Volume 68, Number 3, March 2022
The Effect of the Paycheck Protection Program and Financial Reporting Standards on Bank Risk-Taking.

Hailey B. Ballew Allison Nicoletti Sarah B. Stuber

Conservative Accounting, Audit Quality, and Litigation.

Sebastian Kronenberger Volker Laux

What's in a Name? Eponymous Private Firms and Financial Reporting Quality.

Alessandro Minichilli Annalisa Prencipe Suresh Radhakrishnan Gianfranco Siciliano

Speculation, Sentiment, and Interest Rates.

Andrea Buraschi Paul Whelan

Hedge Fund Manager Skill and Style-Shifting.

George J. Jiang Bing Liang Huacheng Zhang

Bank Dependence and Bank Financing in Corporate M&A.

Sheng Huang Ruichang Lu Anand Srinivasan

Finance and Firm Volatility: Evidence from Small Business Lending in China.

Tao Chen Yi Huang Chen Lin Zixia Sheng

Collateralized Networks.

Samim Ghamami Paul Glasserman H. Peyton Young

The Informational Content of High-Frequency Option Prices.

Diego Amaya Jean-François Bégin Geneviève Gauthier

Management Practices and Mergers and Acquisitions.

John (Jianqiu) Bai Wang Jin Matthew Serfling

Financial Uncertainty with Ambiguity and Learning.

Hening Liu Yuzhao Zhang

Hospital Financial Health and Clinical Choices: Evidence from the Financial Crisis.

Manuel Adelino Katharina Lewellen W. Ben McCartney

Credit Default Swaps and Debt Overhang.

Tak-Yuen Wong Jin Yu

Optimal Portfolio Choice with Estimation Risk: No Risk-Free Asset Case.

Raymond Kan Xiaolu Wang Guofu Zhou

A Rationale for Imperfect Reporting Standards.

Henry L. Friedman John S. Hughes Beatrice Michaeli

The Social Divide of Social Distancing: Shelter-in-Place Behavior in Santiago During the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Aldo Carranza Marcel Goic Eduardo Lara Marcelo Olivares Gabriel Y. Weintraub Julio Covarrubia Cristian Escobedo Natalia Jara Leonardo J. Basso

Curbing the Opioid Epidemic at Its Root: The Effect of Provider Discordance After Opioid Initiation.

Katherine Bobroske Michael Freeman Lawrence Huan Anita Cattrell Stefan Scholtes

Adaptive Clinical Trial Designs with Surrogates: When Should We Bother?

Arielle Anderer Hamsa Bastani John Silberholz

Assessing Algorithmic Fairness with Unobserved Protected Class Using Data Combination.

Nathan Kallus Xiaojie Mao Angela Zhou

Data-Driven Dynamic Pricing and Ordering with Perishable Inventory in a Changing Environment.

N. Bora Keskin Yuexing Li Jing-Sheng Song

A Statistical Learning Approach to Personalization in Revenue Management.

Xi Chen Zachary Owen Clark Pixton David Simchi-Levi

Dynamic Pricing for New Products Using a Utility-Based Generalization of the Bass Diffusion Model.

Koray Cosguner P. B. (Seethu) Seetharaman

An Inverse Optimization Approach to Measuring Clinical Pathway Concordance.

Timothy C. Y. Chan Maria Eberg Katharina Förster Claire Holloway Luciano Ieraci Yusuf Shalaby Nasrin Yousefi

Meta Dynamic Pricing: Transfer Learning Across Experiments.

Hamsa Bastani David Simchi-Levi Ruihao Zhu

Linear Program-Based Approximation for Personalized Reserve Prices.

Mahsa Derakhshan Negin Golrezaei Renato Paes Leme

Learning to Rank an Assortment of Products.

Kris J. Ferreira Sunanda Parthasarathy Shreyas Sekar

Product Choice with Large Assortments: A Scalable Deep-Learning Model.

Sebastian Gabel Artem Timoshenko

Inventory Balancing with Online Learning.

Wang Chi Cheung Will Ma David Simchi-Levi Xinshang Wang

Prescriptive Analytics for Flexible Capacity Management.

