Volume 66, Number 12, December 2020
Corrections to "Concatenated Coding for the AWGN Channel With Noisy Feedback".

Zachary Chance David J. Love

Corrections to "The ADMM Penalized Decoder for LDPC Codes".

Haoyuan Wei Xishuo Liu Stark C. Draper

A Deterministic Theory of Low Rank Matrix Completion.

Sourav Chatterjee

Information Theoretic Limits for Phase Retrieval With Subsampled Haar Sensing Matrices.

Rishabh Dudeja Junjie Ma Arian Maleki

Using Black-Box Compression Algorithms for Phase Retrieval.

Milad Bakhshizadeh Arian Maleki Shirin Jalali

The Estimation Performance of Nonlinear Least Squares for Phase Retrieval.

Meng Huang Zhiqiang Xu

Recovering a Single Community With Side Information.

Hussein Saad Aria Nosratinia

Minimax Learning for Distributed Inference.

Cheuk Ting Li Xiugang Wu Ayfer Özgür Abbas El Gamal

Information-Theoretic and Algorithmic Thresholds for Group Testing.

Amin Coja-Oghlan Oliver Gebhard Max Hahn-Klimroth Philipp Loick

Support Recovery in the Phase Retrieval Model: Information-Theoretic Fundamental Limit.

Lan V. Truong Jonathan Scarlett

A Note on the Probability of Rectangles for Correlated Binary Strings.

Or Ordentlich Yury Polyanskiy Ofer Shayevitz

Inference Under Information Constraints II: Communication Constraints and Shared Randomness.

Jayadev Acharya Clément L. Canonne Himanshu Tyagi

Inference Under Information Constraints I: Lower Bounds From Chi-Square Contraction.

Jayadev Acharya Clément L. Canonne Himanshu Tyagi

Persymmetric Adaptive Array Detection of Spread Spectrum Signals.

Jun Liu Wuyang Zhou Amir Zaimbashi Hongbin Li

Ultrahigh-Dimensional Robust and Efficient Sparse Regression Using Non-Concave Penalized Density Power Divergence.

Abhik Ghosh Subhabrata Majumdar

Minimax Optimal Estimation of KL Divergence for Continuous Distributions.

Puning Zhao Lifeng Lai

Noisy Quantum State Redistribution With Promise and the Alpha-Bit.

Anurag Anshu Min-Hsiu Hsieh Rahul Jain

Single-Serving Quantum Broadcast Channel With Common, Individualized, and Confidential Messages.

Farzin Salek Min-Hsiu Hsieh Javier Rodríguez Fonollosa

New Infinite Families of Perfect Quaternion Sequences and Williamson Sequences.

Curtis Bright Ilias S. Kotsireas Vijay Ganesh

Rudin-Shapiro-Like Sequences With Maximum Asymptotic Merit Factor.

Daniel J. Katz Sangman Lee Stanislav A. Trunov

A Note on the Cross-Correlation of Costas Permutations.

Domingo Gómez-Pérez Arne Winterhof

Weak Grain-Like Structures.

Yupeng Jiang

Graph Indicators of Vectorial Functions and Bounds on the Algebraic Degree of Composite Functions.

Claude Carlet

Throughput Scaling of Covert Communication Over Wireless Adhoc Networks.

Kang-Hee Cho Si-Hyeon Lee Vincent Y. F. Tan

Private Information Delivery.

Hua Sun

Minimum Age of Information TDMA Scheduling: Approximation Algorithms and Hardness Results.

Tung-Wei Kuo

Full Coded Caching Gains for Cache-Less Users.

Eleftherios Lampiris Petros Elia

Low SNR Asymptotic Rates of Vector Channels With One-Bit Outputs.

Amine Mezghani Josef A. Nossek A. Lee Swindlehurst

The Bee-Identification Error Exponent With Absentee Bees.

Anshoo Tandon Vincent Y. F. Tan Lav R. Varshney

Source Resolvability and Intrinsic Randomness: Two Random Number Generation Problems With Respect to a Subclass of f-Divergences.

Ryo Nomura

Variable-Length Source Dispersions Differ Under Maximum and Average Error Criteria.

Yuta Sakai Vincent Y. F. Tan

Distributed Hypothesis Testing: Cooperation and Concurrent Detection.

Pierre Escamilla Michèle A. Wigger Abdellatif Zaidi

On the Storage Cost of Private Information Retrieval.

Chao Tian

Minimum Guesswork With an Unreliable Oracle.

Natan Ardimanov Ofer Shayevitz Itzhak Tamo

Cascade Codes for Distributed Storage Systems.

Mehran Elyasi Soheil Mohajer

Gradient Coding From Cyclic MDS Codes and Expander Graphs.

Netanel Raviv Itzhak Tamo Rashish Tandon Alexandros G. Dimakis

Bounds and Constructions of Locally Repairable Codes: Parity-Check Matrix Approach.

Jie Hao Shu-Tao Xia Kenneth W. Shum Bin Chen Fang-Wei Fu Yixian Yang

New Constructions of Cooperative MSR Codes: Reducing Node Size to exp(O(n)).

Min Ye

Enabling Optimal Access and Error Correction for the Repair of Reed-Solomon Codes.

Zitan Chen Min Ye Alexander Barg

X-Secure T-Private Information Retrieval From MDS Coded Storage With Byzantine and Unresponsive Servers.

Zhuqing Jia Syed Ali Jafar

Characteristic Sets of Fixed-Dimension Vector Linear Codes for Non-Multicast Networks.

Niladri Das Brijesh Kumar Rai

Locally Decodable Index Codes.

Lakshmi Prasad Natarajan Prasad Krishnan V. Lalitha Hoang Dau

Decoding and Repair Schemes for Shift-XOR Regenerating Codes.

Ximing Fu Shenghao Yang Zhiqing Xiao

Binary Batch Codes With Improved Redundancy.

Rina Polyanskaya Nikita Polyanskii Ilya Vorobyev

Complete j-MDP Convolutional Codes.

Paulo José Fernandes Almeida Julia Lieb

Non-Split Toric BCH Codes on Singular del Pezzo Surfaces.

