Volume 67, Number 12, December 2021
Two Applications of Coset Cardinality Spectrum of Distributed Arithmetic Coding.

Yong Fang

Bounds on the Nonlinearity of Differentially Uniform Functions by Means of Their Image Set Size, and on Their Distance to Affine Functions.

Claude Carlet

Revisiting Randomized Gossip Algorithms: General Framework, Convergence Rates and Novel Block and Accelerated Protocols.

Nicolas Loizou Peter Richtárik

Network Information Theoretic Security With Omnipresent Eavesdropping.

Hongchao Zhou Abbas El Gamal

Bounds on Binomial Tails With Applications.

Guido Carlo Ferrante

Householder Dice: A Matrix-Free Algorithm for Simulating Dynamics on Gaussian and Random Orthogonal Ensembles.

Yue M. Lu

Geometric Lower Bounds for Distributed Parameter Estimation Under Communication Constraints.

Yanjun Han Ayfer Özgür Tsachy Weissman

Exact Minimax Estimation for Phase Synchronization.

Chao Gao Anderson Y. Zhang

Exact Recovery and Sharp Thresholds of Stochastic Ising Block Model.

Min Ye

Sample-Efficient Low Rank Phase Retrieval.

Seyedehsara Nayer Namrata Vaswani

How to Reduce Dimension With PCA and Random Projections?

Fan Yang Sifan Liu Edgar Dobriban David P. Woodruff

Sample-Measurement Tradeoff in Support Recovery Under a Subgaussian Prior.

Lekshmi Ramesh Chandra R. Murthy Himanshu Tyagi

Inference in High-Dimensional Linear Regression via Lattice Basis Reduction and Integer Relation Detection.

David Gamarnik Eren C. Kizildag Ilias Zadik

Minimum Feedback for Collision-Free Scheduling in Massive Random Access.

Justin Kang Wei Yu

An Exponential Lower Bound on the Sub-Packetization of Minimum Storage Regenerating Codes.

Omar Alrabiah Venkatesan Guruswami

The Generalized Covering Radii of Linear Codes.

Dor Elimelech Marcelo Firer Moshe Schwartz

Lifted Reed-Solomon Codes and Lifted Multiplicity Codes.

Lukas Holzbaur Rina Polyanskaya Nikita Polyanskii Ilya Vorobyev Eitan Yaakobi

Almost-Reed-Muller Codes Achieve Constant Rates for Random Errors.

Emmanuel Abbe Jan Hazla Ido Nachum

Decoding of Interleaved Alternant Codes.

Lukas Holzbaur Hedongliang Liu Alessandro Neri Sven Puchinger Johan Rosenkilde Vladimir Sidorenko Antonia Wachter-Zeh

Criss-Cross Insertion and Deletion Correcting Codes.

Rawad Bitar Lorenz Welter Ilia Smagloy Antonia Wachter-Zeh Eitan Yaakobi

Fundamental Limits of Distributed Linear Encoding.

Nastaran Abadi Khooshemehr Mohammad Ali Maddah-Ali

MDS Codes With Galois Hulls of Arbitrary Dimensions and the Related Entanglement-Assisted Quantum Error Correction.

Meng Cao

Service Rate Region: A New Aspect of Coded Distributed System Design.

Mehmet S. Aktas Gauri Joshi Swanand Kadhe Fatemeh Kazemi Emina Soljanin

Constructive Spherical Codes by Hopf Foliations.

Henrique K. Miyamoto Sueli I. R. Costa Henrique N. Sá Earp

Efficient Design of Subblock Energy-Constrained Codes and Sliding Window-Constrained Codes.

Tuan Thanh Nguyen Kui Cai Kees A. Schouhamer Immink

Torn-Paper Coding.

Ilan Shomorony Alireza Vahid

Decoding Reed-Solomon Skew-Differential Codes.

José Gómez-Torrecillas Gabriel Navarro José Patricio Sánchez-Hernández

Optimal Causal Rate-Constrained Sampling for a Class of Continuous Markov Processes.

Nian Guo Victoria Kostina

Locally-Constrained de Bruijn Codes: Properties, Enumeration, Code Constructions, and Applications.

Yeow Meng Chee Tuvi Etzion Han Mao Kiah Sagi Marcovich Alexander Vardy Van Khu Vu Eitan Yaakobi

Optimally Resilient Codes for List-Decoding From Insertions and Deletions.

Venkatesan Guruswami Bernhard Haeupler Amirbehshad Shahrasbi

An Upgrading Algorithm With Optimal Power Law.

Or Ordentlich Ido Tal

A New Construction for Constant-Composition Codes.

Xin Wang

Computer Classification of Linear Codes.

Iliya Bouyukliev Stefka Bouyuklieva Sascha Kurz

The Stability of Low-Density Parity-Check Codes and Some of its Consequences.

Wei Liu Rüdiger L. Urbanke

The Geometry of Two-Weight Codes Over ℤpm.

Minjia Shi Thomas Honold Patrick Solé Yunzhen Qiu Rongsheng Wu Zahra Sepasdar

The CEO Problem With Inter-Block Memory.

Victoria Kostina Babak Hassibi

Sharp Variance-Entropy Comparison for Nonnegative Gaussian Quadratic Forms.

Maciej Bartczak Piotr Nayar Szymon Zwara

Optimal Communication Rates and Combinatorial Properties for Common Randomness Generation.

Yanjun Han Kedar Tatwawadi Gowtham R. Kurri Zhengqing Zhou Vinod M. Prabhakaran Tsachy Weissman

Third-Order Asymptotics of Variable-Length Compression Allowing Errors.

Yuta Sakai Recep Can Yavas Vincent Y. F. Tan

Error Exponents for Asynchronous Multiple Access Channels, Controlled Asynchronism May Outperform Synchronism.

Imre Csiszár Lóránt Farkas Tamás Kói

Asymptotic Properties of the Plug-in Estimator of the Discrete Entropy Under Dependence.

Raffaello Seri Mario Martinoli

A Lower Bound on the Essential Interactive Capacity of Binary Memoryless Symmetric Channels.

