the Quadratic Error in Parameter Estimation.

Neri Merhav

Extreme Compressive Sampling for Covariance Estimation.

Martin Azizyan Akshay Krishnamurthy Aarti Singh

A Statistical Model for Motifs Detection.

Hamid Javadi Andrea Montanari

Bounds on Separating Redundancy of Linear Codes and Rates of X-Codes.

Yu Tsunoda Yuichiro Fujiwara Hana Ando Peter Vandendriessche

Communication Cost for Updating Linear Functions When Message Updates are Sparse: Connections to Maximally Recoverable Codes.

N. Prakash Muriel Médard

Binary Images of ℤ2ℤ4-Additive Cyclic Codes.

Joaquim Borges Steven T. Dougherty Cristina Fernández-Córdoba Roger Ten-Valls

Centralized Repair of Multiple Node Failures With Applications to Communication Efficient Secret Sharing.

Ankit Singh Rawat Onur Ozan Koyluoglu Sriram Vishwanath

Simultaneous Partial Inverses and Decoding Interleaved Reed-Solomon Codes.

Jiun-Hung Yu Hans-Andrea Loeliger

A Factor-Graph Approach to Algebraic Topology, With Applications to Kramers-Wannier Duality.

Ali Al-Bashabsheh Pascal O. Vontobel

Codes on Graphs: Models for Elementary Algebraic Topology and Statistical Physics.

G. David Forney Jr.

Monte Carlo Methods for the Ferromagnetic Potts Model Using Factor Graph Duality.

Mehdi Molkaraie Vicenç Gómez

Volume 64, Number 11, November 2018
Comments on "Improving Compressed Sensing With the Diamond Norm"-Saturation of the Norm Inequalities Between Diamond and Nuclear Norm.

Ulrich Michel Martin Kliesch Richard Kueng David Gross

Polar Codes for Arbitrary Classical-Quantum Channels and Arbitrary cq-MACs.

Rajai Nasser Joseph M. Renes

Expected Communication Cost of Distributed Quantum Tasks.

Anurag Anshu Ankit Garg Aram W. Harrow Penghui Yao

The Conditional Common Information in Classical and Quantum Secret Key Distillation.

Eric Chitambar Ben Fortescue Min-Hsiu Hsieh

Physical-Layer Security in TDD Massive MIMO.

Yuksel Ozan Basciftci Can Emre Koksal Alexei Ashikhmin

Forest Learning From Data and its Universal Coding.

Joe Suzuki

Distributed Testing With Cascaded Encoders.

Wenwen Zhao Lifeng Lai

Tensor SVD: Statistical and Computational Limits.

Anru Zhang Dong Xia

Median-Truncated Nonconvex Approach for Phase Retrieval With Outliers.

Huishuai Zhang Yuejie Chi Yingbin Liang

Finite Sample Analysis of Approximate Message Passing Algorithms.

Cynthia Rush Ramji Venkataramanan

Asymptotic Analysis and Spatial Coupling of Counter Braids.

Eirik Rosnes Alexandre Graell i Amat

Almost Universal Codes for MIMO Wiretap Channels.

Laura Luzzi Roope Vehkalahti Cong Ling

GDoF Region of the MISO BC: Bridging the Gap Between Finite Precision and Perfect CSIT.

Arash Gholami Davoodi Bofeng Yuan Syed Ali Jafar

The Wiretapped Diamond-Relay Channel.

Si-Hyeon Lee Ashish Khisti

Explicit MDS Codes With Complementary Duals.

Peter Beelen Lingfei Jin

Asymptotically Optimal Regenerating Codes Over Any Field.

Netanel Raviv

Lower Bounds on the Covering Radius of the Non-Binary and Binary Irreducible Goppa Codes.

Sergei V. Bezzateev Natalia A. Shekhunova

On the Finite Length Scaling of q-Ary Polar Codes.

Dina Goldin David Burshtein

Locally Repairable Codes With Unequal Local Erasure Correction.

Geonu Kim Jungwoo Lee

On Constructing Primitive Roots in Finite Fields With Advice.

Igor E. Shparlinski

The Velocity of the Propagating Wave for Spatially Coupled Systems With Applications to LDPC Codes.

Rafah El-Khatib Nicolas Macris

Coding for Racetrack Memories.

Yeow Meng Chee Han Mao Kiah Alexander Vardy Van Khu Vu Eitan Yaakobi

Private Information Retrieval From MDS Coded Data in Distributed Storage Systems.

Razan Tajeddine Oliver W. Gnilke Salim El Rouayheb

Distributed Averaging With Random Network Graphs and Noises.

Tao Li Jiexiang Wang

Improved Converses and Gap Results for Coded Caching.

Chien-Yi Wang Shirin Saeedi Bidokhti Michèle A. Wigger

Making Recommendations Bandwidth Aware.

Linqi Song Christina Fragouli

Distributed Detection in Ad Hoc Networks Through Quantized Consensus.

Shengyu Zhu Biao Chen

Noisy Broadcast Networks With Receiver Caching.

Shirin Saeedi Bidokhti Michèle A. Wigger Roy Timo

The Minrank of Random Graphs.

Alexander Golovnev Oded Regev Omri Weinstein

A Variational Characterization of Rényi Divergences.

Venkat Anantharam

Strong Functional Representation Lemma and Applications to Coding Theorems.

Cheuk Ting Li Abbas El Gamal

Capacity Results on Multiple-Input Single-Output Wireless Optical Channels.

Stefan M. Moser Ligong Wang Michèle A. Wigger

Reducing Guesswork via an Unreliable Oracle.

Amir Burin Ofer Shayevitz

Volume 64, Number 10, October 2018
Recovery and the Data Processing Inequality for Quasi-Entropies.

Eric A. Carlen Anna Vershynina

Complexity and Capacity Bounds for Quantum Channels.