Dmitrii Koshelev

Constructions of Optimal Codes With Hierarchical Locality.

Guanghui Zhang Hongwei Liu

Reed-Muller Codes Polarize.

Emmanuel Abbe Min Ye

Volume 66, Number 11, November 2020
Sublinear-Time Algorithms for Compressive Phase Retrieval.

Yi Li Vasileios Nakos

Leave-One-Out Approach for Matrix Completion: Primal and Dual Analysis.

Lijun Ding Yudong Chen

Close Encounters of the Binary Kind: Signal Reconstruction Guarantees for Compressive Hadamard Sampling With Haar Wavelet Basis.

Amirafshar Moshtaghpour José M. Bioucas-Dias Laurent Jacques

On the Stable Resolution Limit of Total Variation Regularization for Spike Deconvolution.

Maxime Ferreira Da Costa Yuejie Chi

Nearly Optimal Sparse Polynomial Multiplication.

Vasileios Nakos

Second-Order Asymptotics of Sequential Hypothesis Testing.

Yonglong Li Vincent Y. F. Tan

k-Vectors: An Alternating Minimization Algorithm for Learning Regression Functions.

Nir Weinberger Meir Feder

Is Clustering Advantageous in Statistical Ill-Posed Linear Inverse Problems?

Rasika Rajapakshage Marianna Pensky

Deconstructing Generative Adversarial Networks.

Banghua Zhu Jiantao Jiao David Tse

Sparse Composite Quantile Regression in Ultrahigh Dimensions With Tuning Parameter Calibration.

Yuwen Gu Hui Zou

Covert and Secret Key Expansion Over Quantum Channels Under Collective Attacks.

Mehrdad Tahmasbi Matthieu R. Bloch

Vanishing Flats: A Combinatorial Viewpoint on the Planarity of Functions and Their Application.

Shuxing Li Wilfried Meidl Alexandr Polujan Alexander Pott Constanza Riera Pantelimon Stanica

Improving the Linear Programming Technique in the Search for Lower Bounds in Secret Sharing.

Oriol Farràs Tarik Kaced Sebastià Martín Molleví Carles Padró

A New Family of APN Quadrinomials.

Lilya Budaghyan Tor Helleseth Nikolay S. Kaleyski

Connectivity of Inhomogeneous Random K-Out Graphs.

Rashad Eletreby Osman Yagan

Optimal DoF of the K-User Broadcast Channel With Delayed and Imperfect Current CSIT.

Paul de Kerret David Gesbert Jingjing Zhang Petros Elia

Weakly Secure Symmetric Multilevel Diversity Coding.

Tao Guo Chao Tian Tie Liu Raymond W. Yeung

New Complementary Sets With Low PAPR Property Under Spectral Null Constraints.

Yajing Zhou Yang Yang Zhengchun Zhou Kushal Anand Su Hu Yong Liang Guan

Sum-GDoF of 2-User Interference Channel With Limited Cooperation Under Finite Precision CSIT.

Junge Wang Bofeng Yuan Lexiang Huang Syed Ali Jafar

Metric Mean Dimension and Analog Compression.

Yonatan Gutman Adam Spiewak

Universal Lossless Compression of Graphical Data.

Payam Delgosha Venkat Anantharam

On the Optimality of Treating Inter-Cell Interference as Noise: Downlink Cellular Networks and Uplink-Downlink Duality.

Hamdi Joudeh Xinping Yi Bruno Clerckx Giuseppe Caire

Polar Coding for Non-Stationary Channels.

Hessam Mahdavifar

Single-Error Detection and Correction for Duplication and Substitution Channels.

Yuanyuan Tang Yonatan Yehezkeally Moshe Schwartz Farzad Farnoud

On the Algebraic Combinatorics of Injections and its Applications to Injection Codes.

Peter J. Dukes Ferdinand Ihringer Nathan Lindzey

Parallel Multilevel Constructions for Constant Dimension Codes.

Shuangqing Liu Yanxun Chang Tao Feng

Two Families of Optimal Linear Codes and Their Subfield Codes.

Ziling Heng Qiuyan Wang Cunsheng Ding

Generalized Column Distances.

Sara D. Cardell Marcelo Firer Diego Napp

How Many Weights Can a Quasi-Cyclic Code Have?

Minjia Shi Alessandro Neri Patrick Solé

On Decoding Algebraic Codes Using Radical Locators.

Tsung-Ching Lin Chong-Dao Lee Trieu-Kien Truong Yaotsu Chang Yan-Haw Chen

General Approach to Poset and Additive Metrics.

Luciano Panek Jerry Anderson Pinheiro

Secure Erasure Codes With Partial Reconstructibility.

Hoang Dau Wentu Song Alex Sprintson Chau Yuen

Locally Recoverable Codes From Automorphism Group of Function Fields of Genus g ≥ 1.

Daniele Bartoli Maria Montanucci Luciane Quoos

Network-Coding Solutions for Minimal Combination Networks and Their Sub-Networks.

Han Cai Johan Chrisnata Tuvi Etzion Moshe Schwartz Antonia Wachter-Zeh

Constructions of Self-Orthogonal Codes From Hulls of BCH Codes and Their Parameters.

Zongrun Du Chengju Li Sihem Mesnager

Infinite Families of Optimal Linear Codes Constructed From Simplicial Complexes.

Jong Yoon Hyun Jungyun Lee Yoonjin Lee

ϵ-MSR Codes: Contacting Fewer Code Blocks for Exact Repair.

Venkatesan Guruswami Satyanarayana V. Lokam Sai Vikneshwar Mani Jayaraman

Coding Theorems for Noisy Permutation Channels.

Anuran Makur

Lossless Source Coding in the Point-to-Point, Multiple Access, and Random Access Scenarios.

Shuqing Chen Michelle Effros Victoria Kostina

On the Capacity of Waveform Channels Under Square-Law Detection of Time-Limited Signals.

Amir Tasbihi Frank R. Kschischang

A New Method for Employing Feedback to Improve Coding Performance.

Aaron B. Wagner Nirmal V. Shende Yücel Altug

Large Deviations Behavior of the Logarithmic Error Probability of Random Codes.