Assaf Ben-Yishai Young-Han Kim Or Ordentlich Ofer Shayevitz

Volume 67, Number 11, November 2021
Optimum Multi-Stream Sequential Change-Point Detection With Sampling Control.

Qunzhi Xu Yajun Mei George V. Moustakides

Asymptotically Scale-Invariant Multi-Resolution Quantization.

Cheuk Ting Li

Entropy Bounds for Grammar-Based Tree Compressors.

Danny Hucke Markus Lohrey Louisa Seelbach Benkner

On Recovery of Sparse Signals With Prior Support Information via Weighted ℓₚ-Minimization.

Huanmin Ge Wengu Chen Michael K. Ng

All Sampling Methods Produce Outliers.

Samuel Epstein

New Constructions of Complete Permutations.

Bing Sun Kangquan Li Jian Guo Longjiang Qu

The Expansion Complexity of Ultimately Periodic Sequences Over Finite Fields.

Zhimin Sun Xiangyong Zeng Chunlei Li Yi Zhang Lin Yi

A Complete Characterization of the APN Property of a Class of Quadrinomials.

Kangquan Li Chunlei Li Tor Helleseth Longjiang Qu

Systematic Security Analysis of Stream Encryption With Key Erasure.

Yu Long Chen Atul Luykx Bart Mennink Bart Preneel

On Correlation Immune Boolean Functions With Minimum Hamming Weight Power of 2.

Sihem Mesnager Sihong Su

New Framework for Sequences With Perfect Autocorrelation and Optimal Crosscorrelation.

Min Kyu Song Hong-Yeop Song

Age of Information in G/G/1/1 Systems: Age Expressions, Bounds, Special Cases, and Optimization.

Alkan Soysal Sennur Ulukus

Private Proximity Retrieval Codes.

Yiwei Zhang Eitan Yaakobi Tuvi Etzion

ON-OFF Privacy in the Presence of Correlation.

Fangwei Ye Carolina Naim Salim El Rouayheb

On the Capacity of Secure Distributed Batch Matrix Multiplication.

Zhuqing Jia Syed Ali Jafar

Tackling Small Eigen-Gaps: Fine-Grained Eigenvector Estimation and Inference Under Heteroscedastic Noise.

Chen Cheng Yuting Wei Yuxin Chen

Upper Bounds on the Generalization Error of Private Algorithms for Discrete Data.

Borja Rodríguez Gálvez Germán Bassi Mikael Skoglund

The Average-Case Time Complexity of Certifying the Restricted Isometry Property.

Yunzi Ding Dmitriy Kunisky Alexander S. Wein Afonso S. Bandeira

Information-Theoretic Analysis of OFDM With Subcarrier Number Modulation.

Shuping Dang Shuaishuai Guo Basem Shihada Mohamed-Slim Alouini

Uplink-Downlink Duality Between Multiple-Access and Broadcast Channels With Compressing Relays.

Liang Liu Ya-Feng Liu Pratik Patil Wei Yu

On Covert Communication Against Sequential Change-Point Detection.

Ke-Wen Huang Hui-Ming Wang H. Vincent Poor

Discrete Signaling and Treating Interference as Noise for the Gaussian Interference Channel.

Min Qiu Yu-Chih Huang Jinhong Yuan

New Results on Self-Dual Generalized Reed-Solomon Codes.

Yu Ning Zuo Ye Gennian Ge Fuyou Miao Yan Xiong Xiande Zhang

ℤ₂ℤ₄-Additive Quasi-Cyclic Codes.

Minjia Shi Shitao Li Patrick Solé

Optimal Ternary Codes With Weight w and Distance 2w - 2 in ℓ1-Metric.

Xin Wei Tingting Chen Xiande Zhang

Rank and Kernel of Additive Generalized Hadamard Codes.

Steven T. Dougherty Josep Rifà Mercè Villanueva

Guruswami-Sudan Decoding of Elliptic Codes Through Module Basis Reduction.

Yunqi Wan Li Chen Fangguo Zhang

Improved Non-Adaptive Algorithms for Threshold Group Testing With a Gap.

Thach V. Bui Mahdi Cheraghchi Isao Echizen

Update Bandwidth for Distributed Storage.

Zhengrui Li Sian-Jheng Lin Po-Ning Chen Yunghsiang S. Han Hanxu Hou

On Levenshtein's Reconstruction Problem Under Insertions, Deletions, and Substitutions.

Maria Abu Sini Eitan Yaakobi

A Framework of Constructing Placement Delivery Arrays for Centralized Coded Caching.

Minquan Cheng Jinyu Wang Xi Zhong Qiang Wang

Entanglement-Assisted Quantum Codes From Algebraic Geometry Codes.

Francisco Revson Fernandes Pereira Ruud Pellikaan Giuliano Gadioli La Guardia Francisco Marcos de Assis

Design of Bilayer and Multi-Layer LDPC Ensembles From Individual Degree Distributions.

Eshed Ram Yuval Cassuto

Polar Coding for Channels With Deletions.

Kuangda Tian Arman Fazeli Alexander Vardy

Optimal Rates of Teaching and Learning Under Uncertainty.

Yan Hao Ling Jonathan Scarlett

Properties of the Support of the Capacity-Achieving Distribution of the Amplitude-Constrained Poisson Noise Channel.

Alex Dytso Luca Barletta Shlomo Shamai Shitz

Conditional Independence Structures Over Four Discrete Random Variables Revisited: Conditional Ingleton Inequalities.

Milan Studený

On Error Exponents of Encoder-Assisted Communication Systems.

Neri Merhav

Uniform Continuity of Entropy Rate With Respect to the ̅F-Pseudometric.

Tomasz Downarowicz Dominik Kwietniak Martha Lacka

Gaussian Multiple and Random Access Channels: Finite-Blocklength Analysis.

Recep Can Yavas Victoria Kostina Michelle Effros

Vector Gaussian Successive Refinement With Degraded Side Information.

Yinfei Xu Xuan Guang Jian Lu Jun Chen

Volume 67, Number 10, October 2021
Error Exponents in the Bee Identification Problem.

Ran Tamir Neri Merhav

The Resolution of Niho's Last Conjecture Concerning Sequences, Codes, and Boolean Functions.

