Volume 53, Number 8, December 2020
Novel classes of coverings based multigranulation fuzzy rough sets and corresponding applications to multiple attribute group decision-making.

Xueling Ma Jianming Zhan Bingzhen Sun José Carlos R. Alcantud

Sentiment analysis with deep neural networks: comparative study and performance assessment.

Ramesh S. Wadawadagi Veerappa B. Pagi

Neural networks for online learning of non-stationary data streams: a review and application for smart grids flexibility improvement.

Zeineb Hammami Moamar Sayed Mouchaweh Wiem Mouelhi Lamjed Ben Said

Soft dominance based multigranulation decision theoretic rough sets and their applications in conflict problems.

Noor Rehman Abbas Ali Kostaq Hila

Selective attention to historical comparison or social comparison in the evolutionary iterated prisoner's dilemma game.

Weijun Zeng Minqiang Li

Artificial intelligence, machine learning and process automation: existing knowledge frontier and way forward for mining sector.

Danish Ali Samuel Frimpong

Analytical review of clustering techniques and proximity measures.

Vivek Mehta Seema Bawa Jasmeet Singh

Multi-label classification and knowledge extraction from oncology-related content on online social networks.

Mahdi Hashemi Margeret Hall

A review on the long short-term memory model.

Greg Van Houdt Carlos Mosquera Gonzalo Nápoles

Intelligent modelling to predict heat transfer coefficient of vacuum glass insulation based on thinking evolutionary neural network.

Wang Lei Omary Gastro Yuanqi Wang Nomenjanahary Homary Felicien Li Hui

Selective ensemble of uncertain extreme learning machine for pattern classification with missing features.

Shibo Jing Yidan Wang Liming Yang

Deep learning for face image synthesis and semantic manipulations: a review and future perspectives.

Mahla Abdolahnejad Peter Xiaoping Liu

Design pattern detection approaches: a systematic review of the literature.

Hadis Yarahmadi Seyed Mohammad Hossein Hasheminejad

CHIRPS: Explaining random forest classification.

Julian Hatwell Mohamed Medhat Gaber R. Muhammad Atif Azad

Visual question answering: a state-of-the-art review.

Sruthy Manmadhan Binsu C. Kovoor

A hybridization of deep learning techniques to predict and control traffic disturbances.

Ali Louati

Image segmentation evaluation: a survey of methods.

Zhaobin Wang E. Wang Ying Zhu

Performance comparison of five metaheuristic nature-inspired algorithms to find near-OGRs for WDM systems.

Shonak Bansal

Empirical evaluation and study of text stemming algorithms.

Abdul Jabbar Sajid Iqbal Manzoor Ilahi Shafiq Hussain Adnan Akhunzada

Ancient text recognition: a review.

Sonika Rani Narang Manish Kumar Jindal Munish Kumar

A survey of the recent architectures of deep convolutional neural networks.

Asifullah Khan Anabia Sohail Umme Zahoora Aqsa Saeed Qureshi

Volume 53, Number 7, October 2020
A short survey on end-to-end simple question answering systems.

José Wellington Franco da Silva Amanda Drielly Pires Venceslau Juliano Efson Sales José Gilvan Rodrigues Maia Vládia Celia Monteiro Pinheiro Vânia Maria Ponte Vidal

Completion of multiview missing data based on multi-manifold regularised non-negative matrix factorisation.

Jing-Tao Sun Qiu-Yu Zhang

Assessment of influence productivity in cognitive models.

Alexander N. Tselykh Vladislav Vasilev Larisa A. Tselykh

A deep granular network with adaptive unequal-length granulation strategy for long-term time series forecasting and its industrial applications.

Qiang Wang Long Chen Jun Zhao Wei Wang

An overview of distance and similarity functions for structured data.

Santiago Ontañón

Deep hashing for multi-label image retrieval: a survey.

Josiane Rodrigues Marco Cristo Juan Gabriel Colonna

A graph-based taxonomy of citation recommendation models.

Zafar Ali Guilin Qi Pavlos Kefalas Waheed Ahmad Abro Bahadar Ali

Research on learning mechanism designing for equilibrated bipolar spiking neural networks.

Xu Yang Jiajun Lin Wenhao Zheng Jinfeng Zhao Mengyao Ji Yunlin Lei Zenghao Chai

An MDD-based SAT encoding for pseudo-Boolean constraints with at-most-one relations.

Miquel Bofill Jordi Coll Josep Suy Mateu Villaret

A comprehensive survey on model compression and acceleration.

Tejalal Choudhary Vipul Kumar Mishra Anurag Goswami Jagannathan Sarangapani

Feed-forward versus recurrent architecture and local versus cellular automata distributed representation in reservoir computing for sequence memory learning.