Ran Tamir Neri Merhav Nir Weinberger Albert Guillén i Fàbregas

The Capacity of Private Information Retrieval From Uncoded Storage Constrained Databases.

Mohamed Adel Attia Deepak Kumar Ravi Tandon

Encoder-Assisted Communications Over Additive Noise Channels.

Amos Lapidoth Gian Marti

Volume 66, Number 10, October 2020
Corrections to "On the Separability of Parallel MISO Broadcast Channels Under Partial CSIT: A Degrees of Freedom Region Perspective".

Hamdi Joudeh Bruno Clerckx

Necessary and Sufficient Null Space Condition for Nuclear Norm Minimization in Low-Rank Matrix Recovery.

Jirong Yi Weiyu Xu

Codebook Cardinality Spectrum of Distributed Arithmetic Coding for Independent and Identically-Distributed Binary Sources.

Yong Fang Vladimir Stankovic

On the Capacity of Locally Decodable Codes.

Hua Sun Syed Ali Jafar

A New Lower Bound on the Maximum Correlation of a Set With Mismatched Filters.

UyHour Tan Fabien Arlery Olivier Rabaste Frédéric Lehmann Jean Philippe Ovarlez

Coded Computing for Distributed Graph Analytics.

Saurav Prakash Amirhossein Reisizadeh Ramtin Pedarsani Amir Salman Avestimehr

A Coded Compressed Sensing Scheme for Unsourced Multiple Access.

Vamsi K. Amalladinne Jean-François Chamberland Krishna R. Narayanan

On Capacity-Achieving Distributions for Complex AWGN Channels Under Nonlinear Power Constraints and Their Applications to SWIPT.

Morteza Varasteh Borzoo Rassouli Bruno Clerckx

Sum-Set Inequalities From Aligned Image Sets: Instruments for Robust GDoF Bounds.

Arash Gholami Davoodi Syed Ali Jafar

A Cramér-Rao Lower Bound Derivation for Passive Sonar Track-Before-Detect Algorithms.

Tom Northardt

Nonparametric Specification Testing for Signal Models.

Miroslaw Pawlak Ulrich Stadtmüller

Eigenvalue-Based Detection of a Signal in Colored Noise: Finite and Asymptotic Analyses.

Lahiru D. Chamain Prathapasinghe Dharmawansa Saman Atapattu Chintha Tellambura

Estimation of the Number of Communities in the Stochastic Block Model.

Andressa Cerqueira Florencia G. Leonardi

On Integrated L1 Convergence Rate of an Isotonic Regression Estimator for Multivariate Observations.

Konstantinos Fokianos Anne Leucht Michael H. Neumann

Recursive Kernel Density Estimation for Time Series.

Amir Aboubacar Mohamed El Machkouri

Multipartite Entanglement Certification, With or Without Tomography.

Nengkun Yu

Lightweight Authentication for Quantum Key Distribution.

Evgeniy O. Kiktenko Aleksei O. Malyshev Maxim A. Gavreev Anton A. Bozhedarov Nikolay O. Pozhar Maxim N. Anufriev Aleksey K. Fedorov

Efficient Protocols for Perfectly Secure Message Transmission With Applications to Secure Network Coding.

Gabriele Spini Gilles Zémor

Handling Vectorial Functions by Means of Their Graph Indicators.

Claude Carlet

Coding for Positive Rate in the Source Model Key Agreement Problem.

Amin Gohari Onur Günlü Gerhard Kramer

Finite-Sample Concentration of the Multinomial in Relative Entropy.

Rohit Agrawal

On the Asymptotic Capacity of X-Secure T-Private Information Retrieval With Graph-Based Replicated Storage.

Zhuqing Jia Syed Ali Jafar

Degrees of Freedom Region of the (M, N₁, N₂) MIMO Broadcast Channel With Partial CSIT: An Application of Sum-Set Inequalities Based on Aligned Image Sets.

Arash Gholami Davoodi Syed Ali Jafar

Compute-Forward for DMCs: Simultaneous Decoding of Multiple Combinations.

Sung Hoon Lim Chen Feng Adriano Pastore Bobak Nazer Michael Gastpar

Channel Polarization Through the Lens of Blackwell Measures.

Naveen Goela Maxim Raginsky

On the Optimal Achievable Rates for Linear Computation With Random Homologous Codes.

Pinar Sen Sung Hoon Lim Young-Han Kim

Identification Capacity of Channels With Feedback: Discontinuity Behavior, Super-Activation, and Turing Computability.

Holger Boche Rafael F. Schaefer H. Vincent Poor

A Classification of Functions in Multiterminal Distributed Computing.

Shun Watanabe

Caching (Bivariate) Gaussians.

Giel J. Op 't Veld Michael Gastpar

Task-Based Solutions to Embedded Index Coding.

Ishay Haviv

Constructions of Maximally Recoverable Local Reconstruction Codes via Function Fields.

Venkatesan Guruswami Lingfei Jin Chaoping Xing

Obtaining Binary Perfect Codes Out of Tilings.

Gabriella Akemi Miyamoto Marcelo Firer

Kerdock Codes Determine Unitary 2-Designs.

Trung Can Narayanan Rengaswamy A. Robert Calderbank Henry D. Pfister

Coded Trace Reconstruction.

Mahdi Cheraghchi Ryan Gabrys Olgica Milenkovic João L. Ribeiro

Maximally Recoverable LRCs: A Field Size Lower Bound and Constructions for Few Heavy Parities.

Sivakanth Gopi Venkatesan Guruswami Sergey Yekhanin

Sequence-Subset Distance and Coding for Error Control in DNA-Based Data Storage.

Wentu Song Kui Cai Kees A. Schouhamer Immink

On Computing the Number of Short Cycles in Bipartite Graphs Using the Spectrum of the Directed Edge Matrix.

Ali Dehghan Amir H. Banihashemi

On Finding Bipartite Graphs With a Small Number of Short Cycles and Large Girth.

Ali Dehghan Amir H. Banihashemi

Multilevel-Coded Pulse-Position Modulation for Covert Communications Over Binary-Input Discrete Memoryless Channels.

