Volume 68, Number 4, April 2022
On Universal D-Semifaithful Coding for Memoryless Sources With Infinite Alphabets.

Jorge F. Silva Pablo Piantanida

Monotonicity of the Trace-Inverse of Covariance Submatrices and Two-Sided Prediction.

Anatoly Khina Arie Yeredor Ram Zamir

The Wavelet Compressibility of Compound Poisson Processes.

Shayan Aziznejad Julien Fageot

Generic Constructions of (Boolean and Vectorial) Bent Functions and Their Consequences.

Yanjun Li Haibin Kan Sihem Mesnager Jie Peng Chik How Tan Lijing Zheng

Coding Constructions for Efficient Oblivious Transfer From Noisy Channels.

Frédérique E. Oggier Gilles Zémor

Symmetric Private Polynomial Computation From Lagrange Encoding.

Jinbao Zhu Qifa Yan Xiaohu Tang Songze Li

Numerically Stable Coded Matrix Computations via Circulant and Rotation Matrix Embeddings.

Aditya Ramamoorthy Li Tang

The Reference Distributions of Maurer's Universal Statistical Test and Its Improved Tests.

Yasunari Hikima Atsushi Iwasaki Ken Umeno

Adaptive Private Distributed Matrix Multiplication.

Rawad Bitar Marvin Xhemrishi Antonia Wachter-Zeh

Semantic Private Information Retrieval.

Sajani Vithana Karim Banawan Sennur Ulukus

Decentralized Heterogeneous Multi-Player Multi-Armed Bandits With Non-Zero Rewards on Collisions.

Akshayaa Magesh Venugopal V. Veeravalli

Improved Bounds for Noisy Group Testing With Constant Tests per Item.

Oliver Gebhard Oliver Johnson Philipp Loick Maurice Rolvien

On the Best Choice of Lasso Program Given Data Parameters.

Aaron Berk Yaniv Plan Özgür Yilmaz

Sparse Nonnegative Tensor Factorization and Completion With Noisy Observations.

Xiongjun Zhang Michael K. Ng

Generalized Maximum Entropy for Supervised Classification.

Santiago Mazuelas Yuan Shen Aritz Pérez

The Benefits of Diversity: Permutation Recovery in Unlabeled Sensing From Multiple Measurement Vectors.

Hang Zhang Martin Slawski Ping Li

Active Sampling for the Quickest Detection of Markov Networks.

Ali Tajer Javad Heydari H. Vincent Poor

Lower Bound on the Capacity of the Continuous-Space SSFM Model of Optical Fiber.

Milad Sefidgaran Mansoor I. Yousefi

Scaling Laws for Gaussian Random Many-Access Channels.

Jithin Ravi Tobias Koch

Secure GDoF of the Z-Channel With Finite Precision CSIT: How Robust are Structured Codes?

Yao-Chia Chan Syed Ali Jafar

Unsourced Random Access With Coded Compressed Sensing: Integrating AMP and Belief Propagation.

Vamsi K. Amalladinne Asit Kumar Pradhan Cynthia Rush Jean-François Chamberland Krishna R. Narayanan

Universal Feedback Gain for Modulo-Sum Computation Over the Erasure MAC.

I-Hsiang Wang Yu-Chih Huang Shih-Chun Lin

Analog Subspace Coding: A New Approach to Coding for Non-Coherent Wireless Networks.

Mahdi Soleymani Hessam Mahdavifar

Resolving the Feedback Bottleneck of Multi-Antenna Coded Caching.

Eleftherios Lampiris Antonio Bazco Nogueras Petros Elia

Fourier-Reflexive Partitions Induced by Poset Metric.

Yang Xu Haibin Kan Guangyue Han

A Gröbner-Bases Approach to Syndrome-Based Fast Chase Decoding of Reed-Solomon Codes.

Yaron Shany Amit Berman

Two-Stage Coding Over the Z-Channel.

Alexey V. Lebedev Vladimir S. Lebedev Nikita Polyanskii

A Generalization of the Cylinder Conjecture for Divisible Codes.

Sascha Kurz Sam Mattheus

Nonbinary I-Polar Coded Modulation.

Mao-Ching Chiu

Polar Codes for the Deletion Channel: Weak and Strong Polarization.

Ido Tal Henry D. Pfister Arman Fazeli Alexander Vardy

Computational Polarization: An Information-Theoretic Method for Resilient Computing.

Mert Pilanci

Binary Locally Repairable Codes With Large Availability and its Application to Private Information Retrieval.

