Volume 67, Number 12, December 2021
Predictability and the Cross-Section of Expected Returns: A Challenge for Asset Pricing Models.

Christian Schlag Michael Semenischev Julian Thimme

The Unintended Consequences of Headquarters' Involvement in Decentralized Transfer Price Negotiations: Experimental Evidence.

Markus Arnold Florian Elsinger Frederick W. Rankin

Mind the (Convergence) Gap: Bond Predictability Strikes Back!

Andrea Berardi Michael Markovich Alberto Plazzi Andrea Tamoni

The Calendar Effects of the Idiosyncratic Volatility Puzzle: A Tale of Two Days?

Jie Cao Tarun Chordia Xintong Zhan

Financial Industry Affiliation and Hedge Fund Performance.

Lingling Zheng Xuemin (Sterling) Yan

Unspanned Global Macro Risks in Bond Returns.

Feng Zhao Guofu Zhou Xiaoneng Zhu

Justifying Mean-Variance Portfolio Selection when Asset Returns Are Skewed.

Frank Schuhmacher Hendrik Kohrs Benjamin R. Auer

Dark Trading and Post-Earnings-Announcement Drift.

Jacob Thomas Frank Zhang Wei Zhu

Organizational Form and Trade Liberalization: Plant-Level Evidence.

John (Jianqiu) Bai

Stochastic Bounds for Reference Sets in Portfolio Analysis.

Stelios Arvanitis Thierry Post Nikolas Topaloglou

Partial Unraveling and Strategic Contract Timing.

Liang Guo

SRPT Scheduling Discipline in Many-Server Queues with Impatient Customers.

Jing Dong Rouba Ibrahim

Employee Responses to Compensation Changes: Evidence from a Sales Firm.

Jason Sandvik Richard Saouma Nathan Seegert Christopher Stanton

Destigmatization and Its Imbalanced Effects in Labor Markets.

Giacomo Negro Melissa J. Williams Elizabeth G. Pontikes Gabrielle Lopiano

Consistent Allocation of Emission Responsibility in Fossil Fuel Supply Chains.

Sanjith Gopalakrishnan Daniel Granot Frieda Granot

If It Is Surely Better, Do It More? Implications for Preferences Under Ambiguity.

Soheil Ghili Peter Klibanoff

Bias, Information, Noise: The BIN Model of Forecasting.

Ville Satopää Marat Salikhov Philip E. Tetlock Barbara A. Mellers

Efficient Estimation of Network Games of Incomplete Information: Application to Large Online Social Networks.

Xi Chen Ralf van der Lans Michael Trusov

Sponsored Content Advertising in a Two-Sided Market.

Prabirendra Chatterjee Bo Zhou

Conflict of Interest in Third-Party Reviews: An Experimental Study.

Sung H. Ham Ingrid Koch Noah Lim Jiabin Wu

Increased Transparency in Procurement: The Role of Peer Effects.

Ruth Beer Ignacio Rios Daniela Sabán

Enhancing Regulatory Decision Making for Postmarket Drug Safety.

Vishal Ahuja Carlos A. Alvarez John R. Birge Chad Syverson

Reviews and Self-Selection Bias with Operational Implications.

Ningyuan Chen Anran Li Kalyan T. Talluri

Cater to Thy Client: Analyst Responsiveness to Institutional Investor Attention.

Peng-Chia Chiu Ben Lourie Alexander Nekrasov Siew Hong Teoh

Stability in Matching Markets with Complex Constraints.

Hai Nguyen Thành Nguyen Alexander Teytelboym

The Reference Effect of Delay Announcements: A Field Experiment.

Qiuping Yu Gad Allon Achal Bassamboo

Interest Rate Volatility and No-Arbitrage Affine Term Structure Models.

Scott Joslin Anh Le

Roadblock to Innovation: The Role of Patent Litigation in Corporate R&D.

Filippo Mezzanotti

The Interplay Between Online Reviews and Physician Demand: An Empirical Investigation.

Yuqian Xu Mor Armony Anindya Ghose

Do People Understand the Benefit of Diversification?

Nicholas Reinholtz Philip M. Fernbach Bart de Langhe

Building a Productive Workforce: The Role of Structured Management Practices.

Christopher Cornwell Ian M. Schmutte Daniela Scur

Stimulating Consumption at Low Budget: Evidence from a Large-Scale Policy Experiment Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Qiao Liu Qiaowei Shen Zhenghua Li Shu Chen

Volume 67, Number 11, November 2021
Global Equity Correlation in International Markets.

Joon Woo Bae Redouane Elkamhi

Policy Uncertainty and Innovation: Evidence from Initial Public Offering Interventions in China.

Lin William Cong Sabrina T. Howell

Financial Reporting and Entrepreneurial Finance: Evidence from Equity Crowdfunding.

John Donovan

"Stiff Business Headwinds and Uncharted Economic Waters": The Use of Euphemisms in Earnings Conference Calls.

Kate Suslava

Disaggregated Sales and Stock Returns.

Sumit Agarwal Wenlan Qian Xin Zou

Newspaper Censorship in China: Evidence from Tunneling Scandals.

Ole-Kristian Hope Yi Li Qiliang Liu Han Wu

Inverse Optimization of Convex Risk Functions.

Jonathan Yu-Meng Li

Social Learning and Solar Photovoltaic Adoption.

Kenneth T. Gillingham Bryan K. Bollinger

Compensating Online Content Producers: A Theoretical Analysis.

Sanjay Jain Kun Qian

The Comprehensive Effects of Sales Force Management: A Dynamic Structural Analysis of Selection, Compensation, and Training.

Doug J. Chung Byungyeon Kim Byoung G. Park

Ratings, Reviews, and the Marketing of New Products.

Itay P. Fainmesser Dominique Olié Lauga Elie Ofek

Performance Pay and Prior Learning - Evidence from a Retail Chain.

