Volume 66, Number 12, December 2020
Comment on "Newsvendor Demand Chasing Revisited".

Samuel N. Kirshner Brent B. Moritz

Updating Accounting Systems: Longitudinal Evidence from the Healthcare Sector.

Eva Labro Lorien Stice-Lawrence

Financial Reporting for Pollution Reduction Programs.

Yonca Ertimur Jennifer Francis Amanda Gonzales Katherine Schipper

Do Noisy Stock Prices Impede Real Efficiency?

Steven Chong Xiao

Spanning Tests for Assets with Option-Like Payoffs: The Case of Hedge Funds.

Paul Karehnke Frans de Roon

Do Bond Issuers Shop for Favorable Credit Ratings?

Mathias Kronlund

Competition and Pay Inequality Within and Between Firms.

Claudine Gartenberg Julie Wulf

Forum Size and Content Contribution per Person: A Field Experiment.

Jiye Baek Jesse Shore

A Dynamic Model of Rational Addiction with Stockpiling and Learning: An Empirical Examination of E-cigarettes.

Jialie Chen Vithala R. Rao

Exploration in Teams and the Encouragement Effect: Theory and Experimental Evidence.

Emma von Essen Marieke Huysentruyt Topi Miettinen

Impatience and Time Inconsistency in Discounting Models.

Haewon Yoon

Network Trust and Trust Behaviors Among Executives in Supply Chain Interactions.

Emily W. Choi Özalp Özer Yanchong Zheng

Managing Market Thickness in Online Business-to-Business Markets.

Kostas Bimpikis Wedad J. Elmaghraby Ken Moon Wenchang Zhang

When and Why Consumers "Accidentally" Endanger Their Products.

Yaniv Shani Gil Appel Shai Danziger Ron Shachar

Decomposing Dynamic Risks into Risk Components.

Katja Schilling Daniel Bauer Marcus C. Christiansen Alexander Kling

Bias-Variance Trade-Off and Shrinkage of Weights in Forecast Combination.

Sebastian M. Blanc Thomas Setzer

Everything in Moderation: Foundations and Applications of the Satiation Model.

Manel Baucells Lin Zhao

Collusive Investments in Technological Compatibility: Lessons from U.S. Railroads in the Late 19th Century.

Daniel P. Gross

Product-Line Design in the Presence of Consumers' Anticipated Regret.

Tianxin Zou Bo Zhou Baojun Jiang

Supply Chain Competition: A Market Game Approach.

C. Gizem Korpeoglu Ersin Körpeoglu Soo-Haeng Cho

A Tangled Tale of Training and Talent: PhDs in Institutional Asset Management.

Ranadeb Chaudhuri Zoran Ivkovic Joshua Pollet Charles Trzcinka

Copy Trading.

Jose Apesteguia Jörg Oechssler Simon Weidenholzer

Platform Competition with Multihoming on Both Sides: Subsidize or Not?

Yannis Bakos Hanna Halaburda

Maximizing Intervention Effectiveness.

Vishal Gupta Brian Rongqing Han Song-Hee Kim Hyung Paek

Consumer Return Policies in Omnichannel Operations.

Leela Nageswaran Soo-Haeng Cho Alan Scheller-Wolf

Where the Heart Is: Information Production and the Home Bias.

Jess Cornaggia Kimberly J. Cornaggia Ryan D. Israelsen

Style and Skill: Hedge Funds, Mutual Funds, and Momentum.

Mark Grinblatt Gergana Jostova Lubomir Petrasek Alexander Philipov

The Effect of Patent Protection on Inventor Mobility.

Eduardo Melero Neus Palomeras David Wehrheim

Volume 66, Number 11, November 2020
Calculative Trust and Interfirm Contracts.

Anjana Susarla Martin Holzhacker Ranjani Krishnan

Board Expertise and Executive Incentives.

Xiaojing Meng Jie Joyce Tian

The Role of Taxes in the Disconnect Between Corporate Performance and Economic Growth.

Urooj Khan Suresh Nallareddy Ethan Rouen

Newsvendor Decisions with Two-Sided Learning.

Yiangos Papanastasiou

A Primal-Dual Approach to Analyzing ATO Systems.

Levi DeValve Sasa Pekec Yehua Wei

Temporal Distance and Price Responsiveness: Empirical Investigation of the Cruise Industry.

