Volume 126, January 2022
Physical layer security for Internet of Things via reconfigurable intelligent surface.

Dinh-Thuan Do Anh-Tu Le Nhat-Duy Xuan Ha Nhu-Ngoc Dao

Empathic conversational agents for real-time monitoring and co-facilitation of patient-centered healthcare.

Achini Adikari Daswin De Silva Harsha Moraliyage Damminda Alahakoon Jiahui Wong Mathew Gancarz Suja Chackochan Bomi Park Rachel Heo Yvonne Leung

Classifying students based on cognitive state in flipped learning pedagogy.

Rabi Shaw Bidyut Kr. Patra

Detection of weak electromagnetic interference attacks based on fingerprint in IIoT systems.

Kai Fang Tingting Wang Xiaochen Yuan Chunyu Miao Yuanyuan Pan Jianqing Li

A fast-iterative reconstruction algorithm for sparse angle CT based on compressed sensing.

Jia Wu

Human resource recommendation algorithm based on improved frequent itemset mining.

Zhaoshan Liu Yiming Ma Huihua Zheng Dege Liu Jing Liu

Regional flow control in peak travel period based on fuzzy algorithm.

Chunhong Jiang Guanghao Ren

Privacy regulation aware service selection for multi-provision cloud service composition.

LinYuan Liu Haibin Zhu Shenglei Chen Zhiqiu Huang

Deep cognitive diagnosis model for predicting students' performance.

Lina Gao Zhongying Zhao Chao Li Jianli Zhao Qingtian Zeng

Effective and efficient skyline query processing over attribute-order-preserving-free encrypted data in cloud-enabled databases.

Alfredo Cuzzocrea Panagiotis Karras Akrivi Vlachou

STPD: Defending against ℓ0-norm attacks with space transformation.

Jinlin Chen Jiannong Cao Zhixuan Liang Xiaohui Cui Lequan Yu Wei Li

ACMF: An Attention Collaborative Extended Matrix Factorization Based Model for MOOC course service via a heterogeneous view.

Deming Sheng Jingling Yuan Qing Xie Lin Li

EnTruVe: ENergy and TRUst-aware Virtual Machine allocation in VEhicle fog computing for catering applications in 5G.

Fatin Hamadah Rahman S. H. Shah Newaz Thien-Wan Au Wida Susanty Suhaili M. A. Parvez Mahmud Gyu Myoung Lee

m-RENDEZVOUS: Multi-Agent Asynchronous Rendezvous Search Technique.

Deniz Ozsoyeller Öznur Özkasap Moayad Aloqaily

Recent advancements and challenges of Internet of Things in smart agriculture: A survey.

Bam Bahadur Sinha R. Dhanalakshmi

Object detection/tracking toward underwater photographs by remotely operated vehicles (ROVs).

Lanyong Zhang Chengyu Li Hongfang Sun

Scalable blockchains - A systematic review.

Muhammad Hassan Nasir Junaid Arshad Muhammad Mubashir Khan Mahawish Fatima Khaled Salah Raja Jayaraman

MS scheduler: New, scalable, and high-performance sparse AVX-2 parity encoding and decoding technique for erasure-coded cloud storage systems.

Mehdi Pirahandeh Deok-Hwan Kim

A reinforcement learning-based framework for disruption risk identification in supply chains.

Hamed Aboutorab Omar Khadeer Hussain Morteza Saberi Farookh Khadeer Hussain

Optimizing 2-opt-based heuristics on GPU for solving the single-row facility layout problem.

Xue Sun Ping Chou Chorng-Shiuh Koong Chao-Chin Wu Liang-Rui Chen

Guest Editorial: Graph-powered machine learning in future-generation computing systems.

Shirui Pan Shaoxiong Ji Di Jin Feng Xia Philip S. Yu

PSO and K-means-based semantic segmentation toward agricultural products.

Haixia Zhang Qingxiu Peng

STGNN-TTE: Travel time estimation via spatial-temporal graph neural network.

Guangyin Jin Min Wang Jinlei Zhang Hengyu Sha Jincai Huang

An adaptive recognition method for take-off action images of back-style high jump based on feature extraction.

Lijie Zhai Haisheng Duan Donghui Chen

A binary moth search algorithm based on self-learning for multidimensional knapsack problems.

Yanhong Feng Gai-Ge Wang

Do machine learning platforms provide out-of-the-box reproducibility?

Odd Erik Gundersen Saeid Shamsaliei Richard Isdahl

Kafka-ML: Connecting the data stream with ML/AI frameworks.

Cristian Martín Peter Langendoerfer Pouya Soltani Zarrin Manuel Díaz Bartolomé Rubio

Maximal cliques based method for detecting and evaluating learning communities in social networks.

Meriem Adraoui Asmaâ Retbi Mohammed Khalidi Idrissi Samir Bennani