Volume 65, Number 12, December 2019
The Error Linear Complexity Spectrum as a Cryptographic Criterion of Boolean Functions.

Konstantinos Limniotis Nicholas Kolokotronis

On Random Read Access in OCB.

Ashwin Jha Cuauhtemoc Mancillas-López Mridul Nandi Sourav Sen Gupta

A General Formula for the Stationary Distribution of the Age of Information and Its Application to Single-Server Queues.

Yoshiaki Inoue Hiroyuki Masuyama Tetsuya Takine Toshiyuki Tanaka

Capacity of the Gaussian Two-Pair Two-Way Relay Channel to Within ½ Bit.

Xiaojun Yuan Haiyang Xin Soung Chang Liew Yong Li

Delay in Cooperative Communications: Achieving Higher Multiplexing Gain in Gaussian Interference Channels With Full-Duplex Transmitters.

Ali Haghi Neda Mohammadizadeh Amir K. Khandani

Noisy Private Information Retrieval: On Separability of Channel Coding and Information Retrieval.

Karim Banawan Sennur Ulukus

The Capacity of Private Information Retrieval With Partially Known Private Side Information.

Yi-Peng Wei Karim Banawan Sennur Ulukus

Optimum Overflow Thresholds in Variable-Length Source Coding Allowing Non-Vanishing Error Probability.

Ryo Nomura Hideki Yagi

The Meet Operation in the Imbalance Lattice of Maximal Instantaneous Codes: Alternative Proof of Existence.

Stephan Foldes Douglas Stott Parker Sándor Radeleczki

Overflow Probability of Variable-Length Codes With Codeword Cost.

Ryo Nomura

The Entropy Rate of Some Pólya String Models.

Ohad Elishco Farzad Farnoud Hassanzadeh Moshe Schwartz Jehoshua Bruck

Error Exponents of Typical Random Codes for the Colored Gaussian Channel.

Neri Merhav

Tracking Unstable Autoregressive Sources Over Discrete Memoryless Channels.

Roy Timo Badri N. Vellambi Alex J. Grant Khoa D. Nguyen

Asymptotic Majorization of Finite Probability Distributions.

Asger Kjærulff Jensen

Discrete Sampling: A Graph Theoretic Approach to Orthogonal Interpolation.

Aditya Siripuram William Wu Brad Osgood

On the Minimax Misclassification Ratio of Hypergraph Community Detection.

I Eli Chien Chung-Yi Lin I-Hsiang Wang

Recovery of Binary Sparse Signals With Biased Measurement Matrices.

Axel Flinth Sandra Keiper

Sharp Bounds for Mutual Covering.

Jingbo Liu Mohammad Hossein Yassaee Sergio Verdú

Tunable Measures for Information Leakage and Applications to Privacy-Utility Tradeoffs.

Jiachun Liao Oliver Kosut Lalitha Sankar Flávio du Pin Calmon

Privacy With Estimation Guarantees.

Hao Wang Lisa Vo Flávio du Pin Calmon Muriel Médard Ken R. Duffy Mayank Varia

Snapshot Compressed Sensing: Performance Bounds and Algorithms.

Shirin Jalali Xin Yuan

A Correlation Measure Based on Vector-Valued Lp-Norms.

Mohammad Mahdi Mojahedian Salman Beigi Amin Gohari Mohammad Hossein Yassaee Mohammad Reza Aref

A Characterization of All Single-Integral, Non-Kernel Divergence Estimators.

Soham Jana Ayanendranath Basu

Analyticity of Entropy Rates of Continuous-State Hidden Markov Models.

Vladislav Z. B. Tadic Arnaud Doucet

Tone Reservation for OFDM With Restricted Carrier Set.

Holger Boche Ullrich J. Mönich

Statistical Mechanics of MAP Estimation: General Replica Ansatz.

Ali Bereyhi Ralf R. Müller Hermann Schulz-Baldes

On Two-to-One Mappings Over Finite Fields.

Sihem Mesnager Longjiang Qu

Constructions of Involutions Over Finite Fields.

Dabin Zheng Mu Yuan Nian Li Lei Hu Xiangyong Zeng

Optimum Linear Codes With Support-Constrained Generator Matrices Over Small Fields.

Hikmet Yildiz Babak Hassibi

On b-Symbol Distances of Repeated-Root Constacyclic Codes.

Anuradha Sharma Tania Sidana

Some New Constructions of Quantum MDS Codes.

Weijun Fang Fang-Wei Fu

Some Nonprimitive BCH Codes and Related Quantum Codes.

Yang Liu Ruihu Li Guanmin Guo Junli Wang

Ulam Ball Size Analysis for Permutation and Multipermutation Codes Correcting Translocation Errors.

Justin Kong

Universal and Dynamic Locally Repairable Codes With Maximal Recoverability via Sum-Rank Codes.

Umberto Martínez-Peñas Frank R. Kschischang

Codes With Locality for Two Erasures.

N. Prakash V. Lalitha Balaji Srinivasan Babu P. Vijay Kumar

The Optimal Memory-Rate Trade-Off for the Non-Uniform Centralized Caching Problem With Two Files Under Uncoded Placement.

Saeid Sahraei Pierre Quinton Michael Gastpar

Coded Caching With Distributed Storage.

Tianqiong Luo Vaneet Aggarwal Borja Peleato

Rosenthal's Decoding Algorithm for Certain 1-Dimensional Convolutional Codes.

Ángel Luis Muñoz Castañeda José Maria Muñoz Porras Francisco J. Plaza Martín

Rank-Metric Codes Over Finite Principal Ideal Rings and Applications.

Hermann Tchatchiem Kamche Christophe Mouaha

Low Rank Parity Check Codes: New Decoding Algorithms and Applications to Cryptography.

Nicolas Aragon Philippe Gaborit Adrien Hauteville Olivier Ruatta Gilles Zémor

Unique Reconstruction of Coded Strings From Multiset Substring Spectra.

Ryan Gabrys Olgica Milenkovic

Multilevel Constructions: Coding, Packing and Geometric Uniformity.

Maiara F. Bollauf Ram Zamir Sueli I. R. Costa

Volume 65, Number 11, November 2019
Secure Clustered Distributed Storage Against Eavesdropping.