Tor Helleseth Daniel J. Katz Chunlei Li

Efficient Construction of Cross-Join Pairs in a Product of Primitive Polynomials of Pairwise-Coprime Degrees.

Ming Li Dongdai Lin

On the Properties of the Boolean Functions Associated to the Differential Spectrum of General APN Functions and Their Consequences.

Claude Carlet

Investigations on c-(Almost) Perfect Nonlinear Functions.

Sihem Mesnager Constanza Riera Pantelimon Stanica Haode Yan Zhengchun Zhou

SPARCs for Unsourced Random Access.

Alexander Fengler Peter Jung Giuseppe Caire

On the Minimum Node Degree and k-Connectivity in Inhomogeneous Random K-Out Graphs.

Mansi Sood Osman Yagan

A Novel Application of Boolean Functions With High Algebraic Immunity in Minimal Codes.

Hang Chen Cunsheng Ding Sihem Mesnager Chunming Tang

The Capacity of Private Information Retrieval Under Arbitrary Collusion Patterns for Replicated Databases.

Xinyu Yao Nan Liu Wei Kang

Sketching Semidefinite Programs for Faster Clustering.

Dustin G. Mixon Kaiying Xie

Analysis of the Convergence Speed of the Arimoto-Blahut Algorithm by the Second-Order Recurrence Formula.

Kenji Nakagawa Yoshinori Takei Shin-ichiro Hara Kohei Watabe

Parameter Estimation for Undirected Graphical Models With Hard Constraints.

Bhaswar B. Bhattacharya Kavita Ramanan

Comments on "Generalized Box-Müller Method for Generating q-Gaussian Random Deviates".

Kenric P. Nelson William Thistleton

Optimal Change-Point Detection With Training Sequences in the Large and Moderate Deviations Regimes.

Haiyun He Qiaosheng Eric Zhang Vincent Y. F. Tan

To Split or not to Split: The Impact of Disparate Treatment in Classification.

Hao Wang Hsiang Hsu Mario Díaz Flávio du Pin Calmon

Multi-Armed Bandits With Correlated Arms.

Samarth Gupta Shreyas Chaudhari Gauri Joshi Osman Yagan

Fairness Under Feature Exemptions: Counterfactual and Observational Measures.

Sanghamitra Dutta Praveen Venkatesh Piotr Mardziel Anupam Datta Pulkit Grover

Balanced Product Quantum Codes.

Nikolas P. Breuckmann Jens Niklas Eberhardt

Trade-Offs on Number and Phase Shift Resilience in Bosonic Quantum Codes.

Yingkai Ouyang Earl T. Campbell

The Quantum Wasserstein Distance of Order 1.

Giacomo De Palma Milad Marvian Dario Trevisan Seth Lloyd

Hulls of Generalized Reed-Solomon Codes via Goppa Codes and Their Applications to Quantum Codes.

Yanyan Gao Qin Yue Xinmei Huang Jun Zhang

Upper Bounds on Device-Independent Quantum Key Distribution Rates and a Revised Peres Conjecture.

Rotem Arnon Friedman Felix Leditzky

Bare Quantum Simultaneity Versus Classical Interactivity in Communication Complexity.

Dmitry Gavinsky

On the Optimality of the Greedy Policy for Battery Limited Energy Harvesting Communications.

Ye Wang Ali Zibaeenejad Yaohui Jing Jun Chen

Cellular Networks With Finite Precision CSIT: GDoF Optimality of Multi-Cell TIN and Extremal Gains of Multi-Cell Cooperation.

Hamdi Joudeh Giuseppe Caire

Two-Way Source-Channel Coding.

Jian-Jia Weng Fady Alajaji Tamás Linder

New Constructions of Optimal Locally Repairable Codes With Super-Linear Length.

Xiangliang Kong Xin Wang Gennian Ge

A Comparison of Distance Bounds for Quasi-Twisted Codes.

Martianus Frederic Ezerman John Mark Lampos San Ling Buket Özkaya Jareena Tharnnukhroh

Fundamental Properties of Sum-Rank-Metric Codes.

Eimear Byrne Heide Gluesing-Luerssen Alberto Ravagnani

On Hulls of Some Primitive BCH Codes and Self-Orthogonal Codes.

Chunyu Gan Chengju Li Sihem Mesnager Haifeng Qian

Partial MDS Codes With Regeneration.

Lukas Holzbaur Sven Puchinger Eitan Yaakobi Antonia Wachter-Zeh

On Communication for Distributed Babai Point Computation.

Maiara F. Bollauf Vinay A. Vaishampayan Sueli I. R. Costa

Repairing Reed-Solomon Codes via Subspace Polynomials.

Son Hoang Dau Dinh Thi Xinh Han Mao Kiah Tran Thi Luong Olgica Milenkovic

Explicit Two-Deletion Codes With Redundancy Matching the Existential Bound.

Venkatesan Guruswami Johan Håstad

Reverse Euclidean and Gaussian Isoperimetric Inequalities for Parallel Sets With Applications.

Varun S. Jog

On the Capacity Enlargement of Gaussian Broadcast Channels With Passive Noisy Feedback.

Aditya Narayan Ravi Sibi Raj B. Pillai Vinod M. Prabhakaran Michèle A. Wigger

Further Results on the Relative Generalized Hamming Weight.

Zihui Liu Yao Wei

Finite Sample Improvement of Akaike's Information Criterion.

Adrien Saumard Fabien Navarro

Entropy and Relative Entropy From Information-Theoretic Principles.

Gilad Gour Marco Tomamichel

Cumulative Residual and Relative Cumulative Residual Fisher Information and Their Properties.

Omid Kharazmi Narayanaswamy Balakrishnan

Asymptotic Divergences and Strong Dichotomy.

Xiang Huang Jack H. Lutz Elvira Mayordomo Donald M. Stull

Capacity of Broadcast Packet Erasure Channels With Single-User Delayed CSI.

Shih-Chun Lin I-Hsiang Wang Alireza Vahid

Volume 67, Number 9, September 2021
Efficient and Robust Distributed Matrix Computations via Convolutional Coding.

Anindya Bijoy Das Aditya Ramamoorthy Namrata Vaswani

Compute-and-Forward in Large Relaying Systems: Limitations and Asymptotically Optimal Scheduling.

