Volume 190, Number 1, November 2021
Correction to: Exact semidefinite formulations for a class of (random and non-random) nonconvex quadratic programs.

Samuel Burer Yinyu Ye

Correction to: A sequential homotopy method for mathematical programming problems.

Andreas Potschka Hans Georg Bock

Further results on an abstract model for branching and its application to mixed integer programming.

Daniel Anderson Pierre Le Bodic Kerri Morgan

Connecting optimization with spectral analysis of tri-diagonal matrices.

Jean B. Lasserre

A loose Benders decomposition algorithm for approximating two-stage mixed-integer recourse models.

Niels van der Laan Ward Romeijnders

A tight degree 4 sum-of-squares lower bound for the Sherrington-Kirkpatrick Hamiltonian.

Dmitriy Kunisky Afonso S. Bandeira

Statistical robustness in utility preference robust optimization models.

Shaoyan Guo Huifu Xu

Fully asynchronous stochastic coordinate descent: a tight lower bound on the parallelism achieving linear speedup.

Yun Kuen Cheung Richard Cole Yixin Tao

A smooth homotopy method for incomplete markets.

Yang Zhan Chuangyin Dang

Determination of convex functions via subgradients of minimal norm.

Pedro Pérez-Aros David Salas Emilio Vilches

Computation and efficiency of potential function minimizers of combinatorial congestion games.

Pieter Kleer Guido Schäfer

Prophet secretary through blind strategies.

José R. Correa Raimundo Saona Bruno Ziliotto

Strengthening convex relaxations of 0/1-sets using Boolean formulas.

Samuel Fiorini Tony Huynh Stefan Weltge

A new framework to relax composite functions in nonlinear programs.

Taotao He Mohit Tawarmalani

Generalized Chvátal-Gomory closures for integer programs with bounds on variables.

Sanjeeb Dash Oktay Günlük Dabeen Lee

Quasi-Monte Carlo methods for two-stage stochastic mixed-integer programs.

Hernan Leövey Werner Römisch

The sum-of-squares hierarchy on the sphere and applications in quantum information theory.

Kun Fang Hamza Fawzi

Convergence rates for an inertial algorithm of gradient type associated to a smooth non-convex minimization.

Szilárd Csaba László

Existence of efficient and properly efficient solutions to problems of constrained vector optimization.

Do Sang Kim Boris S. Mordukhovich Tien Son Pham Nguyen Van Tuyen

On the linear convergence rates of exchange and continuous methods for total variation minimization.

Axel Flinth Frédéric de Gournay Pierre Weiss

Discrete optimization methods for group model selection in compressed sensing.

Bubacarr Bah Jannis Kurtz Oliver Schaudt

Finding and verifying the nucleolus of cooperative games.

Márton Benedek Jörg Fliege Tri-Dung Nguyen

Decomposition of arrow type positive semidefinite matrices with application to topology optimization.

Michal Kocvara

Correction to: A scaling algorithm for optimizing arbitrary functions over vertices of polytopes.

Sergei Chubanov

A scaling algorithm for optimizing arbitrary functions over vertices of polytopes.

Sergei Chubanov

Accelerated proximal point method for maximally monotone operators.

Donghwan Kim

Bi-perspective functions for mixed-integer fractional programs with indicator variables.

Adam N. Letchford Qiang Ni Zhaoyu Zhong

On a multistage discrete stochastic optimization problem with stochastic constraints and nested sampling.

Thuy Anh Ta Tien Mai Fabian Bastin Pierre L'Ecuyer