Beongjun Choi Jy-yong Sohn Sung Whan Yoon Jaekyun Moon

Asymmetry Hurts: Private Information Retrieval Under Asymmetric Traffic Constraints.

Karim Banawan Sennur Ulukus

Capacity-Achieving Private Information Retrieval Codes With Optimal Message Size and Upload Cost.

Chao Tian Hua Sun Jun Chen

Entropy Accumulation With Improved Second-Order Term.

Frédéric Dupuis Omar Fawzi

Polylog-LDPC Capacity Achieving Codes for the Noisy Quantum Erasure Channel.

Seth Lloyd Peter W. Shor Kevin Thompson

Quantum Reading Capacity: General Definition and Bounds.

Siddhartha Das Mark M. Wilde

Generic Constructions of Five-Valued Spectra Boolean Functions.

Samir Hodzic Enes Pasalic WeiGuo Zhang

New Results About the Boomerang Uniformity of Permutation Polynomials.

Kangquan Li Longjiang Qu Bing Sun Chao Li

Bent Vectorial Functions, Codes and Designs.

Cunsheng Ding Akihiro Munemasa Vladimir D. Tonchev

LP Bounds for Rate-Distortion With Variable Side Information.

Sinem Unal Aaron B. Wagner

Lossless Analog Compression.

Giovanni Alberti Helmut Bölcskei Camillo De Lellis Günther Koliander Erwin Riegler

The Informativeness of k-Means for Learning Mixture Models.

Zhaoqiang Liu Vincent Y. F. Tan

Confidence Region of Singular Subspaces for Low-Rank Matrix Regression.

Dong Xia

Multichannel Sparse Blind Deconvolution on the Sphere.

Yanjun Li Yoram Bresler

Recovery and Convergence Rate of the Frank-Wolfe Algorithm for the m-Exact-Sparse Problem.

Farah Cherfaoui Valentin Emiya Liva Ralaivola Sandrine Anthoine

Anonymous Heterogeneous Distributed Detection: Optimal Decision Rules, Error Exponents, and the Price of Anonymity.

Wei-Ning Chen I-Hsiang Wang

Analysis of Approximate Message Passing With Non-Separable Denoisers and Markov Random Field Priors.

Yanting Ma Cynthia Rush Dror Baron

Optimization of Smooth Functions With Noisy Observations: Local Minimax Rates.

Yining Wang Sivaraman Balakrishnan Aarti Singh

Near Optimal Coded Data Shuffling for Distributed Learning.

Mohamed Adel Attia Ravi Tandon

A Framework for the Construction of Upper Bounds on the Number of Affine Linear Regions of ReLU Feed-Forward Neural Networks.

Peter Hinz Sara A. van de Geer

The Wideband Slope of Interference Channels: The Small Bandwidth Case.

Minqi Shen Anders Høst-Madsen

Asymptotic Analysis of RZF in Large-Scale MU-MIMO Systems Over Rician Channels.

Abla Kammoun Luca Sanguinetti Mérouane Debbah Mohamed-Slim Alouini

K-User Interference Channels With Backhaul Cooperation: DoF vs. Backhaul Load Trade-Off.

Borna Kananian Mohammad Ali Maddah-Ali Babak Hossein Khalaj

Non-Asymptotic Achievable Rates for Gaussian Energy-Harvesting Channels: Save-and-Transmit and Best-Effort.

Silas L. Fong Jing Yang Aylin Yener

On the Optimality of Treating Inter-Cell Interference as Noise in Uplink Cellular Networks.

Hamdi Joudeh Bruno Clerckx

Optimality of Simple Layered Superposition Coding in the 3 User MISO BC With Finite Precision CSIT.

Arash Gholami Davoodi Syed Ali Jafar

Central Limit Theorem for Mutual Information of Large MIMO Systems With Elliptically Correlated Channels.

Jiang Hu Weiming Li Wang Zhou

Mutual Information of Wireless Channels and Block-Jacobi Ergodic Operators.

Walid Hachem Adrien Hardy Shlomo Shamai

Performance Bounds of Concatenated Polar Coding Schemes.

Dina Goldin David Burshtein

Generalized Partial Orders for Polar Code Bit-Channels.

Wei Wu Paul H. Siegel

A New Design of Binary MDS Array Codes With Asymptotically Weak-Optimal Repair.

Hanxu Hou Yunghsiang S. Han Patrick P. C. Lee Yuchong Hu Hui Li

Construction of Asymptotically Good Locally Repairable Codes via Automorphism Groups of Function Fields.

Xudong Li Liming Ma Chaoping Xing

On the Complete Weight Distribution of Subfield Subcodes of Algebraic-Geometric Codes.

Chin Hei Chan Maosheng Xiong

Three Classes of Minimal Linear Codes Over the Finite Fields of Odd Characteristic.

Guangkui Xu Longjiang Qu

Variable- and Fixed-Length Balanced Runlength-Limited Codes Based on a Knuth-Like Balancing Method.

Filip Paluncic Bodhaswar T. Maharaj Hendrik C. Ferreira

Covert Communication Over a K-User Multiple-Access Channel.

Keerthi Suria Kumar Arumugam Matthieu R. Bloch

Benefits of Cache Assignment on Degraded Broadcast Channels.

Shirin Saeedi Bidokhti Michèle A. Wigger Aylin Yener

Guessing Attacks on Distributed-Storage Systems.

Annina Bracher Eran Hof Amos Lapidoth

Sharp Analytical Capacity Upper Bounds for Sticky and Related Channels.

Mahdi Cheraghchi João L. Ribeiro

Ring Compute-and-Forward Over Block-Fading Channels.

Shanxiang Lyu Antonio Campello Cong Ling

The Simultaneous Connectivity of Cognitive Networks.

Michal Yemini Anelia Somekh-Baruch Reuven Cohen Amir Leshem

Low-Mean Hitting Time for Random Walks on Heterogeneous Networks.

Yibin Sheng Zhongzhi Zhang

Routeing Properties in a Gibbsian Model for Highly Dense Multihop Networks.

Wolfgang König András Tóbiás

Community Recovery in a Preferential Attachment Graph.

