Volume 52, Number 4, December 2019
Correction to: Evaluating representational systems in artificial intelligence.

John Licato Zhitian Zhang

Recent granular computing frameworks for mining relational data.

Piotr Honko

Neonatal intensive care decision support systems using artificial intelligence techniques: a systematic review.

Jaleh Shoshtarian Malak Hojjat Zeraati Fatemeh Sadat Nayeri Reza Safdari Azimeh Danesh Shahraki

Recent studies on optimisation method of Grey Wolf Optimiser (GWO): a review (2014-2017).

Nurlydia Natasha Md Hatta Azlan Mohd Zain Roselina Sallehuddin Z. Shayfull Yusliza Yusoff

Ontologies' mappings validation and annotation enrichment through tagging.

Peter Ochieng Swaib Kyanda

Algorithms for frequent itemset mining: a literature review.

Chin-Hoong Chee Jafreezal Jaafar Izzatdin Abdul Aziz Mohd Hilmi Hasan William Yeoh

A comprehensive study and analysis on SAT-solvers: advances, usages and achievements.

Sahel Alouneh Sa'ed Abed Mohammad H. Al Shayeji Raed Mesleh

A comparative study of pattern recognition algorithms for predicting the inpatient mortality risk using routine laboratory measurements.

Narayan Schütz Alexander B. Leichtle Kaspar Riesen

Flower pollination algorithm: a comprehensive review.

Mohamed Abdel-Basset Laila A. Shawky

Arabic word sense disambiguation: a review.

Bilel Elayeb

Modified immune network algorithm based on the Random Forest approach for the complex objects control.

Galina A. Samigulina Zarina I. Samigulina

An overview on trajectory outlier detection.

Fanrong Meng Guan Yuan Shaoqian Lv Zhixiao Wang Shixiong Xia

Outliers detection methods in wireless sensor networks.

Paulo Gil Hugo Martins Fábio Januário

A novel type of soft rough covering and its application to multicriteria group decision making.

Jianming Zhan José Carlos R. Alcantud

A comprehensive investigation into the performance, robustness, scalability and convergence of chaos-enhanced evolutionary algorithms with boundary constraints.

Ahmad Mozaffari Mahdi Emami Alireza Fathi

Application of artificial intelligence techniques in the petroleum industry: a review.

Hamid Rahmanifard Tatyana Plaksina

Adaptive network based fuzzy inference system (ANFIS) training approaches: a comprehensive survey.

Dervis Karaboga Ebubekir Kaya

Character and numeral recognition for non-Indic and Indic scripts: a survey.

Munish Kumar Manish Kumar Jindal Rajendra Kumar Sharma Simpel Rani Jindal

Metaheuristic research: a comprehensive survey.

Kashif Hussain Mohd. Najib Mohd. Salleh Shi Cheng Yuhui Shi

A multiple surrogates based PSO algorithm.

Zhiming Lv Jun Zhao Wei Wang Quanli Liu

Volume 52, Number 3, October 2019
Application of computational intelligence technologies in emergency management: a literature review.

Ning Chen Wenjing Liu Ruizhen Bai An Chen

An immune memory inspired case-based reasoning system to control interrupted flow at a signalized intersection.

Ali Louati Sabeur Elkosantini Saber Darmoul Lamjed Ben Said

How important is syntactic parsing accuracy? An empirical evaluation on rule-based sentiment analysis.

Carlos Gómez-Rodríguez Iago Alonso-Alonso David Vilares

Domain adaptation network based on hypergraph regularized denoising autoencoder.

Xuesong Wang Yuting Ma Yuhu Cheng

Importance sampling policy gradient algorithms in reproducing kernel Hilbert space.

Tuyen Pham Le Ngo Anh Vien P. Marlith Jaramillo TaeChoong Chung

A methodology for applying k-nearest neighbor to time series forecasting.

Francisco Martínez María Pilar Frías María Dolores Pérez-Godoy Antonio Jesús Rivera

A systematic review of data-driven approaches in player modeling of educational games.

Danial Hooshyar Moslem Yousefi Heuiseok Lim

A systemic analysis of link prediction in social network.

Sogol Haghani Mohammad Reza Keyvanpour

TP-TA: a comparative analytical framework for trust prediction models in online social networks based on trust aspects.

