Volume 38, Number 4, April 2022
Discriminative correlation tracking based on spatial attention mechanism for low-resolution imaging systems.

Yueping Huang Ruitao Lu Xiaofeng Li Naixin Qi Xiaogang Yang

Multi-view 2D-3D alignment with hybrid bundle adjustment for visual metrology.

Yang Yu Chengjie Niu Jun Li Kai Xu

Variational formulation of a hybrid perspective shape from shading model.

Jiacheng Fan Min Chen Jinqiu Mo Shigang Wang Qinghua Liang

Multiview deep learning based on tensor decomposition and its application in fault detection of overhead contact systems.

Xuewu Zhang Yansheng Gong Chen Qiao Wenfeng Jing

Global illumination in sparse voxel octrees.

Nelson Max

Glioma classification via MR images radiomics analysis.

Hajer Ouerghi Olfa Mourali Ezzeddine Zagrouba

Despeckling and enhancement of ultrasound images using non-local variational framework.

I. P. Febin P. Jidesh

Correction to: Preface (Vol 37. Issue 1).

Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann

A novel artificial bee colony clustering algorithm with comprehensive improvement.

Qiumei Pu Chiquan Xu Hui Wang Lina Zhao

Collaborative representation-based fuzzy discriminant analysis for Face recognition.

Changwei Chen Xiaofeng Zhou

Joint relation based human pose estimation.

Shuang Liang Gang Chu Chi Xie Jiewen Wang

BLI-resolver: resolving the boundary-loop-interior type intersections for clothing simulation.

Ick-Hoon Cha Hyeong-Seok Ko

Real-time spatial normalization for dynamic gesture classification.

Sofiane Zeghoud Saba Ghazanfar Ali Egemen Ertugrul Aouaidjia Kamel Bin Sheng Ping Li Xiaoyu Chi Jinman Kim Lijuan Mao

Suggestion pattern on online social networks: between intensity, effectiveness and user's satisfaction.

Mohammed Bedjaoui Nadia Elouali Sidi Mohamed Benslimane Erhan Sengel

3D car shape reconstruction from a contour sketch using GAN and lazy learning.

Naoki Nozawa Hubert P. H. Shum Qi Feng Edmond S. L. Ho Shigeo Morishima

A parallel dual marching cubes approach to quad only surface reconstruction.

Roberto Grosso Daniel Zint

A GAN-based approach toward architectural line drawing colorization prototyping.

Qian Sun Yan Chen Wenyuan Tao Han Jiang Mu Zhang Kan Chen Marius Erdt

A deep crystal structure identification system for X-ray diffraction patterns.

Abhik Chakraborty Raksha Sharma

Enhancing edge indicator for visual field loss compensation for homonymous hemianopia patients.

Keisuke Ichinose Xi Zhao Issei Fujishiro Masahiro Toyoura Kenji Kashiwagi Kentaro Go Xiaoyang Mao

High-performance adaptive texture streaming and rendering of large 3D cities.

Alex Zhang Kan Chen Henry Johan Marius Erdt

Aspects of visual avatar appearance: self-representation, display type, and uncanny valley.

Daniel Hepperle Christian Felix Purps Jonas Deuchler Matthias Wölfel

Generative design of decorative architectural parts.

Yuzhe Zhang Wayne Ong Chan Chi Jianmin Zheng Seng Tjhen Lie Zhendong Guo

Virtual reality safety training using deep EEG-net and physiology data.

Dongjin Huang Xianglong Wang Jinhua Liu Jinyao Li Wen Tang

Self-supervised pairing image clustering for automated quality control.

Wenting Dai Marius Erdt Alexei Sourin

Truncated octree and its applications.

Naimin Koh Pradeep Kumar Jayaraman Jianmin Zheng


Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann

Volume 38, Number 3, March 2022
Facial expression GAN for voice-driven face generation.

Zheng Fang Zhen Liu Tingting Liu Chih-Chieh Hung Jiangjian Xiao Guangjin Feng

Guided MDNet tracker with guided samples.

Pallavi Venugopal Minimol Deepak Mishra R. K. Sai Subrahmanyam Gorthi

Multi-path dilated convolution network for haze and glow removal in nighttime images.

Shiba Kuanar Dwarikanath Mahapatra Monalisa Bilas K. R. Rao

Clustering and Identification of key body extremities through topological analysis of multi-sensors 3D data.

Nasreen Mohsin Shahram Payandeh

Dual integrated convolutional neural network for real-time facial expression recognition in the wild.

Sumeet Saurav Prashant Gidde Ravi Saini Sanjay Singh

Constructing self-supporting structures in biscale topology optimization.