Pascal M. Notz Richard Pibernik

Bayesian Meta-Prior Learning Using Empirical Bayes.

Sareh Nabi Houssam Nassif Joseph Hong Hamed Mamani Guido Imbens

Evaluating Stochastic Seeding Strategies in Networks.

Alex Chin Dean Eckles Johan Ugander

Hedging the Drift: Learning to Optimize Under Nonstationarity.

Wang Chi Cheung David Simchi-Levi Ruihao Zhu

Scaled PCA: A New Approach to Dimension Reduction.

Dashan Huang Fuwei Jiang Kunpeng Li Guoshi Tong Guofu Zhou

Joint Estimation and Robustness Optimization.

Taozeng Zhu Jingui Xie Melvyn Sim

Distributionally Robust Conditional Quantile Prediction with Fixed Design.

Meng Qi Ying Cao Zuo-Jun Max Shen

Interpretable Optimal Stopping.

Dragos Florin Ciocan Velibor V. Misic

Data Pooling in Stochastic Optimization.

Vishal Gupta Nathan Kallus

Introduction to the Special Section on Data-Driven Prescriptive Analytics.

Kay Giesecke Gui Liberali Hamid Nazerzadeh J. George Shanthikumar Chung-Piaw Teo

Volume 68, Number 2, February 2022
The Short-Run and Long-Run Components of Idiosyncratic Volatility and Stock Returns.

Yunting Liu

Third-Party Consequences of Changes in Managerial Fiduciary Duties: The Case of Auditors' Going Concern Opinions.

Liang Tan Santhosh Ramalingegowda Yong Yu

Targets, Predictability, and Performance.

Francisco Peñaranda Liuren Wu

Executive Network Centrality and Corporate Reporting.

Jing He

Insider Trading, Competition, and Real Activities Manipulation.

Hui Chen Bjorn N. Jorgensen

Uncertainty and the Shadow Banking Crisis: Estimates from a Dynamic Model.

Xu Tian

Bail-in and Bailout: Friends or Foes?

Lorenzo Pandolfi

The Real Side of the High-Volume Return Premium.

Doron Israeli Ron Kaniel Suhas A. Sridharan

The Influence of Corporate Income Taxes on Investment Location: Evidence from Corporate Headquarters Relocations.

Travis Chow Sterling Huang Kenneth J. Klassen Jeffrey Ng

Hedge Fund Activism and Corporate M&A Decisions.

Szu-Yin (Jennifer) Wu Kee H. Chung

Comparing Non-GAAP EPS in Earnings Announcements and Proxy Statements.

Dirk E. Black Ervin L. Black Theodore E. Christensen Kurt H. Gee

Revisiting the Entrepreneurial Commercialization of Academic Science: Evidence from "Twin" Discoveries.

Matt Marx David H. Hsu

Measuring the Impact of Crowdsourcing Features on Mobile App User Engagement and Retention: A Randomized Field Experiment.

Zhuojun Gu Ravi Bapna Jason Chan Alok Gupta

Scandal, Social Movement, and Change: Evidence from #MeToo in Hollywood.

Hong Luo Laurina Zhang

Relationships Under Stress: Relational Outsourcing in the U.S. Airline Industry After the 2008 Financial Crisis.

Ricard Gil Myongjin Kim Giorgio Zanarone

Assigning Priorities (or Not) in Service Systems with Nonlinear Waiting Costs.

Huiyin Ouyang Nilay Tanik Argon Serhan Ziya

Dimensioning On-Demand Vehicle Sharing Systems.

Saif Benjaafar Shining Wu Hanlin Liu Einar Bjarki Gunnarsson

A Model of Search with Two Stages of Information Acquisition and Additive Learning.

Peter Gibbard

Decision Making Under Model Uncertainty: Fréchet-Wasserstein Mean Preferences.

Electra V. Petracou Anastasios Xepapadeas Athanasios N. Yannacopoulos

On the Fair Division of a Random Object.

Anna Bogomolnaia Hervé Moulin Fedor Sandomirskiy

The Performance of Time-Preference and Risk-Preference Measures in Surveys.

