Volume 424, July 2022
On the dynamics of fractional q-deformation chaotic map.

Jie Ran Yu-Qin Li Yi-Bin Xiong

Bifurcation dynamics on the sliding vector field of a Filippov ecological system.

Hao Zhou Sanyi Tang

On eigenvalues and the energy of dendrimer trees.

Hengmeng Xu Weigen Yan

Fast MATLAB evaluation of nonlinear energies using FEM in 2D and 3D: Nodal elements.

Alexej Moskovka Jan Valdman

Improved stability criteria of T-S fuzzy systems with sampled-data-based dissipative control.

Chao Ge Zengshuai Liu Lei Wang Yajuan Liu

Distributed event-triggered adaptive output-feedback formation tracking of uncertain underactuated underwater vehicles in three-dimensional space.

Jin Hoe Kim Sung Jin Yoo

An H1-Galerkin mixed finite element method for identification of time dependent parameters in parabolic problems.

Morrakot Khebchareon Ambit Kumar Pany Amiya Kumar Pani

Continuous data assimilation and long-time accuracy in a C0 interior penalty method for the Cahn-Hilliard equation.

Amanda E. Diegel Leo G. Rebholz

A modified orthogonal matching pursuit for construction of sparse probabilistic boolean networks.

Guiyun Xiao Zheng-Jian Bai Wai-Ki Ching

A hybrid high-order type-2 FCM improved random forest classification method for breast cancer risk assessment.

Mahsa Hosseinpour Sehraneh Ghaemi Sohrab Khanmohammadi Sabalan Daneshvar

Density-pressure IBVP: Numerical analysis, simulation and cell dynamics in a colonic crypt.

Geovan C. M. Campos José Augusto Ferreira Giuseppe Romanazzi

On the eccentricity spectra of complete multipartite graphs.

Wei Wei Shuchao Li

Theoretical breakthrough in the dynamics of a jet in a free-stream flow around a corner.

Amin Jafarimoghaddam Alin V. Rosca Ioan Pop

Dynamic viscoelastic unilateral constrained contact problems with thermal effects.

Furi Guo JinRong Wang Jiangfeng Han

Second order scheme for self-similar solutions of a time-fractional porous medium equation on the half-line.

Hanna Okrasinska-Plociniczak Lukasz Plociniczak

Leader-Following consensus of nonlinear multi-agent systems with hybrid delays: Distributed impulsive pinning strategy.

Kun-Peng Wang Dong Ding Ze Tang Jianwen Feng

Passive analysis and finite-time anti-disturbance control for semi-Markovian jump fuzzy systems with saturation and uncertainty.

Tianbo Xu Chunxia Zhu Wenhai Qi Jun Cheng Kaibo Shi Liangliang Sun

Event-triggered anti-disturbance tracking control for semi-Markovian jump systems with exogenous disturbances and input saturation.

Xiaoli Zhang Yang Yi Mouquan Shen Qin Wang

A new result on semi-synchronous event-triggered backstepping robust control for a class of non-Lipschitzian networked systems.

Jiahao Li Yu Liu Jinyong Yu

Shortest perfect pseudomatchings in fullerene graphs.

Tomislav Doslic Meysam Taheri-Dehkordi Gholam Hossein Fath-Tabar

Delay-probability-dependent state estimation for neural networks with hybrid delays.

Wei Qian Haibo Liu Yunji Zhao Yalong Li

Finite-time optimal tracking control using augmented error system method.

Di Wang Can Liu Dawei Ding Suixiang Gao Ming Chu

Compound binomial risk model in a Markovian environment with capital cost and the calculation algorithm.

Lin Xiao

Determination of the prey impact region in a spider orb-web from in-plane vibration.

Alexandre Kawano Antonino Morassi Ramón Zaera