Rupert H. Levene Vern I. Paulsen Ivan G. Todorov

On the MISO Channel With Feedback: Can Infinitely Massive Antennas Achieve Infinite Capacity?

Jinyuan Chen

Optical Wiretap Channel With Input-Dependent Gaussian Noise Under Peak- and Average-Intensity Constraints.

Morteza Soltani Zouheir Rezki

Lattices Over Algebraic Integers With an Application to Compute-and-Forward.

Yu-Chih Huang Krishna R. Narayanan Ping-Chung Wang

Multi-Message Private Information Retrieval: Capacity Results and Near-Optimal Schemes.

Karim A. Banawan Sennur Ulukus

Sequential Empirical Coordination Under an Output Entropy Constraint.

Ehsan Shafieepoorfard Maxim Raginsky

On Optimal Coding of Non-Linear Dynamical Systems.

Christoph Kawan Serdar Yüksel

Computing the Channel Capacity of a Communication System Affected by Uncertain Transition Probabilities.

Krzysztof Postek Aharon Ben-Tal

A Unified Random Coding Bound.

Si-Hyeon Lee Sae-Young Chung

On Zero-Error Capacity of Binary Channels With One Memory.

Qi Cao Ning Cai Wangmei Guo Raymond W. Yeung

Characterizations of Two Channel Orderings: Input-Degradedness and the Shannon Ordering.

Rajai Nasser

Generalization of the de Bruijn Identity to General φ-Entropies and φ-Fisher Informations.

Irene Valero Toranzo Steeve Zozor Jean-Marc Brossier

Kalman Filtering Over Fading Channels: Zero-One Laws and Almost Sure Stabilities.

Junfeng Wu Guodong Shi Brian D. O. Anderson Karl Henrik Johansson

On the Papoulis Sampling Theorem: Some General Conditions.

Juan Miguel Medina Bruno Cernuschi-Frías

Inexact Gradient Projection and Fast Data Driven Compressed Sensing.

Mohammad Golbabaee Mike E. Davies

Minimax Estimation of the L1 Distance.

Jiantao Jiao Yanjun Han Tsachy Weissman

Mutual Information, Relative Entropy and Estimation Error in Semi-Martingale Channels.

Jiantao Jiao Kartik Venkat Tsachy Weissman

Robustness to Unknown Error in Sparse Regularization.

Simone Brugiapaglia Ben Adcock

A Gaussian Process Regression Model for Distribution Inputs.

François Bachoc Fabrice Gamboa Jean-Michel Loubes Nil Venet

Bounds on the Size and Asymptotic Rate of Subblock-Constrained Codes.

Anshoo Tandon Han Mao Kiah Mehul Motani

The Use of Multivariate Weak-Locator Polynomials to Decode Cyclic Codes up to Actual Minimum Distance.

Tsung-Ching Lin Chong-Dao Lee Trieu-Kien Truong Yaotsu Chang

On Linear Complementary Pairs of Codes.

Claude Carlet Cem Güneri Ferruh Özbudak Buket Özkaya Patrick Solé

Repairing Reed-Solomon Codes With Multiple Erasures.

Hoang Dau Iwan M. Duursma Han Mao Kiah Olgica Milenkovic

On the Nonexistence of Perfect Splitter Sets.

Tao Zhang Gennian Ge

Explicit Capacity Approaching Coding for Interactive Communication.

Ran Gelles Bernhard Haeupler Gillat Kol Noga Ron-Zewi Avi Wigderson

Minimal Binary Linear Codes.

Cunsheng Ding Ziling Heng Zhengchun Zhou

On Short Cycle Enumeration in Biregular Bipartite Graphs.

Ian F. Blake Shu Lin

MDS Code Constructions With Small Sub-Packetization and Near-Optimal Repair Bandwidth.

Ankit Singh Rawat Itzhak Tamo Venkatesan Guruswami Klim Efremenko

Two Constructions of Asymptotically Optimal Codebooks via the Hyper Eisenstein Sum.

Gaojun Luo Xiwang Cao

Information Sets From Defining Sets for Reed-Muller Codes of First and Second Order.

José Joaquín Bernal Juan Jacobo Simón Pinero

On Independence and Capacity of Multidimensional Semiconstrained Systems.

Ohad Elishco Tom Meyerovitch Moshe Schwartz

Volume 64, Number 9, September 2018
Corrections to "Interlinked Cycles for Index Coding: Generalizing Cycles and Cliques".

Chandra Thapa Lawrence Ong Sarah J. Johnson

Comments on Cut-Set Bounds on Network Function Computation.

Cupjin Huang Zihan Tan Shenghao Yang Xuan Guang

Characterizations of the Differential Uniformity of Vectorial Functions by the Walsh Transform.

Claude Carlet

On Minimum Period of Nonlinear Feedback Shift Registers in Grain-Like Structure.

Jianghua Zhong Dongdai Lin

On the Age of Information With Packet Deadlines.

Clement Kam Sastry Kompella Gam D. Nguyen Jeffrey E. Wieselthier Anthony Ephremides

Capacity Achieving Distributions and Separation Principle for Feedback Gaussian Channels With Memory: the LQG Theory of Directed Information.

Charalambos D. Charalambous Christos K. Kourtellaris Sergey Loyka

Gaussian Broadcast Channels With Intermittent Connectivity and Hybrid State Information at the Transmitter.

Shih-Chun Lin I-Hsiang Wang

Interference Reduction in Multi-Cell Massive MIMO Systems With Large-Scale Fading Precoding.

Alexei Ashikhmin Liangbin Li Thomas L. Marzetta

Estimating the Signal-to-Noise Ratio Under Repeated Sampling of the Same Centered Signal: Applications to Side-Channel Attacks on a Cryptoprocessor.

Gilles R. Ducharme Philippe Maurine

Encoding and Indexing of Lattice Codes.