Mingyu Joo Dinesh K. Gauri Kenneth C. Wilbur

Dynamic Matching in School Choice: Efficient Seat Reassignment After Late Cancellations.

Itai Feigenbaum Yash Kanoria Irene Lo Jay Sethuraman

Investment Decisions and Negative Interest Rates.

Anat Bracha

Wage Transparency and Social Comparison in Sales Force Compensation.

Xiaoyang Long Javad Nasiry

Shareholder Wealth Effects of Modern Slavery Regulation.

Paul Cousins Marie Dutordoir Benn Lawson Joao Quariguasi Frota Neto

The Value of Sharing Intermittent Spectrum.

Randall Berry Michael L. Honig Thành Nguyen Vijay G. Subramanian Rakesh Vohra

Bank Networks and Acquisitions.

Ross Levine Chen Lin Zigan Wang

Family Business Group Expansion Through IPOs: The Role of Internal Capital Markets in Financing Growth While Preserving Control.

Ronald W. Masulis Peter K. Pham Jason Zein

Field Experiment on the Profit Implications of Merchants' Discretionary Power to Override Data-Driven Decision-Making Tools.

Saravanan Kesavan Tarun Kushwaha

The Role of Decision Support Systems in Attenuating Racial Biases in Healthcare Delivery.

Kartik K. Ganju Hilal Atasoy Jeffery McCullough Brad Greenwood

Admission Control Biases in Hospital Unit Capacity Management: How Occupancy Information Hurdles and Decision Noise Impact Utilization.

Song-Hee Kim Jordan D. Tong Carol Peden

Information Disclosure in Contests with Endogenous Entry: An Experiment.

Luke Boosey Philip Brookins Dmitry Ryvkin

Dynamic Inventory Control with Stockout Substitution and Demand Learning.

Boxiao Chen Xiuli Chao

Contracting with Word-of-Mouth Management.

Yuichiro Kamada Aniko Öry

A Behavioral Characterization of the Drift Diffusion Model and Its Multialternative Extension for Choice Under Time Pressure.

Carlo Baldassi Simone Cerreia-Vioglio Fabio Maccheroni Massimo Marinacci Marco Pirazzini

Do You Mind Me Paying Less? Measuring Other-Regarding Preferences in the Market for Taxis.

Brit Grosskopf Graeme Pearce

Ad Networks and Consumer Tracking.

Anna D'Annunzio Antonio Russo

Casting Conference Calls.

Lauren Cohen Dong Lou Christopher J. Malloy

Flexibility and Reputation in Repeated Prisoner's Dilemma Games.

Dorothée Honhon Kyle Hyndman

Rethinking Crowdfunding Platform Design: Mechanisms to Deter Misconduct and Improve Efficiency.

Elena Belavina Simone Marinesi Gerry Tsoukalas

Persuasion Through Selective Disclosure: Implications for Marketing, Campaigning, and Privacy Regulation.

Florian Hoffmann Roman Inderst Marco Ottaviani

The Implied Truth Effect: Attaching Warnings to a Subset of Fake News Headlines Increases Perceived Accuracy of Headlines Without Warnings.

Gordon Pennycook Adam Bear Evan T. Collins David G. Rand

Feature-Based Dynamic Pricing.

Maxime C. Cohen Ilan Lobel Renato Paes Leme

Volume 66, Number 10, October 2020
The Behavioral Promise and Pitfalls in Compensating Store Managers.

Shan Li Kay-Yut Chen Ying Rong

Equity Contracts and Incentive Design in Start-Up Teams.

Evgeny Kagan Stephen Leider William S. Lovejoy

The Tension Between Worker Safety and Organization Survival.

Mark Pagell Mary Parkinson Anthony Veltri John Gray Frank Wiengarten Michalis Louis Brian Fynes

The Interplay Between Obfuscation and Prominence in Price Comparison Platforms.

Samir Mamadehussene

Earmarking Donations to Charity: Cross-cultural Evidence on Its Appeal to Donors Across 25 Countries.

Christoph Fuchs Martijn G. de Jong Martin Schreier

What Motivates Innovative Entrepreneurs? Evidence from a Global Field Experiment.

Jorge Guzman Jean Joohyun Oh Ananya Sen

Intertemporal Demand Spillover Effects on Video Game Platforms.

Avery M. Haviv Yufeng Huang Nan Li

Interfirm Exchange and Innovation in Platform Ecosystems: Evidence from Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference.

