Volume 35, Number 9, July 2021
An Expensive Multi-Objective Optimization Algorithm Based on Decision Space Compression.

Haosen Liu Fangqing Gu Yiu-Ming Cheung

Application of Differential Evolution Cuckoo Search Algorithm in Parameter Optimization of VG Equation.

Bo Yuan Deji Chen

Urban Land Use Optimal Mathematical Model based on Economic Benefit Maximization.

Zhihui Sun Yiqing Fan

Intelligent Optimization Design of the Cutting Unit's Transmission System of a Shearer Based on Robustness.

Hongbin Gao Junjun Chen

A New Method on Optimal Control of Triple-Phase-Shift Angle Based on MOPSO in DAB System.

Shengwei Gao Xi Zha Congwei Hu Chenming Dong

Optimization Design of Rail Station Signal Monitoring System Based on Role Autonomous Decentralized System.

Tengfei Yuan Tongguang Shi Tuo Shen Guangxian Ren

Intelligent Equalization Based on RBF LSSVM and Adaptive Channel Decoding in Faster-than-Nyquist Receiver.

Lu Li Xinyu Fan Haimei Gong Yuanqi Wang Wang Lei

Log-Polar Facial Recognition Using Minimum Feature Band.

Yoshihiro Sato Yue Bao

Improved Camera Calibration Method and Accuracy Analysis for Binocular Vision.

Ben Zhang Denglin Zhu

Baggage Image Retrieval with Attention-Based Network for Security Checks.

Gan Huang Li Yang Ding Zhang Xiaofeng Wang Yanfu Wang

A Joint Mapping and Synthesis Approach for Multiview Facial Expression Recognition.

Mahdi Jampour Mohammad Shahram Moin

On Image Segmentation Based on Local Entropy Fitting Under Nonconvex Regularization Term Constraints.

Ming Han Jing-Qin Wang Jing-Tao Wang Junying Meng

Joint Pre-Trained Chinese Named Entity Recognition Based on Bi-Directional Language Model.

Changxia Ma Chen Zhang

An Approach of Defining Domain Constraints for Domain-Specific Modeling Language.

Tao Jiang Weihong Zhou

Transmission State Prediction from MAC in Cognitive Radio via Optimized Deep Learning Architecture.

Kiran P. More Rajendrakumar A. Patil

Efficient Convolutional Dictionary Learning Using Preconditioned ADMM.

Xuesong Zhang Baoping Li Jing Jiang

Implementation of Offline Consumer Behavior Tracking.

Yang-Ta Kao Hsiau Wen Lin Dai-Yi Qiu

Rolling Bearing Fault Diagnosis Method Based on Eigenvalue Selection and Dimension Reduction Algorithm.

Song Chen Li-Ai Chen Da-Gui Wang He-Sheng Cheng

Online Detecting of Inter-Turn Short-Circuit in Generator Rotor Winding Relying on ν-SVR Machine.

Feng Pan Xiansheng Guo Shengwang Pan

35th Anniversary of IJPRAI.

Patrick Wang Xiaoyi Jiang Frank Shih Terence Sim

Volume 35, Number 8, June 2021
Adaptively Allocating Constraint-Handling Techniques for Constrained Multi-objective Optimization Problems.

Ning Yang Hai-Lin Liu

Wind Speed Prediction based on Spatio-Temporal Covariance Model Using Autoregressive Integrated Moving Average Regression Smoothing.

Yu Wang Changan Zhu Xiaodong Ye Jianghai Zhao Deji Wang

Evaluation of Livable City Based on GIS and PSO-SVM: A Case Study of Hunan Province.

Qizhen Li Qian Fu Yi Zou Xijun Hu

Distributed Resource Allocation for Green HetNets with Renewable Energy Resources.

Bin Zhang Yi Liu

Optimization of Urban Bus Stops Setting Based on Data Mining.