Bruce E. Hajek Suryanarayana Sankagiri

Testing Ising Models.

Constantinos Daskalakis Nishanth Dikkala Gautam Kamath

Volume 65, Number 10, October 2019
Correction to Efficient Computation of Normalized Maximum Likelihood Codes for Gaussian Mixture Models With Its Applications to Clustering.

So Hirai Kenji Yamanishi

Differential Spectrum of Kasami Power Permutations Over Odd Characteristic Finite Fields.

Haode Yan Zhengchun Zhou Jian Weng Jinming Wen Tor Helleseth Qi Wang

Network Simplification in Half-Duplex: Building on Submodularity.

Yahya H. Ezzeldin Martina Cardone Christina Fragouli Daniela Tuninetti

Degrees-of-Freedom of the MIMO Three-Way Channel With Node-Intermittency.

Joachim Neu Anas Chaaban Aydin Sezgin Mohamed-Slim Alouini

Generalized Compression Strategy for the Downlink Cloud Radio Access Network.

Pratik Patil Wei Yu

Wiretap Channels With Causal State Information: Strong Secrecy.

Te Sun Han Masahide Sasaki

Secure and Robust Identification via Classical-Quantum Channels.

Holger Boche Christian Deppe Andreas J. Winter

On Function Computation With Privacy and Secrecy Constraints.

Wenwen Tu Lifeng Lai

Estimating the Fundamental Limits is Easier Than Achieving the Fundamental Limits.

Jiantao Jiao Yanjun Han Irena Fischer-Hwang Tsachy Weissman

Early Stopping for Kernel Boosting Algorithms: A General Analysis With Localized Complexities.

Yuting Wei Fanny Yang Martin J. Wainwright

Vector Approximate Message Passing.

Sundeep Rangan Philip Schniter Alyson K. Fletcher

One-Bit Compressive Sensing With Projected Subgradient Method Under Sparsity Constraints.

Dekai Liu Song Li Yi Shen

Online Codes for Analog Signals.

Leonard J. Schulman Piyush Srivastava

On the Error in Phase Transition Computations for Compressed Sensing.

Sajad Daei Farzan Haddadi Arash Amini Martin Lotz

Sub-Linear Time Support Recovery for Compressed Sensing Using Sparse-Graph Codes.

Xiao Li Dong Yin Sameer Pawar Ramtin Pedarsani Kannan Ramchandran

Community Recovery in Hypergraphs.

Kwangjun Ahn Kangwook Lee Changho Suh

High Dimensional Inference With Random Maximum A-Posteriori Perturbations.

Tamir Hazan Francesco Orabona Anand D. Sarwate Subhransu Maji Tommi S. Jaakkola

Detection Under One-Bit Messaging Over Adaptive Networks.

Stefano Maranò Ali H. Sayed

On the Information Dimension of Stochastic Processes.

Bernhard C. Geiger Tobias Koch

Information Topological Characterization of Periodically Correlated Processes by Dilation Operators.

Guillaume Bouleux Maël Dugast Eric Marcon

Quantum Versus Classical Simultaneity in Communication Complexity.

Dmitry Gavinsky

Non-Asymptotic Entanglement Distillation.

Kun Fang Xin Wang Marco Tomamichel Runyao Duan

One-Shot Coherence Distillation: Towards Completing the Picture.

Qi Zhao Yunchao Liu Xiao Yuan Eric Chitambar Andreas J. Winter

Non-Asymptotic Converse Bounds and Refined Asymptotics for Two Source Coding Problems.

Lin Zhou Mehul Motani

Universal Tree Source Coding Using Grammar-Based Compression.

Moses Ganardi Danny Hucke Markus Lohrey Louisa Seelbach Benkner

Successive Refinement of Abstract Sources.

Victoria Kostina Ertem Tuncel

The Dispersion of the Gauss-Markov Source.

Peida Tian Victoria Kostina

Common Reconstructions in the Successive Refinement Problem With Receiver Side Information.

Badri N. Vellambi Roy Timo

Cooperative Binning for Semi-Deterministic Channels With Non-Causal State Information.

Ido B. Gattegno Haim H. Permuter Shlomo Shamai Shitz Ayfer Özgür

Capacity of Two-Way Channels With Symmetry Properties.

Jian-Jia Weng Lin Song Fady Alajaji Tamás Linder

Quasi Structured Codes for Multi-Terminal Communications.

Mohsen Heidari Farhad Shirani S. Sandeep Pradhan

Exact Exponent for Soft Covering.

Semih Yagli Paul Cuff

Crossed Products and Coding Theory.

Yuval Ginosar Aviram Rochas Moreno

Maximal Ferrers Diagram Codes: Constructions and Genericity Considerations.

Jared Antrobus Heide Gluesing-Luerssen

The Decoding Error Probability of Linear Codes Over the Erasure Channel.

Lin-Zhi Shen Fang-Wei Fu

"Short-Dot": Computing Large Linear Transforms Distributedly Using Coded Short Dot Products.

Sanghamitra Dutta Viveck R. Cadambe Pulkit Grover

Probabilistic Existence Results for Parent-Identifying Schemes.

Yujie Gu Minquan Cheng Grigory Kabatiansky Ying Miao

Context-Aware Resiliency: Unequal Message Protection for Random-Access Memories.

Clayton Schoeny Frederic Sala Mark Gottscho Irina Alam Puneet Gupta Lara Dolecek

PIR Array Codes With Optimal Virtual Server Rate.

Simon R. Blackburn Tuvi Etzion

On the Sub-Optimality of Single-Letter Coding Over Networks.

Farhad Shirani S. Sandeep Pradhan

Wireless MapReduce Distributed Computing.

Fan Li Jinyuan Chen Zhiying Wang

Alphabet-Dependent Bounds for Linear Locally Repairable Codes Based on Residual Codes.

Matthias Grezet Ragnar Freij-Hollanti Thomas Westerbäck Camilla Hollanti

Multi-Rack Distributed Data Storage Networks.

Mohammad Ali Tebbi Terence H. Chan Chi Wan Sung

Codes With Hierarchical Locality From Covering Maps of Curves.

