Volume 188, Number 2, August 2021
A solution framework for linear PDE-constrained mixed-integer problems.

Fabian Gnegel Armin Fügenschuh Michael Hagel Sven Leyffer Marcus Stiemer

Mixed-integer optimal control under minimum dwell time constraints.

Clemens Zeile Nicolò Robuschi Sebastian Sager

Mixed-integer optimal control problems with switching costs: a shortest path approach.

Felix Bestehorn Christoph Hansknecht Christian Kirches Paul Manns

Penalty alternating direction methods for mixed-integer optimal control with combinatorial constraints.

Simone Göttlich Falk M. Hante Andreas Potschka Lars Schewe

Compactness and convergence rates in the combinatorial integral approximation decomposition.

Christian Kirches Paul Manns Stefan Ulbrich

Mixing convex-optimization bounds for maximum-entropy sampling.

Zhongzhu Chen Marcia Fampa Amélie Lambert Jon Lee

The confined primal integral: a measure to benchmark heuristic MINLP solvers against global MINLP solvers.

Timo Berthold Zsolt Csizmadia

Outer approximation for global optimization of mixed-integer quadratic bilevel problems.

Thomas Kleinert Veronika Grimm Martin Schmidt

Near-optimal analysis of Lasserre's univariate measure-based bounds for multivariate polynomial optimization.

Lucas Slot Monique Laurent

Quadratic optimization with switching variables: the convex hull for n=2.

Kurt M. Anstreicher Samuel Burer


Leo Liberti Sebastian Sager Angelika Wiegele

Volume 188, Number 1, July 2021
Correction to: Stronger MIP formulations for the Steiner forest problem.

Daniel R. Schmidt Bernd Zey François Margot

Better and simpler error analysis of the Sinkhorn-Knopp algorithm for matrix scaling.

Deeparnab Chakrabarty Sanjeev Khanna

Sparse semidefinite programs with guaranteed near-linear time complexity via dualized clique tree conversion.

Richard Y. Zhang Javad Lavaei

Box-total dual integrality, box-integrality, and equimodular matrices.

Patrick Chervet Roland Grappe Louis-Hadrien Robert

Maximum edge-disjoint paths in planar graphs with congestion 2.

Loïc Seguin-Charbonneau F. Bruce Shepherd

The condition number of a function relative to a set.

David H. Gutman Javier F. Peña

Simple bilevel programming and extensions.

Stephan Dempe Nguyen Dinh Joydeep Dutta Tanushree Pandit

Strong formulations for conic quadratic optimization with indicator variables.

Andrés Gómez

Stochastic quasi-gradient methods: variance reduction via Jacobian sketching.

Robert M. Gower Peter Richtárik Francis R. Bach

Adaptive regularization with cubics on manifolds.

Naman Agarwal Nicolas Boumal Brian Bullins Coralia Cartis

Separation routine and extended formulations for the stable set problem in claw-free graphs.

Yuri Faenza Gianpaolo Oriolo Gautier Stauffer

Conservative set valued fields, automatic differentiation, stochastic gradient methods and deep learning.

Jérôme Bolte Edouard Pauwels

Complexity of packing common bases in matroids.

Kristóf Bérczi Tamás Schwarcz