Kathrin Manthei Dirk Sliwka Timo Vogelsang

Why Join a Team?

David J. Cooper Krista Saral Marie-Claire Villeval

The Effect of Peer Gender on Major Choice in Business School.

Ulf Zölitz Jan Feld

An Experimental Comparison of Two Exchange Economies: Long-Lived Asset vs. Short-Lived Asset.

Enrica Carbone John Hey Tibor Neugebauer

Prior Beliefs and Ambiguity Attitudes in Decision from Experience.

Ilke Aydogan

The Order-Dependent Luce Model.

Gerelt Tserenjigmid

Revisiting Ellsberg's and Machina's Paradoxes: A Two-Stage Evaluation Model Under Ambiguity.

Ying He

Follow My Lead: Assertive Cheap Talk and the Gender Gap.

Shanthi Manian Ketki Sheth

Optimal Growth in Two-Sided Markets.

Zhen Lian Garrett J. van Ryzin

The Value and Cost of Crop Minimum Support Price: Farmer and Consumer Welfare and Implementation Cost.

Prashant Chintapalli Christopher S. Tang

Supply Chains and Antitrust Governance.

Nitish Jain Sameer Hasija Serguei Netessine

A Model of Queue Scalping.

Luyi Yang Zhongbin Wang Shiliang Cui

Leasing, Modularity, and the Circular Economy.

Vishal V. Agrawal Atalay Atasu Sezer Ülkü

Call to Duty: Just-in-Time Scheduling in a Restaurant Chain.

Masoud Kamalahmadi Qiuping Yu Yong-Pin Zhou

Seeding the Herd: Pricing and Welfare Effects of Social Learning Manipulation.

Li Chen Yiangos Papanastasiou

Net-Metered Distributed Renewable Energy: A Peril for Utilities?

Nur Sunar Jayashankar M. Swaminathan

Experimenting in Equilibrium.

Stefan Wager Kuang Xu

Why Perfect Tests May Not Be Worth Waiting For: Information as a Commodity.

Kimon Drakopoulos Ramandeep S. Randhawa

Discriminatory Pricing of Over-the-Counter Derivatives.

Harald Hau Peter Hoffmann Sam Langfield Yannick Timmer

The Granular Nature of Large Institutional Investors.

Itzhak Ben-David Francesco Franzoni Rabih Moussawi John Sedunov

Volume 67, Number 10, October 2021
Top Management Team Power in China: Measurement and Validation.

Bin Ke Xinshu Mao Bin Wang Luo Zuo

The Optimality of Call Provision Terms.

Eric Powers

The Price Effect of Stock Repurchases: Evidence from Dual Class Firms.

Leonce Bargeron Michael Farrell

Bounded Rationality in Strategic Decisions: Undershooting in a Resource Pool-Choice Dilemma.

Christopher K. Hsee Ying Zeng Xilin Li Alex Imas

A Toolkit for Robust Risk Assessment Using F-Divergences.

Thomas Kruse Judith C. Schneider Nikolaus Schweizer

On the Learning Benefits of Resource Flexibility.

Jiri Chod Mihalis G. Markakis Nikolaos Trichakis

Does Competition Improve Service Quality? The Case of Nursing Homes Where Public and Private Payers Coexist.

Susan Feng Lu Konstantinos Serfes Gerard J. Wedig Bingxiao Wu

Knowledge Accumulation, Privacy, and Growth in a Data Economy.

Lin William Cong Danxia Xie Longtian Zhang

Inventory in Times of War.

Andres F. Jola-Sanchez Juan Camilo Serpa

The Wisdom of the Crowd When Acquiring Information Is Costly.

Jacob Glazer Ilan Kremer Motty Perry

Extrapolation Bias and Robust Dynamic Liquidity Management.

Seokwoo Lee Alejandro Rivera

Directors' Perceptions of Board Effectiveness and Internal Operations.

J. Yo-Jud Cheng Boris Groysberg Paul Healy Rajesh Vijayaraghavan

Content-Based Model of Web Search Behavior: An Application to TV Show Search.

Jia Liu Olivier Toubia Shawndra Hill

Judgment Aggregation in Creative Production: Evidence from the Movie Industry.

Hong Luo Jeffrey Macher Michael Wahlen

Informing the Public About a Pandemic.

Francis de Véricourt Huseyin Gurkan Shouqiang Wang

Is Charitable Giving a Zero-Sum Game? The Effect of Competition Between Charities on Giving Behavior.

Jan Schmitz

Delegating Innovation Projects with Deadline: Committed vs. Flexible Stopping.

Morvarid Rahmani Karthik Ramachandran

How Do Nascent Social Entrepreneurs Respond to Rewards? A Field Experiment on Motivations in a Grant Competition.

Ina Ganguli Marieke Huysentruyt Chloé Le Coq

Disappointment Aversion, Term Structure, and Predictability Puzzles in Bond Markets.

Patrick Augustin Roméo Tédongap

What Determines the Return to Bribery? Evidence from Corruption Cases Worldwide.

Yan-Leung Cheung P. Raghavendra Rau Aris Stouraitis

Asset Dissemination Through Dealer Markets.

Jean-Edouard Colliard Gabrielle Demange

The Pledging Puzzle: How Can Revocable Promises Increase Charitable Giving?

James Andreoni Marta Serra-Garcia

A Theory of Statistical Inference for Ensuring the Robustness of Scientific Results.

Beau Coker Cynthia Rudin Gary King

The Bullwhip Effect in Supply Networks.

Nikolay Osadchiy William Schmidt Jing Wu

Multimodal Dynamic Pricing.

Yining Wang Boxiao Chen David Simchi-Levi

Gender and Sibling Dynamics in the Intergenerational Transmission of Entrepreneurship.

Elizabeth Mishkin

Marrying Stochastic Gradient Descent with Bandits: Learning Algorithms for Inventory Systems with Fixed Costs.

