Volume 128, March 2022
Retraction notice to "Three-way decisions based on neutrosophic sets and AHP-QFD framework for supplier selection problem" [Future Gener. Comput. Syst. 89 (2018) 19-30].

Retraction notice to "Internet of Things (IoT) and its impact on supply chain: A framework for building smart, secure and efficient systems" [Future Gener. Comput. Syst. 86 (2018) 614-628].

Retraction notice to "A hybrid whale optimization algorithm based on local search strategy for the permutation flow shop scheduling problem" [Future Gener. Comput. Syst. 85 (2018) 129-145].

A platform for integrating heterogeneous data and developing smart city applications.

Jorge Pereira Thaís Batista Everton Cavalcante Arthur Souza Frederico Lopes Nélio Cacho

Efficient privacy-preserving data replication in fog-enabled IoT.

Kinza Sarwar Sira Yongchareon Jian Yu Saeed Ur Rehman

An effective hybrid collaborative algorithm for energy-efficient distributed permutation flow-shop inverse scheduling.

Jianhui Mou Peiyong Duan Liang Gao Xinhua Liu Junqing Li

PEWOBS: An efficient Bayesian network learning approach based on permutation and extensible ordering-based search.

Ruihong Xu Sihang Liu Qingwang Zhang Zemeng Yang Jianxiao Liu

zkrpChain: Towards multi-party privacy-preserving data auditing for consortium blockchains based on zero-knowledge range proofs.

Shiwei Xu Xiaowen Cai Yizhi Zhao Zhengwei Ren Le Du Qin Wang Jianying Zhou

A guide to design uncertainty-aware self-adaptive components in Cyber-Physical Systems.

Rima Al Ali Lubomír Bulej Jan Kofron Tomás Bures

Reconfigurable content-addressable memory (CAM) on FPGAs: A tutorial and survey.

Muhammad Irfan Abdurrashid Ibrahim Sanka Zahid Ullah Ray C. C. Cheung

Application of new digital signal processing technology based on distributed cloud computing in electronic information engineering.

Hu Sheng Xiaodong Qi

Vehicular traffic flow prediction using deployed traffic counters in a city.

Ana Almeida Susana Brás Ilídio Castro Oliveira Susana Sargento

Continual representation learning for node classification in power-law graphs.

Gianfranco Lombardo Agostino Poggi Michele Tomaiuolo

Communication-efficient hierarchical federated learning for IoT heterogeneous systems with imbalanced data.

Alaa Awad Abdellatif Naram Mhaisen Amr Mohamed Aiman Erbad Mohsen Guizani Zaher Dawy Wassim Nasreddine

Federated intelligence of anomaly detection agent in IoTMD-enabled Diabetes Management Control System.

Philip Virgil Astillo Daniel Gerbi Duguma Hoonyong Park Jiyoon Kim Bonam Kim Ilsun You

Constructing a prior-dependent graph for data clustering and dimension reduction in the edge of AIoT.

Tan Guo Keping Yu Moayad Aloqaily Shaohua Wan

Non-interactive verifiable privacy-preserving federated learning.

Yi Xu Changgen Peng Weijie Tan Youliang Tian Minyao Ma Kun Niu

A trusted proof mechanism of data source for smart city.

Jianli Liu Bei Gong Qian Wang

Offloading dependent tasks in multi-access edge computing: A multi-objective reinforcement learning approach.

Fuhong Song Huanlai Xing Xinhan Wang Shouxi Luo Penglin Dai Ke Li

Workload forecasting and energy state estimation in cloud data centres: ML-centric approach.

Tahseen Khan Wenhong Tian Shashikant Ilager Rajkumar Buyya

Emerging topics in defending networked systems.

Steffen Wendzel Wojciech Mazurczyk Luca Caviglione Amir Houmansadr

Serverless computing for Internet of Things: A systematic literature review.