Lingfei Jin Haibin Kan Yuan Luo Wenqing Zhang

On the Similarity Between von Neumann Graph Entropy and Structural Information: Interpretation, Computation, and Applications.

Xuecheng Liu Luoyi Fu Xinbing Wang Chenghu Zhou

A Tight Uniform Continuity Bound for the Arimoto-Rényi Conditional Entropy and its Extension to Classical-Quantum States.

Michael G. Jabbour Nilanjana Datta

Universal Decoding for the Typical Random Code and for the Expurgated Code.

Ran Tamir Neri Merhav

A Cramér Rao Bound for Point Processes.

Daniel E. Clark

The Differential Entropy of Mixtures: New Bounds and Applications.

James Melbourne Saurav Talukdar Shreyas Bhaban Mokshay Madiman Murti V. Salapaka

On Lossy Compression of Directed Graphs.

Ronit Bustin Ofer Shayevitz

Volume 68, Number 3, March 2022
Linear Secret-Sharing Schemes for Forbidden Graph Access Structures.

Amos Beimel Oriol Farràs Yuval Mintz Naty Peter

New Constructions of Complementary Sequence Pairs Over 4q-QAM.

Zilong Wang Erzhong Xue Guang Gong

Array BP-XOR Codes for Hierarchically Distributed Matrix Multiplication.

Suayb S. Arslan

Private Index Coding.

Varun Narayanan Jithin Ravi Vivek K. Mishra Bikash Kumar Dey Nikhil Karamchandani Vinod M. Prabhakaran

Private Set Intersection: A Multi-Message Symmetric Private Information Retrieval Perspective.

Zhusheng Wang Karim Banawan Sennur Ulukus

Bayesian Risk With Bregman Loss: A Cramér-Rao Type Bound and Linear Estimation.

Alex Dytso Michael Fauß H. Vincent Poor

Learning Convex Polyhedra With Margin.

Lee-Ad Gottlieb Eran Kaufman Aryeh Kontorovich Gabriel Nivasch

Improved Clustering Algorithms for the Bipartite Stochastic Block Model.

Mohamed Ndaoud Suzanne Sigalla Alexandre B. Tsybakov

Coded Distributed Computing With Partial Recovery.

Emre Ozfatura Sennur Ulukus Deniz Gündüz

Optimal Nonparametric Multivariate Change Point Detection and Localization.

Oscar Hernan Madrid Padilla Yi Yu Daren Wang Alessandro Rinaldo

Generalization Bounds and Algorithms for Learning to Communicate Over Additive Noise Channels.

Nir Weinberger

Max-Affine Regression: Parameter Estimation for Gaussian Designs.

Avishek Ghosh Ashwin Pananjady Adityanand Guntuboyina Kannan Ramchandran

Universal Classical-Quantum Superposition Coding and Universal Classical-Quantum Multiple Access Channel Coding.

Masahito Hayashi Ning Cai

Robust Quantum Metrology With Explicit Symmetric States.

Yingkai Ouyang Nathan Shettell Damian Markham

Mitigating Coherent Noise by Balancing Weight-2 Z-Stabilizers.

Jingzhen Hu Qingzhong Liang Narayanan Rengaswamy A. Robert Calderbank

Private Classical Communication Over Quantum Multiple-Access Channels.

Rémi A. Chou

Limitations on Transversal Gates for Hypergraph Product Codes.

Simon Burton Dan Browne

Incompressibility of Classical Distributions.

Anurag Anshu Debbie W. Leung Dave Touchette

Signaling Games for Log-Concave Distributions: Number of Bins and Properties of Equilibria.

Ertan Kazikli Serkan Saritas Sinan Gezici Tamás Linder Serdar Yüksel

Canonical Conditions for K/2 Degrees of Freedom.

Recep Gül David Stotz Syed Ali Jafar Helmut Bölcskei Shlomo Shamai Shitz

Phase Transition Analysis for Covariance-Based Massive Random Access With Massive MIMO.

Zhilin Chen Foad Sohrabi Ya-Feng Liu Wei Yu

The q-Ary Antiprimitive BCH Codes.

Hongwei Zhu Minjia Shi Xiaoqiang Wang Tor Helleseth

Efficient List-Decoding With Constant Alphabet and List Sizes.

Zeyu Guo Noga Ron-Zewi

Erasures Repair for Decreasing Monomial-Cartesian and Augmented Reed-Muller Codes of High Rate.

Hiram H. López Gretchen L. Matthews Daniel Valvo

Asymptotic Behavior and Typicality Properties of Runlength-Limited Sequences.