Hao Yuan Qi Luo Cong Shi

A Supply Chain Theory of Factoring and Reverse Factoring.

Panos Kouvelis Fasheng Xu

The Value of Personalized Pricing.

Adam N. Elmachtoub Vishal Gupta Michael L. Hamilton

Maximizing Sequence-Submodular Functions and Its Application to Online Advertising.

Saeed Alaei Ali Makhdoumi Azarakhsh Malekian

Facilitating the Search for Partners on Matching Platforms.

Yash Kanoria Daniela Sabán

A Theory of ICOs: Diversification, Agency, and Information Asymmetry.

Jiri Chod Evgeny Lyandres

Volume 67, Number 9, September 2021
Promoting Platform Takeoff and Self-Fulfilling Expectations: Field Experimental Evidence.

Kevin J. Boudreau

Shocks to Hospital Occupancy and Mortality: Evidence from the 2009 H1N1 Pandemic.

Emilio Gutierrez Adrian Rubli

The Psychology of Second Guesses: Implications for the Wisdom of the Inner Crowd.

Celia Gaertig Joseph P. Simmons

Cheap Talk on Freelance Platforms.

T. Tony Ke Yuting Zhu

Effects of Income Distribution Changes on Assortment Size in the Mainstream Grocery Channel.

Rafael Becerril-Arreola Randolph E. Bucklin Raphael Thomadsen

Consumer Boycotts, Country of Origin, and Product Competition: Evidence from China's Automobile Market.

Qi Sun Fang Wu Shanjun Li Rajdeep Grewal

Turning the Tables in Research and Development Licensing Contracts.

Niyazi Taneri Pascale Crama

Supplier Encroachment in a Nonexclusive Reselling Channel.

Parshuram S. Hotkar Stephen M. Gilbert

Optimal Team Composition: Diversity to Foster Implicit Team Incentives.

Jonathan Glover Eunhee Kim

Implied Tradeoffs of Chief Financial Officer Accounting Expertise: Evidence from Firm-Manager Matching.

Darren Bernard Weili Ge Dawn Matsumoto Sara Toynbee

Corporate Payout Policy and Credit Risk: Evidence from Credit Default Swap Markets.

Chengzhu Sun Shujing Wang Chu Zhang

Backtesting Marginal Expected Shortfall and Related Systemic Risk Measures.

Denisa Banulescu-Radu Christophe Hurlin Jérémy Leymarie Olivier Scaillet

Incomplete Information and the Liquidity Premium Puzzle.

Yingshan Chen Min Dai Luis Goncalves-Pinto Jing Xu Cheng Yan

Do Individual Investors Trade on Investment-Related Internet Postings?

Manuel Ammann Nic Schaub

Managing Opportunistic Consumer Returns in Retail Operations.

Mehmet Sekip Altug Tolga Aydinliyim Aditya Jain

Designing Context-Based Marketing: Product Recommendations Under Time Pressure.

Kohei Kawaguchi Kosuke Uetake Yasutora Watanabe

Visual Finance: The Pervasive Effects of Red on Investor Behavior.

William J. Bazley Henrik Cronqvist Milica Mormann

Combating the COVID-19 Pandemic: The Role of the SARS Imprint.

Hong Ru Endong Yang Kunru Zou

The Robot Revolution: Managerial and Employment Consequences for Firms.

Jay Dixon Bryan Hong Lynn Wu

External Financing and Customer Capital: A Financial Theory of Markups.

Winston Wei Dou Yan Ji

Personalized Dynamic Pricing with Machine Learning: High-Dimensional Features and Heterogeneous Elasticity.

Gah-Yi Ban N. Bora Keskin

Trials and Terminations: Learning from Competitors' R&D Failures.

Joshua L. Krieger

Enabling Entrepreneurial Choice.

Ajay Agrawal Joshua S. Gans Scott Stern

A Large-Scale Comparative Study of Informal Social Networks in Firms.

Abigail Z. Jacobs Duncan J. Watts

Innovation in the 21st Century: Architectural Change, Purpose, and the Challenges of Our Time.

Rebecca Henderson

Kidney Exchange: An Operations Perspective.

Itai Ashlagi Alvin E. Roth

Integrating Practice into Accounting Research.

Shiva Rajgopal

Organizational Learning Processes and Outcomes: Major Findings and Future Research Directions.

Linda Argote Sunkee Lee Jisoo Park

Revenue Management and the Rise of the Algorithmic Economy.

Ilan Lobel

Reflections on the Evolution of Operations Management.

Stephen C. Graves

Innovations in the Science and Practice of Decision Analysis: The Role of Management Science.

James S. Dyer James E. Smith

Optimization: From Its Inception.

Thomas L. Magnanti

Market Design, Human Behavior, and Management.

Yan Chen Peter Cramton John A. List Axel Ockenfels

Management Science: The Legacy of the Past and Challenge of the Future.

Wallace J. Hopp David Simchi-Levi

Introduction to the Special Section: Management Science's 65th Anniversary.

David Simchi-Levi

Volume 67, Number 8, August 2021
Mortgage Brokers and the Effectiveness of Regulatory Oversights.

Sumit Agarwal Swee Hoon Ang Yongheng Deng Yonglin Wang

Information in the Term Structure: A Forecasting Perspective.

Hitesh Doshi Kris Jacobs Rui Liu

Salience and Mutual Fund Investor Demand for Idiosyncratic Volatility.

Christopher P. Clifford Jon A. Fulkerson Russell Jame Bradford D. Jordan

Tail-Heaviness, Asymmetry, and Profitability Forecasting by Quantile Regression.

Hui Tian Andrew Yim David P. Newton

Asymmetric Reporting Timeliness and Informational Feedback.

Qi Chen Zeqiong Huang Xu Jiang Gaoqing Zhang Yun Zhang

Unfair "Fair Value" in Illiquid Markets: Information Spillover Effects in Times of Crisis.