Ori Shmuel Asaf Cohen Omer Gurewitz

Optimum Location-Based Relay Selection in Wireless Networks.

Hazer Inaltekin Saman Atapattu Jamie S. Evans

Subexponential and Linear Subpacketization Coded Caching via Projective Geometry.

Hari Hara Suthan Chittoor Prasad Krishnan K. V. Sushena Sree Bhavana Mamillapalli

Variable-Length Constrained Coding and Kraft Conditions: The Parity-Preserving Case.

Ron M. Roth Paul H. Siegel

Fourier-Analysis-Based Form of Normalized Maximum Likelihood: Exact Formula and Relation to Complex Bayesian Prior.

Atsushi Suzuki Kenji Yamanishi

Polar Lattices for Lossy Compression.

Ling Liu Jinwen Shi Cong Ling

Wiretap Channels With Causal and Non-Causal State Information: Revisited.

Te Sun Han Masahide Sasaki

Covert Communication Over Adversarially Jammed Channels.

Qiaosheng Eric Zhang Mayank Bakshi Sidharth Jaggi

Communication Complexity of Distributed High Dimensional Correlation Testing.

K. R. Sahasranand Himanshu Tyagi

Adaptive Social Learning.

Virginia Bordignon Vincenzo Matta Ali H. Sayed

Adversarial Risk via Optimal Transport and Optimal Couplings.

Muni Sreenivas Pydi Varun S. Jog

Consistent Risk Estimation in Moderately High-Dimensional Linear Regression.

Ji Xu Arian Maleki Kamiar Rahnama Rad Daniel Hsu

Ensemble Estimation of Generalized Mutual Information With Applications to Genomics.

Kevin R. Moon Kumar Sricharan Alfred O. Hero III

Asymptotic Optimality in Byzantine Distributed Quickest Change Detection.

Yu-Chih Huang Yu-Jui Huang Shih-Chun Lin

Asymptotic Convergence Rates of the Length of the Longest Run(s) in an Inflating Bernoulli Net.

Kai Ni Shanshan Cao Xiaoming Huo

A Signal-Space Distance Measure for Nondispersive Optical Fiber.

Reza Rafie Borujeny Frank R. Kschischang

Negligible Cooperation: Contrasting the Maximal- and Average-Error Cases.

Parham Noorzad Michael Langberg Michelle Effros

Fundamental Limits of Many-User MAC With Finite Payloads and Fading.

Suhas S. Kowshik Yury Polyanskiy

Capacity-Achieving Input Distribution in Per-Sample Zero-Dispersion Model of Optical Fiber.

Jihad Fahs Aslan Tchamkerten Mansoor I. Yousefi

Linear-Time Erasure List-Decoding of Expander Codes.

Noga Ron-Zewi Mary Wootters Gilles Zémor

Error Floor Analysis of LDPC Row Layered Decoders.

Ali Farsiabi Amir H. Banihashemi

The Birthday Problem and Zero-Error List Codes.

Parham Noorzad Michelle Effros Michael Langberg Victoria Kostina

Efficiently List-Decodable Insertion and Deletion Codes via Concatenation.

Shu Liu Ivan Tjuawinata Chaoping Xing

Locally Recoverable Codes on Surfaces.

Cecília Salgado Anthony Várilly-Alvarado José Felipe Voloch

Repeat-Free Codes.

Ohad Elishco Ryan Gabrys Eitan Yaakobi Muriel Médard

Low Complexity Sequential Search With Size-Dependent Measurement Noise.

Sung-En Chiu Tara Javidi

Repair Rate Lower Bounds for Distributed Storage.

Michael Luby

Binary Linear Codes With Optimal Scaling: Polar Codes With Large Kernels.

Arman Fazeli Hamed Hassani Marco Mondelli Alexander Vardy

Computable Upper Bounds on the Capacity of Finite-State Channels.

Bashar Huleihel Oron Sabag Haim H. Permuter Navin Kashyap Shlomo Shamai Shitz

State Masking Over a Two-State Compound Channel.

Sadaf Salehkalaibar Mohammad Hossein Yassaee Vincent Y. F. Tan Mehrasa Ahmadipour

The Broadcast Channel With Degraded Message Sets and Unreliable Conference.

Dor Itzhak Yossef Steinberg

Volume 67, Number 8, August 2021
Comments and Corrections to "Capacity of Multiple-Antenna Systems With Both Receiver and Transmitter Channel State Information".

Kamal Singhand Chandradeep Singh

Capacity-Approaching Constrained Codes With Error Correction for DNA-Based Data Storage.

Tuan Thanh Nguyen Kui Cai Kees A. Schouhamer Immink Han Mao Kiah

On the Number of Affine Equivalence Classes of Boolean Functions and q-Ary Functions.

Xiang-Dong Hou

On the Gap Between Scalar and Vector Solutions of Generalized Combination Networks.

Hedongliang Liu Hengjia Wei Sven Puchinger Antonia Wachter-Zeh Moshe Schwartz

Gaussian Approximation of Quantization Error for Estimation From Compressed Data.

Alon Kipnis Galen Reeves

Deterministic Constructions of Compressed Sensing Matrices From Unitary Geometry.

Fenghua Tong Lixiang Li Haipeng Peng Yixian Yang

Quantum CDMA Communication Systems.

Mohammad Rezai Jawad A. Salehi

One-Shot Variable-Length Secret Key Agreement Approaching Mutual Information.

Cheuk Ting Li Venkat Anantharam

Capacity of Quantum Private Information Retrieval With Colluding Servers.

Seunghoan Song Masahito Hayashi

Capacity Approaching Coding for Low Noise Interactive Quantum Communication Part I: Large Alphabets.

Debbie W. Leung Ashwin Nayak Ala Shayeghi Dave Touchette Penghui Yao Nengkun Yu

Universal Covertness for Discrete Memoryless Sources.

Rémi A. Chou Matthieu R. Bloch Aylin Yener

Secret Key Generation From Vector Gaussian Sources With Public and Private Communications.

Yinfei Xu Daming Cao

Private Information Retrieval Over Gaussian MAC.