Mladen Kovacevic Dejan Vukobratovic

Space-Time Codes From Sum-Rank Codes.

Mohannad Shehadeh Frank R. Kschischang

Endurance-Limited Memories: Capacity and Codes.

Yeow Meng Chee Michal Horovitz Alexander Vardy Van Khu Vu Eitan Yaakobi

Asymptotic Bounds on the Rate of Locally Repairable Codes.

Ron M. Roth

Clustering-Correcting Codes.

Tal Shinkar Eitan Yaakobi Andreas Lenz Antonia Wachter-Zeh

Batch Codes for Asynchronous Recovery of Data.

Ago-Erik Riet Vitaly Skachek Eldho K. Thomas

Finite-State Source-Channel Coding for Individual Source Sequences With Source Side Information at the Decoder.

Neri Merhav

On Smooth Rényi Entropies: A Novel Information Measure, One-Shot Coding Theorems, and Asymptotic Expansions.

Yuta Sakai Vincent Y. F. Tan

Mismatched Decoding Reliability Function at Zero Rate.

Marco Bondaschi Albert Guillén i Fàbregas Marco Dalai

Strong Data Processing Constant Is Achieved by Binary Inputs.

Or Ordentlich Yury Polyanskiy

A Deterministic Algorithm for the Capacity of Finite-State Channels.

Chengyu Wu Guangyue Han Venkat Anantharam Brian H. Marcus

Complete Characterization of Gorbunov and Pinsker Nonanticipatory Epsilon Entropy of Multivariate Gaussian Sources: Structural Properties.

Charalambos D. Charalambous Themistoklis Charalambous Christos K. Kourtellaris Jan H. van Schuppen

Distributed Compression of Graphical Data.

Payam Delgosha Venkat Anantharam

Interference Alignment for the K-User MIMO Interference Channel.

Akbar Ghasemi Abolfazl Seyed Motahari Amir Keyvan Khandani

Volume 68, Number 2, February 2022
Corrections to "Provable Low Rank Phase Retrieval".

Namrata Vaswani

Linear Phaseless Retrieval of Functions in Spline Spaces With Arbitrary Knots.

Ting Chen Wenchang Sun

The Gray-Wyner Network and Wyner's Common Information for Gaussian Sources.

Erixhen Sula Michael Gastpar

A Wide Class of Boolean Functions Generalizing the Hidden Weight Bit Function.

Claude Carlet

Revisiting the Concrete Security of Goldreich's Pseudorandom Generator.

Jing Yang Qian Guo Thomas Johansson Michael Lentmaier

Algorithms for the Minimal Rational Fraction Representation of Sequences Revisited.

Jun Che Chengliang Tian Yupeng Jiang Guangwu Xu

Structural and Statistical Analysis of Multidimensional Linear Approximations of Random Functions and Permutations.

Tomer Ashur Mohsin Khan Kaisa Nyberg

Diversity/Parallelism Trade-Off in Distributed Systems With Redundancy.

Pei Peng Emina Soljanin Philip Whiting

Distributed Linearly Separable Computation.

Kai Wan Hua Sun Mingyue Ji Giuseppe Caire

Cooperative Localization in Massive Networks.

Yifeng Xiong Nan Wu Yuan Shen Moe Z. Win

Biharmonic Distance-Based Performance Metric for Second-Order Noisy Consensus Networks.

Yuhao Yi Bingjia Yang Zuobai Zhang Zhongzhi Zhang Stacy Patterson

Multi-Server Weakly-Private Information Retrieval.

Hsuan-Yin Lin Siddhartha Kumar Eirik Rosnes Alexandre Graell i Amat Eitan Yaakobi

Secrecy Capacity of a Gaussian Wiretap Channel With ADCs is Always Positive.

Seung-Hyun Nam Si-Hyeon Lee

On the Consistency of the Kozachenko-Leonenko Entropy Estimate.

Luc Devroye László Györfi

NBIHT: An Efficient Algorithm for 1-Bit Compressed Sensing With Optimal Error Decay Rate.

Michael P. Friedlander Halyun Jeong Yaniv Plan Özgür Yilmaz

Cox Point Process Regression.

Álvaro Gajardo Hans-Georg Müller

Group Testing With Nested Pools.

Inés Armendáriz Pablo A. Ferrari Daniel Fraiman José Mario Martínez Silvina Ponce Dawson

Faithful Simulation of Distributed Quantum Measurements With Applications in Distributed Rate-Distortion Theory.