Alex Dontoh Fayez A. Elayan Joshua Ronen Tavy Ronen

How Pervasive Is Earnings Management? Evidence from a Structural Model.

Jeremy Bertomeu Edwige Cheynel Edward Xuejun Li Ying Liang

Timing to the Statement: Understanding Fluctuations in Consumer Credit Use.

Sumit Agarwal Amit Bubna Molly Lipscomb

How Complementors Benefit from Taking Competition to the System Level.

Markus Reisinger Jens Schmidt Nils Stieglitz

Identification and Estimation of Endogenous Peer Effects Using Partial Network Data from Multiple Reference Groups.

Sadat Reza Puneet Manchanda Juin-Kuan Chong

Quality Disclosure Under Consumer Loss Aversion.

Jianqiang Zhang Krista J. Li

True Motives: Prosocial and Instrumental Justifications for Behavioral Change in Organizations.

Matthew Amengual Evan P. Apfelbaum

Tax Misperceptions and the Effect of Informational Tax Nudges on Retirement Savings.

Kay Blaufus Michael Milde

A Theory of Quasi-Experimental Evaluation of School Quality.

Yusuke Narita

Intertemporal Choices Are Causally Influenced by Fluctuations in Visual Attention.

Geoffrey Fisher

Size Matters, So Does Duration: The Interplay Between Offer Size and Offer Deadline.

Zhenyu Hu Wenjie Tang

Information Seeding and Knowledge Production in Online Communities: Evidence from OpenStreetMap.

Abhishek Nagaraj

Strategic Timing and Dynamic Pricing for Online Resource Allocation.

Vibhanshu Abhishek Mustafa Dogan Alexandre Jacquillat

Profit Estimation Error in the Newsvendor Model Under a Parametric Demand Distribution.

Andrew F. Siegel Michael R. Wagner

Managing Reputation Risk in Supply Chains: The Role of Risk Sharing Under Limited Liability.

Vibhuti Dhingra Harish Krishnan

Role of Risk Aversion in Price Postponement Under Supply Random Yield.

Panos Kouvelis Guang Xiao Nan Yang

Loot Box Pricing and Design.

Ningyuan Chen Adam N. Elmachtoub Michael L. Hamilton Xiao Lei

Multiregional Oligopoly with Capacity Constraints.

Humoud Alsabah Benjamin Bernard Agostino Capponi Garud Iyengar Jay Sethuraman

Renewable Power and Electricity Prices: The Impact of Forward Markets.

Heikki Peura Derek W. Bunn

Shrinking the Upper Confidence Bound: A Dynamic Product Selection Problem for Urban Warehouses.

Rong Jin David Simchi-Levi Li Wang Xinshang Wang Sen Yang

Estimating the Critical Parameter in Almost Stochastic Dominance from Insurance Deductibles.

Yi-Chieh Huang Kamhon Kan Larry Y. Tzeng Kili C. Wang

Finite-State Contract Theory with a Principal and a Field of Agents.

René Carmona Peiqi Wang

Does Firm Investment Respond to Peers' Investment?

Martha Cecilia Bustamante Laurent Frésard

The Power of Opaque Products in Pricing.

Adam N. Elmachtoub Michael L. Hamilton

Do Digital Platforms Reduce Moral Hazard? The Case of Uber and Taxis.

Meng Liu Erik Brynjolfsson Jason Dowlatabadi

Human Capital-Driven Acquisition: Evidence from the Inevitable Disclosure Doctrine.

Deqiu Chen Huasheng Gao Yujing Ma

Volume 67, Number 7, July 2021
Financial Intermediation Chains in an Over-the-Counter Market.

Ji Shen Bin Wei Hongjun Yan

A Theory of Dissimilarity Between Stochastic Discount Factors.

Gurdip Bakshi Xiaohui Gao George Panayotov

A Cross-Sectional Machine Learning Approach for Hedge Fund Return Prediction and Selection.

Wenbo Wu Jiaqi Chen Zhibin (Ben) Yang Michael L. Tindall

Do First Impressions Last? The Impact of Initial Assessments and Subsequent Performance on Promotion Decisions.

Dirk E. Black Marshall D. Vance

Are Regulators Effective at Unraveling Accounting Manipulation? Evidence from Public Utility Commissions.

Jivas Chakravarthy Katie E. McDermott Roger M. White

Do IPO Firms Misclassify Expenses? Implications for IPO Price Formation and Post-IPO Stock Performance.

Xiaotao (Kelvin) Liu Biyu Wu

Executive Accountants and the Reliability of Financial Reporting.

Adrienne Rhodes Dan Russomanno

Childcare Matters: Female Business Owners and the Baby-Profit Gap.

Solène Delecourt Anne Fitzpatrick

Social Learning in the COVID-19 Pandemic: Community Establishments' Closure Decisions Follow Those of Nearby Chain Establishments.

Mathijs de Vaan Saqib Mumtaz Abhishek Nagaraj Sameer B. Srivastava

Online Review Solicitations Reduce Extremity Bias in Online Review Distributions and Increase Their Representativeness.

Hülya Karaman

The Effect of Price on Firm Reputation.

Michael Luca Oren Reshef

Information Transparency, Multihoming, and Platform Competition: A Natural Experiment in the Daily Deals Market.

Hui Li Feng Zhu

Demand-Aware Career Path Recommendations: A Reinforcement Learning Approach.

Marios Kokkodis Panagiotis G. Ipeirotis

Electronic Trace Data and Legal Outcomes: The Effect of Electronic Medical Records on Malpractice Claim Resolution Time.

Sam Ransbotham Eric Overby Michael Jernigan

Effectiveness of Planning Prompts on Organizations' Likelihood to File Their Overdue Taxes: A Multi-Wave Field Experiment.

Nicole Robitaille Julian House Nina Mazar

Ambiguity and Probabilistic Information.