Ishaque Ashar Kadampot Mehrdad Tahmasbi Matthieu R. Bloch

An Improved Decoding Algorithm to Decode Quadratic Residue Codes Based on the Difference of Syndromes.

Yunde Duan Yong Li

Local-Encoding-Preserving Secure Network Coding.

Xuan Guang Raymond W. Yeung Fang-Wei Fu

Volume 66, Number 9, September 2020
Sparse and Low-Rank Tensor Estimation via Cubic Sketchings.

Botao Hao Anru Zhang Guang Cheng

Sparse Recovery Beyond Compressed Sensing: Separable Nonlinear Inverse Problems.

Brett Bernstein Sheng Liu Chrysa Papadaniil Carlos Fernandez-Granda

Provable Low Rank Phase Retrieval.

Seyedehsara Nayer Praneeth Narayanamurthy Namrata Vaswani

Convergence of p-Stable Random Fractional Wavelet Series and Some of Its Properties.

Juan Miguel Medina Fernando Ruben Dobarro Bruno Cernuschi-Frías

Privacy of Dependent Users Against Statistical Matching.

Nazanin Takbiri Amir Houmansadr Dennis L. Goeckel Hossein Pishro-Nik

Nonconvex Rectangular Matrix Completion via Gradient Descent Without ℓ₂, ∞ Regularization.

Ji Chen Dekai Liu Xiaodong Li

Local Decode and Update for Big Data Compression.

Shashank Vatedka Aslan Tchamkerten

C-Differentials, Multiplicative Uniformity, and (Almost) Perfect c-Nonlinearity.

Pål Ellingsen Patrick Felke Constanza Riera Pantelimon Stanica Anton Tkachenko

Linear Complexity of a Family of Binary pq2-Periodic Sequences From Euler Quotients.

Jingwei Zhang Shuhong Gao Chang-An Zhao

Provably Secure Group Signature Schemes From Code-Based Assumptions.

Martianus Frederic Ezerman Hyung Tae Lee San Ling Khoa Nguyen Huaxiong Wang

On the Distance Between APN Functions.

Lilya Budaghyan Claude Carlet Tor Helleseth Nikolay S. Kaleyski

Improved Protocols and Hardness Results for the Two-Player Cryptogenography Problem.

Benjamin Doerr Marvin Künnemann

The Age of Information in Networks: Moments, Distributions, and Sampling.

Roy D. Yates

Wireless Network Simplification: The Performance of Routing.

Yahya H. Ezzeldin Ayan Sengupta Christina Fragouli

Packet Speed and Cost in Mobile Wireless Delay-Tolerant Networks.

Riccardo Cavallari Stavros Toumpis Roberto Verdone Ioannis Kontoyiannis

On the Capacity of MIMO Optical Wireless Channels.

Longguang Li Stefan M. Moser Ligong Wang Michèle A. Wigger

On the Degrees-of-Freedom of the K-User Distributed Broadcast Channel.

Antonio Bazco Nogueras Paul de Kerret David Gesbert Nicolas Gresset

Gaussian Maximizers for Quantum Gaussian Observables and Ensembles.

Alexander S. Holevo

Distributed Compression of Correlated Classical-Quantum Sources or: The Price of Ignorance.

Zahra Baghali Khanian Andreas J. Winter

Bounding and Estimating the Classical Information Rate of Quantum Channels With Memory.

Michael X. Cao Pascal O. Vontobel

Explicit Lower Bounds on Strong Quantum Simulation.

Cupjin Huang Michael Newman Mario Szegedy

Parallel Device-Independent Quantum Key Distribution.

Rahul Jain Carl A. Miller Yaoyun Shi

Secure Communication Over Fully Quantum Gel'fand-Pinsker Wiretap Channel.

Anurag Anshu Masahito Hayashi Naqueeb Ahmad Warsi

Conditional Entropy and Data Processing: An Axiomatic Approach Based on Core-Concavity.

Arthur Américo M. H. R. Khouzani Pasquale Malacaria

Proving and Disproving Information Inequalities: Theory and Scalable Algorithms.

Siu-Wai Ho Lin Ling Chee Wei Tan Raymond W. Yeung

Interactive Secure Function Computation.

Deepesh Data Gowtham R. Kurri Jithin Ravi Vinod M. Prabhakaran

Information Flow in Computational Systems.

Praveen Venkatesh Sanghamitra Dutta Pulkit Grover

Capacity Upper Bounds for the Relay Channel via Reverse Hypercontractivity.

Jingbo Liu Ayfer Özgür

Cooperative Resolvability and Secrecy in the Cribbing Multiple-Access Channel.

Noha M. Helal Matthieu R. Bloch Aria Nosratinia

Infinite Families of Near MDS Codes Holding t-Designs.

Cunsheng Ding Chunming Tang

On the Weights of General MDS Codes.

Tim L. Alderson

Minimal Linear Codes From Characteristic Functions.

Sihem Mesnager Yanfeng Qi Hongming Ru Chunming Tang

Constructive Asymptotic Bounds of Locally Repairable Codes via Function Fields.

Liming Ma Chaoping Xing

Optimal Binary Linear Codes From Maximal Arcs.

Ziling Heng Cunsheng Ding Weiqiong Wang

On the List Decodability of Rank Metric Codes.

Rocco Trombetti Ferdinando Zullo

A Scheme for Collective Encoding and Iterative Soft-Decision Decoding of Cyclic Codes of Prime Lengths: Applications to Reed-Solomon, BCH, and Quadratic Residue Codes.

Shu Lin Khaled A. S. Abdel-Ghaffar Juane Li Keke Liu

Efficient and Explicit Balanced Primer Codes.

Yeow Meng Chee Han Mao Kiah Hengjia Wei

On the List Decodability of Insertions and Deletions.

Tomohiro Hayashi Kenji Yasunaga

Asymmetric Single Magnitude Four Error Correcting Codes.

Derong Xie Jinquan Luo

New Constructions of Subspace Codes Using Subsets of MRD Codes in Several Blocks.

