Volume 192, Number 1, March 2022
Weighted Triangle-free 2-matching Problem with Edge-disjoint Forbidden Triangles.

Yusuke Kobayashi

Graph coloring with decision diagrams.

Willem-Jan van Hoeve

Stochastic makespan minimization in structured set systems.

Anupam Gupta Amit Kumar Viswanath Nagarajan Xiangkun Shen

Popular branchings and their dual certificates.

Telikepalli Kavitha Tamás Király Jannik Matuschke Ildikó Schlotter Ulrike Schmidt-Kraepelin

Extended formulations for stable set polytopes of graphs without two disjoint odd cycles.

Michele Conforti Samuel Fiorini Tony Huynh Stefan Weltge

Sparse representation of vectors in lattices and semigroups.

Iskander Aliev Gennadiy Averkov Jesús A. De Loera Timm Oertel

A fast $(2 + \frac{2}{7})$-approximation algorithm for capacitated cycle covering.

Vera Traub Thorben Tröbst

Single source unsplittable flows with arc-wise lower and upper bounds.

Sarah Morell Martin Skutella

Tight approximation bounds for maximum multi-coverage.

Siddharth Barman Omar Fawzi Suprovat Ghoshal Emirhan Gürpinar

Flexible Graph Connectivity.

David Adjiashvili Felix Hommelsheim Moritz Mühlenthaler

Persistency of linear programming relaxations for the stable set problem.

Elisabeth Rodríguez-Heck Karl Stickler Matthias Walter Stefan Weltge

Packing under convex quadratic constraints.

Max Klimm Marc E. Pfetsch Rico Raber Martin Skutella

Fair colorful k-center clustering.

Xinrui Jia Kshiteej Sheth Ola Svensson

About the complexity of two-stage stochastic IPs.

Kim-Manuel Klein

Constructing lattice-free gradient polyhedra in dimension two.

Joseph Paat Miriam Schlöter Emily Speakman

The integrality number of an integer program.

Joseph Paat Miriam Schlöter Robert Weismantel

Maximal quadratic-free sets.

Gonzalo Muñoz Felipe Serrano

Continuous facility location on graphs.

Tim A. Hartmann Stefan Lendl Gerhard J. Woeginger

Algorithms for flows over time with scheduling costs.

Dario Frascaria Neil Olver

On a generalization of the Chvátal-Gomory closure.

Sanjeeb Dash Oktay Günlük Dabeen Lee

Sparse graphs and an augmentation problem.

Csaba Király András Mihálykó

On generalized surrogate duality in mixed-integer nonlinear programming.

Benjamin Müller Gonzalo Muñoz Maxime Gasse Ambros M. Gleixner Andrea Lodi Felipe Serrano

Ideal formulations for constrained convex optimization problems with indicator variables.

Linchuan Wei Andrés Gómez Simge Küçükyavuz

Correction to: Idealness of k-wise intersecting families.

Ahmad Abdi Gérard Cornuéjols Tony Huynh Dabeen Lee

Idealness of k-wise intersecting families.

Ahmad Abdi Gérard Cornuéjols Tony Huynh Dabeen Lee

A technique for obtaining true approximations for k-center with covering constraints.

Georg Anegg Haris Angelidakis Adam Kurpisz Rico Zenklusen

Special Issue: Integer Programming and Combinatorial Optimization (IPCO) 2020.

Daniel Bienstock Giacomo Zambelli