Adam Dominiak Jean-Philippe Lefort

Elaborating or Aggregating? The Joint Effects of Group Decision-Making Structure and Systematic Errors on the Value of Group Interactions.

Steffen Keck Wenjie Tang

Social Influence Undermines the Wisdom of the Crowd in Sequential Decision Making.

Vincenz Frey Arnout van de Rijt

Information Avoidance and Medical Screening: A Field Experiment in China.

Yufeng Li Juanjuan Meng Changcheng Song Kai Zheng

Monitoring with Limited Information.

Dan Andrei Iancu Nikolaos Trichakis Do Young Yoon

Gatekeeping, Fast and Slow: An Empirical Study of Referral Errors in the Emergency Department.

Michael Freeman Susan Robinson Stefan Scholtes

A General Framework to Compare Announcement Accuracy: Static vs. LES-Based Announcement.

Achal Bassamboo Rouba Ibrahim

Incentives and Emission Responsibility Allocation in Supply Chains.

Sanjith Gopalakrishnan Daniel Granot Frieda Granot Greys Sosic Hailong Cui

Creating Exercise Habits Using Incentives: The Trade-off Between Flexibility and Routinization.

John Beshears Hae Nim Lee Katherine L. Milkman Robert Mislavsky Jessica Wisdom

"We'll Always Have Paris": Out-of-Country Buyers in the Housing Market.

Dragana Cvijanovic Christophe Spaenjers

On-Time Last-Mile Delivery: Order Assignment with Travel-Time Predictors.

Sheng Liu Long He Zuo-Jun Max Shen

Dynamic Pricing of Relocating Resources in Large Networks.

Santiago R. Balseiro David B. Brown Chen Chen

The Price of the Smile and Variance Risk Premia.

Peter H. Gruber Claudio Tebaldi Fabio Trojani

Adapting to Radical Change: The Benefits of Short-Horizon Investors.

Mariassunta Giannetti Xiaoyun Yu

A Text-Based Analysis of Corporate Innovation.

Gustaf Bellstam Sanjai Bhagat J. Anthony Cookson

Outsourcing Tasks Online: Matching Supply and Demand on Peer-to-Peer Internet Platforms.

Zoë B. Cullen Chiara Farronato

Volume 67, Number 6, June 2021
Good Days, Bad Days: Stock Market Fluctuation and Taxi Tipping Decisions.

Weiqiang Tan Jian Zhang

The Double Trigger for Mortgage Default: Evidence from the Fracking Boom.

Chris Cunningham Kristopher Gerardi Lily Shen

Asymmetric Returns and the Economic Content of Accruals and Investment.

Luca Del Viva S. P. Kothari Neophytos Lambertides Lenos Trigeorgis

Are Inventors or Firms the Engines of Innovation?

Ajay Bhaskarabhatla Luís Cabral Deepak Hegde Thomas L. P. R. Peeters

When the Stars Shine Too Bright: The Influence of Multidimensional Ratings on Online Consumer Ratings.

Christoph Schneider Markus Weinmann Peter N. C. Mohr Jan vom Brocke

On the Structure of Bottlenecks in Processes.

Milind Dawande Zhichao Feng Ganesh Janakiraman

Cover-Up of Vehicle Defects: The Role of Regulator Investigation Announcements.

Soo-Haeng Cho Victor DeMiguel Woonam Hwang

Demand Modeling in the Presence of Unobserved Lost Sales.

Shivaram Subramanian Pavithra Harsha

Pooled vs. Dedicated Queues when Customers Are Delay-Sensitive.

Nur Sunar Yichen Tu Serhan Ziya

Value Loss in Allocation Systems with Provider Guarantees.

Yonatan Gur Dan A. Iancu Xavier Warnes

Vertical Contracts in a Supply Chain and the Bullwhip Effect.

Zhan Qu Horst Raff

Delegation to a Group.

Sebastian Fehrler Moritz Janas

Making Marketplaces Safe: Dominant Individual Rationality and Applications to Market Design.

Benjamin N. Roth Ran I. Shorrer

Affine Modeling of Credit Risk, Pricing of Credit Events, and Contagion.

Alain Monfort Fulvio Pegoraro Jean-Paul Renne Guillaume Roussellet

The Unintended Impact of Academic Research on Asset Returns: The Capital Asset Pricing Model Alpha.

Alex R. Horenstein

Board Networks and Corporate Innovation.

Ching-Hung Chang Qingqing Wu

Central Counterparty Exposure in Stressed Markets.

Wenqian Huang Albert J. Menkveld Shihao Yu

Separating Information About Cash Flows from Information About Risk in Losses.

Bin Li

The Role of Beliefs in Driving Gender Discrimination.

Katherine Baldiga Coffman Christine L. Exley Muriel Niederle

Display Optimization for Vertically Differentiated Locations Under Multinomial Logit Preferences.

Ali Aouad Danny Segev

Speed Acquisition.

Shiyang Huang Bart Zhou Yueshen

Business Groups and Employment.

Mara Faccio William J. O'Brien

Learning-Based Robust Optimization: Procedures and Statistical Guarantees.

L. Jeff Hong Zhiyuan Huang Henry Lam

Disclosure Dynamics and Investor Learning.

Frank S. Zhou

Does the Freedom of Information Act Foil the Securities and Exchange Commission's Intent to Keep Investigations Confidential?

Braiden Coleman Kenneth J. Merkley Brian Miller Joseph Pacelli

Undisclosed SEC Investigations.

Terrence Blackburne John D. Kepler Phillip J. Quinn Daniel Taylor

From Data to Decisions: Distributionally Robust Optimization Is Optimal.

Bart P. G. Van Parys Peyman Mohajerin Esfahani Daniel Kuhn

Assortment Optimization Under Consider-Then-Choose Choice Models.

Ali Aouad Vivek F. Farias Retsef Levi

Shareholder Litigation and Corporate Innovation.