Ganglong Duan Xin Ma Jianren Wang Zhishi Wang Yan Wang

An Improved Artificial Neural Network Model for Flights Delay Prediction.

Tongyu Shi Jinghan Lai Runping Gu Zhiqiang Wei

A New Method and Implementation of Blind Restoration Algorithm for Moving Fuzzy License Plate Image Based on Frequency-Domain Characteristics.

Xinyu Hu Xuesheng Li Yi Li Yuxuan Tang Daode Zhang

Force Display and Tactile Display of Color Image Texture.

Lei Tian Dapeng Chen Xiulan Wen Aiguo Song

Underwater Image Enhancement with the Low-Rank Nonnegative Matrix Factorization Method.

Xiaopeng Liu Cong Liu Xiaochen Liu

A Layer-Wise Ensemble Technique for Binary Neural Network.

Jiazhen Xi Hiroyuki Yamauchi

Supervised Anomaly Detection with Highly Imbalanced Datasets Using Capsule Networks.

Claudio Piciarelli Pankaj Mishra Gian Luca Foresti

Upper Bounding Graph Edit Distance Based on Rings and Machine Learning.

David B. Blumenthal Johann Gamper Sébastien Bougleux Luc Brun

Central Feature Learning for Unsupervised Person Re-identification.

Binquan Wang Muhammad Asim Guoqi Ma Ming Zhu

Multi-stream Network for Human-object Interaction Detection.

Chang Wang Jinyu Sun Shiwei Ma Yuqiu Lu Wang Liu

Volume 35, Number 7, June 2021
Finding Suitable Membership Functions for Mining Fuzzy Association Rules in Web Data Using Learning Automata.

Zohreh Anari Abdolreza Hatamlou Babak Anari

Short-Term Time Wind Speed Forecasting Based on Spatio-Temporal Geostatistical Approach and Kriging Method.

Yu Wang Changan Zhu Jianghai Zhao Deji Wang

Improved Membrane Algorithm Under the Framework of P Systems to Solve Multimodal Multiobjective Problems.

Chuang Liu Wanghui Shen Le Zhang Hong Yang Yingkui Du Zhonghu Yuan Hai Zhao

A New Intelligent Learning Diagnosis Method Constructed Based on Concept Map.

Yun Hu Hui Li Zuojian Zhou Haining Li

MSENet: Multi-Modal Squeeze-and-Excitation Network for Brain Tumor Severity Prediction.

Jyostna Devi Bodapati Shaik Nagur Shareef Naralasetti Veeranjaneyulu Nirupama Bhat Mundukur

Mask Wearing Detection Algorithm Based on Improved Tiny YOLOv3.

Guohua Liu Qintao Zhang

How to Make a Query in Image Retrieval with Partial Information Extracted from Multiple Image Samples?

Sheung Wai Chan Yiu-Ming Cheung

High-precision Registration Algorithm and Parallel Design Method for High-Resolution Optical Remote Sensing Images.

Xunying Zhang Xiaodong Zhao

MRN: Moment Relation Network for Natural Language Video Localization with Transfer Learning.

Siyu Jiang Guobin Wu

CAFFNet: Channel Attention and Feature Fusion Network for Multi-target Traffic Sign Detection.

Feng Liu Yurong Qian Hua Li Yongqiang Wang Hao Zhang

Deep Learning Networks-Based Action Videos Classification and Search.

Wenshi Wang Zhangqin Huang Rui Tian

Real-Time Implementation of Traffic Signs Detection and Identification Application on Graphics Processing Units.

Riadh Ayachi Mouna Afif Yahia Said Abdessalem Ben Abdelali

Improved Ring Radius Transform-Based Reconstruction for Video Character Recognition.

Zhiheng Huang Palaiahnakote Shivakumara Tong Lu Umapada Pal Michael Blumenstein Bhaarat Chetty G. Hemantha Kumar

PseKNC and Adaboost-Based Method for DNA-Binding Proteins Recognition.