Jens Förderer

The Theory and Practice of Investor Relations: A Global Perspective.

G. Andrew Karolyi Dawoon Kim Rose Liao

Capital Gains Overhang with a Dynamic Reference Point.

Christopher Riley Barbara Summers Darren Duxbury

The Political Economy of Labor Employment Decisions: Evidence from China.

Zhaoyang Gu Song Tang Donghui Wu

The Uncertain Value of Uncertainty: When Consumers Are Unwilling to Pay for What They Like.

Alice Moon Leif D. Nelson

Online Demand Fulfillment Under Limited Flexibility.

Zhen Xu Hailun Zhang Rachel Q. Zhang

Efficient Inaccuracy: User-Generated Information Sharing in a Queue.

Jianfu Wang Ming Hu

Fractional Degree Stochastic Dominance.

Rachel J. Huang Larry Y. Tzeng Lin Zhao

Warning Against Recurring Risks: An Information Design Approach.

Saed Alizamir Francis de Véricourt Shouqiang Wang

Fractional Equity, Blockchain, and the Future of Creative Work.

Amy Whitaker Roman Kräussl

How Fast Should Trades Settle?

Mariana Khapko Marius Zoican

How Big-4 Firms Improve Audit Quality.

Limei Che Ole-Kristian Hope John Christian Langli

Short-Term Investors, Long-Term Investments, and Firm Value: Evidence from Russell 2000 Index Inclusions.

Martijn Cremers Ankur Pareek Zacharias Sautner

Discontinuous Demand Functions: Estimation and Pricing.

Arnoud V. den Boer N. Bora Keskin

At Your Service on the Table: Impact of Tabletop Technology on Restaurant Performance.

Tom Fangyun Tan Serguei Netessine

Near-Optimal A-B Testing.

Nikhil Bhat Vivek F. Farias Ciamac C. Moallemi Deeksha Sinha

Pollution and Performance: Do Investors Make Worse Trades on Hazy Days?

Jiekun Huang Nianhang Xu Honghai Yu

Marketing Agencies and Collusive Bidding in Online Ad Auctions.

Francesco Decarolis Maris Goldmanis Antonio Penta

Prior-Independent Optimal Auctions.

Amine Allouah Omar Besbes

Task Selection and Workload: A Focus on Completing Easy Tasks Hurts Performance.

Diwas Singh KC Bradley R. Staats Maryam Kouchaki Francesca Gino

On the Financing Benefits of Supply Chain Transparency and Blockchain Adoption.

Jiri Chod Nikolaos Trichakis Gerry Tsoukalas Henry Aspegren Mark Weber

On the Role of Group Size in Tournaments: Theory and Evidence from Laboratory and Field Experiments.

John A. List Daan van Soest Jan Stoop Haiwen Zhou

Volume 66, Number 9, September 2020
Influence Activities, Coalitions, and Uniform Policies: Implications for the Regulation of Financial Institutions.

Henry L. Friedman Mirko S. Heinle

Analysts' Beauty and Performance.

Ying Cao Feng Guan Zengquan Li Yong George Yang

Capital Budgeting and Risk Taking Under Credit Constraints.

Felipe S. Iachan

Growth Options and Credit Risk.

Andrea Gamba Alessio Saretto

Cascading Losses in Reinsurance Networks.

Ariah Klages-Mundt Andreea Minca

Sequential Learning in Designing Marketing Campaigns for Market Entry.

Somayeh Moazeni Boris Defourny Monika J. Wilczak

Inflexible Repositioning: Commitment in Competition and Uncertainty.

Jiajia Cong Wen Zhou

Pollution Regulation of Competitive Markets.

Krishnan S. Anand François C. Giraud-Carrier

Differentiation Strategies in the Adoption of Environmental Standards: LEED from 2000 to 2014.

Marc Rysman Timothy Simcoe Yanfei Wang

Owning, Using, and Renting: Some Simple Economics of the "Sharing Economy".

Apostolos Filippas John J. Horton Richard J. Zeckhauser

Ties That Bind: The Value of Professional Connections to Sell-Side Analysts.

Daniel Bradley Sinan Gokkaya Xi Liu

Not in the Job Description: The Commercial Activities of Academic Scientists and Engineers.

Wesley M. Cohen Henry Sauermann Paula E. Stephan

Customer Supercharging in Experience-Centric Channels.