Brian M. Kurkoski

New Constant-Dimension Subspace Codes from Maximum Rank Distance Codes.

Liqing Xu Hao Chen

On Cyclic Codes of Composite Length and the Minimum Distance.

Maosheng Xiong

List Decoding of Insertions and Deletions.

Antonia Wachter-Zeh

Mutually Uncorrelated Primers for DNA-Based Data Storage.

S. M. Hossein Tabatabaei Yazdi Han Mao Kiah Ryan Gabrys Olgica Milenkovic

Algebraic Geometry Codes With Complementary Duals Exceed the Asymptotic Gilbert-Varshamov Bound.

Lingfei Jin Chaoping Xing

Two-Point Codes for the Generalized GK Curve.

Elise Barelli Peter Beelen Mrinmoy Datta Vincent Neiger Johan Rosenkilde

A Generic Transformation to Enable Optimal Repair in MDS Codes for Distributed Storage Systems.

Jie Li Xiaohu Tang Chao Tian

Beta-Beta Bounds: Finite-Blocklength Analog of the Golden Formula.

Wei Yang Austin Collins Giuseppe Durisi Yury Polyanskiy H. Vincent Poor

Error Exponents of Typical Random Codes.

Neri Merhav

Bounds on the Reliability Function of Typewriter Channels.

Marco Dalai Yury Polyanskiy

Converse Theorems for the DMC With Mismatched Decoding.

Anelia Somekh-Baruch

A Fundamental Limitation on Maximum Parameter Dimension for Accurate Estimation With Quantized Data.

Jiangfan Zhang Rick S. Blum Lance M. Kaplan Xuanxuan Lu

Social Learning and Distributed Hypothesis Testing.

Anusha Lalitha Tara Javidi Anand D. Sarwate

Optimal Instance Adaptive Algorithm for the Top-K Ranking Problem.

Xi Chen Sivakanth Gopi Jieming Mao Jon Schneider

Optimal Inference in Crowdsourced Classification via Belief Propagation.

Jungseul Ok Sewoong Oh Jinwoo Shin Yung Yi

Model Change Detection With the MDL Principle.

Kenji Yamanishi Shintaro Fukushima

From Compressed Sensing to Compressed Bit-Streams: Practical Encoders, Tractable Decoders.

Rayan Saab Rongrong Wang Özgür Yilmaz

Lossy Coding of Correlated Sources Over a Multiple Access Channel: Necessary Conditions and Separation Results.

Basak Guler Deniz Gündüz Aylin Yener

Lossless Compression of Binary Trees With Correlated Vertex Names.

Abram Magner Krzysztof Turowski Wojciech Szpankowski

On the Combinatorial Version of the Slepian-Wolf Problem.

Daniyar Chumbalov Andrei E. Romashchenko

Distortion Bounds for Source Broadcast Problems.

Lei Yu Houqiang Li Weiping Li

Fundamental Distortion Limits of Analog-to-Digital Compression.

Alon Kipnis Yonina C. Eldar Andrea J. Goldsmith

Subset Source Coding.

Ebrahim MolavianJazi Aylin Yener

Volume 64, Number 8, August 2018
Corrections to "Random Number Conversion and LOCC Conversion via Restricted Storage".

Wataru Kumagai Masahito Hayashi

Commitment and Oblivious Transfer in the Bounded Storage Model With Errors.

Rafael Dowsley Felipe Lacerda Anderson C. A. Nascimento

A Construction for Balancing Non-Binary Sequences Based on Gray Code Prefixes.

Elie N. Mambou Theo G. Swart

On the 2-Adic Complexity of the Two-Prime Generator.

Richard Hofer Arne Winterhof

Paraunitary-Based Boolean Generator for QAM Complementary Sequences of Length 2K.

Srdjan Z. Budisin Predrag Spasojevic

Online Power Control for Block i.i.d. Energy Harvesting Channels.

Dor Shaviv Ayfer Özgür

The Ergodic Capacity of the Multiple Access Channel Under Distributed Scheduling - Order Optimality of Linear Receivers.

Joseph Kampeas Asaf Cohen Omer Gurewitz

Exponential Strong Converse for Content Identification With Lossy Recovery.

Lin Zhou Vincent Y. F. Tan Lei Yu Mehul Motani

Extended Gray-Wyner System With Complementary Causal Side Information.

Cheuk Ting Li Abbas El Gamal

Rate-Distortion Theory of Finite Point Processes.

Günther Koliander Dominic Schuhmacher Franz Hlawatsch

Locally Testable and Locally Correctable Codes approaching the Gilbert-Varshamov Bound.

Sivakanth Gopi Swastik Kopparty Rafael Mendes de Oliveira Noga Ron-Zewi Shubhangi Saraf

Optimal q-Ary Error Correcting/All Unidirectional Error Detecting Codes.

Yeow Meng Chee Xiande Zhang

The Storage Versus Repair-Bandwidth Trade-off for Clustered Storage Systems.

N. Prakash Vitaly Abdrashitov Muriel Médard

New Constructions of MDS Codes With Complementary Duals.

Bocong Chen Hongwei Liu

All Binary Linear Codes That Are Invariant Under PSL2(n).

Cunsheng Ding Hao Liu Vladimir D. Tonchev

A Note on Some Inequalities Used in Channel Polarization and Polar Coding.

T. S. Jayram Erdal Arikan

Centralized Coded Caching Schemes: A Hypergraph Theoretical Approach.

Chong Shangguan Yiwei Zhang Gennian Ge

Multiround Private Information Retrieval: Capacity and Storage Overhead.

Hua Sun Syed Ali Jafar

On Achievability for Downlink Cloud Radio Access Networks With Base Station Cooperation.

Chien-Yi Wang Michèle A. Wigger Abdellatif Zaidi

Comparison of Channels: Criteria for Domination by a Symmetric Channel.