Chen Lin Sibo Liu Gustavo Manso

Do High-Frequency Traders Anticipate Buying and Selling Pressure?

Nicholas Hirschey

Volume 67, Number 5, May 2021
Getting Their Hands Dirty: How Female Managers Motivate Female Worker Productivity Through Subordinate Scut Work.

Aruna Ranganathan Ranjitha Shivaram

Cross-Regional Differences in News Tone and Local Stock Ownership.

Taylan Mavruk

Tail Risk and Robust Portfolio Decisions.

Xing Jin Dan Luo Xudong Zeng

Allocating Resources with Nonmonotonic Returns.

Stanley Baiman Mirko S. Heinle Richard Saouma

Does Competition Improve Analysts' Forecast Informativeness?

Sanjay Banerjee

CEO Turnover and Accounting Earnings: The Role of Earnings Persistence.

Inho Suk Seungwon Lee William Kross

Technical Debt and Firm Performance.

Rajiv Banker Yi Liang Narayan Ramasubbu

Financial Innovation and Financial Intermediation: Evidence from Credit Default Swaps.

Alexander W. Butler Xiang Gao Cihan Uzmanoglu

Underwriting Government Debt Auctions: Auction Choice and Information Production.

Sudip Gupta Rangarajan K. Sundaram Suresh Sundaresan

Rotation as Contagion Mitigation.

Jeffrey Ely Andrea Galeotti Jakub Steiner

The Variance Learning Curve.

Hessam Bavafa Jónas Oddur Jónasson

Lane's Algorithm Revisited.

Marcos Goycoolea Patricio Lamas Bernardo K. Pagnoncelli Adriana Piazza

Ideology and Composition Among an Online Crowd: Evidence from Wikipedians.

Shane Greenstein Grace Gu Feng Zhu

Competition Among Proprietary and Open-Source Software Firms: The Role of Licensing in Strategic Contribution.

Terrence August Wei Chen Kevin Zhu

Risk-Mitigating Technologies: The Case of Radiation Diagnostic Devices.

Alberto Galasso Hong Luo

Social Media and Political Contributions: The Impact of New Technology on Political Competition.

Maria Petrova Ananya Sen Pinar Yildirim

Testing at the Source: Analytics-Enabled Risk-Based Sampling of Food Supply Chains in China.

Cangyu Jin Retsef Levi Qiao Liang Nicholas Renegar Stacy Springs Jiehong Zhou Weihua Zhou

Predicting with Proxies: Transfer Learning in High Dimension.

Hamsa Bastani

Revenue Management with Repeated Customer Interactions.

Andre P. Calmon Dragos Florin Ciocan Gonzalo Romero

Consumer Learning from Own Experience and Social Information: An Experimental Study.

Andrew M. Davis Vishal Gaur Dayoung Kim

A Queueing Model and Analysis for Autonomous Vehicles on Highways.

Neda Mirzaeian Soo-Haeng Cho Alan Scheller-Wolf

Multiplayer Allocations in the Presence of Diminishing Marginal Contributions: Cooperative Game Analysis and Applications in Management Science.

Mingming Leng Chunlin Luo Liping Liang

Minimax-Optimal Policy Learning Under Unobserved Confounding.

Nathan Kallus Angela Zhou

Revenue-Utility Tradeoff in Assortment Optimization Under the Multinomial Logit Model with Totally Unimodular Constraints.

Mika Sumida Guillermo Gallego Paat Rusmevichientong Huseyin Topaloglu James Davis

Competition for Context-Sensitive Consumers.

Arno Apffelstaedt Lydia Mechtenberg

Preference Elicitation for Participatory Budgeting.

Gerdus Benadè Swaprava Nath Ariel D. Procaccia Nisarg Shah

An Axiomatization of the Proportional Rule in Financial Networks.

Péter Csóka P. Jean-Jacques Herings

Asset Volatility and Capital Structure: Evidence from Corporate Mergers.

Oliver Levine Youchang Wu

Strategic Risk Shifting and the Idiosyncratic Volatility Puzzle: An Empirical Investigation.

Zhiyao Chen Ilya A. Strebulaev Yuhang Xing Xiaoyan Zhang

Collateral Misreporting in the Residential Mortgage-Backed Security Market.

Samuel Kruger Gonzalo Maturana

Joint vs. Separate Crowdsourcing Contests.

Ming Hu Lu Wang

Gender Gaps in Equity Crowdfunding: Evidence from a Randomized Field Experiment.

Sofia Bapna Martin Ganco

Geographic Diversification and Banks' Funding Costs.

Ross Levine Chen Lin Wensi Xie

Volume 67, Number 4, April 2021
Informed Trading Reactions to New Private Information: Evidence from Nonpublic Merger Negotiations.

Shane Heitzman Sandy Klasa

Time Encoding in Languages and Investment Efficiency.

Jaehyeon Kim Yongtae Kim Jian Zhou

Terrorist Attacks, Analyst Sentiment, and Earnings Forecasts.

Carina Cuculiza Constantinos Antoniou Alok Kumar Anastasios Maligkris

How Do Consumers Avoid Penalty Fees? Evidence from Credit Cards.

John Gathergood Hiroaki Sakaguchi Neil Stewart Jörg Weber

The Ambiguity of Earnings Announcements.

Sofya Budanova Davide Cianciaruso Iván Marinovic

Product Price Risk and Liquidity Management: Evidence from the Electricity Industry.

Chen Lin Thomas Schmid Michael S. Weisbach

Asset Management and Financial Conglomerates: Attention Through Stellar Funds.

Rafael Zambrana

Risk Aversion Sensitive Real Business Cycles.

Zhanhui Chen Ilan Cooper Paul Ehling Costas Xiouros

How Does the Economy Shape the Financial Advisory Profession?

Kelvin K. F. Law Luo Zuo

Announcing High Prices to Deter Innovation.

Guillermo Marshall Álvaro Parra

The Impact of Social vs. Nonsocial Referring Channels on Online News Consumption.