Ori Shmuel Asaf Cohen

Covert Identification Over Binary-Input Discrete Memoryless Channels.

Qiaosheng Eric Zhang Vincent Y. F. Tan

Capacity-Achieving Private Information Retrieval Schemes From Uncoded Storage Constrained Servers With Low Sub-Packetization.

Jinbao Zhu Qifa Yan Xiaohu Tang Ying Miao

Asymmetric Leaky Private Information Retrieval.

Islam Samy Mohamed Adel Attia Ravi Tandon Loukas Lazos

One-Shot Manipulation of Entanglement for Quantum Channels.

Ho-Joon Kim Soojoon Lee Ludovico Lami Martin B. Plenio

Binary Sequences Derived From Differences of Consecutive Primitive Roots.

Arne Winterhof Zibi Xiao

Shrinkage Priors on Complex-Valued Circular- Symmetric Autoregressive Processes.

Hidemasa Oda Fumiyasu Komaki

Shrinkage Priors for Nonparametric Bayesian Prediction of Nonhomogeneous Poisson Processes.

Fumiyasu Komaki

Robust Scatter Matrix Estimation for High Dimensional Distributions With Heavy Tail.

Junwei Lu Fang Han Han Liu

Learning Bounded Subsets of Lₚ.

Shahar Mendelson

Efficient Approximate Minimum Entropy Coupling of Multiple Probability Distributions.

Cheuk Ting Li

Detecting an Odd Restless Markov Arm With a Trembling Hand.

P. N. Karthik Rajesh Sundaresan

Consistent Recovery Threshold of Hidden Nearest Neighbor Graphs.

Jian Ding Yihong Wu Jiaming Xu Dana Yang

Optimal Correlators for Detection and Estimation in Optical Receivers.

Neri Merhav

Cooperative Multiple-Access Channels With Distributed State Information.

Lorenzo Miretti Mari Kobayashi David Gesbert Paul de Kerret

Twisted Group Codes.

Javier de la Cruz Wolfgang Willems

Three New Constructions of Asymptotically Optimal Periodic Quasi-Complementary Sequence Sets With Small Alphabet Sizes.

Gaojun Luo Xiwang Cao Minjia Shi Tor Helleseth

Sum-Rank BCH Codes and Cyclic-Skew-Cyclic Codes.

Umberto Martínez-Peñas

Some Punctured Codes of Several Families of Binary Linear Codes.

Xiaoqiang Wang Dabin Zheng Cunsheng Ding

Shortened Linear Codes Over Finite Fields.

Yang Liu Cunsheng Ding Chunming Tang

Optimal Additive Quaternary Codes of Low Dimension.

Jürgen Bierbrauer Stefano Marcugini Fernanda Pambianco

On Lattice Packings and Coverings of Asymmetric Limited-Magnitude Balls.

Hengjia Wei Xin Wang Moshe Schwartz

On Cyclic Codes of Composite Length and the Minimum Distance II.

Maosheng Xiong Aixian Zhang

On Cosets Weight Distribution of Doubly-Extended Reed-Solomon Codes of Codimension 4.

Alexander A. Davydov Stefano Marcugini Fernanda Pambianco

New Results on Asymmetric Single Correcting Codes of Magnitude Four.

Derong Xie Jinquan Luo

New LCD MDS Codes of Non-Reed-Solomon Type.

Yansheng Wu Jong Yoon Hyun Yoonjin Lee

Improved Schemes for Asymptotically Optimal Repair of MDS Codes.

Ameera Chowdhury Alexander Vardy

Fast Decoding of Codes in the Rank, Subspace, and Sum-Rank Metric.

Hannes Bartz Thomas Jerkovits Sven Puchinger Johan Rosenkilde

Dihedral Group Codes Over Finite Fields.

Yun Fan Liren Lin

Construction of MDS Euclidean Self-Dual Codes via Two Subsets.

Weijun Fang Shu-Tao Xia Fang-Wei Fu

Generalization Error Bounds via Rényi-, f-Divergences and Maximal Leakage.

Amedeo Roberto Esposito Michael Gastpar Ibrahim Issa

Finding Compositional Inverses of Permutations From the AGW Criterion.

Tailin Niu Kangquan Li Longjiang Qu Qiang Wang

Coordination Through Shared Randomness.

Gowtham R. Kurri Vinod M. Prabhakaran Anand D. Sarwate

Concentration Bounds for Plug-In Estimator of Directed Information.

Ricardo Felipe Ferreira

Volume 67, Number 7, July 2021
Correction to "Cyclic Statistic Estimators With Uncertain Cycle Frequencies".

Antonio Napolitano

On the Communication Complexity of AND Functions.

Hsin-Lung Wu

New Construction of Complementary Sequence (or Array) Sets and Complete Complementary Codes.

Zilong Wang Dongxu Ma Guang Gong Erzhong Xue

Analysis of (n, n)-Functions Obtained From the Maiorana-McFarland Class.

Nurdagül Anbar Tekgül Kalayci Wilfried Meidl

Quasi-Orthogonal Z-Complementary Pairs and Their Applications in Fully Polarimetric Radar Systems.

Jiahuan Wang Pingzhi Fan Zhengchun Zhou Yang Yang

Linearly Self-Equivalent APN Permutations in Small Dimension.

Christof Beierle Marcus Brinkmann Gregor Leander

On CCZ-Equivalence of the Inverse Function.

Lukas Kölsch

On Permutation Quadrinomials and 4-Uniform BCT.

Nian Li Maosheng Xiong Xiangyong Zeng

Provable Security Evaluation of Block Ciphers Against Demirci-Selçuk's Meet-in-the-Middle Attack.

Bing Sun

Fast Algebraic Immunity of Boolean Functions and LCD Codes.

Sihem Mesnager Chunming Tang

A Theory of Computational Resolution Limit for Line Spectral Estimation.

Ping Liu Hai Zhang

Manifold Gradient Descent Solves Multi-Channel Sparse Blind Deconvolution Provably and Efficiently.

Laixi Shi Yuejie Chi

An Asymptotic Theory of Joint Sequential Changepoint Detection and Identification for General Stochastic Models.