Anuran Makur Yury Polyanskiy

Quantitative Stability of the Entropy Power Inequality.

Thomas A. Courtade Max Fathi Ashwin Pananjady

Preserving Data-Privacy With Added Noises: Optimal Estimation and Privacy Analysis.

Jianping He Lin Cai Xinping Guan

Optimal Schemes for Discrete Distribution Estimation Under Locally Differential Privacy.

Min Ye Alexander Barg

Demystifying Fixed k-Nearest Neighbor Information Estimators.

Weihao Gao Sewoong Oh Pramod Viswanath

Precise Error Analysis of Regularized M-Estimators in High Dimensions.

Christos Thrampoulidis Ehsan Abbasi Babak Hassibi

A New Family of Divergences Originating From Model Adequacy Tests and Application to Robust Statistical Inference.

Abhik Ghosh Ayanendranath Basu

Comparing Entropy Rates on Finite and Infinite Rooted Trees.

Thomas Hirschler Wolfgang Woess

Source Estimation in Time Series and the Surprising Resilience of HMMs.

Mark Kozdoba Shie Mannor

On the Non-Existence of Unbiased Estimators in Constrained Estimation Problems.

Anelia Somekh-Baruch Amir Leshem Venkatesh Saligrama

PAPR Problem for Walsh Systems and Related Problems.

Holger Boche Ezra Tampubolon

Structured Signal Recovery From Non-Linear and Heavy-Tailed Measurements.

Larry Goldstein Stanislav Minsker Xiaohan Wei

Minimax Optimal Convex Methods for Poisson Inverse Problems Under ℓq-Ball Sparsity.

Yuan Li Garvesh Raskutti

Approximately Certifying the Restricted Isometry Property is Hard.

Jonathan Weed

On the Gap Between Restricted Isometry Properties and Sparse Recovery Conditions.

Sjoerd Dirksen Guillaume Lecué Holger Rauhut

Unified Theory for Recovery of Sparse Signals in a General Transform Domain.

Kiryung Lee Yanjun Li Kyong Hwan Jin Jong Chul Ye

Volume 64, Number 7, July 2018
Corrections to "Second-Order Asymptotics of Conversions of Distributions and Entangled States Based on Rayleigh-Normal Probability Distributions".

Wataru Kumagai Masahito Hayashi

Counterexample to the Vector Generalization of Costa's Entropy Power Inequality, and Partial Resolution.

Thomas A. Courtade Guangyue Han Yaochen Wu

Further Results on Generalized Bent Functions and Their Complete Characterization.

Sihem Mesnager Chunming Tang Yanfeng Qi Libo Wang Baofeng Wu Keqin Feng

Full Characterization of Generalized Bent Functions as (Semi)-Bent Spaces, Their Dual, and the Gray Image.

Samir Hodzic Wilfried Meidl Enes Pasalic

Asymptotically Optimal Optical Orthogonal Signature Pattern Codes.

Lijun Ji Baokun Ding Xin Wang Gennian Ge

Asymptotically Optimal Pilot Allocation Over Markovian Fading Channels.

Maialen Larrañaga Mohamad Assaad Apostolos Destounis Georgios S. Paschos

Optimal Link Scheduling for Age Minimization in Wireless Systems.

Qing He Di Yuan Anthony Ephremides

Degrees of Freedom of Cache-Aided Wireless Interference Networks.

Jad Hachem Urs Niesen Suhas N. Diggavi

Approximate Capacity Region of the Two-User Gaussian Interference Channel With Noisy Channel-Output Feedback.

Victor Quintero Samir Medina Perlaza Inaki Esnaola Jean-Marie Gorce

Information-Theoretic Characterization of MIMO Systems With Multiple Rayleigh Scattering.

Giusi Alfano Carla-Fabiana Chiasserini Alessandro Nordio Siyuan Zhou

Streaming Codes for Multiplicative-Matrix Channels With Burst Rank Loss.

Rafid Mahmood Ahmed Badr Ashish Khisti

Initialization Algorithms for Convolutional Network Coding.

Maxim Lvov Haim H. Permuter

Sign-Compute-Resolve for Tree Splitting Random Access.

Jasper Goseling Cedomir Stefanovic Petar Popovski

Defect Tolerance: Fundamental Limits and Examples.

Jennifer Tang Da Wang Yury Polyanskiy Gregory W. Wornell

Random Ensembles of Lattices From Generalized Reductions.

Antonio Campello

Infinity-Norm Permutation Covering Codes From Cyclic Groups.

Ronen Karni Moshe Schwartz

Weak Flip Codes and their Optimality on the Binary Erasure Channel.

Hsuan-Yin Lin Stefan M. Moser Po-Ning Chen

Using the Difference of Syndromes to Decode Quadratic Residue Codes.

Yong Li Yunde Duan Hsin-Chiu Chang Hongqing Liu Trieu-Kien Truong

An Improvement of the Asymptotic Elias Bound for Non-Binary Codes.

Krishna Kaipa

Codes in the Space of Multisets - Coding for Permutation Channels With Impairments.

Mladen Kovacevic Vincent Y. F. Tan

Autocorrelation Function for Dispersion-Free Fiber Channels With Distributed Amplification.

Gerhard Kramer

Strong Secrecy for Interference Channels Based on Channel Resolvability.

Zhao Wang Rafael F. Schaefer Mikael Skoglund Ming Xiao H. Vincent Poor

On the Capacity of Write-Constrained Memories.

Tetsuya Kobayashi Hiroyoshi Morita Akiko Manada

Empirical and Strong Coordination via Soft Covering With Polar Codes.

Remi A. Chou Matthieu R. Bloch Jörg Kliewer

Exact Random Coding Exponents and Universal Decoders for the Asymmetric Broadcast Channel.