Gustavo André Setti Cassel Vinicius Facco Rodrigues Rodrigo da Rosa Righi Marta Rosecler Bez Andressa Cruz Nepomuceno Cristiano André da Costa

Distributed workflows with Jupyter.

Iacopo Colonnelli Marco Aldinucci Barbara Cantalupo Luca Padovani Sergio Rabellino Concetto Spampinato Roberto Morelli Rosario Di Carlo Nicolò Magini Carlo Cavazzoni

Context and auto-interaction are all you need: Towards context embedding based QoS prediction via automatic feature interaction for high quality cloud API delivery.

Zhen Chen Maosheng Pan Pengfei He Wenchao Qi Linlin Liu Limin Shen Dianlong You

CLARA: A novel clustering-based resource-allocation mechanism for exploiting low-availability complementarities of voluntarily contributed nodes.

Sergio Gonzalo Joan Manuel Marquès Alberto García-Villoria Javier Panadero Laura Calvet

GRU-based deep learning approach for network intrusion alert prediction.

Mohammad Samar Ansari Václav Bartos Brian A. Lee

Efficient algorithms for victim item selection in privacy-preserving utility mining.

Shalini Jangra Durga Toshniwal

RLDS: An explainable residual learning diagnosis system for fetal congenital heart disease.

Sibo Qiao Shanchen Pang Gang Luo Silin Pan Zengchen Yu Taotao Chen Zhihan Lv

Discrete bacterial foraging optimization for community detection in networks.

Bo Yang Xuelin Huang Weizheng Cheng Tao Huang Xu Li

Towards fully verifiable forward secure privacy preserving keyword search for IoT outsourced data.

Yaru Liu Jia Yu Ming Yang Wenqiang Hou Huaqun Wang

Big data analysis of the Internet of Things in the digital twins of smart city based on deep learning.

Xiaoming Li Hao Liu Weixi Wang Ye Zheng Haibin Lv Zhihan Lv

Blockchain-enabled fraud discovery through abnormal smart contract detection on Ethereum.

Lin Liu Wei-Tek Tsai Md. Zakirul Alam Bhuiyan Hao Peng Mingsheng Liu

A user-oriented model for Oracles' Gas price prediction.

Giuseppe Antonio Pierro Henrique Rocha Stéphane Ducasse Michele Marchesi Roberto Tonelli

Fairness-oriented computation offloading for cloud-assisted edge computing.

Kai Guo Ruiling Zhang

A multi-level collaborative framework for elastic stream computing systems.

Dawei Sun Shang Gao Xunyun Liu Rajkumar Buyya

Scalable adaptive optimizations for stream-based workflows in multi-HPC-clusters and cloud infrastructures.

Liang Liang Rosa Filgueira Yan Yan Thomas Heinis

Outage analysis of mmWave-NOMA transmission in the presence of LOS and NLOS paths.

Seyed Mahmoud Pishvaei Farid Tabee Miandoab Behzad Mozaffari Tazehkand

A new detection method for LDoS attacks based on data mining.

Dan Tang Jingwen Chen Xiyin Wang Siqi Zhang Yudong Yan

Handling missing data in near real-time environmental monitoring: A system and a review of selected methods.

Yi-Fan Zhang Peter J. Thorburn

A systematic review of intelligent assistants.

Eduardo Islas-Cota J. Octavio Gutiérrez-García Christian O. Acosta Luis-Felipe Rodríguez

AHP based relay selection strategy for energy harvesting wireless sensor networks.

Jie Wan Ji Chen

SHA 3 and Keccak variants computation speeds on constrained devices.

Thibaut Vandervelden Ruben de Smet Kris Steenhaut An Braeken

WfCommons: A framework for enabling scientific workflow research and development.

Tainã Coleman Henri Casanova Loïc Pottier Manav Kaushik Ewa Deelman Rafael Ferreira da Silva

Auction method to prevent bid-rigging strategies in mobile blockchain edge computing resource allocation.

Hao Qiu Tong Li