Joshua Tasoff Wenjie Zhang

The Persistent Effects of Short-Term Peer Groups on Performance: Evidence from a Natural Experiment in Higher Education.

Petra Thiemann

Can Market Participants Report Their Preferences Accurately (Enough)?

Eric Budish Judd B. Kessler

Convex Optimization for Bundle Size Pricing Problem.

Xiaobo Li Hailong Sun Chung-Piaw Teo

Regulating Conflicts of Interest in Medicine Through Public Disclosure: Evidence from a Physician Payments Sunshine Law.

Matthew Chao Ian Larkin

Social Responsibility Auditing in Supply Chain Networks.

Han Zhang Göker Aydin Rodney P. Parker

Dual Sourcing and Smoothing Under Nonstationary Demand Time Series: Reshoring with SpeedFactories.

Robert N. Boute Stephen M. Disney Joren Gijsbrechts Jan A. Van Mieghem

Inattention in Contract Markets: Evidence from a Consolidation of Options in Telecom.

Bjørn-Atle Reme Helene Lie Røhr Morten Sæthre

Following the Customers: Dynamic Competitive Repositioning.

Z. Eddie Ning J. Miguel Villas-Boas

Product Lines and Price Discrimination in Markets with Information Frictions.

Natalia Fabra Juan-Pablo Montero

Personalization from Customer Data Aggregation Using List Price.

Zibin Xu Anthony J. Dukes

Impact of Social Interactions on Duopoly Competition with Quality Considerations.

Xin Geng Xiaomeng Guo Guang Xiao

The Profitability of Revenue-Based Quotas Under Price Negotiation.

Pranav Jindal Peter Newberry

How Market Power Affects Dynamic Pricing: Evidence from Inventory Fluctuations at Car Dealerships.

Ayelet Israeli Fiona Scott-Morton Jorge Silva-Risso Florian Zettelmeyer

Demand Pooling in Omnichannel Operations.

Ming Hu Xiaolin Xu Weili Xue Yi Yang

How Do Restrictions on Advertising Affect Consumer Search?

Lesley Chiou Catherine E. Tucker

Predicting Human Discretion to Adjust Algorithmic Prescription: A Large-Scale Field Experiment in Warehouse Operations.

Jiankun Sun Dennis J. Zhang Haoyuan Hu Jan A. Van Mieghem

Honesty in the Digital Age.

Alain Cohn Tobias Gesche Michel André Maréchal

The Effect of Multichannel and Omnichannel Retailing on Physical Stores.

Fei Gao Vishal V. Agrawal Shiliang Cui

Volume 68, Number 1, January 2022
Comment on "Optimal Contract to Induce Continued Effort".

Ping Cao Feng Tian Peng Sun

Investor Sentiment and Stock Option Vesting Terms.

Shawn X. Huang Sami Keskek Juan Manuel Sánchez

Vanishing Contagion Spreads.

Diogo Duarte Rodolfo Prieto Marcel Rindisbacher Yuri F. Saporito

The Effect of Unsuccessful Past Repurchases on Future Repurchasing Decisions.

Geoffrey C. Friesen Noel Pavel Jeutang Emre Unlu

Portfolio Choices with Many Big Models.

Evan Anderson Ai-Ru (Meg) Cheng

Hedging with an Edge: Parametric Currency Overlay.

Pedro Barroso Jurij-Andrei Reichenecker Marco J. Menichetti

A Theory of Assurance: Balancing Costly Formal Control with Tone at the Top.

Mark Penno

Plumbing of Securities Markets: The Impact of Post-trade Fees on Trading and Welfare.

Hans Degryse Mark Van Achter Gunther Wuyts

Valuation Uncertainty and Short-Sales Constraints: Evidence from the IPO Aftermarket.

Panos N. Patatoukas Richard G. Sloan Annika Yu Wang

Managerial Learning from Analyst Feedback to Voluntary Capex Guidance, Investment Efficiency, and Firm Performance.

Jihun Bae Gary C. Biddle Chul W. Park

The Private Impact of Public Data: Landsat Satellite Maps Increased Gold Discoveries and Encouraged Entry.

