Volume 126, June 2022
Complexity of fixed point counting problems in Boolean networks.

Florian Bridoux Amélia Durbec Kévin Perrot Adrien Richard

A secure searchable encryption scheme for cloud using hash-based indexing.

Nitish Andola Sourabh Prakash Vijay Kumar Yadav Raghav S. Venkatesan Shekhar Verma

Multistage knapsack.

Evripidis Bampis Bruno Escoffier Alexandre Teiller

Medians in median graphs and their cube complexes in linear time.

Laurine Bénéteau Jérémie Chalopin Victor Chepoi Yann Vaxès

Preprocessing vertex-deletion problems: Characterizing graph properties by low-rank adjacencies.

Bart M. P. Jansen Jari J. H. de Kroon

A constant-factor approximation for directed latency in quasi-polynomial time.

Zachary Friggstad Chaitanya Swamy

Length-bounded cuts: Proper interval graphs and structural parameters.

Matthias Bentert Klaus Heeger Dusan Knop

Latency, capacity, and distributed minimum spanning trees.

John Augustine Seth Gilbert Fabian Kuhn Peter Robinson Suman Sourav