Touheed Anwar Atif Mohsen Heidari S. Sandeep Pradhan

Oscillator-to-Oscillator Codes Do Not Have a Threshold.

Lisa Hänggli Robert König

On the Error Exponents of Binary State Discrimination With Composite Hypotheses.

Milán Mosonyi Zsombor Szilágyi Mihály Weiner

Equivalence of Three Classical Algorithms With Quantum Side Information: Privacy Amplification, Error Correction, and Data Compression.

Toyohiro Tsurumaru

Epsilon-Nets, Unitary Designs, and Random Quantum Circuits.

Michal Oszmaniec Adam Sawicki Michal Horodecki

Multi-User Distillation of Common Randomness and Entanglement From Quantum States.

Farzin Salek Andreas J. Winter

Joint Performance Analysis of Ages of Information in a Multi-Source Pushout Server.

Yukang Jiang Naoto Miyoshi

The Dual Codes of Several Classes of BCH Codes.

Binkai Gong Cunsheng Ding Chengju Li

Classification of the Codewords of Weights 16 and 18 of the Reed-Muller Code RM(n-3, n).

Sihem Mesnager Alexey Oblaukhov

Bounds for List-Decoding and List-Recovery of Random Linear Codes.

Venkatesan Guruswami Ray Li Jonathan Mosheiff Nicolas Resch Shashwat Silas Mary Wootters

Threshold Rates for Properties of Random Codes.

Venkatesan Guruswami Jonathan Moshieff Nicolas Resch Shashwat Silas Mary Wootters

Non-Binary Diameter Perfect Constant-Weight Codes.

Tuvi Etzion

Short Minimal Codes and Covering Codes via Strong Blocking Sets in Projective Spaces.

Tamás Héger Zoltán Lóránt Nagy

Error-Correcting Codes for Short Tandem Duplication and Edit Errors.

Yuanyuan Tang Farzad Farnoud

Lattice (List) Decoding Near Minkowski's Inequality.

Ethan Mook Chris Peikert

Array Codes for Functional PIR and Batch Codes.

Mohammad Nassar Eitan Yaakobi

The Isometry-Dual Property in Flags of Two-Point Algebraic Geometry Codes.

Maria Bras-Amorós Alonso Sepúlveda Castellanos Luciane Quoos

Combination Networks With End-User-Caches: Novel Achievable and Converse Bounds Under Uncoded Cache Placement.

Kai Wan Daniela Tuninetti Mingyue Ji Pablo Piantanida

Majority Logic Decoding for Certain Schubert Codes Using Lines in Schubert Varieties.

Prasant Singh

On Sampling Continuous-Time AWGN Channels.

Guangyue Han Shlomo Shamai

Generalized Submodular Information Measures: Theoretical Properties, Examples, Optimization Algorithms, and Applications.

Rishabh K. Iyer Ninad Khargonkar Jeff A. Bilmes Himanshu Asnani

On More General Distributions of Random Binning for Slepian-Wolf Encoding.

Neri Merhav

Outer Bounds for Multiuser Settings: The Auxiliary Receiver Approach.

Amin Gohari Chandra Nair

Volume 68, Number 1, January 2022
Constructions of Optimal Uniform Wide-Gap Frequency-Hopping Sequences.

Peihua Li Cuiling Fan Sihem Mesnager Yang Yang Zhengchun Zhou

The c-Differential Uniformity and Boomerang Uniformity of Two Classes of Permutation Polynomials.

Sartaj Ul Hasan Mohit Pal Pantelimon Stanica

New Instances of Quadratic APN Functions.

Christof Beierle Gregor Leander

Communication Efficient Secret Sharing With Small Share Size.

Jian Ding Changlu Lin Huaxiong Wang Chaoping Xing

The Adjacency Graphs of FSRs With Affine Characteristic Functions.

Ming Li Dongdai Lin

On the Security of Subspace Subcodes of Reed-Solomon Codes for Public Key Encryption.

Alain Couvreur Matthieu Lequesne

Efficient Explicit Constructions of Multipartite Secret Sharing Schemes.

Qi Chen Chunming Tang Zhiqiang Lin

On the Global Optimality of Whittle's Index Policy for Minimizing the Age of Information.

Saad Kriouile Mohamad Assaad Ali Maatouk

The Covering Radius of the Reed-Muller Code RM(m - 4, m) in RM(m - 3, m).

Randall Dougherty R. Daniel Mauldin Mark Tiefenbruck

Information-Theoretic Secret Sharing From Correlated Gaussian Random Variables and Public Communication.