Lina Yang Xiangyu Li Ting Shu Patrick Wang Xichun Li

Volume 35, Number 6, May 2021
Analysis on Distributed Output Regulator of Discrete Multi-agent System Combined with Fuzzy Identification Method.

Jia Liu Yunxi Zhang Dandan Wang Linlin Hou

An Improved Evolutionary Algorithm Based on a Multi-Search Strategy and an External Population Strategy for Many-Objective Optimization.

Jie Liu Cai Dai Xingping Lai Fei Liang

Berth Allocation in a Bulk Terminal with Overall Quay Length Constraint.

Jiangbo Yao Junfang Wu

Analysis and Exploration of Open Source Data in Traffic Network Based on Scheduling Model of Bike-Sharing.

Yajie Zhang Xucheng Wan Suyu Zhang

Recognition of Energy-Saving Influencing Factors of Construction Project Lifecycle Based on Knowledge Map.

Liang Zhao Wei Zhang Wen-shun Wang

Improved Fractional-Order PSO for PID Tuning.

Shoubao Su Zhaorui Zhai Chishe Wang Kaimeng Ding

EPS: Robust Pupil Edge Points Selection with Haar Feature and Morphological Pixel Patterns.

Lu Shi Changyuan Wang Hongbo Jia Xiuhua Hu

A Fast Perceptual Surveillance Video Coding (PSVC) Based on Background Model-Driven JND Estimation.

Gang Wang Mingliang Zhou Haiheng Cao Bin Fang Shiting Wen Ran Wei

Surveillance Video Coding for Traffic Scene based on Vehicle Knowledge and Shared Library by Cloud-Edge Computing in Cyber-Physical-Social Systems.

Gang Wang Mingliang Zhou Bin Fang Shiting Wen

Alternating Primal-Dual Algorithm for Minimizing Multiple-Summed Separable Problems with Application to Image Restoration.

Peng Wang Shengwu Xiong

An Integrated ARMA-Based Deep Autoencoder and GRU Classifier System for Enhanced Recognition of Daily Hand Activities.

Patricio Rivera Edwin Valarezo Tae-Seong Kim

Research on Fast Recognition Method of Complex Sorting Images Based on Deep Learning.

Zhixin Chen Ruixue Dong

Feature Selection Method Based on Mutual Information and Support Vector Machine.

Gang Liu Chunlei Yang Sen Liu Chunbao Xiao Bin Song

A New Optimal Ensemble Algorithm Based on SVDD Sampling for Imbalanced Data Classification.

Jamshid Pirgazi Abbas Pirmohammadi Reza Shams

Multi-resolution Representation for Streaming Time Series Retrieval.

Wei Luo Yongqi Li Fubin Yao Shaokun Wang Zhen Li Peng Zhan Xueqing Li

Volume 35, Number 5, April 2021
Erratum: Intelligent Diagnosis Method Based on 2DECG Model.

Weibo Song Wei Wang Fengjiao Jiang

Erratum: A New Diagnosis Method of ECG Diseases Based on Deep Learning.

Weibo Song Wei Wang Fengjiao Jiang

A Routing Optimization Method Based on ACA for FANETs.

Wei Xing Hua Yang

CNN-SSPSO: A Hybrid and Optimized CNN Approach for Peripheral Blood Cell Image Recognition and Classification.

Rajiv Kumar Shivani Joshi Avinash Dwivedi

Joint Learning for Pneumonia Classification and Segmentation on Medical Images.

Shaobo Liu Xin Zhong Frank Y. Shih

A Framework for Long-Term Tracking Based on a Global Proposal Network.

Hongwei Zhang Bin Zhu Xiaoxia Li Yuchen Jiang

Universal Optimization Strategies for Object Detection Networks.