Alexander G. Tartakovsky

Fundamental Limits of Wireless Caching Under Mixed Cacheable and Uncacheable Traffic.

Hamdi Joudeh Eleftherios Lampiris Petros Elia Giuseppe Caire

Improving Computational Efficiency of Communication for Omniscience and Successive Omniscience.

Ni Ding Parastoo Sadeghi Thierry Rakotoarivelo

Transmission of a Bit Over a Discrete Poisson Channel With Memory.

Niloufar Ahmadypour Amin Gohari

On Linearly Precoded Rate Splitting for Gaussian MIMO Broadcast Channels.

Zheng Li Sheng Yang Shlomo Shamai

Benefits of Jointly Training Autoencoders: An Improved Neural Tangent Kernel Analysis.

Thanh V. Nguyen Raymond K. W. Wong Chinmay Hegde

Multi-Marginal Optimal Transport and Probabilistic Graphical Models.

Isabel Haasler Rahul Singh Qinsheng Zhang Johan Karlsson Yongxin Chen

Multiclass Classification by Sparse Multinomial Logistic Regression.

Felix Abramovich Vadim Grinshtein Tomer Levy

Learning Mixtures of Low-Rank Models.

Yanxi Chen Cong Ma H. Vincent Poor Yuxin Chen

Binary Classification With XOR Queries: Fundamental Limits and an Efficient Algorithm.

Daesung Kim Hye Won Chung

Single-Shot Secure Quantum Network Coding for General Multiple Unicast Network With Free One-Way Public Communication.

Go Kato Masaki Owari Masahito Hayashi

Hadamard-Free Circuits Expose the Structure of the Clifford Group.

Sergey Bravyi Dmitri Maslov

Positivity and Nonadditivity of Quantum Capacities Using Generalized Erasure Channels.

Vikesh Siddhu Robert B. Griffiths

Pursuing the Fundamental Limits for Quantum Communication.

Xin Wang

When is the Chernoff Exponent for Quantum Operations Finite?

Nengkun Yu Li Zhou

Correcting Spanning Errors With a Fractal Code.

Georgia M. Nixon Benjamin J. Brown

A New Achievable Rate-Distortion Region for Distributed Source Coding.

Farhad Shirani S. Sandeep Pradhan

Capacity-Achieving Spatially Coupled Sparse Superposition Codes With AMP Decoding.

Cynthia Rush Kuan Hsieh Ramji Venkataramanan

Capacity Optimality of AMP in Coded Systems.

Lei Liu Chulong Liang Junjie Ma Li Ping

Bayes-Optimal Convolutional AMP.

Keigo Takeuchi

Modulated Sparse Superposition Codes for the Complex AWGN Channel.

Kuan Hsieh Ramji Venkataramanan

Reconstruction of Strings From Their Substrings Spectrum.

Sagi Marcovich Eitan Yaakobi

On Stopping Sets of AG Codes Over Certain Curves With Separated Variables.

Wanderson Tenório Guilherme Chaud Tizziotti

Relaxed Locally Correctable Codes in Computationally Bounded Channels.

Jeremiah Blocki Venkata Gandikota Elena Grigorescu Samson Zhou

A Revisit to Ordered Statistics Decoding: Distance Distribution and Decoding Rules.

Chentao Yue Mahyar Shirvanimoghaddam Branka Vucetic Yonghui Li

Uncertainty of Reconstruction With List-Decoding From Uniform-Tandem-Duplication Noise.

Yonatan Yehezkeally Moshe Schwartz

Binary Linear Codes With Few Weights From Two-to-One Functions.

Kangquan Li Chunlei Li Tor Helleseth Longjiang Qu

Optimal Anticodes, Diameter Perfect Codes, Chains and Weights.

Luciano Panek Nayene Michele Paião Panek

Optimal Codes With Small Constant Weight in ℓ₁-Metric.

Tingting Chen Yiming Ma Xiande Zhang

Volume 67, Number 6, Part 2, June 2021
Cutoff for Exact Recovery of Gaussian Mixture Models.

Xiaohui Chen Yun Yang

Regret Bounds and Regimes of Optimality for User-User and Item-Item Collaborative Filtering.

Guy Bresler Mina Karzand

CodedSketch: A Coding Scheme for Distributed Computation of Approximated Matrix Multiplication.

Tayyebeh Jahani-Nezhad Mohammad Ali Maddah-Ali

A Permutation-Based Model for Crowd Labeling: Optimal Estimation and Robustness.

Nihar B. Shah Sivaraman Balakrishnan Martin J. Wainwright

The Importance of Phase in Complex Compressive Sensing.

Laurent Jacques Thomas Feuillen

Quantized Compressed Sensing by Rectified Linear Units.

Hans Christian Jung Johannes Maly Lars Palzer Alexander Stollenwerk

Single-Index Models in the High Signal Regime.

Ashwin Pananjady Dean P. Foster

New Risk Bounds for 2D Total Variation Denoising.

Sabyasachi Chatterjee Subhajit Goswami

Decentralized Cooperative Online Estimation With Random Observation Matrices, Communication Graphs and Time Delays.

Jiexiang Wang Tao Li Xiwei Zhang

Optimal Sampling and Scheduling for Timely Status Updates in Multi-Source Networks.

Ahmed M. Bedewy Yin Sun Sastry Kompella Ness B. Shroff

On the Optimal Load-Memory Tradeoff of Cache-Aided Scalar Linear Function Retrieval.

Kai Wan Hua Sun Mingyue Ji Daniela Tuninetti Giuseppe Caire

Multi-Layer Interference Alignment and GDoF of the K-User Asymmetric Interference Channel.

Jinyuan Chen

Error Probability Bounds for Gaussian Channels Under Maximal and Average Power Constraints.

Gonzalo Vazquez-Vilar

A General Theory of Comparison of Quantum Channels (and Beyond).

Anna Jencová

Finite Block Length Analysis on Quantum Coherence Distillation and Incoherent Randomness Extraction.

Masahito Hayashi Kun Fang Kun Wang

Permutation Enhances Classical Communication Assisted by Entangled States.

Kun Wang Masahito Hayashi

Two-Dimensional Binary Z-Complementary Array Pairs.