David R. Bell Santiago Gallino Antonio Moreno

A Structural Estimation Approach to Study Agent Attrition.

Seyed Morteza Emadi Bradley R. Staats

Steering in Online Markets: The Role of Platform Incentives and Credibility.

Moshe A. Barach Joseph M. Golden John J. Horton

Analyst Forecast Bundling.

Michael Drake Peter Joos Joseph Pacelli Brady Twedt

Competitive Personalized Pricing.

Zhijun Chen Chongwoo Choe Noriaki Matsushima

What Drives Risk Perception? A Global Survey with Financial Professionals and Laypeople.

Felix Holzmeister Jürgen Huber Michael Kirchler Florian Lindner Utz Weitzel Stefan Zeisberger

Timing of Auctions of Real Options.

Lin William Cong

Consumption and Portfolio Choice Under Loss Aversion and Endogenous Updating of the Reference Level.

Servaas van Bilsen Roger J. A. Laeven Theo E. Nijman

Why Do Option Prices Predict Stock Returns? The Role of Price Pressure in the Stock Market.

Luis Goncalves-Pinto Bruce D. Grundy Allaudeen Hameed Thijs van der Heijden Yichao Zhu

Value of High-Quality Logistics: Evidence from a Clash Between SF Express and Alibaba.

Ruomeng Cui Meng Li Qiang Li

Stock or Print? Impact of 3-D Printing on Spare Parts Logistics.

Jing-Sheng Song Yue Zhang

Token-Weighted Crowdsourcing.

Gerry Tsoukalas Brett Hemenway Falk

Capacity Pooling in Hospitals: The Hidden Consequences of Off-Service Placement.

Hummy Song Anita L. Tucker Ryan Graue Sarah Moravick Julius J. Yang

Bike-Share Systems: Accessibility and Availability.

Ashish Kabra Elena Belavina Karan Girotra

From the Editor: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Management Science.

David Simchi-Levi

Volume 66, Number 8, August 2020
Auditors' Liability to Lenders and Auditor Conservatism.

Pei-Cheng Liao Suresh Radhakrishnan

The Effect of Reporting Streaks on Ex Ante Uncertainty.

Thaddeus Neururer George Papadakis Edward J. Riedl

The Future Ambiguity Effect: How Narrow Payoff Ranges Increase Future Payoff Appeal.

Yuanyuan Liu Timothy B. Heath Ayse Öncüler

Risk-Based Loan Pricing: Portfolio Optimization Approach with Marginal Risk Contribution.

So Yeon Chun Miguel A. Lejeune

Anticipatory Consumptions.

Liang Guo

Informational Complementarity.

T. Tony Ke Song Lin

The Friday Effect: Firm Lobbying, the Timing of Drug Safety Alerts, and Drug Side Effects.

Luis Diestre Benjamin Barber IV Juan Santaló

Optimizing for Distributional Goals in School Choice Problems.

Aaron L. Bodoh-Creed

A Conditional Gradient Approach for Nonparametric Estimation of Mixing Distributions.

Srikanth Jagabathula Lakshminarayanan Subramanian Ashwin Venkataraman

Position Ranking and Auctions for Online Marketplaces.

Leon Yang Chu Hamid Nazerzadeh Heng Zhang

Contagion in Derivatives Markets.

Mark E. Paddrik Sriram Rajan H. Peyton Young

Swing Pricing for Mutual Funds: Breaking the Feedback Loop Between Fire Sales and Fund Redemptions.

Agostino Capponi Paul Glasserman Marko H. Weber

Crowdfunding, Financing Constraints, and Real Effects.

Praveen Kumar Nisan Langberg David Zvilichovsky

Is Market Timing Good for Shareholders?

Ilona Babenko Yuri Tserlukevich Pengcheng Wan

Redesigning the Market for Volunteers: A Donor Registry.

Stephanie A. Heger Robert L. Slonim Ellen Garbarino Carmen Wang Daniel Waller

Constrained Load-Balancing Policies for Parallel Single-Server Queue Systems.

Hung T. Do Masha Shunko

Appointment Scheduling Under Time-Dependent Patient No-Show Behavior.

Qingxia Kong Shan Li Nan Liu Chung-Piaw Teo Zhenzhen Yan


Federico M. Bandi Alexander S. Kolokolov Davide Pirino Roberto Renò

Offsetting Disagreement and Security Prices.