Sean Ballentine Alexander Barg Serge G. Vladut

On the Pointwise Threshold Behavior of the Binary Erasure Polarization Subchannels.

Erik Ordentlich Ron M. Roth

Asymptotic Average Multiplicity of Structures Within Different Categories of Trapping Sets, Absorbing Sets, and Stopping Sets in Random Regular and Irregular LDPC Code Ensembles.

Ali Dehghan Amir H. Banihashemi

Subquadratic Time Encodable Codes Beating the Gilbert-Varshamov Bound.

Anand Kumar Narayanan Matthew Weidner

Random Matrices From Linear Codes and Wigner's Semicircle Law.

Chin Hei Chan Enoch Kung Maosheng Xiong

Optimal Interactive Coding for Insertions, Deletions, and Substitutions.

Alexander A. Sherstov Pei Wu

Volume 65, Number 9, September 2019
New Lower Bounds to the Output Entropy of Multi-Mode Quantum Gaussian Channels.

Giacomo De Palma

Distillation of Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger States by Combinatorial Methods.

Péter Vrana Matthias Christandl

Optimal Universal Learning Machines for Quantum State Discrimination.

Marco Fanizza Andrea Mari Vittorio Giovannetti

Algorithmic No-Cloning Theorem.

Samuel Epstein

Convex-Split and Hypothesis Testing Approach to One-Shot Quantum Measurement Compression and Randomness Extraction.

Anurag Anshu Rahul Jain Naqueeb Ahmad Warsi

Comparison of Quantum Channels by Superchannels.

Gilad Gour

Designing Plateaued Boolean Functions in Spectral Domain and Their Classification.

Samir Hodzic Enes Pasalic Yongzhuang Wei Fengrong Zhang

High-Meets-Low: Construction of Strictly Almost Optimal Resilient Boolean Functions via Fragmentary Walsh Spectra.

WeiGuo Zhang

New Extension Constructions of Optimal Frequency-Hopping Sequence Sets.

Xianhua Niu Chaoping Xing

On the Derivative Imbalance and Ambiguity of Functions.

Shihui Fu Xiutao Feng Qiang Wang Claude Carlet

Degrees of Freedom in Wireless Interference Networks With Cooperative Transmission and Backhaul Load Constraints.

Meghana Bande Aly El Gamal Venugopal V. Veeravalli

Generalized Degrees of Freedom of the Symmetric Cache-Aided MISO Broadcast Channel With Partial CSIT.

Enrico Piovano Hamdi Joudeh Bruno Clerckx

Cross Subspace Alignment and the Asymptotic Capacity of $X$ -Secure $T$ -Private Information Retrieval.

Zhuqing Jia Hua Sun Syed Ali Jafar

Secrecy Capacity of Colored Gaussian Noise Channels With Feedback.

Chong Li Yingbin Liang H. Vincent Poor Shlomo Shamai Shitz

Second Order Analysis for Joint Source-Channel Coding With General Channel and Markovian Source.

Ryo Yaguchi Masahito Hayashi

Real-Time Status Updates for Markov Source.

Sudheer Poojary Sanidhay Bhambay Parimal Parag

Sufficiently Myopic Adversaries Are Blind.

Bikash Kumar Dey Sidharth Jaggi Michael Langberg

The Error Probability of Generalized Perfect Codes via the Meta-Converse.

Gonzalo Vazquez-Vilar Albert Guillén i Fàbregas Sergio Verdú

An Information-Theoretic Analysis of Deduplication.

Urs Niesen

Information Theory With Finite Vector Spaces.

Juan Pablo Vigneaux

Upper and Lower Bounds on the Computational Complexity of Polar Encoding and Decoding.

Christopher G. Blake Frank R. Kschischang

Near-Optimal Finite-Length Scaling for Polar Codes Over Large Alphabets.

Henry D. Pfister Rüdiger L. Urbanke

Universal Sparse Superposition Codes With Spatial Coupling and GAMP Decoding.

Jean Barbier Mohamad Dia Nicolas Macris

Code Design Based on Connecting Spatially Coupled Graph Chains.

Dmitri V. Truhachev David G. M. Mitchell Michael Lentmaier Daniel J. Costello Jr. Alireza Karami

On the Optimality of the Kautz-Singleton Construction in Probabilistic Group Testing.

Huseyin A. Inan Peter Kairouz Mary Wootters Ayfer Özgür

Storage Capacity as an Information-Theoretic Vertex Cover and the Index Coding Rate.

Arya Mazumdar Andrew McGregor Sofya Vorotnikova

New Constructions of MDS Euclidean Self-Dual Codes From GRS Codes and Extended GRS Codes.

Weijun Fang Fang-Wei Fu

On Private Information Retrieval Array Codes.

Yiwei Zhang Xin Wang Hengjia Wei Gennian Ge

Linear Programming Approximations for Index Coding.

Abhishek Agarwal Larkin Flodin Arya Mazumdar

Error-Correcting WOM Codes: Concatenation and Joint Design.

Amit Solomon Yuval Cassuto

Efficiently Decodable Non-Adaptive Threshold Group Testing.

Thach V. Bui Minoru Kuribayashi Mahdi Cheraghchi Isao Echizen

On the Second Relative Greedy Weight of 4-Dimensional Codes.

Liang Bai Zihui Liu

On the Sub-Packetization Size and the Repair Bandwidth of Reed-Solomon Codes.

Weiqi Li Zhiying Wang Hamid Jafarkhani

Determinant Codes With Helper-Independent Repair for Single and Multiple Failures.

Mehran Elyasi Soheil Mohajer

Codes With Locality in the Rank and Subspace Metrics.

Swanand Kadhe Salim Y. El Rouayheb Iwan M. Duursma Alex Sprintson

Codes for Graph Erasures.

Lev Yohananov Eitan Yaakobi

Provable Subspace Clustering: When LRR Meets SSC.

Yu-Xiang Wang Huan Xu Chenlei Leng

Geometric Distance Between Positive Definite Matrices of Different Dimensions.

Lek-Heng Lim Rodolphe Sepulchre Ke Ye

Deterministic and Probabilistic Conditions for Finite Completability of Low-Tucker-Rank Tensor.