Dengyang Zhao Ting Ting Gu Yusheng Liu Shuming Gao Ming Li

Class-discriminative focal loss for extreme imbalanced multiclass object detection towards autonomous driving.

Guancheng Chen Huabiao Qin

Color image encryption scheme based on fractional Hartley transform and chaotic substitution-permutation.

Gurpreet Kaur Rekha Agarwal Vinod Patidar

On-air English Capital Alphabet (ECA) recognition using depth information.

Hasan Mahmud Robiul Islam Md. Kamrul Hasan

DTR-HAR: deep temporal residual representation for human activity recognition.

Hend Basly Wael Ouarda Fatma Ezahra Sayadi Bouraoui Ouni Adel M. Alimi

Blood vessel segmentation in retinal fundus images for proliferative diabetic retinopathy screening using deep learning.

P. Saranya S. Prabakaran Rahul Kumar Eshani Das

TICS: text-image-based semantic CAPTCHA synthesis via multi-condition adversarial learning.

Xinkang Jia Jun Xiao Chao Wu

Tracking of moving athlete from video sequences using flower pollination algorithm.

Pauline Ong Tang Keat Chong Kok-Meng Ong Ee Soong Low

Computer-aided parametric prosthetic socket design based on real-time soft tissue deformation and an inverse approach.

Abbass Ballit Imad Mougharbel Hassan Ghaziri Tien-Tuan Dao

Hierarchical learning with backtracking algorithm based on the Visual Confusion Label Tree for large-scale image classification.

Yuntao Liu Yong Dou Ruochun Jin Rongchun Li Peng Qiao

Depth map super-resolution based on edge-guided joint trilateral upsampling.

Shuyuan Yang Ning Cao Bin Guo Gang Li

HybNet: a hybrid network structure for pain intensity estimation.

Yibo Huang Linbo Qing Shengyu Xu Lu Wang Yonghong Peng

Real-time object tracking based on sparse representation and adaptive particle drawing.

Mohammad Zolfaghari Hossein Ghanei-Yakhdan Mehran Yazdi

K sparse autoencoder-based accelerated reconstruction of magnetic resonance imaging.

Nikhil Dhengre Saugata Sinha

Masquerade attack on biometric hashing via BiohashGAN.

Zhangyong Wu Ke Meng Yan Wo Xudong Zhong

Fine-grained visual classification via multilayer bilinear pooling with object localization.

Ming Li Lin Lei Hao Sun Xiao Li Gangyao Kuang

A robust RGBD saliency method with improved probabilistic contrast and the global reference surface.

Surya Kant Singh Rajeev Srivastava

Distortion-free image dehazing by superpixels and ensemble neural network.

Subhash Chand Agrawal Anand Singh Jalal

Image encryption based on roulette cascaded chaotic system and alienated image library.

Xingyuan Wang Pengbo Liu

Contour-aware semantic segmentation network with spatial attention mechanism for medical image.

Zhiming Cheng Aiping Qu Xiaofeng He

Volume 38, Number 2, February 2022
A deep learning computer vision iPad application for Sales Rep optimization in the field.

Edward R. Sykes

Hybrid neural network model for large-scale heterogeneous classification tasks in few-shot learning.

Kui Qian Xiulan Wen Aiguo Song

Visible watermarking in document images using two-stage fuzzy inference system.

Zengtai Gong Na Qin Guicang Zhang

Limited-view binary tomography reconstruction assisted by shape centroid.

Tibor Lukic Péter Balázs

Detection of damaged buildings after an earthquake with convolutional neural networks in conjunction with image segmentation.

Ramazan Ünlü Recep Kiris

Multi-view 3D shape style transformation.

Xiuping Liu Hua Huang Weiming Wang Jun Zhou

Robust compartmental model fitting in direct emission tomography reconstruction.

László Szirmay-Kalos Ágota Kacsó Milán Magdics Balázs Tóth

Fabric defect detection based on low-rank decomposition with structural constraints.

Guohua Liu Fei Li

Accurate visual tracking via reliable patch.

Mengwei Yang Yanming Lin Detian Huang Lingke Kong

A robust nonrigid point set registration framework based on global and intrinsic topological constraints.

Guiqiang Yang Rui Li Yujun Liu Ji Wang

On extended progressive and iterative approximation for least squares fitting.

Huidi Wang

Techniques for BRDF evaluation.

Mislene Da Silva Nunes Fernando Melo Nascimento Gastão Florêncio Miranda Jr. Beatriz Trinchão Andrade

Robust, fast and flexible symmetry plane detection based on differentiable symmetry measure.

Lukás Hruda Ivana Kolingerová Libor Vása

Object recognition algorithm based on optimized nonlinear activation function-global convolutional neural network.