Hao Chen Xianmang He Jian Weng Liqing Xu

Volume 66, Number 8, August 2020
Correction to "Optimal Joint Channel Estimation and Data Detection for Massive SIMO Wireless Systems: A Polynomial Complexity Solution".

Weiyu Xu Haider Ali Jasim Alshamary Tareq Y. Al-Naffouri Alam Zaib

A Construction of Optimal Frequency Hopping Sequence Set via Combination of Multiplicative and Additive Groups of Finite Fields.

Xianhua Niu Chaoping Xing Yang Liu Liang Zhou

Constructing APN Functions Through Isotopic Shifts.

Lilya Budaghyan Marco Calderini Claude Carlet Robert S. Coulter Irene Villa

When Are Fuzzy Extractors Possible?

Benjamin Fuller Leonid Reyzin Adam D. Smith

Rate-Constrained Shaping Codes for Structured Sources.

Yi Liu Pengfei Huang Alexander W. Bergman Paul H. Siegel

Generalized Degrees of Freedom of Noncoherent Diamond Networks.

Joyson Sebastian Suhas N. Diggavi

On Secure Network Coding for Multiple Unicast Traffic.

Gaurav Kumar Agarwal Martina Cardone Christina Fragouli

Analysis of Spectral Methods for Phase Retrieval With Random Orthogonal Matrices.

Rishabh Dudeja Milad Bakhshizadeh Junjie Ma Arian Maleki

Absolute Maximum Nonlinear Functions on Finite Nonabelian Groups.

Bangteng Xu

Secure Estimation Under Causative Attacks.

Saurabh Sihag Ali Tajer

An Algebraic-Geometric Approach for Linear Regression Without Correspondences.

Manolis C. Tsakiris Liangzu Peng Aldo Conca Laurent Kneip Yuanming Shi Hayoung Choi

The Local Geometry of Testing in Ellipses: Tight Control via Localized Kolmogorov Widths.

Yuting Wei Martin J. Wainwright

On the Adversarial Robustness of Robust Estimators.

Lifeng Lai Erhan Bayraktar

Joint Sparse Recovery Using Signal Space Matching Pursuit.

Junhan Kim Jian Wang Luong Trung Nguyen Byonghyo Shim

Sparse Representation Classification Beyond ℓ1 Minimization and the Subspace Assumption.

Cencheng Shen Li Chen Yuexiao Dong Carey E. Priebe

Monotonicity Under Local Operations: Linear Entropic Formulas.

Mohammad A. Alhejji Graeme Smith

Adversarial Hypothesis Testing and a Quantum Stein's Lemma for Restricted Measurements.

Fernando G. S. L. Brandão Aram W. Harrow James R. Lee Yuval Peres

Partially Smoothed Information Measures.

Anurag Anshu Mario Berta Rahul Jain Marco Tomamichel

Randomized Linear Algebra Approaches to Estimate the von Neumann Entropy of Density Matrices.

Eugenia-Maria Kontopoulou Gregory-Paul Dexter Wojciech Szpankowski Ananth Grama Petros Drineas

Maximal Correlation and the Rate of Fisher Information Convergence in the Central Limit Theorem.

Oliver Johnson

Nonasymptotic Gaussian Approximation for Inference With Stable Noise.

Marina Riabiz Tohid Ardeshiri Ioannis Kontoyiannis Simon J. Godsill

Recursive Projection-Aggregation Decoding of Reed-Muller Codes.

Min Ye Emmanuel Abbe

Locally Repairable Convolutional Codes With Sliding Window Repair.

Umberto Martínez-Peñas Diego Napp

Bounds on the Length of Functional PIR and Batch Codes.

Yiwei Zhang Tuvi Etzion Eitan Yaakobi

Capacity-Achieving Private Information Retrieval Codes From MDS-Coded Databases With Minimum Message Size.

Ruida Zhou Chao Tian Hua Sun Tie Liu

Efficient Encoding/Decoding of GC-Balanced Codes Correcting Tandem Duplications.

Yeow Meng Chee Johan Chrisnata Han Mao Kiah Tuan Thanh Nguyen

Rate-Optimal Streaming Codes for Channels With Burst and Random Erasures.

M. Nikhil Krishnan Deeptanshu Shukla P. Vijay Kumar

On Optimal Locally Repairable Codes With Super-Linear Length.

Han Cai Ying Miao Moshe Schwartz Xiaohu Tang

A Channel-Aware Combinatorial Approach to Design High Performance Spatially-Coupled Codes.

Ahmed H. Hareedy Ruiyi Wu Lara Dolecek

A Reduced-Complexity Projection Algorithm for ADMM-Based LP Decoding.

Florian Gensheimer Tobias Dietz Kira Kraft Stefan Ruzika Norbert Wehn

Low-Power Cooling Codes With Efficient Encoding and Decoding.

Yeow Meng Chee Tuvi Etzion Han Mao Kiah Alexander Vardy Hengjia Wei

Noisy Guesses.

Neri Merhav

Coding Theorems for Asynchronous Slepian-Wolf Coding Systems.

Tetsunao Matsuta Tomohiko Uyematsu

The Capacity of T-Private Information Retrieval With Private Side Information.

Zhen Chen Zhiying Wang Syed Ali Jafar

Second- and Third-Order Asymptotics of the Continuous-Time Poisson Channel.

Yuta Sakai Vincent Y. F. Tan Mladen Kovacevic

A Lower Bound on the Expected Distortion of Joint Source-Channel Coding.

Yuval Kochman Or Ordentlich Yury Polyanskiy

The Asymptotic Capacity of Private Search.

Zhen Chen Zhiying Wang Syed Ali Jafar

Strong Coordination of Signals and Actions Over Noisy Channels With Two-Sided State Information.

Giulia Cervia Laura Luzzi Maël Le Treust Matthieu R. Bloch

Capacity Theorems for Distributed Index Coding.

Yucheng Liu Parastoo Sadeghi Fatemeh Arbabjolfaei Young-Han Kim

Volume 66, Number 7, July 2020
Entangled Simultaneity Versus Classical Interactivity in Communication Complexity.

Dmitry Gavinsky

Random Private Quantum States.