Ran Averbuch Neri Merhav

Capacity Regions of Two-Receiver Broadcast Erasure Channels With Feedback and Memory.

Michael Heindlmaier Shirin Saeedi Bidokhti

On the Capacity Region of the Parallel Degraded Broadcast Channel With Three Receivers and Three-Degraded Message Sets.

Hon Fah Chong Ying-Chang Liang

Coding Theorem and Converse for Abstract Channels With Time Structure and Memory.

Martin Mittelbach Eduard A. Jorswieck

Information Structures for Feedback Capacity of Channels With Memory and Transmission Cost: Stochastic Optimal Control and Variational Equalities.

Christos K. Kourtellaris Charalambos D. Charalambous

Feedback Capacity and Coding for the BIBO Channel With a No-Repeated-Ones Input Constraint.

Oron Sabag Haim H. Permuter Navin Kashyap

Neyman-Pearson Test for Zero-Rate Multiterminal Hypothesis Testing.

Shun Watanabe

Asymptotic Theory for Estimators of High-Order Statistics of Stationary Processes.

Danna Zhang Wei Biao Wu

The Shortest Possible Return Time of β-Mixing Processes.

Miguel Natalio Abadi Sandro Gallo Erika Alejandra Rada-Mora

Information-Theoretic Bounds and Phase Transitions in Clustering, Sparse PCA, and Submatrix Localization.

Jess Banks Cristopher Moore Roman Vershynin Nicolas Verzelen Jiaming Xu

How Compressible Are Innovation Processes?

Hamid Ghourchian Arash Amini Amin Gohari

Energy Propagation in Deep Convolutional Neural Networks.

Thomas Wiatowski Philipp Grohs Helmut Bölcskei

Fast and Guaranteed Blind Multichannel Deconvolution Under a Bilinear System Model.

Kiryung Lee Ning Tian Justin Romberg

Optimal Nonlinear Filtering of Quantum State.

Vladimir I. Man'ko Liubov Markovich

Compression for Quantum Population Coding.

Yuxiang Yang Ge Bai Giulio Chiribella Masahito Hayashi

Superadditivity of Quantum Relative Entropy for General States.

Angela Capel Angelo Lucia David Pérez-García

Bounds on Information Combining With Quantum Side Information.

Christoph Hirche David Reeb

Shorter Stabilizer Circuits via Bruhat Decomposition and Quantum Circuit Transformations.

Dmitri Maslov Martin Roetteler

Communication Complexity of One-Shot Remote State Preparation.

Shima Bab Hadiashar Ashwin Nayak Renato Renner

Useful States and Entanglement Distillation.

Felix Leditzky Nilanjana Datta Graeme Smith

Volume 64, Number 6, June 2018
Comments on "Nonadaptive Group Testing Based on Sparse Pooling Graphs".

Tadashi Wadayama

Quantum Error-Correcting Codes for Qudit Amplitude Damping.

Markus Grassl Linghang Kong Zhaohui Wei Zhang-Qi Yin Bei Zeng

Quantum Enhancement of Randomness Distribution.

Raúl García-Patrón William Matthews Andreas J. Winter

New Classes of Ternary Bent Functions From the Coulter-Matthews Bent Functions.

Honggang Hu Xiaolong Yang Shaohua Tang

Cache-Induced Hierarchical Cooperation in Wireless Device-to-Device Caching Networks.

An Liu Vincent K. N. Lau Giuseppe Caire

Online Learning Schemes for Power Allocation in Energy Harvesting Communications.

Pranav Sakulkar Bhaskar Krishnamachari

Finding the Right Tree: Topology Inference Despite Spatial Dependences.

Rhys Bowden Darryl Veitch

A Relay Can Increase Degrees of Freedom in Bursty Interference Networks.

Sunghyun Kim I-Hsiang Wang Changho Suh

Hierarchical Successive Group Decoding Achieves Capacity in the Multiple Access Channel With General Message Sets.

Henry P. Romero Mahesh K. Varanasi

Multi-Version Coding - An Information-Theoretic Perspective of Consistent Distributed Storage.

Zhiying Wang Viveck R. Cadambe

A Reduction Approach to the Multiple-Unicast Conjecture in Network Coding.

Xunrui Yin Zongpeng Li Yaduo Liu Xin Wang

Alphabet Size Reduction for Secure Network Coding: A Graph Theoretic Approach.

Xuan Guang Raymond W. Yeung

Single-Unicast Secure Network Coding and Network Error Correction are as Hard as Multiple-Unicast Network Coding.

Wentao Huang Tracey Ho Michael Langberg Jörg Kliewer

An Algebraic Framework for End-to-End Physical-Layer Network Coding.

Elisa Gorla Alberto Ravagnani

End-to-End Error-Correcting Codes on Networks With Worst-Case Bit Errors.

Qiwen Wang Sidharth Jaggi

Fast Decoding of Dual Multipoint Codes From Algebraic Curves Up to the Kirfel-Pellikaan Bound.

Shojiro Sakata Masaya Fujisawa

On the Tanner Graph Cycle Distribution of Random LDPC, Random Protograph-Based LDPC, and Random Quasi-Cyclic LDPC Code Ensembles.

Ali Dehghan Amir H. Banihashemi

LP/SDP Hierarchy Lower Bounds for Decoding Random LDPC Codes.

Badih Ghazi Euiwoong Lee

Construction of Sidon Spaces With Applications to Coding.

Ron M. Roth Netanel Raviv Itzhak Tamo

On Upper Bounds for Algebraic Degrees of APN Functions.

Lilya Budaghyan Claude Carlet Tor Helleseth Nian Li Bo Sun

3-Dimensional Optical Orthogonal Codes With Ideal Autocorrelation-Bounds and Optimal Constructions.

Tim L. Alderson

The List Decoding Radius for Reed-Muller Codes Over Small Fields.

