Volume 592, May 2022
MGAT-ESM: Multi-channel graph attention neural network with event-sharing module for rumor detection.

Hongyan Ran Caiyan Jia Pengfei Zhang Xuanya Li

Deep features to detect pulmonary abnormalities in chest X-rays due to infectious diseaseX: Covid-19, pneumonia, and tuberculosis.

Md. Kawsher Mahbub Milon Biswas Loveleen Gaur Fayadh Alenezi K. C. Santosh

Efficiently mining spatial co-location patterns utilizing fuzzy grid cliques.

Zisong Hu Lizhen Wang Vanha Tran Hongmei Chen

State estimation-based robust optimal control of influenza epidemics in an interactive human society.

Vahid Azimi Mojtaba Sharifi Seyed Abolfazl Fakoorian Thang Nguyen Van Van Huynh

Quality-relevant feature extraction method based on teacher-student uncertainty autoencoder and its application to soft sensors.

Yusheng Lu Chao Jiang Dan Yang Xin Peng Weimin Zhong

Nearest neighbor imputation for categorical data by weighting of attributes.

Shahla Faisal Gerhard Tutz

A new three-way multi-criteria decision-making method with fuzzy complementary preference relations based on additive consistency.

Qiumei Wang Jianhua Dai Zeshui Xu

Subspace-based self-weighted multiview fusion for instance retrieval.

Zhijian Wu Jun Li Jianhua Xu Wankou Yang

Sequential graph collaborative filtering.

Zhongchuan Sun Bin Wu Youwei Wang Yangdong Ye

Stochastic stability analysis of composite dynamic system for particle swarm optimization.

Wenyong Dong Ran Ran Zhang

Subspace-based decision trees integration.

Robert Burduk Jedrzej Biedrzycki

A fuzzy regression functions approach based on Gustafson-Kessel clustering algorithm.

Eren Bas Erol Egrioglu

Mixed-integer linear-fractional programming model and it's linear analogue for reducing inconsistency of pairwise comparison matrices☆.

Anett Rácz

Multiple surrogates and offspring-assisted differential evolution for high-dimensional expensive problems.

Xinjing Wang Liang Gao Xinyu Li

Improving adversarial robustness of Bayesian neural networks via multi-task adversarial training.

Xu Chen Chuancai Liu Yue Zhao Zhiyang Jia Ge Jin

Patch-based weighted SCAD prior for compressive sensing.

Yamin Ru Fang Li Faming Fang Guixu Zhang

Discrete feedback control for highly nonlinear neutral stochastic delay differential equations with Markovian switching.

Chunhui Mei Chen Fei Mingxuan Shen Weiyin Fei Xuerong Mao

Deep learning based recommender system using cross convolutional filters.

Seungyeon Lee Dohyun Kim

One-step multi-view spectral clustering with cluster label correlation graph.

S. El Hajjar Fadi Dornaika Fahed Abdallah

AttrE2vec: Unsupervised attributed edge representation learning.

Piotr Bielak Tomasz Kajdanowicz Nitesh V. Chawla

Finite-time event-triggered output feedback H∞ control for nonlinear systems via interval type-2 Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy systems.

Wenting Song Xiaomei Li Shaocheng Tong

Curvature graph neural network.

Haifeng Li Jun Cao Jiawei Zhu Yu Liu Qing Zhu Guohua Wu

A new efficient hierarchical multi-secret sharing scheme based on linear homogeneous recurrence relations.

Jiangtao Yuan Jing Yang Chenyu Wang Xingxing Jia Fang-Wei Fu Guoai Xu

A differentially private nonnegative matrix factorization for recommender system.

Xun Ran Yong Wang Leo Yu Zhang Jun Ma

An image encryption algorithm based on new generalized fusion fractal structure.

Musheer Ahmad Shafali Agarwal Ahmed Alkhayyat Adi Alhudhaif Fayadh Alenezi Amjad Hussain Zahid Nojood O. Aljehane