Shiyang Huang Byoung-Hyoun Hwang Dong Lou Chengxi Yin

Bridging Academia and Industry: How Geographic Hubs Connect University Science and Corporate Technology.

Michaël Bikard Matt Marx

Efficiently Evaluating Targeting Policies: Improving on Champion vs. Challenger Experiments.

Duncan Simester Artem Timoshenko Spyros I. Zoumpoulis

Regulatory Spillovers in Common Audit Markets.

Raphael Duguay Michael Minnis Andrew Sutherland

Do Director Networks Matter for Financial Reporting Quality? Evidence from Audit Committee Connectedness and Restatements.

Thomas C. Omer Marjorie K. Shelley Frances M. Tice

How Do Travel Costs Shape Collaboration?

Christian Catalini Christian Fons-Rosen Patrick Gaulé

Robust Stochastic Optimization Made Easy with RSOME.

Zhi Chen Melvyn Sim Peng Xiong

Managing Supplier Social and Environmental Impacts with Voluntary Versus Mandatory Disclosure to Investors.

Basak Kalkanci Erica L. Plambeck

How Stress Affects Performance and Competitiveness Across Gender.

Jana Cahlíková Lubomír Cingl Ian Levely

Volume 66, Number 7, July 2020
Bank Integration and the Market for Corporate Control: Evidence from Cross-State Acquisitions.

Kose John Qianru Qi Jing Wang

Social Structures and Reputation in Expert Review Systems.

Kevin Chung Keehyung Kim Noah Lim

Creating Platforms by Hosting Rivals.

Andrei Hagiu Bruno Jullien Julian Wright

The Effects of a Government's Subsidy Program: Accessibility Beyond Affordability.

Ping Xiao Ruli Xiao Yitian (Sky) Liang Xinlei (Jack) Chen Wei Lu

Dynamic Prudential Regulation.

Ajay Subramanian Baozhong Yang

Preserving Bidder Privacy in Assignment Auctions: Design and Measurement.

De Liu Adib Bagh

That Could Have Been Me: Director Deaths, CEO Mortality Salience, and Corporate Prosocial Behavior.

Guoli Chen Craig Crossland Sterling Huang

Are Online Job Postings Informative to Investors?

Elizabeth Gutiérrez Ben Lourie Alexander Nekrasov Terry Shevlin

The Impact of Sovereign Shocks.

Gerardo Manzo Antonio Picca

Bad Greenwashing, Good Greenwashing: Corporate Social Responsibility and Information Transparency.

Yue Wu Kaifu Zhang Jinhong Xie

Why Won't You Listen to Me? Measuring Receptiveness to Opposing Views.

Julia A. Minson Frances S. Chen Catherine H. Tinsley

Stabilized Benders Methods for Large-Scale Combinatorial Optimization, with Application to Data Privacy.

Daniel Baena Jordi Castro Antonio Frangioni

Index Policies and Performance Bounds for Dynamic Selection Problems.

David B. Brown James E. Smith

Paying to Program? Engineering Brand and High-Tech Wages.

Prasanna Tambe Xuan Ye Peter Cappelli

A Re-Solving Heuristic with Uniformly Bounded Loss for Network Revenue Management.

Pornpawee Bumpensanti He Wang

A Balancing Act of Regulating On-Demand Ride Services.

Jiayi Joey Yu Christopher S. Tang Zuo-Jun Max Shen Xiqun Michael Chen

Collateral, Ease of Repossession, and Leases: Evidence from Antirecharacterization Laws.

Yongqiang Chu

Advance Service Reservations with Heterogeneous Customers.

Clifford Stein Van-Anh Truong Xinshang Wang

Dynamic Attention Behavior Under Return Predictability.

Daniel Andrei Michael Hasler

The Economic Consequences of Audit Firms' Quality Control System Deficiencies.

Daniel Aobdia

The Only Prescription Is Transparency: The Effect of Charge-Price-Transparency Regulation on Healthcare Prices.

Hans B. Christensen Eric Floyd Mark Maffett

Bargaining Process and Channel Efficiency.

Ernan Haruvy Elena Katok Valery Pavlov

Dynamic Assortment Optimization for Reusable Products with Random Usage Durations.

Paat Rusmevichientong Mika Sumida Huseyin Topaloglu

You've Got Mail: A Randomized Field Experiment on Tax Evasion.