Aynaz Khaksari Mohammad Reza Keyvanpour

Pythagorean fuzzy set: state of the art and future directions.

Xindong Peng Ganeshsree Selvachandran

A survey of parameter reduction of soft sets and corresponding algorithms.

Jianming Zhan José Carlos R. Alcantud

A survey on sentiment analysis of scientific citations.

Abdallah Yousif Zhendong Niu John K. Tarus Arshad Ahmad

Comparison of algorithms to divide noisy phone sequences into syllables for automatic unconstrained English speaking proficiency scoring.

David O. Johnson Okim Kang

A survey of feature selection methods for Gaussian mixture models and hidden Markov models.

Stephen C. Adams Peter A. Beling

A review on methods and software for fuzzy cognitive maps.

Gerardo Felix Gonzalo Nápoles Rafael Falcon Wojciech Froelich Koen Vanhoof Rafael Bello

Ball tracking in sports: a survey.

Paresh R. Kamble Avinash G. Keskar Kishor M. Bhurchandi

A review on the cosine modulated filter bank studies using meta-heuristic optimization algorithms.

Gokcen Ozdemir Nurhan Karaboga

Sports inspired computational intelligence algorithms for global optimization.

Bilal Alatas

Review of modified and hybrid flower pollination algorithms for solving optimization problems.

Dhabitah Lazim Azlan Mohd Zain Mahadi Bahari Abdullah Hisham Omar

A survey on classification techniques for opinion mining and sentiment analysis.

Fatemeh Hemmatian Mohammad Karim Sohrabi

Volume 52, Number 2, August 2019
Evaluating representational systems in artificial intelligence.

John Licato Zhitian Zhang

A journey of Indian languages over sentiment analysis: a systematic review.

Sujata Rani Parteek Kumar

Computational and natural language processing based studies of hadith literature: a survey.

Aqil M. Azmi Abdulaziz O. Al-Qabbany Amir Hussain

Diversity based cluster weighting in cluster ensemble: an information theory approach.

Frouzan Rashidi Samad Nejatian Hamid Parvin Vahideh Rezaie

Clustering ensemble selection considering quality and diversity.

Sadrollah Abbasi Samad Nejatian Hamid Parvin Vahideh Rezaie Karamolah Bagherifard

Networks clustering with bee colony.

Bilal Saoud

A review of conceptual clustering algorithms.

Airel Pérez Suárez José Francisco Martínez Trinidad Jesús Ariel Carrasco-Ochoa

A survey of image data indexing techniques.

Saurabh Sharma Vishal Gupta Mamta Juneja

A survey on facial soft biometrics for video surveillance and forensic applications.

Fabiola Becerra-Riera Annette Morales-González Heydi Méndez-Vázquez

Video benchmarks of human action datasets: a review.

Tej Singh Dinesh Kumar Vishwakarma

Recent progress in semantic image segmentation.

Xiaolong Liu Zhidong Deng Yuhan Yang

A survey on skin detection in colored images.

Sinan Naji Hamid A. Jalab Sameem Abdul Kareem

Recognition of surgically altered face images: an empirical analysis on recent advances.

Tanupreet Sabharwal Rashmi Gupta Le Hoang Son Raghvendra Kumar Sudan Jha

Age invariant face recognition: a survey on facial aging databases, techniques and effect of aging.

Manisha M. Sawant Kishor M. Bhurchandi

A survey on techniques to handle face recognition challenges: occlusion, single sample per subject and expression.

Badr Mohammed Lahasan Syaheerah Lebai Lutfi Rubén San Segundo

Face detection techniques: a review.

Ashu Kumar Amandeep Kaur Munish Kumar

Scene analysis and search using local features and support vector machine for effective content-based image retrieval.

Uzma Sharif Zahid Mehmood Toqeer Mahmood Muhammad Arshad Javid Amjad Rehman Tanzila Saba

Selecting training sets for support vector machines: a review.

Jakub Nalepa Michal Kawulok

Problem formulations and solvers in linear SVM: a review.

Vinod Kumar Chauhan Kalpana Dahiya Anuj Sharma

A review on multi-class TWSVM.

Shifei Ding Xingyu Zhao Jian Zhang Xiekai Zhang Yu Xue

Forecasting financial series using clustering methods and support vector regression.

