Volume 593, May 2022
Modeling information diffusion in social networks with ordinary linear differential equations.

Hong Tuyet Tu Tuoi T. Phan Khu Phi Nguyen

Feature reduction for imbalanced data classification using similarity-based feature clustering with adaptive weighted K-nearest neighbors.

Lin Sun Jiuxiao Zhang Weiping Ding Jiucheng Xu

H∞ observer design for networked Hamiltonian systems with sensor saturations and missing measurements.

Weiwei Sun Zidong Wang Xinyu Lv Fuad E. Alsaadi Hongjian Liu

A landscape and implementation framework for probabilistic rough sets using ProbLog.

Patrick Doherty Andrzej Szalas

MAUIL: Multilevel attribute embedding for semisupervised user identity linkage.

Baiyang Chen Xiaoliang Chen

Efficient time-interval augmented spatial keyword queries on road networks.

Changyin Luo Pengfei Wang Yanhong Li Bolong Zheng Guohui Li

Using a small number of training instances in genetic programming for face image classification.

Ying Bi Bing Xue Mengjie Zhang

Simultaneous multi-graph learning and clustering for multiview data.

Xuanlong Ma Xueming Yan Jingfa Liu Guo Zhong

Feature-specific mutual information variation for multi-label feature selection.

Liang Hu Lingbo Gao Yonghao Li Ping Zhang Wanfu Gao

Intelligent multiframe detection aided by Doppler information and a deep neural network.

Chang Gao Junkun Yan Xiaojun Peng Bo Chen Hong-Wei Liu

Component-based dynamic event-triggered control for nonlinear singularly perturbed systems: A gain-scheduling method.

Hailing Wang Jun Cheng Huaicheng Yan Kaibo Shi Wenhai Qi

Bivariate polynomial-based secret sharing schemes with secure secret reconstruction.

Jian Ding Pinhui Ke Changlu Lin Huaxiong Wang

FTAP: Feature transferring autonomous machine learning pipeline.

Xing Wu Cheng Chen Pan Li Mingyu Zhong Jianjia Wang Quan Qian Peng Ding Junfeng Yao Yike Guo

MLTF: Model less time-series forecasting.

Subhrajit Samanta P. K. S. Prakash Srinivas Chilukuri

Diagnosability of fault patterns with labeled stochastic Petri nets.

Dimitri Lefebvre Christoforos N. Hadjicostis

What to expect from a set of itemsets?

Thomas Delacroix Philippe Lenca Stéphane Lallich

Three-learning strategy particle swarm algorithm for global optimization problems.

Xinming Zhang Qiuying Lin

Complementary set encryption for privacy-preserving data consolidation.

Ni Li Zhenhua Chen Jingjing Nie Xingbing Fu Xingxing Jia

Comprehensive fuzzy concept-oriented three-way decision and its application.

Xiangbin Liu Wang Mao Jianhua Dai Kai Zhang

AdaBoost-based transfer learning with privileged information.

Bo Liu Laiwang Liu Yanshan Xiao Changdong Liu Xiaodong Chen Weibin Li

Knowledge graph embedding by logical-default attention graph convolution neural network for link prediction.

Jiarui Zhang Jian Huang Jialong Gao Runhai Han Cong Zhou

αβ-GAN: Robust generative adversarial networks.

Aurele Tohokantche Gnanha Wenming Cao Xudong Mao Si Wu Hau-San Wong Qing Li

Predictive case-based feature importance and interaction.

Sejong Oh

A novel image encryption scheme based on pseudo-random coupled map lattices with hybrid elementary cellular automata.

Youheng Dong Geng Zhao Yingjie Ma Zhou Pan Rui Wu

An improved type-reduction algorithm for general type-2 fuzzy sets.

Li Wu Fucai Qian Lingzhi Wang Xuehui Ma

Hybrid offline and online task planning for service robot using object-level semantic map and probabilistic inference.

Zhongli Wang Guohui Tian

A novel method for reducing arrhythmia classification from 12-lead ECG signals to single-lead ECG with minimal loss of accuracy through teacher-student knowledge distillation.

Majid Sepahvand Fardin Abdali Mohammadi

Biased opinion dynamics: when the devil is in the details.

Aris Anagnostopoulos Luca Becchetti Emilio Cruciani Francesco Pasquale Sara Rizzo

Event-triggered fault detection for Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy systems via an improved matching membership function approach.

Xiao-Lei Wang Li-Ying Hao

A relationship-aligned transfer learning algorithm for time series forecasting.

Rui Ye Qun Dai

Explanation guided cross-modal social image clustering.

Xiaoqiang Yan Yiqiao Mao Yangdong Ye Hui Yu Fei-Yue Wang