Matthias Christandl Roberto Ferrara Cécilia Lancien

On the 2-Adic Complexity of the Ding-Helleseth-Martinsen Binary Sequences.

Lulu Zhang Jun Zhang Minghui Yang Keqin Feng

Smallest Graphs Achieving the Stinson Bound.

Máté Gyarmati Péter Ligeti

Super-Resolution Limit of the ESPRIT Algorithm.

Weilin Li Wenjing Liao Albert Fannjiang

On the Algorithmic Solvability of Spectral Factorization and Applications.

Holger Boche Volker Pohl

Phase Retrieval by Alternating Minimization With Random Initialization.

Teng Zhang

Real-Time Reconstruction of a Counting Process Through First-Come-First-Serve Queue Systems.

Meng Wang Wei Chen Anthony Ephremides

Adaptive Coded Caching for Fair Delivery Over Fading Channels.

Apostolos Destounis Asma Ghorbel Georgios S. Paschos Mari Kobayashi

On the Separability of Parallel MISO Broadcast Channels Under Partial CSIT: A Degrees of Freedom Region Perspective.

Hamdi Joudeh Bruno Clerckx

Covariance-Aided CSI Acquisition With Non-Orthogonal Pilots in Massive MIMO: A Large-System Performance Analysis.

Alexis Decurninge Luis Garcia Ordóñez Maxime Guillaud

Securing Multi-User Broadcast Wiretap Channels With Finite CSI Feedback.

Amal Hyadi Zouheir Rezki Mohamed-Slim Alouini

The Approximate Capacity of Half-Duplex Line Networks.

Yahya H. Ezzeldin Martina Cardone Christina Fragouli Daniela Tuninetti

Generalized Degrees Freedom of Noncoherent MIMO Channels With Asymmetric Link Strengths.

Joyson Sebastian Suhas N. Diggavi

Some Tight Lower Bounds on the Redundancy of Optimal Binary Prefix-Free and Fix-Free Codes.

Mohammad Javad-Kalbasi Mohammadali Khosravifard

Bias Correction With Jackknife, Bootstrap, and Taylor Series.

Jiantao Jiao Yanjun Han

Convergence of Smoothed Empirical Measures With Applications to Entropy Estimation.

Ziv Goldfeld Kristjan H. Greenewald Jonathan Niles-Weed Yury Polyanskiy

Distributed Detection With Empirically Observed Statistics.

Haiyun He Lin Zhou Vincent Y. F. Tan

Learning to Detect an Odd Markov Arm.

P. N. Karthik Rajesh Sundaresan

Estimation in Poisson Noise: Properties of the Conditional Mean Estimator.

Alex Dytso H. Vincent Poor

Mutual Information and Optimality of Approximate Message-Passing in Random Linear Estimation.

Jean Barbier Nicolas Macris Mohamad Dia Florent Krzakala

Minimum Description Length Principle in Supervised Learning With Application to Lasso.

Masanori Kawakita Jun'ichi Takeuchi

Secret Key Generation for Minimally Connected Hypergraphical Sources.

Qiaoqiao Zhou Chung Chan

Structured Mappings and Conferencing Common Information for Multiple-Access Channels.

Mohsen Heidari S. Sandeep Pradhan

Vector Gaussian CEO Problem Under Logarithmic Loss and Applications.

Yigit Ugur Iñaki Estella Aguerri Abdellatif Zaidi

Distributed Hypothesis Testing Based on Unequal-Error Protection Codes.

Sadaf Salehkalaibar Michèle A. Wigger

Private Information Retrieval Through Wiretap Channel II: Privacy Meets Security.

Karim Banawan Sennur Ulukus

Communicating Correlated Sources Over MAC and Interference Channels I: Separation-Based Schemes.

Arun Padakandla

Double and Triple Node-Erasure-Correcting Codes Over Complete Graphs.

Lev Yohananov Yuval Efron Eitan Yaakobi

Analog Error-Correcting Codes.

Ron M. Roth

Polynomial Invariant Theory and Shape Enumerator of Self-Dual Codes in the NRT-Metric.

Welington Santos Marcelo Muniz Silva Alves

On the Lengths of Divisible Codes.

Michael Kiermaier Sascha Kurz

GASP Codes for Secure Distributed Matrix Multiplication.

Rafael G. L. D'Oliveira Salim El Rouayheb David A. Karpuk

Constructive Bounds on the Capacity of Parallel Asynchronous Skew-Free Channels With Glitches.

Shlomo Engelberg Osnat Keren

New Lower Bounds for Permutation Codes Using Linear Block Codes.

Giacomo Micheli Alessandro Neri

Optimal Multiplexed Erasure Codes for Streaming Messages With Different Decoding Delays.

Silas L. Fong Ashish Khisti Baochun Li Wai-Tian Tan Xiaoqing Zhu John G. Apostolopoulos

Modular Arithmetic Erasure Channels and Their Multilevel Channel Polarization.

Yuta Sakai Ken-ichi Iwata Hiroshi Fujisaki

Beyond the MDS Bound in Distributed Cloud Storage.

Jian Li Tongtong Li Jian Ren

Volume 66, Number 6, June 2020
Corrections to "Secure Network Code for Adaptive and Active Attacks With No-Randomness in Intermediate Nodes".

Ning Cai Masahito Hayashi

Achieving the Bayes Error Rate in Synchronization and Block Models by SDP, Robustly.

Yingjie Fei Yudong Chen

New RIP Bounds for Recovery of Sparse Signals With Partial Support Information via Weighted ${\ell_{p}}$ -Minimization.

Huanmin Ge Wengu Chen Michael K. Ng

Atomic Norm Denoising for Complex Exponentials With Unknown Waveform Modulations.

Shuang Li Michael B. Wakin Gongguo Tang

SqueezeFit: Label-Aware Dimensionality Reduction by Semidefinite Programming.

Culver McWhirter Dustin G. Mixon Soledad Villar

Waiting Before Serving: A Companion to Packet Management in Status Update Systems.

Peng Zou Omur Ozel Suresh Subramaniam

Content Based Status Updates.

Elie Najm Rajai Nasser Emre Telatar

Toward an Extremal Network Theory - Robust GDoF Gain of Transmitter Cooperation Over TIN.