Kristina M. Bott Alexander W. Cappelen Erik Ø. Sørensen Bertil Tungodden

Volume 66, Number 6, June 2020
Aging Population, Retirement, and Risk Taking: Reply.

Haim Levy

Comment on "Aging Population, Retirement, and Risk Taking".

Rachel J. Huang Larry Y. Tzeng Jr-Yan Wang Lin Zhao

Comment on "Aging Population, Retirement, and Risk Taking".

Moshe Levy

Payout Policy Trade-Offs and the Rise of 10b5-1 Preset Repurchase Plans.

Alice Bonaimé Jarrad Harford David Moore

The Isolated Choice Effect and Its Implications for Gender Diversity in Organizations.

Edward H. Chang Erika L. Kirgios Aneesh Rai Katherine L. Milkman

Matching and Winning? The Impact of Upper and Middle Managers on Firm Performance in Major League Baseball.

Thomas L. P. R. Peeters Steven Salaga Matthew Juravich

Designing Pricing Strategy for Operational and Technological Transformation.

Vineet Kumar Yacheng Sun

Delegating Pricing Authority to Sales Agents: The Impact of Kickbacks.

Matthias Kräkel Anja Schöttner

Early Disclosure of Invention and Reduced Duplication: An Empirical Test.

Sonja Lück Benjamin Balsmeier Florian Seliger Lee Fleming

On Optimal Auctions for Mixing Exclusive and Shared Matching in Platforms.

Hemant K. Bhargava Gergely Csapó Rudolf Müller

A Mechanism Design Approach to Vendor Managed Inventory.

Bharadwaj Kadiyala Özalp Özer Alain Bensoussan

The Use and Value of Social Information in Selective Selling of Exclusive Products.

Ruslan Momot Elena Belavina Karan Girotra

The Long-term and Spillover Effects of Price Promotions on Retailing Platforms: Evidence from a Large Randomized Experiment on Alibaba.

Dennis J. Zhang Hengchen Dai Lingxiu Dong Fangfang Qi Nannan Zhang Xiaofei Liu Zhongyi Liu Jiang Yang

Do Corporate Social Responsibility Engagements Lead to Real Environmental, Social, and Governance Impact?

Jun Li Di (Andrew) Wu

Heuristic Thinking in Patient Care.

Diwas Singh KC

Teamwork and Individual Productivity.

Karol Flores-Szwagrzak Rafael Treibich

Targeting Prospective Customers: Robustness of Machine-Learning Methods to Typical Data Challenges.

Duncan Simester Artem Timoshenko Spyros I. Zoumpoulis

The Conditional Capital Asset Pricing Model Revisited: Evidence from High-Frequency Betas.

Fabian Hollstein Marcel Prokopczuk Chardin Wese Simen

Distressed Stocks in Distressed Times.

Assaf Eisdorfer Efdal Ulas Misirli

Frenemies in Platform Markets: Heterogeneous Profit Foci as Drivers of Compatibility Decisions.

Ron Adner Jianqing Chen Feng Zhu

Sharing the Revenues from Broadcasting Sport Events.

Gustavo Bergantiños Juan D. Moreno-Ternero

How Scheduling Can Bias Quality Assessment: Evidence from Food-Safety Inspections.

Maria R. Ibanez Michael W. Toffel

Mutual Funds and Mispriced Stocks.

Doron Avramov Si Cheng Allaudeen Hameed

Wolves at the Door: A Closer Look at Hedge Fund Activism.

Yu Ting Forester Wong

Should Hospitals Keep Their Patients Longer? The Role of Inpatient Care in Reducing Postdischarge Mortality.

Ann P. Bartel Carri W. Chan Song-Hee Kim

Teaching Through Television: Experimental Evidence on Entrepreneurship Education in Tanzania.

Kjetil Bjorvatn Alexander W. Cappelen Linda Helgesson Sekei Erik Ø. Sørensen Bertil Tungodden

Design of Lotteries and Wait-Lists for Affordable Housing Allocation.

Nick Arnosti Peng Shi

Volume 66, Number 5, May 2020
Bring a Friend! Privately or Publicly?

Elias Carroni Paolo Pin Simone Righi

Halos and Egos: Rankings and Interspecialty Deference in Multispecialty U.S. Hospitals.

Jerry W. Kim

Integrating Dynamic Pricing with Inventory Decisions Under Lost Sales.

