Volume 122, December 2021
TCEP: Transitions in operator placement to adapt to dynamic network environments.

Manisha Luthra Boris Koldehofe Niels Danger Pascal Weisenburger Guido Salvaneschi Ioannis Stavrakakis

Polynomial time approximation schemes for clustering in low highway dimension graphs.

Andreas Emil Feldmann David Saulpic

An efficiently computable characterization of stability and instability for linear cellular automata.

Alberto Dennunzio Enrico Formenti Darij Grinberg Luciano Margara

The Hairy Ball problem is PPAD-complete.

Paul W. Goldberg Alexandros Hollender

On injectivity of quantum finite automata.

Paul C. Bell Mika Hirvensalo

Exploration of dynamic networks: Tight bounds on the number of agents.

Tsuyoshi Gotoh Paola Flocchini Toshimitsu Masuzawa Nicola Santoro