Sagit Bar-Gill Yael Inbar Shachar Reichman

A Foundation for Cue-Triggered Behavior.

Daniele Pennesi

Digital Paywall Design: Implications for Content Demand and Subscriptions.

Sinan Aral Paramveer S. Dhillon

Bundling for Flexibility and Variety: An Economic Model for Multiproducer Value Aggregation.

Hemant K. Bhargava

Promotion Optimization for Multiple Items in Supermarkets.

Maxime C. Cohen Jeremy J. Kalas Georgia Perakis

Alleviating Drug Shortages: The Role of Mandated Reporting Induced Operational Transparency.

Junghee Lee Hyun Seok (Huck) Lee Hyoduk Shin Viswanathan Vish Krishnan

Eliciting Human Judgment for Prediction Algorithms.

Rouba Ibrahim Song-Hee Kim Jordan D. Tong

Dynamic Pricing (and Assortment) Under a Static Calendar.

Will Ma David Simchi-Levi Jinglong Zhao

Distribution-Free Inventory Risk Pooling in a Multilocation Newsvendor.

Aravind Govindarajan Amitabh Sinha Joline Uichanco

Design and Pricing of Discretionary Service Lines.

Laurens G. Debo Cuihong Li

Sparking Manufacturing Innovation: How Temporary Interplant Assignments Increase Employee Idea Values.

Philipp B. Cornelius Bilal Gokpinar Fabian J. Sting

Incentive Design for Operations-Marketing Multitasking.

Tinglong Dai Rongzhu Ke Christopher Thomas Ryan

Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program Does Not Provide the Right Incentives: Issues and Remedies.

Kenan Arifoglu Hang Ren Tolga Tezcan

Benefits of Customer Loyalty in Markets with Endogenous Search Costs.

Dmitri Kuksov Mohammad Zia

The Effects of Quota Frequency: Sales Performance and Product Focus.

Doug J. Chung Das Narayandas Dongkyu Chang

A Model of Multipass Search: Price Search Across Stores and Time.

Navid Mojir K. Sudhir

The Beneficial Effects of Ad Blockers.

Stylianos Despotakis R. Ravi Kannan Srinivasan

Costs of Job Rotation: Evidence from Mandatory Loan Officer Rotation.

Subhendu Bhowal Krishnamurthy Subramanian Prasanna Tantri

Assortative Matching and Reputation in the Market for First Issues.

Oktay Akkus J. Anthony Cookson Ali Hortaçsu

When Ignorance Is Not Bliss: An Empirical Analysis of Subtier Supply Network Structure on Firm Risk.

Yixin (Iris) Wang Jun Li Di (Andrew) Wu Ravi Anupindi

Can Brands Claim Ignorance? Unauthorized Subcontracting in Apparel Supply Chains.

Felipe Caro Leonard Lane Anna Sáez de Tejada Cuenca

Signaling Status: The Impact of Relative Income on Household Consumption and Financial Decisions.

Jesse Bricker Jacob Krimmel Rodney Ramcharan

Volume 67, Number 3, March 2021
The Impact of Uniform Pricing Regulations on Incentives to Generate and Disclose Accounting Information.

Anil Arya Brian Mittendorf Dae-Hee Yoon

How Economically Significant Are Unused Capacity Costs? A Large-Scale Empirical Analysis.

Merle Ederhof Venky Nagar Madhav V. Rajan

Chief Financial Officer Co-option and Chief Executive Officer Compensation.

Shane S. Dikolli John C. Heater William J. Mayew Mani Sethuraman

The Genesis of Voluntary Disclosure: An Analysis of Firms' First Earnings Guidance.

Kristian D. Allee Theodore E. Christensen Bryan S. Graden Kenneth J. Merkley

Competition and Opacity in the Financial System.

Gaoqing Zhang

Product Market Peers in Lending.

Gus De Franco Alexander Edwards Scott Liao

Tacit Collusion and Voluntary Disclosure: Theory and Evidence from the U.S. Automotive Industry.

Jeremy Bertomeu John Harry Evans III Mei Feng Ayung Tseng

Trust, Collaboration, and Economic Growth.

Jiro Kondo Danielle Li Dimitris Papanikolaou

Informed Trading with a Short-Sale Prohibition.

Stephen L. Lenkey

Incremental vs. Breakthrough Innovation: The Role of Technology Spillovers.

Seong K. Byun Jong-Min Oh Han Xia

Index Option Trading Activity and Market Returns.

Tarun Chordia Alexander Kurov Dmitriy Muravyev Avanidhar Subrahmanyam

Shareholders as Creditors of First Resort.

Andriy Bodnaruk Marco Rossi

Service Design for a Holistic Customer Experience: A Process Framework.

Ioannis Bellos Stylianos Kavadias

Prepurchase Information Acquisition and Credible Advertising.

Pedro M. Gardete Liang Guo

When Will Workers Follow an Algorithm? A Field Experiment with a Retail Business.

Kohei Kawaguchi

Experience Effect in the Impact of Free Trial Promotions.

Sadat Reza Hillbun Ho Rich Ling Hongyan Shi

Risk, Ambiguity, and the Value of Diversification.

Loïc Berger Louis Eeckhoudt

A Bayesian Level-k Model in n-Person Games.

Teck-Hua Ho So-Eun Park Xuanming Su

A Simple Rule for Pricing with Limited Knowledge of Demand.

Maxime C. Cohen Georgia Perakis Robert S. Pindyck

Labor Boundaries and Skills: The Case of Lobbyists.

Miguel Espinosa

Knowledge Sharing in Alliances and Alliance Portfolios.

Ashish Arora Sharon Belenzon Andrea Patacconi

How Digital Word-of-Mouth Affects Consumer Decision Making: Evidence from Doctor Appointment Booking.

