Volume 594, May 2022
Predict-then-optimize or predict-and-optimize? An empirical evaluation of cost-sensitive learning strategies.

Toon Vanderschueren Tim Verdonck Bart Baesens Wouter Verbeke

An optimization model for a sustainable and socially beneficial four-stage supply chain.

Pankaj Gupta Mukesh Kumar Mehlawat Usha Aggarwal Ahmad Zaman Khan

The power of synchronizing rules in membrane computing.

Bogdan Aman Gabriel Ciobanu

Three-way conflict analysis based on alliance and conflict functions.

Junfang Luo Mengjun Hu Guangming Lang Xin Yang Keyun Qin

A fast algorithm to solve large-scale matrix games based on dimensionality reduction and its application in multiple unmanned combat air vehicles attack-defense decision-making.

Shouyi Li Mou Chen Yuhui Wang Qingxian Wu

A dynamical spatial-temporal graph neural network for traffic demand prediction.

Feihu Huang Peiyu Yi Jince Wang Mengshi Li Jian Peng Xi Xiong

A Broyden-based algorithm for multi-objective local-search optimization.

Salvador Botello-Aceves S. Ivvan Valdez Arturo Hernández Aguirre

Revocable identity-based fully homomorphic signature scheme with signing key exposure resistance.

Congge Xie Jian Weng Dehua Zhou

BESS: Balanced evolutionary semi-stacking for disease detection using partially labeled imbalanced data.

Zhihan Ning Ziqing Ye Zhixing Jiang David Zhang

Fuzzy modeling of desired chaotic behavior in secure communication systems.

Kanan Babanli Rana Ortaç-Kabaoglu

Weak multi-label learning with missing labels via instance granular discrimination.

Anhui Tan Xiaowan Ji Jiye Liang Yuzhi Tao Wei-Zhi Wu Witold Pedrycz

∊-Kernel-free soft quadratic surface support vector regression.

Junyou Ye Zhixia Yang Mengping Ma Yulan Wang Xiaomei Yang

Efficient methods with polynomial complexity to determine the reversibility of general 1D linear cellular automata over Zp.

Xinyu Du Chao Wang Tianze Wang Zeyu Gao

Video Domain Adaptation based on Optimal Transport in Grassmann Manifolds.

Tianhang Long Yanfeng Sun Junbin Gao Yongli Hu Baocai Yin

FHRGAN: Generative adversarial networks for synthetic fetal heart rate signal generation in low-resource settings.

Yefei Zhang Zhidong Zhao Yanjun Deng Xiaohong Zhang

Sentiment mutation and negative emotion contagion dynamics in social media: A case study on the Chinese Sina Microblog.

Fulian Yin Xinyu Xia Yanyan Pan Yuwei She Xiaoli Feng Jianhong Wu

Robust echo state network with sparse online learning.

Cuili Yang Kaizhe Nie Junfei Qiao Danlei Wang

Improved evolutionary-based feature selection technique using extension of knowledge based on the rough approximations.

Mohamed E. Abd Elaziz Hassan M. Abu-Donia Rodyna A. Hosny Saeed L. Hazae Rehab Ali Ibrahim

A fuzzy partition-based method to classify social messages assessing their emotional relevance.

Barbara Cardone Ferdinando Di Martino Sabrina Senatore

Dynamic event-triggered security control and fault detection for nonlinear systems with quantization and deception attack.

Zhaoke Ning Tong Wang Kai Zhang

Global and local attention-based multi-label learning with missing labels.

Yusheng Cheng Kun Qian Fan Min

An ensemble of a boosted hybrid of deep learning models and technical analysis for forecasting stock prices.

Amadu Fullah Kamara Enhong Chen Zhen Pan