Abhishek Bhowmick Shachar Lovett

Information Inequalities are Not Closed Under Polymatroid Duality.

Tarik Kaced

Multiplexed Coding for Multiple Streams With Different Decoding Delays.

Ahmed Badr Devin Lui Ashish Khisti Wai-Tian Tan Xiaoqing Zhu John G. Apostolopoulos

Coded Caching and Content Delivery With Heterogeneous Distortion Requirements.

Qianqian Yang Deniz Gündüz

Improved Bounds on Lossless Source Coding and Guessing Moments via Rényi Measures.

Igal Sason Sergio Verdú

Optimal Compression for Two-Field Entries in Fixed-Width Memories.

Ori Rottenstreich Yuval Cassuto

On Random-Coding Union Bounds With and Without Erasures.

Eli Haim Yuval Kochman Uri Erez

Can Negligible Rate Increase Network Reliability?

Parham Noorzad Michelle Effros Michael Langberg

Two-Way Interference Channel Capacity: How to Have the Cake and Eat It Too.

Changho Suh Jaewoong Cho David Tse

STeP-Archival: Storage Integrity and Tamper Resistance Using Data Entanglement.

Hugues Mercier Maxime Augier Arjen K. Lenstra

On the Expansion Complexity of Sequences Over Finite Fields.

Domingo Gómez-Pérez László Mérai Harald Niederreiter

On the Power of Hybrid Networks in Multi-Party Computation.

Arpita Patra Divya Ravi

Communication Efficient and Strongly Secure Secret Sharing Schemes Based on Algebraic Geometry Codes.

Umberto Martínez-Peñas

How to Share a Secret, Infinitely.

Ilan Komargodski Moni Naor Eylon Yogev

On the Trade-Off Between Bit Depth and Number of Samples for a Basic Approach to Structured Signal Recovery From b-Bit Quantized Linear Measurements.

Martin Slawski Ping Li

Sharp Time-Data Tradeoffs for Linear Inverse Problems.

Samet Oymak Benjamin Recht Mahdi Soltanolkotabi

Near-Optimal Sample Compression for Nearest Neighbors.

Lee-Ad Gottlieb Aryeh Kontorovich Pinhas Nisnevitch

Correlation Clustering and Biclustering With Locally Bounded Errors.

Gregory J. Puleo Olgica Milenkovic

Noisy Subspace Clustering via Matching Pursuits.

Michael Tschannen Helmut Bölcskei

Learning Graphical Models From the Glauber Dynamics.

Guy Bresler David Gamarnik Devavrat Shah

Weighted Matrix Completion and Recovery With Prior Subspace Information.

Armin Eftekhari Dehui Yang Michael B. Wakin

Bridging AIC and BIC: A New Criterion for Autoregression.

Jie Ding Vahid Tarokh Jing-Yu Yang

Generalized Line Spectral Estimation via Convex Optimization.

Reinhard Heckel Mahdi Soltanolkotabi

Leveraging Diversity and Sparsity in Blind Deconvolution.

Ali Ahmed Laurent Demanet

Expected Value Minimization in Information Theoretic Multiple Priors Models.

Imre Csiszár Thomas Breuer

Volume 64, Number 5, May 2018
Corrections to "Abelian Group Codes for Channel Coding and Source Coding".

S. Sandeep Pradhan Mohsen Heidari Aria Ghasemian Sahebi

Lower and Upper Bounds on the Density of Irreducible NFSRs.

Yupeng Jiang Dongdai Lin

Efficient Encryption From Random Quasi-Cyclic Codes.

Carlos Aguilar Melchor Olivier Blazy Jean-Christophe Deneuville Philippe Gaborit Gilles Zémor

Maximal Correlation Secrecy.

Cheuk Ting Li Abbas El Gamal

Adversarial Source Identification Game With Corrupted Training.

Mauro Barni Benedetta Tondi

Statistical Properties of Loss Rate Estimators in Tree Topology.

Weiping Zhu

The Two-Unicast Problem.

Sudeep Kamath Venkatachalam Anantharam David Tse Chih-Chun Wang

Topological Interference Management With Decoded Message Passing.

Xinping Yi Giuseppe Caire

Capacity Scaling in MIMO Systems With General Unitarily Invariant Random Matrices.

Burak Çakmak Ralf R. Müller Bernard H. Fleury

The Distortion Rate Function of Cyclostationary Gaussian Processes.

Alon Kipnis Andrea J. Goldsmith Yonina C. Eldar

An Achievable Rate-Distortion Region for Multiple Descriptions Source Coding Based on Coset Codes.

Farhad Shirani Chaharsooghi S. Sandeep Pradhan

Achievable Moderate Deviations Asymptotics for Streaming Compression of Correlated Sources.

Lin Zhou Vincent Y. F. Tan Mehul Motani

Analysis of Remaining Uncertainties and Exponents Under Various Conditional Rényi Entropies.

Vincent Y. F. Tan Masahito Hayashi

Minimax Rényi Redundancy.

Semih Yagli Yucel Altug Sergio Verdú

Keyless Authentication and Authenticated Capacity.

Wenwen Tu Lifeng Lai

Information-Theoretic Privacy for Smart Metering Systems with a Rechargeable Battery.

Simon Li Ashish Khisti Aditya Mahajan

The Unbounded Benefit of Encoder Cooperation for the $k$ -User MAC.

Parham Noorzad Michelle Effros Michael Langberg

Coordination in Distributed Networks via Coded Actions With Application to Power Control.

Benjamin Larrousse Samson Lasaulce Matthieu R. Bloch

Wyner's Common Information Under Rényi Divergence Measures.

Lei Yu Vincent Y. F. Tan

A Conditional Information Inequality and Its Combinatorial Applications.

Tarik Kaced Andrei E. Romashchenko Nikolai K. Vereshchagin

From Rate Distortion Theory to Metric Mean Dimension: Variational Principle.