Ziyu Shi Haichang Gao Yiwen Tang Han Zheng Shuai Kang Yi Liu

Vehicle Seat Detection Based on Improved RANSAC-SURF Algorithm.

Xiaoguang Li Juan Zhu Yiming Ruan

Multi-Mode Haptic Display of Image Based on Force and Vibration Tactile Feedback Integration.

Lei Tian Aiguo Song Dapeng Chen

Terrain Elevation Map Synthesis Method based on Single Sample and User Sketch.

Xingquan Cai Zhe Yang Haiyan Sun Amanda Gozho Yakun Ge Runbo Cai

Infrared Target Tracking Based on Improved Particle Filtering.

Zhiwei Hu Yixin Su

Watermelon Disease Detection Based on Deep Learning.

Xiao He Kui Fang Bo Qiao Xinghui Zhu Yineng Chen

A Comparative Study of Transfer Learning Approaches for Video Anomaly Detection.

Matheus Gutoski Manassés Ribeiro Leandro Takeshi Hattori Nelson Marcelo Romero Aquino André Eugênio Lazzaretti Heitor S. Lopes

Prototype-Based Discriminative Feature Representation for Class-incremental Cross-modal Retrieval.

Shaoquan Zhu Yong Feng Mingliang Zhou Baohua Qiang Bin Fang Ran Wei

OCEAN: A Non-Conventional Parameter Free Clustering Algorithm Using Relative Densities of Categories.

Iffat Gheyas Simon Parkinson Saad Khan

Detection of Fiber Defects Using Keypoints and Deep Learning.

Dirk Siegmund Biying Fu Adán José García Salahuddin Ahmad Arjan Kuijper

Modeling a Virtual Bare-Hand Interface System Using a Robust Hand Detection Approach for HCI.

Songhita Misra G. Sridevi Rabul Hussain Laskar

Braille and Morse Code Based Tactile Information Coding and its Applications.

Wenbo Huang Changyuan Wang Hongbo Jia

Volume 35, Number 4, March 2021
Identification of Axial and Radial Impacts for Pneumatic Artificial Muscles in Static and Dynamic Processes Based on Autocorrelations of Differential Pressure Signals.

Binrui Wang Chunlei Bao Dijian Chen

CPI Big Data Prediction Based on Wavelet Twin Support Vector Machine.

Yiqing Fan Zhihui Sun

Thermal Performance Analysis of Heat Pipe Intercooler Based on Artificial Neural-Networks.

Yao Zhao Qingguo Luo Mianhao Qiu

PFHTS-IDSS: A Hybrid HTS-based Framework for Indonesian Speech Synthesis via Phoneme and Full-context Lab.

Zhenfeng Lei Junjun Zhai Juntao Chen Wenhao Liu Shuangyuan Yang Anwar Ul Haq

Brain Tumor Segmentation Using 3D Generative Adversarial Networks.

Yitong Li Yue Chen Y. Shi

A New Method on Super Pixel Reducing Stereo Matching Time of Integrated Imaging.

Xue-Guang Wang Ming Li Lei Zhang Hui Zhao Thelma D. Palaoag

Niblack Binarization on Document Images: Area Efficient, Low Cost, and Noise Tolerant Stochastic Architecture.

Shyamali Mitra K. C. Santosh Mrinal Kanti Naskar

Multi-Channel Mapping Image Segmentation Method Based on LDA.

Qiu-xia Hu Jie Tian Dongjian He

A No-Reference Image Quality Comprehensive Assessment Method.

Yuanyuan Fan Yingjun Sang

Annotation-Free Word Spotting with Bag-of-Features HMMs.

Leonard Rothacker Fabian Wolf Gernot A. Fink

Regularized Deep LSTM Autoencoder for Phonological Deviation Assessment.

Sheena Christabel Pravin M. Palanivelan

Deep Learning-based Roman-Urdu to Urdu Transliteration.

Mehreen Alam Sibt ul Hussain

MLCE: A Multi-Label Crotch Ensemble Method for Multi-Label Classification.

