Volume 423, June 2022
Sliding mode control for IT2 fuzzy semi-Markov systems with faults and disturbances.

Ramasamy Kavikumar Oh-Min Kwon Rathinasamy Sakthivel Seung-Hoon Lee S. G. Choi Sargunan Priyanka

Local exact controllability of an age structured problem modelling phenotypic plasticity in mosquito behaviour.

Lin Lin Li Cláudia Pio Ferreira Bedreddine Ainseba

A ratio-dependent impulsive control of an SIQS epidemic model with non-linear incidence.

Yingkang Xie Zhen Wang

Convergence, consistency and zero stability of impulsive one-step numerical methods.

Gui-Lai Zhang

Some signed graphs whose eigenvalues are main.

Zhenan Shao Xiying Yuan

Corrigendum to "Optimal control of a SIR epidemic with ICU constraints and target objectives".

Florin Avram Lorenzo Freddi Dan Goreac

Approximation by Kantorovich-type max-min operators and its applications.

Türkan Yeliz Gökçer Ismail Aslan

Emergence of Turing patterns and dynamic visualization in excitable neuron model.

Arnab Mondal Ranjit Kumar Upadhyay Argha Mondal Sanjeev Kumar Sharma

Upper bound on the rate of convergence and truncation bound for non-homogeneous birth and death processes on Z.

Yacov Satin Rostislav V. Razumchik Alexander I. Zeifman I. A. Kovalev

Practical stability of a nonlinear system with delayed control input.

Zhang He Shengyuan Xu Zhengqiang Zhang Yuming Chu

Spatiotemporal pattern selection in a nontoxic-phytoplankton - toxic-phytoplankton - zooplankton model with toxin avoidance effects.

Feifan Zhang Jiamin Sun Wang Tian

Temperature-dependent switchable thermal bifunctions in different diamond-shaped devices.

Huolei Feng Yushan Ni

Paths in [h, k]-bipartite hypertournaments.

Hong Yang Jixiang Meng

An extremal problem in subsequence sum.

Jin-Hui Fang Guoyou Qian

A conservative scheme for two-dimensional Schrödinger equation based on multiquadric trigonometric quasi-interpolation approach.

Zhengjie Sun

Regional sampled-data synchronization of chaotic neural networks using piecewise-continuous delay dependent Lyapunov functional.

S. Y. Han Suneel Kumar Kommuri Oh-Min Kwon Sang-Moon Lee

Signed graphs whose spectrum is bounded by -2.

Peter Rowlinson Zoran Stanic

Voluntary defense strategy and quantized sample-data control for T-S fuzzy networked control systems with stochastic cyber-attacks and its application.

Xiao Cai Kaibo Shi Kun She Shouming Zhong Oh-Min Kwon Yiqian Tang

State and output feedback local control schemes for nonlinear discrete-time 2-D Roesser systems under saturation, quantization and slope restricted input.

Saddam Hussain Malik Muhammad Tufail Muhammad Rehan Shakeel Ahmed

Computation of nonlinear thermal radiation in magnetized nanofluid flow with entropy generation.

Umar Farooq Hassan Waqas Taseer Muhammad Muhammad Imran Ali Saleh Alshomrani

Finite-time adaptive event-triggered command filtered backstepping control for a QUAV.

Wei Yang Guozeng Cui Qian Ma Jiali Ma Chongben Tao

An SDP relaxation method for perron pairs of a nonnegative tensor.

Li Li Xihong Yan Xinzhen Zhang

Global exponential stability and H∞ control of limit cycle for switched affine systems under time-dependent switching signal.

Xiaozeng Xu Hongbin Zhang Qunxian Zheng Wei Chen