Volume 421, May 2022
An update of a Bäcklund transformation and its applications to the Boussinesq system.

Ying-ying Sun Wan-yi Sun

Solving second order two-point boundary value problems accurately by a third derivative hybrid block integrator.

Higinio Ramos Gurjinder Singh

Incremental Newton's iterative algorithm for optimal control of Itô stochastic systems.

Jiayue Tian Xueyan Zhao Feiqi Deng

The multiplicities of eigenvalues of a graph.

Zhiwen Wang

A collocation method to solve the parabolic-type partial integro-differential equations via Pell-Lucas polynomials.

Suayip Yüzbasi Gamze Yildirim

Three-dimensional pattern dynamics of a fractional predator-prey model with cross-diffusion and herd behavior.

Zhimin Bi Shutang Liu Miao Ouyang

Classification and stability analysis of polarising and depolarising travelling wave solutions for a model of collective cell migration.

Nizhum Rahman Robert Marangell Dietmar Oelz

Finite-time adaptive neural command filtered control for non-strict feedback uncertain multi-agent systems including prescribed performance and input nonlinearities.

Ziwen Wu Tianping Zhang Xiaonan Xia Yu Hua

In-Parameter-Order strategies for covering perfect hash families.

Michael Wagner Charles J. Colbourn Dimitris E. Simos

The a posteriori error estimates and adaptive computation of nonconforming mixed finite elements for the Stokes eigenvalue problem.

Lingling Sun Yidu Yang

Stability of stochastic nonlinear delay systems with delayed impulses.

Wenping Cao Quanxin Zhu

Relaxed stabilization synthesis of discrete-time nonlinear systems with uplink data loss based on a novel online evaluation mechanism.

Xiangpeng Xie Xicheng Shen Chen Peng

Refinements of bounds for tails of compound distributions and ruin probabilities.

Stathis Chadjiconstantinidis Panos Xenos

On Sombor index of trees with fixed domination number.

Xiaoling Sun Jianwei Du

Inner Bohemian inverses.

Eunice Y. S. Chan Robert M. Corless Laureano González-Vega J. Rafael Sendra Juana Sendra

Analysis of an almost fourth-order parameter-uniformly convergent numerical method for singularly perturbed semilinear reaction-diffusion system with non-smooth source term.

S. Chandra Sekhara Rao Abhay Kumar Chaturvedi

Finite time stability for nonsingular impulsive first order delay differential systems.

Akbar Zada Bakhtawar Pervaiz Subramanian Muthaiah Ioan-Lucian Popa

Dynamic event-triggered control design for a class of p-normal nonlinear time-delay systems with actuator failures.

Min Li Jian Guo Zhengrong Xiang

Observer-Based fuzzy containment control for nonlinear networked mass under dos attacks.

Yong-Sheng Ma Wei-Wei Che Chao Deng

Diophantine approximation over primes with different powers.

Huafeng Liu Jun Yue

Proper distinguishing arc-colourings of symmetric digraphs.

Rafal Kalinowski Monika Pilsniak

A semi-implicit approach for sediment transport models with gravitational effects.

José Garres-Díaz Enrique Domingo Fernández-Nieto Gladys Narbona-Reina

Price options on investment project expansion under commodity price and volatility uncertainties using a novel finite difference method.

Nan Li Song Wang Kai Zhang

Lie group analysis and robust computational approach to examine mass transport process using Jeffrey fluid model.

Muhammad Mubashir Bhatti Shen Jun Chaudry Masood Khalique Anwar Shahid Liu Fasheng Mohamed S. Mohamed

Precise option pricing by the COS method - How to choose the truncation range.

Gero Junike Konstantin Pankrashkin

An improvement of methods for solving the CUPL-Toeplitz linear system.

Xing Zhang Xiaoyu Jiang Zhaolin Jiang Heejung Byun

Cluster synchronization in a network of nonlinear systems with directed topology and competitive relationships.

Xin Wang Shidong Zhai Guoqiang Luo Tao Huang

Tolerance-localized and control-localized solutions of interval linear equations system and their application to course assignment problem.

Worrawate Leela-apiradee Artur Gorka Kanokwan Burimas Phantipa Thipwiwatpotjana

Simulation of different flow regimes in a narrow-gap spherical Couette flow.

Suhail Abbas Abdullah Shah

Error analysis of a decoupled, linear and stable finite element method for Cahn-Hilliard-Navier-Stokes equations.

Yaoyao Chen Yunqing Huang Nianyu Yi

Three-dimensional nanofluid stirring with non-uniform heat source/sink through an elongated sheet.

Thirupathi Thumma S. R. Mishra Munawwar Ali Abbas Muhammad Mubashir Bhatti Sara I. Abdelsalam

Novel quaternion discrete shifted Gegenbauer moments of fractional-orders for color image analysis.

Khalid M. Hosny Mohamed M. Darwish

Remove the salt and pepper noise based on the high order total variation and the nuclear norm regularization.

Baoli Shi Fang Gu Zhi-Feng Pang Yuhua Zeng

Intrusive and data-driven reduced order modelling of the rotating thermal shallow water equation.

Bülent Karasözen Süleyman Yildiz Murat Uzunca

Robust sparse recovery via a novel convex model.

Bin Zhao Pengbo Geng Wengu Chen Zhu Zeng

Stability and bifurcations in fractional-order gene regulatory networks.

Eva Kaslik Ileana Rodica Radulescu

Robust estimation of traffic density with missing data using an adaptive-R extended Kalman filter.

A. S. M. Bakibillah Yong Hwa Tan Junn Yong Loo Chee Pin Tan Md. Abdus Samad Kamal Ziyuan Pu

Adaptive persistence based on environment comparison enhances cooperation in evolutionary games.

Liming Zhang Haihong Li Qionglin Dai Junzhong Yang

Epidemic dynamics on higher-dimensional small world networks.

Haiying Wang Jack Murdoch Moore Michael Small Jun Wang Huijie Yang Changgui Gu

An analytical theory for the forced convection condensation of shear-thinning fluids onto isothermal horizontal surfaces.

Uttam Kumar Kar Sayantan Sengupta Shantanu Pramanik Soumik Chakraborty

The multiscale perturbation method for two-phase reservoir flow problems.

Franciane F. Rocha Het Mankad Fabricio S. Sousa Felipe Pereira

Closed form parametrisation of 3D clothoids by arclength with both linear varying curvature and torsion.

Marco Frego

On thermoelastic analysis of two collinear cracks subject to combined quadratic thermo-mechanical load.

B. Wu D. Peng R. Jones

Boundedness analysis of stochastic delay differential equations with Lévy noise.

Danhua He Liguang Xu