Morteza Ashraphijuo Vaneet Aggarwal Xiaodong Wang

High-Dimensional Adaptive Minimax Sparse Estimation With Interactions.

Chenglong Ye Yuhong Yang

Harmonic Bayesian Prediction Under $\alpha$ -Divergence.

Yuzo Maruyama Takeru Matsuda Toshio Ohnishi

On the Convergence of Approximate Message Passing With Arbitrary Matrices.

Sundeep Rangan Philip Schniter Alyson K. Fletcher Subrata Sarkar

Distributed Estimation of Gaussian Correlations.

Uri Hadar Ofer Shayevitz

Data Discovery and Anomaly Detection Using Atypicality: Theory.

Anders Høst-Madsen Elyas Sabeti Chad Walton

Moments of the Scores.

Sergey G. Bobkov

Non-Uniform Bounds in the Poisson Approximation With Applications to Informational Distances I.

Sergey G. Bobkov Gennadiy P. Chistyakov Friedrich Götze

Volume 65, Number 8, August 2019
Corrections to "Achieving AWGN Channel Capacity With Lattice Gaussian Coding".

Cong Ling Jean-Claude Belfiore

Understanding the Related-Key Security of Feistel Ciphers From a Provable Perspective.

Chun Guo

On the Asymptotics of Solving the LWE Problem Using Coded-BKW With Sieving.

Qian Guo Thomas Johansson Erik Mårtensson Paul Stankovski Wagner

Quantum Version of Wielandt's Inequality Revisited.

Mateusz Michalek Yaroslav Shitov

Sequence Pairs With Asymptotically Optimal Aperiodic Correlation.

Christian Günther Kai-Uwe Schmidt

Minimizing the Age of Information Through Queues.

Ahmed M. Bedewy Yin Sun Ness B. Shroff

Fundamental Limits of Cloud and Cache-Aided Interference Management With Multi-Antenna Edge Nodes.

Jingjing Zhang Osvaldo Simeone

Tradeoffs Between Weak-Noise Estimation Performance and Outage Exponents in Nonlinear Modulation.

Neri Merhav

On the Degrees-of-Freedom of Two-Unicast Wireless Networks With Delayed CSIT.

Alireza Vahid

Symmetric Private Information Retrieval from MDS Coded Distributed Storage With Non-Colluding and Colluding Servers.

Qiwen Wang Mikael Skoglund

Secret-Key Generation in Many-to-One Networks: An Integrated Game-Theoretic and Information-Theoretic Approach.

Remi A. Chou Aylin Yener

Generalizing Multiple Access Wiretap and Wiretap II Channel Models: Achievable Rates and Cost of Strong Secrecy.

Mohamed S. Nafea Aylin Yener

Secrecy Capacity-Memory Tradeoff of Erasure Broadcast Channels.

Sarah Kamel Mireille Sarkiss Michèle A. Wigger Ghaya Rekaya-Ben Othman

Upper Bounds via Lamination on the Constrained Secrecy Capacity of Hypergraphical Sources.

Chung Chan Manuj Mukherjee Navin Kashyap Qiaoqiao Zhou

Reconstructing Gaussian Sources by Spatial Sampling.

Vinay Praneeth Boda

Blind Group Testing.

Wasim Huleihel Ohad Elishco Muriel Médard

Semi-Robust Communications Over a Broadcast Channel.

Tibor Keresztfalvi Amos Lapidoth

The Reliability Function of Variable-Length Lossy Joint Source-Channel Coding With Feedback.

Lan V. Truong Vincent Y. F. Tan

The Stochastic-Calculus Approach to Multi-Receiver Poisson Channels.

Nirmal V. Shende Aaron B. Wagner

False-Accept/False-Reject Trade-Offs for Ensembles of Biometric Authentication Systems.

Neri Merhav

Wiretap and Gelfand-Pinsker Channels Analogy and Its Applications.

Ziv Goldfeld Haim H. Permuter

The Poisson Channel With Varying Dark Current Known to the Transmitter.

Ligong Wang

On the Reliability Function of Distributed Hypothesis Testing Under Optimal Detection.

Nir Weinberger Yuval Kochman

SOFAR: Large-Scale Association Network Learning.

Yoshimasa Uematsu Yingying Fan Kun Chen Jinchi Lv Wei Lin

Lattice Functions for the Analysis of Analog-to-Digital Conversion.

Pablo Martínez-Nuevo Alan V. Oppenheim

Detecting Random Walks on Graphs With Heterogeneous Sensors.

Dragana Bajovic José M. F. Moura Dejan Vukobratovic

Adaptive Nonparametric Clustering.

Kirill Efimov Larisa Adamyan Vladimir G. Spokoiny

Feeling the Bern: Adaptive Estimators for Bernoulli Probabilities of Pairwise Comparisons.

Nihar B. Shah Sivaraman Balakrishnan Martin J. Wainwright

A Probabilistic Peeling Decoder to Efficiently Analyze Generalized LDPC Codes Over the BEC.

Yanfang Liu Pablo M. Olmos Tobias Koch

New LMRD Code Bounds for Constant Dimension Codes and Improved Constructions.

Daniel Heinlein

List Decodability of Symbol-Pair Codes.

Shu Liu Chaoping Xing Chen Yuan

Runlength-Limited Sequences and Shift-Correcting Codes: Asymptotic Analysis.

Mladen Kovacevic

Reliable and Secure Multishot Network Coding Using Linearized Reed-Solomon Codes.

Umberto Martínez-Peñas Frank R. Kschischang

T-Count Optimization and Reed-Muller Codes.

Matthew Amy Michele Mosca

Reed-Solomon Codes Over Small Fields With Constrained Generator Matrices.

Gary R. W. Greaves Jeven Syatriadi

Theoretical Bounds and Constructions of Codes in the Generalized Cayley Metric.

Siyi Yang Clayton Schoeny Lara Dolecek

Rack-Aware Regenerating Codes for Data Centers.

Hanxu Hou Patrick P. C. Lee Kenneth W. Shum Yuchong Hu

The Subfield Codes of Ovoid Codes.

Cunsheng Ding Ziling Heng

A Class of Narrow-Sense BCH Codes.