Aishwarya Deep Shukla Guodong (Gordon) Gao Ritu Agarwal

Platform Preannouncement Strategies: The Strategic Role of Information in Two-Sided Markets Competition.

Ramnath K. Chellappa Rajiv Mukherjee

Don't Call Us, We'll Call You: An Empirical Study of Caller Behavior Under a Callback Option.

Brett A. Hathaway Seyed Morteza Emadi Vinayak Deshpande

Assortment Rotation and the Value of Concealment.

Kris Johnson Ferreira Joel Goh

The Customer May Not Always Be Right: Customer Compatibility and Service Performance.

Ryan W. Buell Dennis Campbell Frances X. Frei

Waiting for the Payday? The Market for Startups and the Timing of Entrepreneurial Exit.

Ashish Arora Andrea Fosfuri Thomas Rønde

Last-Place Aversion in Queues.

Ryan W. Buell

An Axiomatic Foundation for the Expected Shortfall.

Ruodu Wang Ricardas Zitikis

Customer Preference and Station Network in the London Bike-Share System.

Pu He Fanyin Zheng Elena Belavina Karan Girotra

The Bayesian Prophet: A Low-Regret Framework for Online Decision Making.

Alberto Vera Siddhartha Banerjee

Surge Pricing and Its Spatial Supply Response.

Omar Besbes Francisco Castro Ilan Lobel

Mostly Exploration-Free Algorithms for Contextual Bandits.

Hamsa Bastani Mohsen Bayati Khashayar Khosravi

Volume 67, Number 2, February 2021
Capacity Rights and Full-Cost Transfer Pricing.

Sunil Dutta Stefan Reichelstein

The Trouble with Instruments: The Need for Pretreatment Balance in Shock-Based Instrumental Variable Designs.

Vladimir Atanasov Bernard Black

Information Content of Aggregate Implied Volatility Spread.

Bing Han Gang Li

Transaction Costs, Portfolio Characteristics, and Mutual Fund Performance.

Jeffrey A. Busse Tarun Chordia Lei Jiang Yuehua Tang

Hedge Fund Franchises.

William Fung David Hsieh Narayan Naik Melvyn Teo

Unfiltered Market Access and Liquidity: Evidence from the SEC Rule 15c3-5.

Bidisha Chakrabarty Pankaj K. Jain Andriy Shkilko Konstantin Sokolov

Short-Sales Constraints and the Diversification Puzzle.

Adam V. Reed Pedro A. C. Saffi Edward D. Van Wesep

Real and Nominal Equilibrium Yield Curves.

Alex Hsu Erica X. N. Li Francisco Palomino

Innovation Search Strategy and Predictable Returns.

Tristan Fitzgerald Benjamin Balsmeier Lee Fleming Gustavo Manso

A Dynamic Mean-Variance Analysis for Log Returns.

Min Dai Hanqing Jin Steven Kou Yuhong Xu

A Test Score-Based Approach to Stochastic Submodular Optimization.

Shreyas Sekar Milan Vojnovic Se-Young Yun

Expectations-Based Loss Aversion in Auctions with Interdependent Values: Extensive vs. Intensive Risk.

Benjamin Balzer Antonio Rosato

Precision in a Seller's Market: Round Asking Prices Lead to Higher Counteroffers and Selling Prices.

Margarita Leib Nils C. Köbis Marc Francke Shaul Shalvi Marieke Roskes

Competition for Attention in Online Social Networks: Implications for Seeding Strategies.

Sarah Gelper Ralf van der Lans Gerrit H. van Bruggen

The Demotivating Effects of Communicating a Social-Political Stance: Field Experimental Evidence from an Online Labor Market Platform.

Vanessa C. Burbano

Dynamic Resource Allocation on Multi-Category Two-Sided Platforms.

Hui Li Qiaowei Shen Yakov Bart

Shrouded Prices and Firm Reputation: Evidence from the U.S. Hotel Industry.

Bennett Chiles

The Limits of Incentives in Economic Matching Procedures.

Avinatan Hassidim Assaf Romm Ran I. Shorrer

How Transparency into Internal and External Responsibility Initiatives Influences Consumer Choice.

Ryan W. Buell Basak Kalkanci

Initial Coin Offerings, Speculation, and Asset Tokenization.

Jingxing (Rowena) Gan Gerry Tsoukalas Serguei Netessine

Outcome-Based Pricing for New Pharmaceuticals via Rebates.

Elodie Adida

Trade Credit Insurance: Operational Value and Contract Choice.

S. Alex Yang Nitin Bakshi Christopher J. Chen

Learning from Many: Partner Exposure and Team Familiarity in Fluid Teams.

Zeynep Aksin Sarang Deo Jónas Oddur Jónasson Kamalini Ramdas

Persuading Customers to Buy Early: The Value of Personalized Information Provisioning.

Kimon Drakopoulos Shobhit Jain Ramandeep S. Randhawa

Creating Social Contagion Through Firm-Mediated Message Design: Evidence from a Randomized Field Experiment.

Tianshu Sun Siva Viswanathan Elena Zheleva

Trust and Disintermediation: Evidence from an Online Freelance Marketplace.

Grace Gu Feng Zhu

Analyst Information Acquisition via EDGAR.

Brian Gibbons Peter Iliev Jonathan Kalodimos

How Does Firms' Innovation Disclosure Affect Their Banking Relationships?

Farzad Saidi Alminas Zaldokas

Why Isn't Business Investment More Sensitive to Interest Rates? Evidence from Surveys.

Steven A. Sharpe Gustavo A. Suarez

Advertising Spending and Media Bias: Evidence from News Coverage of Car Safety Recalls.

Graham Beattie Ruben Durante Brian Knight Ananya Sen

Economies of Scale and Scope in Hospitals: An Empirical Study of Volume Spillovers.

Michael Freeman Nicos Savva Stefan Scholtes

Evolution of Shares in a Proof-of-Stake Cryptocurrency.

Ioanid Rosu Fahad Saleh