Feng-Ping An Jun-e Liu Lei Bai

On developing complete character set Meitei Mayek handwritten character database.

Deena Hijam Sarat Saharia

An automated and efficient convolutional architecture for disguise-invariant face recognition using noise-based data augmentation and deep transfer learning.

Muhammad Junaid Khan Muhammad Jaleed Khan Adil Masood Siddiqui Khurram Khurshid

Reconstruction of adaptive swept surfaces from scanned data for styling design.

Shoichi Tsuchie

Fast optimal transport regularized projection and application to coefficient shrinkage and filtering.

Antoine Rolet Vivien Seguy

Genetic programming-based fusion of HOG and LBP features for fully automated texture classification.

Mohamed Hazgui Haythem Ghazouani Walid Barhoumi

A novel bifold-stage shot boundary detection algorithm: invariant to motion and illumination.

Saptarshi Chakraborty Alok Singh Dalton Meitei Thounaojam


Solving the fluid pressure with an iterative multi-resolution guided network.

Rong-Jie Xu Bo Ren

Visual complexity of shapes: a hierarchical perceptual learning model.

Lingchen Dai Kang Zhang Xianjun Sam Zheng Ralph R. Martin Yi-Na Li Jinhui Yu

An improved anchor neighborhood regression SR method based on low-rank constraint.

Xin Yang Li Liu Chen Zhu Yingqing Guo Dake Zhou

A privacy-aware deep learning framework for health recommendation system on analysis of big data.

T. Mahesh Selvi V. Kavitha

Volume 38, Number 1, January 2022
An improved simplified PCNN model for salient region detection.

Monan Wang Xiping Shang

A corner-clustering method for detection of slab management numbers sprayed on steel slabs.

Yiping Peng Junhui Ge Hui Qin Xiaojun Ge Changyan Xiao

Attention to fine-grained information: hierarchical multi-scale network for retinal vessel segmentation.

Chengzhi Lyu Guoqing Hu Dan Wang

Weber local descriptor for image analysis and recognition: a survey.

Arnab Banerjee Nibaran Das K. C. Santosh

A comprehensive survey on video frame interpolation techniques.

Anil Singh Parihar Disha Varshney Kshitija Pandya Ashray Aggarwal

Modality-transfer generative adversarial network and dual-level unified latent representation for visible thermal Person re-identification.

Xing Fan Wei Jiang Hao Luo Weijie Mao

Adaptive feature selection in PET scans based on shared information and multi-label learning.

Arafet Sbei Khaoula ElBedoui Walid Barhoumi Chokri Maktouf

Raw GIS to 3D road modeling for real-time traffic simulation.

Yacine Amara Abdenour Amamra Salim Khemis

Spiking neural network based on joint entropy of optical flow features for human action recognition.

S. Jeba Berlin Mala John

An adaptive and rapid 3D Delaunay triangulation for randomly distributed point cloud data.

Tianyun Su Wen Wang Haixing Liu Zhendong Liu Xinfang Li Zhen Jia Lin Zhou Zhuanling Song Ming Ding Aiju Cui

A comparative study of single image fog removal methods.

Bijaylaxmi Das Joshua Peter Ebenezer Sudipta Mukhopadhyay

A new feature clustering method based on crocodiles hunting strategy optimization algorithm for classification of MRI images.

Alireza Balavand

Retinal vessel segmentation using simple SPCNN model and line connector.

Linyuan Huang Feng Liu

Single-image super-resolution based on local biquadratic spline with edge constraints and adaptive optimization in transform domain.

Danya Zhou Yepeng Liu Xue-Mei Li Caiming Zhang

Brain tumor classification based on hybrid approach.

Wadhah Ayadi Imen Charfi Wajdi Elhamzi Mohamed Atri

Solving the PnL problem using the hidden variable method: an accurate and efficient solution.

Ping Wang Yongxin Chou Aimin An Guili Xu

Patch attention network with generative adversarial model for semi-supervised binocular disparity prediction.

Zhibo Rao Mingyi He Yuchao Dai Zhelun Shen

Compression of multi-temporal hyperspectral images based on RLS filter.

Yaman Dua Ravi Shankar Singh Vinod Kumar

Probability driven approach for point cloud registration of indoor scene.

Kun Dong Shanshan Gao Shiqing Xin Yuanfeng Zhou

Joint restoration convolutional neural network for low-quality image super resolution.

Gadipudi Amaranageswarao S. Deivalakshmi Seok-Bum Ko

PREFACE (Vol 38, Issue1).

Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann

Welcome to the year 2022.

Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann

Acknowledgement to Reviewers 2021.