Lucas F. S. Vilela Rafael Coradi Leme Carlos A. M. Pinheiro Otávio Augusto Salgado Carpinteiro

Volume 52, Number 1, June 2019
Empirically grounded agent-based models of innovation diffusion: a critical review.

Haifeng Zhang Yevgeniy Vorobeychik

Orthogonal based ANN and multiGA for optimization on WEDM of Ti-48Al intermetallic alloys.

Yusliza Yusoff Azlan Mohd Zain Astuty Amrin Safian Sharif Habibollah Haron Roselina Sallehuddin

A wavelet-based hybrid neural network for short-term electricity prices forecasting.

Foued Saâdaoui Hana Rabbouch

Classification of focal and non focal EEG signals using empirical mode decomposition (EMD), phase space reconstruction (PSR) and neural networks.

Wei Zeng Mengqing Li Chengzhi Yuan Qinghui Wang Fenglin Liu Ying Wang

The investigation of neural networks performance in side-channel attacks.

Yinan Kong Ehsan Saeedi

Exploration of a mechanism to form bionic, self-growing and self-organizing neural network.

Xu Yang Guo Liu Songgaojun Deng Zichao Wei Hu He Yingjie Shang Ning Deng

Kinect-based hand gesture recognition using trajectory information, hand motion dynamics and neural networks.

Fenglin Liu Wei Zeng Chengzhi Yuan Qinghui Wang Ying Wang

A review of modularization techniques in artificial neural networks.

Mohammed Amer Tomás Maul

Comparison of artificial neural networks, fuzzy logic and neuro fuzzy for predicting optimization of building thermal consumption: a survey.

Zahra Pezeshki Sayyed Majid Mazinani

A comparative study of neural-network feature weighting.

Tongfeng Sun Shifei Ding Pin Li Wei Chen

Classification of asymptomatic and osteoarthritic knee gait patterns using gait analysis via deterministic learning.

Wei Zeng Limin Ma Chengzhi Yuan Fenglin Liu Qinghui Wang Ying Wang Yu Zhang

A survey of machine learning techniques for food sales prediction.

Grigorios Tsoumakas

An introduction to brain emotional learning inspired models (BELiMs) with an example of BELiMs' applications.

Mahboobeh Parsapoor

Using machine learning to predict student difficulties from learning session data.

Mushtaq Hussain Wenhao Zhu Wu Zhang Syed Muhammad Raza Abidi Sadaqat Ali

A performance comparison of machine learning classification approaches for robust activity of daily living recognition.

Rida Ghafoor Hussain Mustansar Ali Ghazanfar Muhammad Awais Azam Usman Naeem Shafiq ur Réhman

A comparative study of hash based approximate nearest neighbor learning and its application in image retrieval.

P. Arulmozhi S. Abirami

Local structure learning of chain graphs with the false discovery rate control.

Jingyun Wang Sanyang Liu Mingmin Zhu

Survey on supervised machine learning techniques for automatic text classification.

Ammar Ismael Kadhim

Bayesian network hybrid learning using an elite-guided genetic algorithm.

Carlo Contaldi Fatemeh Vafaee Peter C. Nelson

Machine learning approaches for non-intrusive load monitoring: from qualitative to quantitative comparation.

Christoforos Nalmpantis Dimitris Vrakas

Arabic named entity recognition via deep co-learning.

Chadi Helwe Shady Elbassuoni

Primary user characterization for cognitive radio wireless networks using a neural system based on Deep Learning.

Danilo Alfonso López Edwin Rivas Trujillo Oscar Gualdron

Deep ensemble network based on multi-path fusion.

Enhui Lv Xuesong Wang Yuhu Cheng Qiang Yu

Establishment of a deep learning network based on feature extraction and its application in gearbox fault diagnosis.

QingE Wu Yinghui Guo Hu Chen Xiaoliang Qian Wei Wang

Machine Learning and Deep Learning frameworks and libraries for large-scale data mining: a survey.

Giang Nguyen Stefan Dlugolinsky Martin Bobák Viet D. Tran Álvaro López García Ignacio Heredia Peter Malík Ladislav Hluchý

A comprehensive review of recent advances on deep vision systems.

Qaisar Abbas Mostafa E. A. Ibrahim M. Arfan Jaffar

A review on deep learning for recommender systems: challenges and remedies.

Zeynep Batmaz Ali Yürekli Alper Bilge Cihan Kaleli