Shixin Zhu Zhonghua Sun Xiaoshan Kai

Latency Analysis for Distributed Coded Storage Systems.

Ajay Badita Parimal Parag Jean-François Chamberland

The Shift Bound for Abelian Codes and Generalizations of the Donoho-Stark Uncertainty Principle.

Tao Feng Henk D. L. Hollmann Qing Xiang

Weighted Posets and Digraphs Admitting the Extended Hamming Code to be a Perfect Code.

Jong Yoon Hyun Hyun Kwang Kim Jeong Rye Park

Explicit Construction of Optimal Locally Recoverable Codes of Distance 5 and 6 via Binary Constant Weight Codes.

Lingfei Jin

Generalized Subspace Subcodes With Application in Cryptology.

Thierry P. Berger Cheikh Thiécoumba Gueye Jean Belo Klamti

Volume 65, Number 7, July 2019
Corrections to "Fine Asymptotics for Universal One-to-One Compression of Parametric Sources".

Nematollah Iri Oliver Kosut

On the Uniqueness Result of Theorem 6 in "Relative Entropy and the Multivariable Multidimensional Moment Problem".

Bin Zhu

Improved Bounds on the Threshold Gap in Ramp Secret Sharing.

Ignacio Cascudo Jaron Skovsted Gundersen Diego Ruano

On Converse Bounds for Classical Communication Over Quantum Channels.

Xin Wang Kun Fang Marco Tomamichel

Constructions of Quasi-Complementary Sequence Sets Associated With Characters.

Yubo Li Liying Tian Tao Liu Chengqian Xu

On the Capacity of Cloud Radio Access Networks With Oblivious Relaying.

Inaki Estella Aguerri Abdellatif Zaidi Giuseppe Caire Shlomo Shamai Shitz

Coupling Data Transmission for Multiple-Access Communications.

Dmitri V. Truhachev Christian Schlegel

BER-Improved Quantization of Source-to-Relay Link SNR for Cooperative Beamforming: A Fixed Point Theory Approach.

Wen-Hsuan Li Jwo-Yuh Wu

State-Dependent Interference Channel With Correlated States.

Yunhao Sun Ruchen Duan Yingbin Liang Shlomo Shamai Shitz

Gaussian Intersymbol Interference Channels With Mismatch.

Wasim Huleihel Salman Salamatian Neri Merhav Muriel Médard

Remote Source Coding Under Gaussian Noise: Dueling Roles of Power and Entropy Power.

Krishnan Eswaran Michael Gastpar

Compression of Data Streams Down to Their Information Content.

George Barmpalias Andrew Lewis-Pye

B-Spline-Based Exact Discretization of Continuous-Domain Inverse Problems With Generalized TV Regularization.

Thomas Debarre Julien Fageot Harshit Gupta Michael Unser

Sample-Efficient Algorithms for Recovering Structured Signals From Magnitude-Only Measurements.

Gauri Jagatap Chinmay Hegde

Hypothesis Testing Over the Two-Hop Relay Network.

Sadaf Salehkalaibar Michèle A. Wigger Ligong Wang

Sequential Hypothesis Test With Online Usage-Constrained Sensor Selection.

Shang Li Xiaoou Li Xiaodong Wang Jingchen Liu

An Exact Expression for the Gap in the Data Processing Inequality for f-Divergences.

Jean-Francois Collet

Moderate Deviation Asymptotics for Variable-Length Codes With Feedback.

Lan V. Truong Vincent Y. F. Tan

Belief Propagation, Bethe Approximation and Polynomials.

Damian Straszak Nisheeth K. Vishnoi

Determining the Number of Samples Required to Estimate Entropy in Natural Sequences.

Andrew D. Back Daniel Angus Janet Wiles

Nonparametric Identification in the Dynamic Stochastic Block Model.

Ann-Kristin Becker Hajo Holzmann

Exact Upper and Lower Bounds on the Misclassification Probability.

Iosif Pinelis

A General Construction of Ordered Orthogonal Arrays Using LFSRs.

Daniel Panario Mark Saaltink Brett Stevens Daniel Wevrick

Hardness Results on Finding Leafless Elementary Trapping Sets and Elementary Absorbing Sets of LDPC Codes.

Ali Dehghan Amir H. Banihashemi

LDPC Codes Over the q-ary Multi-Bit Channel.

Rami Cohen Netanel Raviv Yuval Cassuto

Optimal Streaming Codes for Channels With Burst and Arbitrary Erasures.

Silas L. Fong Ashish Khisti Baochun Li Wai-Tian Tan Xiaoqing Zhu John G. Apostolopoulos

Achieving Maximum Distance Separable Private Information Retrieval Capacity With Linear Codes.

Siddhartha Kumar Hsuan-Yin Lin Eirik Rosnes Alexandre Graell i Amat

Coded Computation Over Heterogeneous Clusters.

Amirhossein Reisizadeh Saurav Prakash Ramtin Pedarsani Amir Salman Avestimehr

Linear Codes for Broadcasting With Noisy Side Information.

Suman Ghosh Lakshmi Natarajan

Centralized Multi-Node Repair Regenerating Codes.

Marwen Zorgui Zhiying Wang

Bounds for Binary Linear Locally Repairable Codes via a Sphere-Packing Approach.

Anyu Wang Zhifang Zhang Dongdai Lin

New Bounds and Generalizations of Locally Recoverable Codes With Availability.

Stanislav Kruglik Kamilla Nazirkhanova Alexey A. Frolov

Minimal Linear Codes in Odd Characteristic.

Daniele Bartoli Matteo Bonini

A Multi-Layer Encoding and Decoding Strategy for Binary Erasure Channel.

Milad Johnny Mohammad Reza Aref

Grassmannian Codes With New Distance Measures for Network Coding.

Tuvi Etzion Hui Zhang

Constructions for Optimal Ferrers Diagram Rank-Metric Codes.

Shuangqing Liu Yanxun Chang Tao Feng

Feedback Capacity and Coding for the (0, k)-RLL Input-Constrained BEC.

Ori Peled Oron Sabag Haim H. Permuter

A Note on Reverse Pinsker Inequalities.