Cheng-Yu Pai Yong-Ting Ni Chao-Yu Chen

The CEO Problem With rth Power of Difference and Logarithmic Distortions.

Daewon Seo Lav R. Varshney

Communicating Correlated Sources Over MAC and Interference Channels II: Joint Source-Channel Coding.

Arun Padakandla

On Universality and Training in Binary Hypothesis Testing.

Michael Bell Yuval Kochman

On the Characteristic Graph of a Discrete Symmetric Channel.

Dariusz Dereniowski Marcin Jurkiewicz

The Arbitrarily Varying Channel With Colored Gaussian Noise.

Uzi Pereg Yossef Steinberg

Hypothesis Testing and Identification Systems.

Minh Thanh Vu Tobias J. Oechtering Mikael Skoglund

Systematic Convolutional Low Density Generator Matrix Code.

Suihua Cai Wenchao Lin Xinyuanmeng Yao Baodian Wei Xiao Ma

Geometric Approach to b-Symbol Hamming Weights of Cyclic Codes.

Minjia Shi Ferruh Özbudak Patrick Solé

A Construction of Minimal Linear Codes From Partial Difference Sets.

Ran Tao Tao Feng Weicong Li

Spatially Coupled Generalized LDPC Codes: Asymptotic Analysis and Finite Length Scaling.

David G. M. Mitchell Pablo M. Olmos Michael Lentmaier Daniel J. Costello Jr.

Embedding Linear Codes Into Self-Orthogonal Codes and Their Optimal Minimum Distances.

Jon-Lark Kim Young-Hun Kim Nari Lee

Full Characterization of Minimal Linear Codes as Cutting Blocking Sets.

Chunming Tang Yan Qiu Qunying Liao Zhengchun Zhou

DNA-Based Storage: Models and Fundamental Limits.

Ilan Shomorony Reinhard Heckel

Polar Decreasing Monomial-Cartesian Codes.

Eduardo Camps Hiram H. López Gretchen L. Matthews Eliseo Sarmiento

Well-Rounded Lattices: Towards Optimal Coset Codes for Gaussian and Fading Wiretap Channels.

Mohamed Taoufiq Damir Alex Karrila Laia Amorós Oliver W. Gnilke David A. Karpuk Camilla Hollanti

Evaluating Load Balancing Performance in Distributed Storage With Redundancy.

Mehmet Fatih Aktas Amir Behruzi Far Emina Soljanin Philip Whiting

Codes Over Trees.

Lev Yohananov Eitan Yaakobi

Volume 67, Number 6, Part 1, June 2021
On Multifold Packings of Radius-1 Balls in Hamming Graphs.

Denis S. Krotov Vladimir N. Potapov

Universal Bounds for Size and Energy of Codes of Given Minimum and Maximum Distances.

Peter G. Boyvalenkov Peter D. Dragnev Douglas P. Hardin Edward B. Saff Maya Stoyanova

Multichannel Conflict-Avoiding Codes of Weights Three and Four.

Yuan-Hsun Lo Kenneth W. Shum Wing Shing Wong Yijin Zhang

Treeplication: An Erasure Code for Distributed Full Recovery Under the Random Multiset Channel.

Michael Gandelman Yuval Cassuto

A Moment Ratio Bound for Polynomials and Some Extremal Properties of Krawchouk Polynomials and Hamming Spheres.

Naomi Kirshner Alex Samorodnitsky

New Construction of Optimal Type-II Binary Z-Complementary Pairs.

Zhi Gu Zhengchun Zhou Qi Wang Pingzhi Fan

Further Study of 2-to-1 Mappings Over F2n.

Kangquan Li Sihem Mesnager Longjiang Qu

Cyclic Bent Functions and Their Applications in Sequences.

Kanat S. Abdukhalikov Cunsheng Ding Sihem Mesnager Chunming Tang Maosheng Xiong

How to Construct Mutually Orthogonal Complementary Sets With Non-Power-of-Two Lengths?

Shing-Wei Wu Chao-Yu Chen Zilong Liu

Error-Correcting Codes for Noisy Duplication Channels.

Yuanyuan Tang Farzad Farnoud

Correcting a Single Indel/Edit for DNA-Based Data Storage: Linear-Time Encoders and Order-Optimality.

Kui Cai Yeow Meng Chee Ryan Gabrys Han Mao Kiah Tuan Thanh Nguyen

Efficient Multiparty Interactive Coding - Part I: Oblivious Insertions, Deletions and Substitutions.

Ran Gelles Yael Tauman Kalai Govind Ramnarayan

Algorithms for Reconstruction Over Single and Multiple Deletion Channels.

Sundara Rajan Srinivasavaradhan Michelle Du Suhas N. Diggavi Christina Fragouli

Covering Codes Using Insertions or Deletions.

Andreas Lenz Cyrus Rashtchian Paul H. Siegel Eitan Yaakobi

On Optimal k-Deletion Correcting Codes.

Jin Sima Jehoshua Bruck

Multilayer Codes for Synchronization From Deletions and Insertions.

Mahed Abroshan Ramji Venkataramanan Albert Guillén i Fàbregas

On Levenshtein's Channel and List Size in Information Retrieval.

Ville Junnila Tero Laihonen Tuomo Lehtilä

Perfect Multi Deletion Codes Achieve the Asymptotic Optimality of Code Size.

Takehiko Mori Manabu Hagiwara

Trace Reconstruction Problems in Computational Biology.

Vinnu Bhardwaj Pavel A. Pevzner Cyrus Rashtchian Yana Safonova

Levenshtein Distance, Sequence Comparison and Biological Database Search.

Bonnie Berger Michael S. Waterman Yun William Yu

On Reconstruction of Graphs From the Multiset of Subgraphs Obtained by Deleting ℓ Vertices.

Alexandr V. Kostochka Douglas B. West

Reed-Muller Codes: Theory and Algorithms.

Emmanuel Abbe Amir Shpilka Min Ye

Trace Reconstruction: Generalized and Parameterized.

Akshay Krishnamurthy Arya Mazumdar Andrew McGregor Soumyabrata Pal

An Overview of Capacity Results for Synchronization Channels.

Mahdi Cheraghchi João L. Ribeiro

Synchronization Strings and Codes for Insertions and Deletions - A Survey.