Qi Feng Sirong Luo J. George Shanthikumar

Judgments Based on Stocks and Flows: Different Presentations of the Same Data Can Lead to Opposing Inferences.

Stephen A. Spiller Nicholas Reinholtz Sam J. Maglio

Procurement with Unforeseen Contingencies.

Fabian Herweg Klaus M. Schmidt

Clearing Matching Markets Efficiently: Informative Signals and Match Recommendations.

Itai Ashlagi Mark Braverman Yash Kanoria Peng Shi

Does Piracy Create Online Word of Mouth? An Empirical Analysis in the Movie Industry.

Shijie Lu Xin (Shane) Wang Neil Thomas Bendle

Business Models for Technology-Intensive Supply Chains.

Junghee Lee Viswanathan Vish Krishnan Hyoduk Shin

Detecting Opportunistic Special Items.

Carol Anilowski Cain Kalin S. Kolev Sarah McVay

Debt and Bargaining Outcomes: Evidence from U.S. Hospitals.

Mitch Towner

Channel Auctions.

Eduardo M. Azevedo David M. Pennock Bo Waggoner E. Glen Weyl

Choosing Between Growth and Glory.

Sharon Belenzon Aaron K. Chatterji Brendan Daley

Drug Abuse and the Internet: Evidence from Craigslist.

Jiayi Liu Anandhi Bharadwaj

Data Analytics, Innovation, and Firm Productivity.

Lynn Wu Lorin M. Hitt Bowen Lou

A Behavioral Study on Abandonment Decisions in Multistage Projects.

Xiaoyang Long Javad Nasiry Yaozhong Wu

Default Ambiguity: Credit Default Swaps Create New Systemic Risks in Financial Networks.

Steffen Schuldenzucker Sven Seuken Stefano Battiston

Closing the Gap: A Learning Algorithm for Lost-Sales Inventory Systems with Lead Times.

Huanan Zhang Xiuli Chao Cong Shi

Currency Depreciation and Emerging Market Corporate Distress.

Valentina Bruno Hyun Song Shin

Consumer Search and Automobile Dealer Colocation.

Charles Murry Yiyi Zhou

The Structure of Health Incentives: Evidence from a Field Experiment.

Mariana Carrera Heather Royer Mark Stehr Justin Sydnor

Relational Adaptation Under Reel Authority.

Daniel Barron Robert Gibbons Ricard Gil Kevin J. Murphy

Harnessing the Wisdom of Crowds.

Zhi Da Xing Huang

Fake News Propagation and Detection: A Sequential Model.

Yiangos Papanastasiou

Can Reputation Discipline the Gig Economy? Experimental Evidence from an Online Labor Market.

Alan Benson Aaron Sojourner Akhmed Umyarov

Learning Through Crowdfunding.

Gilles Chemla Katrin Tinn

Volume 66, Number 4, April 2020
Paying for Performance in Private Equity: Evidence from Venture Capital Partnerships.

Niklas Hüther David T. Robinson Sönke Sievers Thomas Hartmann-Wendels

Facilitating Inclusive Global Trade: Evidence from a Field Experiment.

Xiang Hui

Managerial Reliance on the Retail Shareholder Vote: Evidence from Proxy Delivery Methods.

Choonsik Lee Matthew E. Souther

The Effect of Auditing on Promoting Exports: Evidence from Private Firms in Emerging Markets.

C. S. Agnes Cheng Weihang Sun Kangtao Ye Ning Zhang

The Real Effects of Financial Statement Recognition: Evidence from Corporate Credit Ratings.

Riddha Basu James P. Naughton

The Similarity Network of Motion Pictures.

Yanhao Max Wei

Incorporating a "Better" Behavioral Bias for Both Consumers and Firms in Rebate Programs.

Kevin Chung

Information Aggregation and P-Hacking.

Oleg Rytchkov Xun Zhong

Government Spending and Corporate Innovation.

Lei Kong

A New Index of Housing Sentiment.

Lasse Bork Stig V. Møller Thomas Q. Pedersen

Revisiting Approximate Linear Programming: Constraint-Violation Learning with Applications to Inventory Control and Energy Storage.

Qihang Lin Selvaprabu Nadarajah Negar Soheili

Platforms and the Exploration of New Products.

Andrei Hagiu Julian Wright

High-Performance Practice Processes.

Guillaume Roels