Elon Lindenstrauss Masaki Tsukamoto

Equivalence of Additive-Combinatorial Linear Inequalities for Shannon Entropy and Differential Entropy.

Ashok Vardhan Makkuva Yihong Wu

The Zero-Error Feedback Capacity of State-Dependent Channels.

Annina Bracher Amos Lapidoth

On Equivalence of Binary Asymmetric Channels Regarding the Maximum Likelihood Decoding.

Claudio M. Qureshi Sueli I. R. Costa Christiane B. Rodrigues Marcelo Firer

On Sequential Locally Repairable Codes.

Wentu Song Kai Cai Chau Yuen Kui Cai Guangyue Han

Locally Repairable Regenerating Codes: Node Unavailability and the Insufficiency of Stationary Local Repair.

Imad Ahmad Chih-Chun Wang

Combinatorial Alphabet-Dependent Bounds for Locally Recoverable Codes.

Abhishek Agarwal Alexander Barg Sihuang Hu Arya Mazumdar Itzhak Tamo

Sum-Networks From Incidence Structures: Construction and Capacity Analysis.

Ardhendu Tripathy Aditya Ramamoorthy

Bounds on Traceability Schemes.

Yujie Gu Ying Miao

Finite-Length Analysis of Spatially-Coupled Regular LDPC Ensembles on Burst-Erasure Channels.

Vahid Aref Narayanan Rengaswamy Laurent Schmalen

Characterization of Elementary Trapping Sets in Irregular LDPC Codes and the Corresponding Efficient Exhaustive Search Algorithms.

Yoones Hashemi Amir H. Banihashemi

Efficient Low-Redundancy Codes for Correcting Multiple Deletions.

Joshua Brakensiek Venkatesan Guruswami Samuel Zbarsky

A New Class of Rank-Metric Codes and Their List Decoding Beyond the Unique Decoding Radius.

Chaoping Xing Chen Yuan

How to Achieve the Capacity of Asymmetric Channels.

Marco Mondelli S. Hamed Hassani Rüdiger L. Urbanke

A Sequential Non-Parametric Multivariate Two-Sample Test.

Alix Lheritier Frédéric Cazals

Efficient Byzantine Sequential Change Detection.

Georgios Fellouris Erhan Bayraktar Lifeng Lai

Bayesian Model Averaging With Exponentiated Least Squares Loss.

Dong Dai Lei Han Ting Yang Tong Zhang

Breaking the Bandwidth Barrier: Geometrical Adaptive Entropy Estimation.

Weihao Gao Sewoong Oh Pramod Viswanath

Phase Retrieval With Random Gaussian Sensing Vectors by Alternating Projections.

Irène Waldspurger

Linear Regression With Shuffled Data: Statistical and Computational Limits of Permutation Recovery.

Ashwin Pananjady Martin J. Wainwright Thomas A. Courtade

Minimax Lower Bounds for Noisy Matrix Completion Under Sparse Factor Models.

Abhinav V. Sambasivan Jarvis D. Haupt

Information Recovery in Shuffled Graphs via Graph Matching.

Vince Lyzinski

Unlabeled Sensing With Random Linear Measurements.

Jayakrishnan Unnikrishnan Saeid Haghighatshoar Martin Vetterli

Volume 64, Number 4, April 2018
Models and Information-Theoretic Bounds for Nanopore Sequencing.

Wei Mao Suhas N. Diggavi Sreeram Kannan

Youla Coding and Computation of Gaussian Feedback Capacity.

Chong Li Nicola Elia

Symmetric Pseudo-Random Matrices.

Ilya Soloveychik Yu Xiang Vahid Tarokh

Pseudo-Wigner Matrices.

Ilya Soloveychik Yu Xiang Vahid Tarokh

Revisiting a Tiling Hierarchy.

Viorel Nitica

Optimal Golomb-Rice Code Extension for Lossless Coding of Low-Entropy Exponentially Distributed Sources.

Ryosuke Sugiura Yutaka Kamamoto Noboru Harada Takehiro Moriya

Random Walks on Visible Points.

Alfred W. Hales

Costas Cubes.

Jonathan Jedwab Lily Yen

Some Results on the Existence of t-All-or-Nothing Transforms Over Arbitrary Alphabets.

Navid Nasr Esfahani Ian Goldberg Douglas R. Stinson

Product Matrix MSR Codes With Bandwidth Adaptive Exact Repair.

Kaveh Mahdaviani Soheil Mohajer Ashish Khisti

Coded Caching Schemes With Reduced Subpacketization From Linear Block Codes.

Li Tang Aditya Ramamoorthy

Coding for Segmented Edit Channels.

Mahed Abroshan Ramji Venkataramanan Albert Guillen i Fabregas

Cooling Codes: Thermal-Management Coding for High-Performance Interconnects.

Yeow Meng Chee Tuvi Etzion Han Mao Kiah Alexander Vardy

50 Years of the Golomb-Welch Conjecture.

Peter Horák Dongryul Kim

Non-Existence of Linear Perfect Lee Codes With Radius 2 for Infinitely Many Dimensions.

Claudio M. Qureshi Antonio Campello Sueli I. R. Costa

2-Correcting Lee Codes: (Quasi)-Perfect Spectral Conditions and Some Constructions.

Sihem Mesnager Chunming Tang Yanfeng Qi

Rate (n-1)/n Systematic Memory Maximum Distance Separable Convolutional Codes.

Angela I. Barbero Øyvind Ytrehus

Linear Codes Over 𝔽q Are Equivalent to LCD Codes for q>3.

Claude Carlet Sihem Mesnager Chunming Tang Yanfeng Qi Ruud Pellikaan

Discrete Fourier Transform of Boolean Functions over the Complex Field and Its Applications.