Olivier Binette

Wiretap Channels: Nonasymptotic Fundamental Limits.

Wei Yang Rafael F. Schaefer H. Vincent Poor

Improved Upper Bounds and Structural Results on the Capacity of the Discrete-Time Poisson Channel.

Mahdi Cheraghchi João L. Ribeiro

Minimal Characterization of Shannon-Type Inequalities Under Functional Dependence and Full Conditional Independence Structures.

Terence Chan Satyajit Thakor Alex J. Grant

Capacity-Achieving Guessing Random Additive Noise Decoding.

Ken R. Duffy Jiange Li Muriel Médard

Capacity Region of the Symmetric Injective K-User Deterministic Interference Channel.

Mehrdad Kiamari Amir Salman Avestimehr

Expressions for the Entropy of Basic Discrete Distributions.

Mahdi Cheraghchi

Volume 65, Number 6, June 2019
Perfect Anonymity.

Yvo Desmedt Fred Piper

Superadditivity in Trade-Off Capacities of Quantum Channels.

Elton Yechao Zhu Quntao Zhuang Min-Hsiu Hsieh Peter W. Shor

Quantum State Merging for Arbitrarily Small-Dimensional Systems.

Hayata Yamasaki Mio Murao

$k$ -Connectivity of Inhomogeneous Random Key Graphs With Unreliable Links.

Rashad Eletreby Osman Yagan

On the Capacity of the Peak Power Constrained Vector Gaussian Channel: An Estimation Theoretic Perspective.

Alex Dytso Mert Al H. Vincent Poor Shlomo Shamai Shitz

Private Information Retrieval From Coded Storage Systems With Colluding, Byzantine, and Unresponsive Servers.

Razane Tajeddine Oliver W. Gnilke David A. Karpuk Ragnar Freij-Hollanti Camilla Hollanti

The Capacity of Private Computation.

Hua Sun Syed Ali Jafar

The Capacity of Anonymous Communications.

Hua Sun

Constellation-Optimal Beamformers for Multiuser MISO Broadcast Visible Light Communications.

Yan-Yu Zhang Hong-Yi Yu Jian-Kang Zhang

On $Z_p Z_{p^k}$ -Additive Codes and Their Duality.

Minjia Shi Rongsheng Wu Denis S. Krotov

On Two Classes of Primitive BCH Codes and Some Related Codes.

Chengju Li Peng Wu Fengmei Liu

Constant-Rate Interactive Coding Is Impossible, Even in Constant-Degree Networks.

Ran Gelles Yael Tauman Kalai

Improved Upper Bound on the Network Function Computing Capacity.

Xuan Guang Raymond W. Yeung Shenghao Yang Congduan Li

On Computing the Multiplicity of Cycles in Bipartite Graphs Using the Degree Distribution and the Spectrum of the Graph.

Ali Dehghan Amir H. Banihashemi

Quasi-Cyclic Protograph-Based Raptor-Like LDPC Codes for Short Block-Lengths.

Sudarsan V. S. Ranganathan Dariush Divsalar Richard D. Wesel

On the Maximum Size of Block Codes Subject to a Distance Criterion.

Ling-Hua Chang Po-Ning Chen Vincent Y. F. Tan Carol Wang Yunghsiang S. Han

Separable Codes for the Symmetric Multiple-Access Channel.

Arkadii G. D'yachkov Nikita Polyanskii Vladislav Yu. Shchukin Ilya Vorobyev

Stopping Redundancy Hierarchy Beyond the Minimum Distance.

Yauhen Yakimenka Vitaly Skachek Irina E. Bocharova Boris D. Kudryashov

Radical-Locator Polynomials and Row-Echelon Partial Syndrome Matrices With Applications to Decoding Cyclic Codes.

Chong-Dao Lee

Capacity-Achieving Codes That Mitigate Intercell Interference and Charge Leakage in Flash Memories.

Yeow Meng Chee Johan Chrisnata Han Mao Kiah San Ling Tuan Thanh Nguyen Van Khu Vu

Constructions of Partial MDS Codes Over Small Fields.

Ryan Gabrys Eitan Yaakobi Mario Blaum Paul H. Siegel

Mutually Uncorrelated Codes for DNA Storage.

Maya Levy Eitan Yaakobi

How Long Can Optimal Locally Repairable Codes Be?

Venkatesan Guruswami Chaoping Xing Chen Yuan

Noisy Adaptive Group Testing: Bounds and Algorithms.

Jonathan Scarlett

Lattice Gaussian Sampling by Markov Chain Monte Carlo: Bounded Distance Decoding and Trapdoor Sampling.

Zheng Wang Cong Ling

Optimization-Based AMP for Phase Retrieval: The Impact of Initialization and $\ell_{2}$ Regularization.

Junjie Ma Ji Xu Arian Maleki

On the Minimal Overcompleteness Allowing Universal Sparse Representation.

Rotem Mulayoff Tomer Michaeli

Multireference Alignment Is Easier With an Aperiodic Translation Distribution.

Emmanuel Abbe Tamir Bendory William E. Leeb João M. Pereira Nir Sharon Amit Singer

Estimation of Poisson Arrival Processes Under Linear Models.

Michael G. Moore Mark A. Davenport

Empirical Lipschitz Constants for the Renyi Entropy Maximum Likelihood Estimator.

John M. Konstantinides Ioannis Andreadis

Estimation in Tournaments and Graphs Under Monotonicity Constraints.

Sabyasachi Chatterjee Sumit Mukherjee

Estimating the Coefficients of a Mixture of Two Linear Regressions by Expectation Maximization.

Jason M. Klusowski Dana Yang W. D. Brinda

Symmetry, Saddle Points, and Global Optimization Landscape of Nonconvex Matrix Factorization.

Xingguo Li Junwei Lu Raman Arora Jarvis D. Haupt Han Liu Zhaoran Wang Tuo Zhao

Data Privacy for a $\rho$ -Recoverable Function.

Ajaykrishnan Nageswaran Prakash Narayan

Generalized Random Gilbert-Varshamov Codes.

Anelia Somekh-Baruch Jonathan Scarlett Albert Guillen i Fabregas

Minimum-Entropy Couplings and Their Applications.