Yao-Chia Chan Junge Wang Syed Ali Jafar

Analysis of KNN Information Estimators for Smooth Distributions.

Puning Zhao Lifeng Lai

Noisy Non-Adaptive Group Testing: A (Near-)Definite Defectives Approach.

Jonathan Scarlett Oliver Johnson

Cycle Structures of a Class of Cascaded FSRs.

Zuling Chang Guang Gong Qiang Wang

A Class of Quadrinomial Permutations With Boomerang Uniformity Four.

Ziran Tu Nian Li Xiangyong Zeng Junchao Zhou

On the Commitment Capacity of Unfair Noisy Channels.

Claude Crépeau Rafael Dowsley Anderson C. A. Nascimento

Logarithmic Pyramid Vector Quantization - Design and Theoretical Analysis.

Christian Sohn Hauke Krüger Peter Vary

Optimal Source Codes for Timely Updates.

Prathamesh Mayekar Parimal Parag Himanshu Tyagi

K-Plex 2-Erasure Codes and Blackburn Partial Latin Squares.

Rebecca J. Stones

Codes, Differentially $\delta$ -Uniform Functions, and $t$ -Designs.

Chunming Tang Cunsheng Ding Maosheng Xiong

Array Codes With Local Properties.

Mario Blaum Steven R. Hetzler

Weights Which Respect Support and NN-Decoding.

Roberto Assis Machado Marcelo Firer

Optimal Few-Weight Codes From Simplicial Complexes.

Yansheng Wu Xiaomeng Zhu Qin Yue

A Unified Approach to Construct MDS Self-Dual Codes via Reed-Solomon Codes.

Aixian Zhang Keqin Feng

Gabidulin Codes With Support Constrained Generator Matrices.

Hikmet Yildiz Babak Hassibi

Fundamental Limits of Decentralized Data Shuffling.

Kai Wan Daniela Tuninetti Mingyue Ji Giuseppe Caire Pablo Piantanida

Explicit Constructions of MDS Self-Dual Codes.

Lin Sok

Private Information Retrieval in Graph-Based Replication Systems.

Netanel Raviv Itzhak Tamo Eitan Yaakobi

LOCO Codes: Lexicographically-Ordered Constrained Codes.

Ahmed H. Hareedy A. Robert Calderbank

Self-Dual Binary $[8m, \, \, 4m]$ -Codes Constructed by Left Ideals of the Dihedral Group Algebra $\mathbb{F}_2[D_{8m}]$.

Yuan Cao Yonglin Cao Fang-Wei Fu Jian Gao

Codes and Gap Sequences of Hermitian Curves.

Gábor Korchmáros Gábor Péter Nagy Marco Timpanella

Higher Weight Spectra of Veronese Codes.

Trygve Johnsen Hugues Verdure

Euclidean and Hermitian Hulls of MDS Codes and Their Applications to EAQECCs.

Weijun Fang Fang-Wei Fu Lanqiang Li Shixin Zhu

Optimized Measures of Bipartite Quantum Correlation.

Joshua Levin Graeme Smith

A Quantum Multiparty Packing Lemma and the Relay Channel.

Da-Wei Ding Hrant Gharibyan Patrick Hayden Michael Walter

Quantum Measurement as Marginalization and Nested Quantum Systems.

Hans-Andrea Loeliger Pascal O. Vontobel

Leftover Hashing From Quantum Error Correction: Unifying the Two Approaches to the Security Proof of Quantum Key Distribution.

Toyohiro Tsurumaru

A Lagrange-Dual Lower Bound to the Error Exponent of the Typical Random Code.

Neri Merhav

Impact of Action-Dependent State and Channel Feedback on Gaussian Wiretap Channels.

Bin Dai Chong Li Yingbin Liang Zheng Ma Shlomo Shamai Shitz

On the Capacity of Computation Broadcast.

Hua Sun Syed Ali Jafar

The Capacity of Private Information Retrieval From Heterogeneous Uncoded Caching Databases.

Karim Banawan Batuhan Arasli Yi-Peng Wei Sennur Ulukus

On Exact and ∞-Rényi Common Informations.

Lei Yu Vincent Y. F. Tan

Message and Causal Asymmetric State Transmission Over the State-Dependent Degraded Broadcast Channel.

Shraga I. Bross

Novel Outer Bounds and Capacity Results for the Interference Channel With Conferencing Receivers.

Reza Khosravi-Farsani Amir K. Khandani

Bits Through Queues With Feedback.

Laure Aptel Aslan Tchamkerten

Sliding-Window Superposition Coding: Two-User Interference Channels.

Lele Wang Young-Han Kim Chiao-Yi Chen Hosung Park Eren Sasoglu

Volume 66, Number 5, May 2020
Systematic Methods of Constructing Bent Functions and 2-Rotation Symmetric Bent Functions.

Sihong Su

Weak-Noise Modulation-Estimation of Vector Parameters.

Neri Merhav

Living Near the Edge: A Lower-Bound on the Phase Transition of Total Variation Minimization.

Sajad Daei Farzan Haddadi Arash Amini

Toward the Optimal Construction of a Loss Function Without Spurious Local Minima for Solving Quadratic Equations.

Zhenzhen Li Jian-Feng Cai Ke Wei

Blind Phaseless Short-Time Fourier Transform Recovery.

Tamir Bendory Dan Edidin Yonina C. Eldar

Spectral State Compression of Markov Processes.

Anru Zhang Mengdi Wang

Convex Stochastic Dominance in Bayesian Localization, Filtering, and Controlled Sensing POMDPs.

Vikram Krishnamurthy

Evolution of $k$ -Mer Frequencies and Entropy in Duplication and Substitution Mutation Systems.

Hao Lou Moshe Schwartz Jehoshua Bruck Farzad Farnoud

Testing Bayesian Networks.

Clément L. Canonne Ilias Diakonikolas Daniel M. Kane Alistair Stewart

On the Fundamental Limits of Coded Data Shuffling for Distributed Machine Learning.

Adel M. Elmahdy Soheil Mohajer

How Biased Is Your Model? Concentration Inequalities, Information and Model Bias.