Bernhard Haeupler Amirbehshad Shahrasbi

Guest Editorial Special Issue: "From Deletion-Correction to Graph Reconstruction: In Memory of Vladimir I. Levenshtein".

Alexander Barg Lara Dolecek Ryan Gabrys Gyula O. H. Katona János Körner Andrew McGregor Olgica Milenkovic Sihem Mesnager Gilles Zémor

Volume 67, Number 5, May 2021
Corrections to "An Innovations Approach to Viterbi Decoding of Convolutional Codes".

Masato Tajima

Minimax Rate Optimal Adaptive Nearest Neighbor Classification and Regression.

Puning Zhao Lifeng Lai

RATQ: A Universal Fixed-Length Quantizer for Stochastic Optimization.

Prathamesh Mayekar Himanshu Tyagi

Understanding Estimation and Generalization Error of Generative Adversarial Networks.

Kaiyi Ji Yi Zhou Yingbin Liang

Sequential Classification With Empirically Observed Statistics.

Mahdi Haghifam Vincent Y. F. Tan Ashish Khisti

Maximum Entropy Estimation of Density Function Using Order Statistics.

Ali M. Reza R. Lynn Kirlin

What is the Largest Sparsity Pattern That Can Be Recovered by 1-Norm Minimization?

Mustafa Devrim Kaba Mengnan Zhao René Vidal Daniel P. Robinson Enrique Mallada

Reactive Sensing and Multiplicative Frame Super-Resolution.

John J. Benedetto Michael R. Dellomo

Optimal Spectral Shrinkage and PCA With Heteroscedastic Noise.

William E. Leeb Elad Romanov

Distributed Stochastic Optimization in Networks With Low Informational Exchange.

Wenjie Li Mohamad Assaad

On the Capacity Regions of Cloud Radio Access Networks With Limited Orthogonal Fronthaul.

Shouvik Ganguly Seung-Eun Hong Young-Han Kim

On Some Distributed Scheduling Algorithms for Wireless Networks With Hypergraph Interference Models.

Ashwin Ganesan

Non-Bayesian Activity Detection, Large-Scale Fading Coefficient Estimation, and Unsourced Random Access With a Massive MIMO Receiver.

Alexander Fengler Saeid Haghighatshoar Peter Jung Giuseppe Caire

The Rate-Distortion Risk in Estimation From Compressed Data.

Alon Kipnis Stefano Rini Andrea J. Goldsmith

Group Transference Techniques for the Estimation of the Decoherence Times and Capacities of Quantum Markov Semigroups.

Ivan Bardet Marius Junge Nicholas LaRacuente Cambyse Rouzé Daniel Stilck França

Polarization of Quantum Channels Using Clifford-Based Channel Combining.

Frédéric Dupuis Ashutosh Goswami Mehdi Mhalla Valentin Savin

Infinite Families of Quantum-Classical Hybrid Codes.

Andrew Nemec Andreas Klappenecker

Cross Subspace Alignment Codes for Coded Distributed Batch Computation.

Zhuqing Jia Syed Ali Jafar

Explicit Constructions of Two-Dimensional Reed-Solomon Codes in High Insertion and Deletion Noise Regime.

Tai Do Duc Shu Liu Ivan Tjuawinata Chaoping Xing

On Coding Over Sliced Information.

Jin Sima Netanel Raviv Jehoshua Bruck

Long Optimal and Small-Defect LRC Codes With Unbounded Minimum Distances.

Hao Chen Jian Weng Weiqi Luo Liqing Xu

Numerically Stable Polynomially Coded Computing.

Mohammad Fahim Viveck R. Cadambe

Spatially Coupled LDPC Codes With Sub-Block Locality.

Eshed Ram Yuval Cassuto

Strong Coordination Over Noisy Channels.

Sarah A. Obead Badri N. Vellambi Jörg Kliewer

Achievable Error Exponents of One-Way and Two-Way AWGN Channels.

Kenneth Palacio-Baus Natasha Devroye

Fundamental Limits of Lossless Data Compression With Side Information.

Lampros Gavalakis Ioannis Kontoyiannis

On the Capacity of Channels With Deletions and States.

Yonglong Li Vincent Y. F. Tan

Universal Decoding for Asynchronous Slepian-Wolf Encoding.

Neri Merhav

A Unified Framework for One-Shot Achievability via the Poisson Matching Lemma.

Cheuk Ting Li Venkat Anantharam

Deep Neural Network Approximation Theory.

Dennis Elbrächter Dmytro Perekrestenko Philipp Grohs Helmut Bölcskei

Volume 67, Number 4, April 2021
A Bayesian Theory of Change Detection in Statistically Periodic Random Processes.

Taposh Banerjee Prudhvi Gurram Gene T. Whipps

Stabilizing a System With an Unbounded Random Gain Using Only Finitely Many Bits.

Victoria Kostina Yuval Peres Gireeja Ranade Mark Sellke

Goodness-of-Fit Tests on Manifolds.

Alexander Shapiro Yao Xie Rui Zhang

On Non-Interactive Simulation of Binary Random Variables.

Lei Yu Vincent Y. F. Tan

De-Biased Sparse PCA: Inference for Eigenstructure of Large Covariance Matrices.

Jana Janková Sara A. van de Geer

On Statistical Efficiency in Learning.

Jie Ding Enmao Diao Jiawei Zhou Vahid Tarokh

Information-Distilling Quantizers.

Alankrita Bhatt Bobak Nazer Or Ordentlich Yury Polyanskiy

Algorithmic Computability of the Signal Bandwidth.

Holger Boche Ullrich J. Mönich

Nonstationary Gauss-Markov Processes: Parameter Estimation and Dispersion.

Peida Tian Victoria Kostina

Distributed Chernoff Test: Optimal Decision Systems Over Networks.

Anshuka Rangi Massimo Franceschetti Stefano Maranò

Secure Coded Multi-Party Computation for Massive Matrix Operations.

Hanzaleh Akbari Nodehi Mohammad Ali Maddah-Ali

On the Fundamental Limits of Fog-RAN Cache-Aided Networks With Downlink and Sidelink Communications.