Abhishek Nagaraj

Combining Probability Forecasts: 60% and 60% Is 60%, but Likely and Likely Is Very Likely.

Robert Mislavsky Celia Gaertig

Multiple Beliefs, Dominance and Dynamic Consistency.

Tommi Ekholm Erin Baker

Effects of the Menu of Loan Contracts on Borrower Behavior.

Katharine G. Abraham Emel Filiz-Ozbay Erkut Y. Ozbay Lesley J. Turner

Hidden Experts in the Crowd: Using Meta-Predictions to Leverage Expertise in Single-Question Prediction Problems.

Tom Wilkening Marcellin Martinie Piers D. L. Howe

Reaching for Returns in Retail Structured Investment.

Doron Sonsino Yaron Lahav Yefim Roth

An Empirical Bargaining Model with Left-Digit Bias: A Study on Auto Loan Monthly Payments.

Zhenling Jiang

Time Is the Wisest Counselor of All: The Value of Provider-Patient Engagement Length in Home Healthcare.

Hummy Song Elena Andreyeva Guy David

Managing Self-Replicating Innovative Goods.

Bin Hu Zhankun Sun

Are We Strategically Naïve or Guided by Trust and Trustworthiness in Cheap-Talk Communication?

Xiaolin Li Özalp Özer Upender Subramanian

Matching Returning Donors to Projects on Philanthropic Crowdfunding Platforms.

Yicheng Song Zhuoxin Li Nachiketa Sahoo

Portfolio Entrepreneurs' Behavior and Performance: A Resource Redeployment Perspective.

Simone Santamaria

How Does Firm Scope Depend on Customer Switching Costs? Evidence from Mobile Telecommunications Markets.

Niloofar Abolfathi Simone Santamaria Charles Williams

Good to Go First? Position Effects in Expert Evaluation of Early-Stage Ventures.

Jiang Bian Jason Greenberg Jizhen Li Yanbo Wang

The Value of Autonomous Vehicles for Last-Mile Deliveries in Urban Environments.

Sara Reed Ann Melissa Campbell Barrett W. Thomas

Valuation of New Trademarks.

Po-Hsuan Hsu Dongmei Li Qin Li Siew Hong Teoh Kevin Tseng

Team Incentives, Social Cohesion, and Performance: A Natural Field Experiment.

Josse Delfgaauw Robert Dur Oke Onemu Joeri Sol

Middle Managers, Personnel Turnover, and Performance: A Long-Term Field Experiment in a Retail Chain.

Guido Friebel Matthias Heinz Nikolay Zubanov

The Bigger Picture: Combining Econometrics with Analytics Improves Forecasts of Movie Success.

Steven F. Lehrer Tian Xie

Optimal Priority-Based Allocation Mechanisms.

Peng Shi

Low-Wage Workers and the Enforceability of Noncompete Agreements.

Michael Lipsitz Evan Starr

Drivers, Riders, and Service Providers: The Impact of the Sharing Economy on Mobility.

Saif Benjaafar Harald Bernhard Costas Courcoubetis Michail Kanakakis Spyridon Papafragkos

Cloud Pricing: The Spot Market Strikes Back.

Ludwig Dierks Sven Seuken

A Framework for Analyzing Influencer Marketing in Social Networks: Selection and Scheduling of Influencers.

Rakesh R. Mallipeddi Subodha Kumar Chelliah Sriskandarajah Yunxia Zhu

Costly Interpretation of Asset Prices.

Jordi Mondria Xavier Vives Liyan Yang

The Novelty of Innovation: Competition, Disruption, and Antitrust Policy.

Steven Callander Niko Matouschek

Bargaining at Retail Stores: Evidence from Vienna.

Sandro Shelegia Joshua Sherman

Smart "Predict, then Optimize".

Adam N. Elmachtoub Paul Grigas

Call for Papers - Management Science Special Issue on the Human-Algorithm Connection.

Felipe Caro Jean-Edouard Colliard Elena Katok Axel Ockenfels Nicolás E. Stier Moses Catherine Tucker D. J. Wu

From the Editor.

David Simchi-Levi