Zilong Wang Guang Gong

Large Sets of Disjoint Spectra Plateaued Functions Inequivalent to Partially Linear Functions.

Fengrong Zhang Yongzhuang Wei Enes Pasalic Shixiong Xia

Bent Functions From Involutions Over 𝔽2n.

Robert S. Coulter Sihem Mesnager

Constructing Low-Weight dth-Order Correlation-Immune Boolean Functions Through the Fourier-Hadamard Transform.

Claude Carlet Xi Chen

Weight Recursions for Any Rotation Symmetric Boolean Functions.

Thomas W. Cusick

On the Nonexistence of q-Bent Boolean Functions.

Andrew Klapper Zhixiong Chen

De Bruijn Sequences, Adjacency Graphs, and Cyclotomy.

Ming Li Dongdai Lin

On the Affine Sub-Families of Quadratic NFSRs.

Jia-Min Zhang Tian Tian Wen-Feng Qi Qun-Xiong Zheng

Sequence Reconstruction Over the Deletion Channel.

Ryan Gabrys Eitan Yaakobi

CRT Sequences With Applications to Collision Channels Allowing Successive Interference Cancellation.

Yi Chen Yuan-Hsun Lo Kenneth W. Shum Wing Shing Wong Yijin Zhang

A Construction of Odd Length Generators for Optimal Families of Perfect Sequences.

Min Kyu Song Hong-Yeop Song

A Family of Polyphase Sequences With Asymptotically Optimal Correlation.

Zhengchun Zhou Tor Helleseth Udaya Parampalli

Geometric Orthogonal Codes of Size Larger Than Optical Orthogonal Codes.

Yeow Meng Chee Han Mao Kiah San Ling Hengjia Wei

Optimum Sets of Interference-Free Sequences With Zero Autocorrelation Zones.

Branislav M. Popovic

Explicit Full Correlation Distribution of Sequence Families Using Plateaued Functions.

Serdar Boztas Ferruh Özbudak Eda Tekin

Solomon W. Golomb - Mathematician, Engineer, and Pioneer.

Guang Gong Tor Helleseth P. Vijay Kumar

Puzzles in Memory of Solomon Golomb.

Joe Buhler Paul Cuff Alfred W. Hales Richard Stong

Solomon Wolf Golomb 1932-2016.

Andrew J. Viterbi

A Career in Engineering.

Solomon W. Golomb Beatrice A. Golomb

Scaling Laws for Ergodic Spectral Efficiency in MIMO Poisson Networks.

Junse Lee Namyoon Lee François Baccelli

Outage Behavior of Integer Forcing With Random Unitary Pre-Processing.

Elad Domanovitz Uri Erez

Local and Networked Mean-square Estimation with High Dimensional Log-concave Noise.

Ankur A. Kulkarni

Fully Distributed Sequential Hypothesis Testing: Algorithms and Asymptotic Analyses.

Shang Li Xiaodong Wang

Finite-Sample Risk Bounds for Maximum Likelihood Estimation With Arbitrary Penalties.

W. D. Brinda Jason M. Klusowski

Minimax Lower Bounds on Dictionary Learning for Tensor Data.

Zahra Shakeri Waheed U. Bajwa Anand D. Sarwate

Searching With Measurement Dependent Noise.

Yonatan Kaspi Ofer Shayevitz Tara Javidi

PhaseMax: Convex Phase Retrieval via Basis Pursuit.

Tom Goldstein Christoph Studer

Estimation of KL Divergence: Optimal Minimax Rate.

Yuheng Bu Shaofeng Zou Yingbin Liang Venugopal V. Veeravalli

Sparse Representation in Fourier and Local Bases Using ProSparse: A Probabilistic Analysis.

Yue M. Lu Jon Onativia Pier Luigi Dragotti

On the Convexity of the MSE Distortion of Symmetric Uniform Scalar Quantization.

Sangsin Na David L. Neuhoff

A Rigorous Approach to High-Resolution Entropy-Constrained Vector Quantization.

Tobias Koch Gonzalo Vazquez-Vilar

The Effect of Local Decodability Constraints on Variable-Length Compression.

Ashwin Pananjady Thomas A. Courtade

A Universal Coding Scheme for Remote Generation of Continuous Random Variables.

Cheuk Ting Li Abbas El Gamal

Spectrally-Constrained Sequences: Bounds and Constructions.

Zi Long Liu Yong Liang Guan Udaya Parampalli Su Hu

Codes in the Damerau Distance for Deletion and Adjacent Transposition Correction.

Ryan Gabrys Eitan Yaakobi Olgica Milenkovic

Relative Generalized Matrix Weights of Matrix Codes for Universal Security on Wire-Tap Networks.

Umberto Martínez-Peñas Ryutaroh Matsumoto

Proxy-Assisted Regenerating Codes With Uncoded Repair for Distributed Storage Systems.

Yuchong Hu Patrick P. C. Lee Kenneth W. Shum Pan Zhou

Constructions of Optimal Cyclic (r, δ) Locally Repairable Codes.

Bin Chen Shu-Tao Xia Jie Hao Fang-Wei Fu

Consecutive Switch Codes.

Sarit Buzaglo Yuval Cassuto Paul H. Siegel Eitan Yaakobi

On Encoding Semiconstrained Systems.

Ohad Elishco Tom Meyerovitch Moshe Schwartz

Vector Network Coding Based on Subspace Codes Outperforms Scalar Linear Network Coding.

Tuvi Etzion Antonia Wachter-Zeh

Improved Constructions of Nested Code Pairs.

Carlos Galindo Olav Geil Fernando Hernando Diego Ruano

Prefixless q-Ary Balanced Codes With Fast Syndrome-Based Error Correction.

Theo G. Swart Jos H. Weber Kees A. Schouhamer Immink

On the Symbol-Pair Distance of Repeated-Root Constacyclic Codes of Prime Power Lengths.