Yuan Yao Yan Li Yunming Ye Xutao Li

Automatic Binary Data Classification Using a Modified Allen-Cahn Equation.

Sangkwon Kim Junseok Kim

Anomaly Detection for Industrial Control Networks Based on Improved One-Class Support Vector Machine.

Haicheng Qu Jianzhong Zhou Jitao Qin Xiaorong Tian

Volume 35, Number 3, March 2021
Improved Particle Swarm Optimization Approach for Vibration Vision Measurement.

Chunli Zhu Yuan Shen Xiujun Lei

DNA Computing Model for Satisfiability Problem Based on Hybridization Chain Reaction.

Zhixiang Yin Jing Yang Qiang Zhang Zhen Tang Guoqiang Wang Zhongtuan Zheng

The Track, Hotspot and Frontier of International MOOC Research 2008-2018 - A Scientometric Analysis Based on SCI and SSCI.

Wei Zhang Liang Zhao

Visual Analysis of Sorting and Classification of Multidimensional Data.

Dongsheng Yang Shidong Yu Ying Hao

Local Stereo Matching: An Adaptive Weighted Guided Image Filtering-Based Approach.

Ben Zhang Denglin Zhu

Anisotropic Diffusion Combined with Nonconvex Functional for Noise Image Segmentation.

Ming Han Jing-Qin Wang Qian Dong Jing-Tao Wang Junying Meng

Enhancement of Nonuniformly Illuminated Underwater Images.

Monika Mathur Nidhi Goel

Supervoxel-Based Region Growing Segmentation for Point Cloud Data.

Nan Luo Yuanyuan Jiang Quan Wang

Single-Image Super-Resolution based on Steering Kernel and Gaussian Process Regression.

Haijun Wang Yalin Nie Ben Yan

An Efficient Particle Swarm Optimization with Multidimensional Mean Learning.

Wei Li Xiang Meng Ying Huang Junhui Yang

Deep Neural Network-Based Screening Model for COVID-19-Infected Patients Using Chest X-Ray Images.

Dilbag Singh Vijay Kumar Vaishali Yadav Manjit Kaur

Graph Pattern Matching: Capturing Bisimilar Subgraph.

Rui Qiao Ke Feng Heng He Xiaolei Zhong

Multi-dimensional Prediction Model for Cell Traffic in City Scale.

Hong Wang Liqun Wang Shufang Zhao Xiuming Yue

A New Method for Mapping Active Joint Locations of Skeletons to Pre-Shape Space for Action Recognition.

Guang Li Kai Liu Chongyang Ding Wenwen Ding Evgeny Belyaev Fei Cheng

Automatic Brain Cancer Segmentation on PET Image.

Ching-Lin Wang Chi-Shiang Chan Wei-Jyun Wang Yung-Kuan Chan Meng-Hsiun Tsai Chia-Yi Chuang Wen-Yu Cheng Shyr-Shen Yu

Volume 35, Number 2, February 2021
A User Experience Study on Short Video Social Apps Based on Content Recommendation Algorithm of Artificial Intelligence.

Wen Qi Danyang Li

Intelligent Diagnosis Method Based on 2DECG Model.

Weibo Song Wei Wang Fengjiao Jiang

Community Detection Based on Modularized Deep Nonnegative Matrix Factorization.

Jin Huang Tinghua Zhang Weihao Yu Jia Zhu Ercong Cai

Geometric Positioning and Color Recognition of Greenhouse Electric Work Robot Based on Visual Processing.

Zhifu Xu Xiaoyan Shi Hongbao Ye Shan Hua

Simulation and Experiments on Signals of Ground-Penetrating Radar in Soil Cement.

Zhezhe Hou Yanliang Du

Low Density Parity-Check Codes Based on Affine Permutation Matrices.