Konstantinos Gourgoulias Markos A. Katsoulakis Luc Rey-Bellet Jie Wang

Motif and Hypergraph Correlation Clustering.

Pan Li Gregory J. Puleo Olgica Milenkovic

Capacity Scaling of Massive MIMO in Strong Spatial Correlation Regimes.

Junyoung Nam Giuseppe Caire Mérouane Debbah H. Vincent Poor

Discrete Modulation for Interference Mitigation.

Mirza Uzair Baig Anders Høst-Madsen Aria Nosratinia

A New Capacity-Approaching Scheme for General 1-to-K Broadcast Packet Erasure Channels With ACK/NACK.

Chih-Hua Chang Chih-Chun Wang

Improper Signaling Versus Time-Sharing in the Two-User Gaussian Interference Channel With TIN.

Christoph Hellings Wolfgang Utschick

A Framework for Quantum-Secure Device-Independent Randomness Expansion.

Peter J. Brown Sammy Ragy Roger Colbeck

Bounds on Instantaneous Nonlocal Quantum Computation.

Alvin Gonzales Eric Chitambar

Jointly Constrained Semidefinite Bilinear Programming With an Application to Dobrushin Curves.

Stefan Huber Robert König Marco Tomamichel

Permutation-Invariant Constant-Excitation Quantum Codes for Amplitude Damping.

Yingkai Ouyang Rui Chao

Guessing Individual Sequences: Generating Randomized Guesses Using Finite-State Machines.

Neri Merhav

An Entropy Lower Bound for Non-Malleable Extractors.

Tom Gur Igor Shinkar

Remarks on the Rényi Entropy of a Sum of IID Random Variables.

Benjamin Jaye Galyna V. Livshyts Grigoris Paouris Peter Pivovarov

Properties of a Generalized Divergence Related to Tsallis Generalized Divergence.

Rui Facundo Vigelis Luiza Helena Félix de Andrade Charles C. Cavalcante

Metric Properties of Homogeneous and Spatially Inhomogeneous $F$ -Divergences.

Nicolò De Ponti

Sum-Rate Capacity for Symmetric Gaussian Multiple Access Channels With Feedback.

Erixhen Sula Michael Gastpar Gerhard Kramer

Shannon Meets von Neumann: A Minimax Theorem for Channel Coding in the Presence of a Jammer.

Sharu Theresa Jose Ankur A. Kulkarni

Secure Communication Over Interference Channel: To Jam or not to Jam?

Jinyuan Chen

Exact Channel Synthesis.

Lei Yu Vincent Y. F. Tan

Measuring Sample Path Causal Influences With Relative Entropy.

Gabriel Schamberg Todd P. Coleman

Some New Results on Splitter Sets.

Zuo Ye Tao Zhang Xiande Zhang Gennian Ge

Construction of Constant Dimension Subspace Codes by Modifying Linkage Construction.

Fagang Li

Quaternary Hermitian Linear Complementary Dual Codes.

Makoto Araya Masaaki Harada Ken Saito

Distance Distribution in Reed-Solomon Codes.

Jiyou Li Daqing Wan

Sparse Combinatorial Group Testing.

Huseyin A. Inan Peter Kairouz Ayfer Özgür

LCD and Self-Orthogonal Group Codes in a Finite Abelian $p$ -Group Algebra.

Fengwei Li Qin Yue Yansheng Wu

The Lengths of Projective Triply-Even Binary Codes.

Thomas Honold Michael Kiermaier Sascha Kurz Alfred Wassermann

Optimal Streaming Erasure Codes Over the Three-Node Relay Network.

Silas L. Fong Ashish Khisti Baochun Li Wai-Tian Tan Xiaoqing Zhu John G. Apostolopoulos

Maximizing Multivariate Information With Error-Correcting Codes.

Kyle Reing Greg Ver Steeg Aram Galstyan

Explicit and Efficient WOM Codes of Finite Length.

Yeow Meng Chee Han Mao Kiah Alexander Vardy Eitan Yaakobi

Reconstruction Codes for DNA Sequences With Uniform Tandem-Duplication Errors.

Yonatan Yehezkeally Moshe Schwartz

Tight Information Theoretic Converse Results for Some Pliable Index Coding Problems.

Tang Liu Daniela Tuninetti

Privacy in Index Coding: $k$ -Limited-Access Schemes.

Mohammed Karmoose Linqi Song Martina Cardone Christina Fragouli

Multi-Erasure Locally Recoverable Codes Over Small Fields: A Tensor Product Approach.

Pengfei Huang Eitan Yaakobi Paul H. Siegel

Volume 66, Number 4, April 2020
Corrections to "Wyner's Common Information Under Rényi Divergence Measures".

Lei Yu Vincent Y. F. Tan

On the Bounded Distance Decoding Problem for Lattices Constructed and Their Cryptographic Applications.

Zhe Li San Ling Chaoping Xing Sze Ling Yeo

Binarization Trees and Random Number Generation.

Sung-Il Pae

Measuring Uncertainty Under Prior Information.

Lakshmi Kanta Patra Suchandan Kayal Somesh Kumar

The Trade-Off Between Privacy and Fidelity via Ehrhart Theory.

Arun Padakandla P. R. Kumar Wojciech Szpankowski

MML Is Not Consistent for Neyman-Scott.

Michael Brand

Optimal Variable Selection and Adaptive Noisy Compressed Sensing.

Mohamed Ndaoud Alexandre B. Tsybakov

Effective Condition Number Bounds for Convex Regularization.

Dennis Amelunxen Martin Lotz Jake Walvin

The Generalized Lasso for Sub-Gaussian Measurements With Dithered Quantization.

Christos Thrampoulidis Ankit Singh Rawat

Failure Analysis of the Interval-Passing Algorithm for Compressed Sensing.

Yauhen Yakimenka Eirik Rosnes

A New Approach to the Kasami Codes of Type 2.

Minjia Shi Denis S. Krotov Patrick Solé

One-Shot PIR: Refinement and Lifting.

Rafael G. L. D'Oliveira Salim El Rouayheb