Volume 135, September 2021
Exploring the research landscape of data warehousing and mining based on DaWaK Conference full-text articles.

Tatsawan Timakum Soobin Lee Min Song


Il-Yeol Song

Mining high utility patterns in interval-based event sequences.

S. Mohammad Mirbagheri Howard J. Hamilton

Knowledge extraction using semantic similarity of concepts from Web of Things knowledge bases.

Vamsee Muppavarapu Gowtham Ramesh Amelie Gyrard Mahda Noura

DBHC: A DBSCAN-based hierarchical clustering algorithm.

Alireza Latifi-Pakdehi Negin Daneshpour

TopicBank: Collection of coherent topics using multiple model training with their further use for topic model validation.

Vasiliy Alekseev Evgeny S. Egorov Konstantin V. Vorontsov Alexey Goncharov Kaidar Nurumov Timur Buldybayev

A novel domain and event adaptive tweet augmentation approach for enhancing the classification of crisis related tweets.

Dharini Ramachandran Parvathi Ramasubramanian

Deep learning in the COVID-19 epidemic: A deep model for urban traffic revitalization index.

Zhiqiang Lv Jianbo Li Chuanhao Dong Haoran Li Zhihao Xu

Conceptual modeling in the era of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence: Research topics and introduction to the special issue.

Juan Trujillo Karen C. Davis Xiaoyong Du Ernesto Damiani Veda C. Storey

Special Issue on Research Challenges in Information Science - RCIS 2020.

Fabiano Dalpiaz Jelena Zdravkovic