Vidhi Rana Rémi A. Chou Hyuck M. Kwon

A Graph Symmetrization Bound on Channel Information Leakage Under Blowfish Privacy.

Tobias Edwards Benjamin I. P. Rubinstein Zuhe Zhang Sanming Zhou

Toward the Capacity of Private Information Retrieval From Coded and Colluding Servers.

Lukas Holzbaur Ragnar Freij-Hollanti Jie Li Camilla Hollanti

Interactive Inference Under Information Constraints.

Jayadev Acharya Clément L. Canonne Yuhan Liu Ziteng Sun Himanshu Tyagi

Transfer Meta-Learning: Information- Theoretic Bounds and Information Meta-Risk Minimization.

Sharu Theresa Jose Osvaldo Simeone Giuseppe Durisi

Sample Complexity of Asynchronous Q-Learning: Sharper Analysis and Variance Reduction.

Gen Li Yuting Wei Yuejie Chi Yuantao Gu Yuxin Chen

Template Matching and Change Point Detection by M-Estimation.

Ery Arias-Castro Lin Zheng

Structures of Spurious Local Minima in k-Means.

Wei Qian Yuqian Zhang Yudong Chen

Covariance Decomposition as a Universal Limit on Correlations in Networks.

Salman Beigi Marc-Olivier Renou

Communication Over Quantum Channels With Parameter Estimation.

Uzi Pereg

Capacities of Gaussian Quantum Channels With Passive Environment Assistance.

Samad Khabbazi Oskouei Stefano Mancini Andreas J. Winter

Guesswork With Quantum Side Information.

Eric P. Hanson Vishal Katariya Nilanjana Datta Mark M. Wilde

The Semiring of Dichotomies and Asymptotic Relative Submajorization.

Christopher Perry Péter Vrana Albert H. Werner

Quantum and Classical Hybrid Generations for Classical Correlations.

Xiaodie Lin Zhaohui Wei Penghui Yao

Beyond Single-Shot Fault-Tolerant Quantum Error Correction.

Nicolas Delfosse Ben W. Reichardt Krysta M. Svore

Single-Shot Decoding of Linear Rate LDPC Quantum Codes With High Performance.

Nikolas P. Breuckmann Vivien Londe

Asymptotically Achieving Centralized Rate on the Decentralized Network MISO Channel.

Antonio Bazco Nogueras Paul de Kerret David Gesbert Nicolas Gresset

Bounds on the Zero-Error List-Decoding Capacity of the q/(q - 1) Channel.

Siddharth Bhandari Jaikumar Radhakrishnan

Extended Irreducible Binary Sextic Goppa Codes.

Daitao Huang Qin Yue

Quantum LDPC Codes With Almost Linear Minimum Distance.

Pavel Panteleev Gleb Kalachev

A Construction of Maximally Recoverable Codes With Order-Optimal Field Size.

Han Cai Ying Miao Moshe Schwartz Xiaohu Tang

Nearly Optimal Robust Positioning Patterns.

Hengjia Wei

Invertible Low-Divergence Coding.

Patrick Schulte Rana Ali Amjad Thomas Wiegart Gerhard Kramer

Hexagonal Run-Length Zero Capacity Region - Part II: Automated Proofs.

Spencer Congero Kenneth Zeger

Hexagonal Run-Length Zero Capacity Region - Part I: Analytical Proofs.

Spencer Congero Kenneth Zeger

Improved Coding Over Sets for DNA-Based Data Storage.

Hengjia Wei Moshe Schwartz

Generalized Pair Weights of Linear Codes and Linear Isomorphisms Preserving Pair Weights.

Hongwei Liu Xu Pan

A Class of Optimal Structures for Node Computations in Message Passing Algorithms.

Xuan He Kui Cai Liang Zhou

Free Ride on LDPC Coded Transmission.

Suihua Cai Shancheng Zhao Xiao Ma

Coding for Sequence Reconstruction for Single Edits.

Kui Cai Han Mao Kiah Tuan Thanh Nguyen Eitan Yaakobi

An Explicit Rate-Optimal Streaming Code for Channels With Burst and Arbitrary Erasures.

Elad Domanovitz Silas L. Fong Ashish Khisti

Integer Ring Sieve for Constructing Compact QC-LDPC Codes With Girths 8, 10, and 12.

Alireza Tasdighi Emmanuel Boutillon

Minimax Converse for Identification via Channels.

Shun Watanabe

Deterministic Identification Over Channels With Power Constraints.

Mohammad J. Salariseddigh Uzi Pereg Holger Boche Christian Deppe