Ferdinando Cicalese Luisa Gargano Ugo Vaccaro

Expurgated Bounds for the Asymmetric Broadcast Channel.

Ran Averbuch Nir Weinberger Neri Merhav

The Capacity of Online (Causal) $q$ -Ary Error-Erasure Channels.

Zitan Chen Sidharth Jaggi Michael Langberg

Simulation of Random Variables Under Rényi Divergence Measures of All Orders.

Lei Yu Vincent Y. F. Tan

On a Fractional Version of Haemers' Bound.

Boris Bukh Christopher Cox

Strong Converses are Just Edge Removal Properties.

Oliver Kosut Jörg Kliewer

Volume 65, Number 5, May 2019
Three Families of Monomial Functions With Three-Valued Walsh Spectrum.

Yansheng Wu Qin Yue Fengwei Li

The Error Probability of Sparse Superposition Codes With Approximate Message Passing Decoding.

Cynthia Rush Ramji Venkataramanan

On the Generalized Degrees of Freedom of the MIMO Interference Channel With Delayed CSIT.

Kaniska Mohanty Mahesh K. Varanasi

Multilevel LDPC Lattices With Efficient Encoding and Decoding and a Generalization of Construction $\text{D}'$.

Paulo Ricardo Branco da Silva Danilo Silva

Verifiably Multiplicative Secret Sharing.

Maki Yoshida Satoshi Obana

Fundamental Limits of Cache-Aided Private Information Retrieval With Unknown and Uncoded Prefetching.

Yi-Peng Wei Karim Banawan Sennur Ulukus

The Capacity of Private Information Retrieval With Eavesdroppers.

Qiwen Wang Hua Sun Mikael Skoglund

On PIR and Symmetric PIR From Colluding Databases With Adversaries and Eavesdroppers.

Qiwen Wang Mikael Skoglund

Optimal Accuracy-Privacy Trade-Off for Secure Computations.

Patrick Ah-Fat Michael Huth

RePair and All Irreducible Grammars are Upper Bounded by High-Order Empirical Entropy.

Carlos Ochoa Gonzalo Navarro

Refined Asymptotics for Rate-Distortion Using Gaussian Codebooks for Arbitrary Sources.

Lin Zhou Vincent Y. F. Tan Mehul Motani

Exact Reconstruction of Euclidean Distance Geometry Problem Using Low-Rank Matrix Completion.

Abiy Tasissa Rongjie Lai

Blind Gain and Phase Calibration via Sparse Spectral Methods.

Yanjun Li Kiryung Lee Yoram Bresler

Robust Estimators and Test Statistics for One-Shot Device Testing Under the Exponential Distribution.

Narayanaswamy Balakrishnan Elena Castilla Nirian Martín Leandro Pardo

High-Dimensional Classification by Sparse Logistic Regression.

Felix Abramovich Vadim Grinshtein

Asymptotically Optimal Prediction for Time-Varying Data Generating Processes.

Jie Ding Jiawei Zhou Vahid Tarokh

Optimal Stopping for Interval Estimation in Bernoulli Trials.

Tony Yaacoub George V. Moustakides Yajun Mei

Data-Dependent Generalization Bounds for Multi-Class Classification.

Yunwen Lei Ürün Dogan Ding-Xuan Zhou Marius Kloft

Stable Recovery of Structured Signals From Corrupted Sub-Gaussian Measurements.

Jinchi Chen Yulong Liu

Network Estimation From Point Process Data.

Benjamin Mark Garvesh Raskutti Rebecca Willett

MDS Codes With Hulls of Arbitrary Dimensions and Their Quantum Error Correction.

Gaojun Luo Xiwang Cao Xiaojing Chen

Message Transmission Over Classical Quantum Channels With a Jammer With Side Information: Message Transmission Capacity and Resources.

Holger Boche Minglai Cai Ning Cai

Quantum Query Complexity of Entropy Estimation.

Tongyang Li Xiaodi Wu

Quantum Sphere-Packing Bounds With Polynomial Prefactors.

Hao-Chung Cheng Min-Hsiu Hsieh Marco Tomamichel

A Characterization of Guesswork on Swiftly Tilting Curves.

Ahmad Beirami A. Robert Calderbank Mark M. Christiansen Ken R. Duffy Muriel Médard

Second-Order Asymptotics for Communication Under Strong Asynchronism.

Longguang Li Aslan Tchamkerten

Multiplexing Zero-Error and Rare-Error Communications Over a Noisy Channel.

Tibor Keresztfalvi Amos Lapidoth

Error Exponents for Dimension-Matched Vector Multiple Access Channels With Additive Noise.

Venkat Anantharam François Baccelli

Physical-Layer Schemes for Wireless Coded Caching.

Seyed Pooya Shariatpanahi Giuseppe Caire Babak Hossein Khalaj

Construction of Polar Codes With Sublinear Complexity.

Marco Mondelli S. Hamed Hassani Rüdiger L. Urbanke

On Capacities of the Two-User Union Channel With Complete Feedback.

Zilin Jiang Nikita Polyanskii Ilya Vorobyev

Nearly Optimal Sparse Group Testing.

Venkata Gandikota Elena Grigorescu Sidharth Jaggi Samson Zhou

Bandwidth Adaptive & Error Resilient MBR Exact Repair Regenerating Codes.

Kaveh Mahdaviani Ashish Khisti Soheil Mohajer

The Optimal Sub-Packetization of Linear Capacity-Achieving PIR Schemes With Colluding Servers.

Zhifang Zhang Jingke Xu

An Innovations Approach to Viterbi Decoding of Convolutional Codes.

Masato Tajima

Two or Few-Weight Trace Codes over ${\mathbb{F}_{q}}+u{\mathbb{F}_{q}}$.

Hongwei Liu Youcef Maouche

The Repair Problem for Reed-Solomon Codes: Optimal Repair of Single and Multiple Erasures With Almost Optimal Node Size.

Itzhak Tamo Min Ye Alexander Barg

Repairing Multiple Failures for Scalar MDS Codes.

Jay Mardia Burak Bartan Mary Wootters

Locality and Availability of Array Codes Constructed From Subspaces.

Natalia Silberstein