Volume 129, April 2022
Multiple access control scheme for EHRs combining edge computing with smart contracts.

Yifan Yang Run-Hua Shi Kunchang Li Zhiwei Wu Shuhao Wang

Bridging separate communities with common interest in distributed social networks through the use of social objects.

David Garompolo Antonella Molinaro Antonio Iera

Revisiting active object stores: Bringing data locality to the limit with NVM.

Alex Barceló Anna Queralt Toni Cortes

Special issue on co-design of data and computation management in Fog Computing.

Monica Vitali Pierluigi Plebani David Bermbach Erik Elmroth

Data science with Vadalog: Knowledge Graphs with machine learning and reasoning in practice.

Luigi Bellomarini Ruslan R. Fayzrakhmanov Georg Gottlob Andrey Kravchenko Eleonora Laurenza Yavor Nenov Stéphane Reissfelder Emanuel Sallinger Evgeny Sherkhonov Sahar Vahdati Lianlong Wu

A high precision intrusion detection system for network security communication based on multi-scale convolutional neural network.

Jing Yu Xiaojun Ye Hongbo Li

Artificial Intelligence powered forecast of oceanic mesoscale phenomena: A typhoon cold wake case occurring in Northwest Pacific Ocean.

Zezheng Zhao Jianyin Zhou Huadong Du

A framework for privacy-preservation of IoT healthcare data using Federated Learning and blockchain technology.

Saurabh Singh Shailendra Rathore Osama Alfarraj Amr Tolba Byungun Yoon

Differentially private facial obfuscation via generative adversarial networks.

William L. Croft Jörg-Rüdiger Sack Wei Shi

Smart objects recommendation based on pre-training with attention and the thing-thing​ relationship in social Internet of things.

Hongfei Zhang Li Zhu Liwen Zhang Tao Dai Xi Feng Li Zhang Kaiqi Zhang Yutian Yan

Cora: Data correlations-based storage policies for cloud object storage.

Yu Chen Wei Tong Dan Feng Zike Wang

Virtualizing mixed-criticality systems: A survey on industrial trends and issues.

Marcello Cinque Domenico Cotroneo Luigi De Simone Stefano Rosiello

Measurement project interoperability for real-time data gathering systems.

Mario José Diván María Laura Sánchez Reynoso Silvio Miguel Gonnet

Artificial Intelligence of Things-assisted two-stream neural network for anomaly detection in surveillance Big Video Data.

Waseem Ullah Amin Ullah Tanveer Hussain Khan Muhammad Ali Asghar Heidari Javier Del Ser Sung Wook Baik Victor Hugo C. de Albuquerque

ImPACT: A networked service architecture for safe sharing of restricted data.

Ilya Baldin Jeffrey S. Chase Jonathan David Crabtree Thomas Nechyba Laura Christopherson Michael J. Stealey Charley Kneifel Victor Orlikowski Rob Carter Erik Scott Akio Sone Don Sizemore

MQDS: An energy saving scheduling strategy with diverse QoS constraints towards reconfigurable cloud storage systems.

Xindong You Dawei Sun Xueqiang Lv Shang Gao Rajkumar Buyya

Hermes: Fault-tolerant middleware for blockchain interoperability.

Rafael Belchior André Vasconcelos Miguel Correia Thomas Hardjono

A data-assisted first-principle approach to modeling server outlet temperature in air free-cooled data centers.

Yingbo Liu Duc Van Le Rui Tan

Lifetime optimization of dense wireless sensor networks using continuous ring-sector model.

Arouna Ndam Njoya Christopher Thron Marah Nana Awa Ado Adamou Abba Ari Abdelhak Mourad Guéroui

Joint resource management for mobility supported federated learning in Internet of Vehicles.

Ge Wang Fangmin Xu Hengsheng Zhang Chenglin Zhao

Research on structure optimization and motion characteristics of wearable medical robotics based on Improved Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm.

Yi Zheng Youqiang Wang Jixin Liu

PACO-VMP: Parallel Ant Colony Optimization for Virtual Machine Placement.

Joshua Peake Martyn Amos Nicholas Costen Giovanni Luca Masala Huw Lloyd

Special issue on senti-mental health: Future generation sentiment analysis systems.

Davide Buscaldi Mauro Dragoni Flavius Frasincar Diego Reforgiato Recupero

Explainable framework for Glaucoma diagnosis by image processing and convolutional neural network synergy: Analysis with doctor evaluation.

Omer Deperlioglu Utku Kose Deepak Gupta Ashish Khanna Fabio Giampaolo Giancarlo Fortino

Android malware obfuscation variants detection method based on multi-granularity opcode features.

Junwei Tang Ruixuan Li Yu Jiang Xiwu Gu Yuhua Li

A Linux-based support for developing real-time applications on heterogeneous platforms with dynamic FPGA reconfiguration.

Marco Pagani Alessandro Biondi Mauro Marinoni Lorenzo Molinari Giuseppe Lipari Giorgio Carlo Buttazzo

Towards Smart Farming: Fog-enabled intelligent irrigation system using deep neural networks.

Matheus G. Cordeiro Catherine Markert Sayonara S. Araújo Nídia G. S. Campos Rubens S. Gondim Ticiana L. Coelho da Silva Atslands Rego da Rocha

Software-defined DDoS detection with information entropy analysis and optimized deep learning.

Ying Liu Ting Zhi Ming Shen Lu Wang Yikun Li Ming Wan

Performance-oriented cache management scheme based on a retention state for energy-harvesting nonvolatile processors.

Yan Wang Henian Fang Linbo Long Jinhui Liu

Lightweight cryptography in IoT networks: A survey.

Muhammad Rana Quazi Mamun Md. Rafiqul Islam

Response time and energy consumption co-offloading with SLRTA algorithm in cloud-edge collaborative computing.

Zhao Tong Xiaomei Deng Jing Mei Bilan Liu Keqin Li

DEEPSEL: A novel feature selection for early identification of malware in mobile applications.

Muhammad Ajmal Azad Farhan Riaz Anum Aftab Syed Khurram Jah Rizvi Junaid Arshad Hany F. Atlam

Special Issue on Machine Learning and Knowledge Graphs.

Mehwish Alam Anna Fensel Jorge Martínez Gil Bernhard Moser Diego Reforgiato Recupero Harald Sack

Effeclouds: A cost-effective cloud-of-clouds framework for two-tier storage.

Mingyu Liu Li Pan Shijun Liu

CIMAR, NIMAR, and LMMA: Novel algorithms for thread and memory migrations in user space on NUMA systems using hardware counters.

Rubén Laso Rodríguez Oscar G. Lorenzo José Carlos Cabaleiro Tomás F. Pena Juan Angel Lorenzo Francisco F. Rivera

The central role of data repositories and data models in Data Science and Advanced Analytics.

Ladjel Bellatreche Carlos Ordonez Dominique Méry Matteo Golfarelli El Hassan Abdelwahed

Novel binary logistic regression model based on feature transformation of XGBoost for type 2 Diabetes Mellitus prediction in healthcare systems.

Yalin Wu Qianjian Zhang Yaqin Hu Sun-Woo Ko Xiangyan Zhang Hongmin Zhu Liu Jie ShiYong Li