Zhongxun Wang Ling Sun Yang Xi

Multi-Scale Anti-Occlusion Correlation Filters Object Tracking Method Based on Complementary Features.

Xiuhua Hu Yuan Chen Yan Hui Yingyu Liang Guiping Li Changyuan Wang

Automatic Image Pixel Clustering based on Mussels Wandering Optimization.

Xin Zhong Frank Y. Shih

Falling Detection Research Based on Elderly Behavior Infrared Video Image Contours Ellipse Fitting.

Xianghong Cao Hua Zhang

High Accuracy Behavior Prediction of Nonlinear Dynamic System with Semi-Parametric Model-Based Signal Separation.

Jun Wang

Parameter Optimization of Impedance Gradient Change Medium Based on Reinforcement Learning.

Ke Li Shengjun Li Zhonghua Bao Qianqian Liu Tao Liu

Small Target Detection for Infrared Image Based on Optimal Infrared Patch-Image Model by Solving Modified Adaptive RPCA Problem.

Bin Xiong Xinhan Huang Min Wang Gang Peng

Detection Algorithm of the Shipwreck Target Based on Residual Contour Information.

Ke Li Zhong Liu Jianbin Lu Liguo Liu Nan Qin Jingxin An

Contributive Representation-Based Reconstruction for Online 3D Action Recognition.

Mohsen Tabejamaat Hoda Mohammadzade

Small Moving Target Recognition in Star Image with TRM.

Yun Du Desheng Wen Guizhong Liu Shi Qiu

Volume 35, Number 1, January 2021
A Cleaning Control Knowledge-Based System Based on Complex Problem Solving.

Zhengxing Xiao Qing Jiang He Huang Rujing Wang Zhengyong Zhang Jue Wang

Design for Energy Storage Springs of Universal Circuit Breakers Using Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm.

Shuidong Dai Kewen Xia Li Wang Min Xie

Design and Development of Image Recognition Toolkit Based on Deep Learning.

Hui Zhao Haixia Zhang Qing-Jiao Cao Sheng-Juan Sun Xuanzhe Han Thelma D. Palaoag

Evolutionary Computation with User's Preference for Solving Fuzzy Fitness Forecasting Problems.

Guangsong Guo Liangji Chen

Combined Evidence of MFCC and CRP Features Using Machine Learning Algorithms for Singer Identification.

Sangeetha Rajesh N. J. Nalini

A New Deeply Convolutional Neural Network Architecture for Retinal Blood Vessel Segmentation.

Mali Mohammedhasan Harun Uguz

Intensity Factor Method for Segmenting Human Body Region in Gray-scale Infrared Image.

Jia Liu Miyi Duan Hongqi Gao

Video Stream Gender Classification Using Shallow CNN.

Oleksii Gorokhovatskyi Olena Peredrii

Application of Image Filtering Technique Based on Bounded Mean Oscillation Model in Studying on Rice Grain Morphology.

Shan Hua

Multi-Frame Super-Resolution Reconstruction Algorithm of Optical Remote Sensing Images Based on Double Regularization Terms and Unsupervised Learning.

Xiaodong Zhao Xunying Zhang

A Novel Steganography Algorithm Based on Quantization Table Modification and Image Scrambling in DCT Domain.

Hong-Zhu Dai Jie Cheng Yafeng Li

A New Diagnosis Method of ECG Diseases Based on Deep Learning.

Weibo Song Wei Wang Fengjiao Jiang

Classification Algorithm of Case Retrieval Based on Granularity Calculation of Quotient Space.

Jiaxing Lu Qing Jiang He Huang Zhengyong Zhang Rujing Wang

Depth Image Vibration Filtering and Shadow Detection Based on Fusion and Fractional Differential.

Ting Cao Pengjia Tu Weixing Wang

Intrusion Detection Based on Dynamic Gemini Population DE-K-mediods Clustering on Hadoop Platform.

Wentie Wu Shengchao Xu