Mrwan Margem Osman S. Gedik

Applicability of machine learning in spam and phishing email filtering: review and approaches.

Tushaar Gangavarapu C. D. Jaidhar Bhabesh Chanduka

Deep neural network based Rider-Cuckoo Search Algorithm for plant disease detection.

Rajan Cristin B. Santhosh Kumar C. Priya K. Karthick

Multiple-criteria decision making method based on the scaled prioritized operators with unbalanced linguistic information.

Peide Liu Weiqiao Liu

The effect of downsampling-upsampling strategy on foreground detection algorithms.

Miguel A. Molina-Cabello Jorge García-González Rafael M. Luque-Baena Ezequiel López-Rubio

A general framework for multi-granulation rough decision-making method under q-rung dual hesitant fuzzy environment.

Yabin Shao Xiaoding Qi Zengtai Gong

A systematic review of gamification techniques applied to elderly care.

Diogo Martinho João Carneiro Juan M. Corchado Goreti Marreiros

A review for cervical histopathology image analysis using machine vision approaches.

Chen Li Hao Chen Xiaoyan Li Ning Xu Zhijie Hu Dan Xue Shouliang Qi He Ma Le Zhang Hongzan Sun

A self-verifying clustering approach to unsupervised matching of product titles.

Leonidas Akritidis Athanasios Fevgas Panayiotis Bozanis Christos Makris

Application of meta-heuristic methods to generation expansion planning: advanced formulations and case studies.

Guilherme Costa Silva Frederico Gualberto F. Coelho Adriano Chaves Lisboa Douglas A. G. Vieira Rodney R. Saldanha

A three-way decision method in a hybrid decision information system and its application in medical diagnosis.

Zhaowen Li Ningxin Xie Dan Huang Gangqiang Zhang

Usage and implementation of neuro-fuzzy systems for classification and prediction in the diagnosis of different types of medical disorders: a decade review.

Haneet Kour Jatinder Singh Manhas Vinod Sharma

Volume 53, Number 6, August 2020
Intuitionistic 2-tuple linguistic aggregation information based on Einstein operations and their applications in group decision making.

Shahzad Faizi Shoaib Nawaz Attique Ur-Rehman

Theoretical study of GDM-SA-SVR algorithm on RAFM steel.

Sifan Long Ming Zhao

A ground truth contest between modularity maximization and modularity density maximization.

Rafael de Santiago Luís C. Lamb

An implicit opinion analysis model based on feature-based implicit opinion patterns.

Zhao Fang Qiang Zhang Xiaoan Tang Anning Wang Claude Baron

A survey on feature selection approaches for clustering.

Emrah Hancer Bing Xue Mengjie Zhang

A survey of fracture detection techniques in bone X-ray images.

Deepa Joshi Thipendra Pal Singh

Towards intrinsic autonomy through evolutionary computation.

Yuri Lenon Barbosa Nogueira Carlos Eduardo Fisch de Brito Creto Augusto Vidal Joaquim Bento Cavalcante Neto

A survey of semantic relatedness evaluation datasets and procedures.

Mohamed Ali Hadj Taieb Torsten Zesch Mohamed Ben Aouicha

On hesitant neutrosophic rough set over two universes and its application.

Hu Zhao Hong-Ying Zhang

Sentiment analysis using deep learning architectures: a review.

Ashima Yadav Dinesh Kumar Vishwakarma

A comprehensive review of conditional random fields: variants, hybrids and applications.

Bengong Yu Zhaodi Fan

A survey of semi- and weakly supervised semantic segmentation of images.

Man Zhang Yong Zhou Jiaqi Zhao Yiyun Man Bing Liu Rui Yao

Sarcasm identification in textual data: systematic review, research challenges and open directions.

Christopher Ifeanyi Eke Azah Anir Norman Liyana Shuib Henry Friday Nweke

A comprehensive review of Bengali word sense disambiguation.

Debapratim Das Dawn Soharab Hossain Shaikh Rajat Kumar Pal

Predicting firm failure in the software industry.

Yazan F. Roumani Joseph K. Nwankpa Mohan Tanniru

Using deep learning techniques in medical imaging: a systematic review of applications on CT and PET.

Inês Domingues Gisèle Pereira Pedro Martins Hugo Duarte João A. M. Santos Pedro Henriques Abreu

Systematic review of spell-checkers for highly inflectional languages.

Shashank Singh Shailendra Singh

Differential evolution algorithm with elite archive and mutation strategies collaboration.

Yuzhen Li Shihao Wang

An interactive multi-agent reasoning model for sentiment analysis: a case for computational semiotics.

Junaid Akhtar

A survey of regularization strategies for deep models.

Reza Moradi Reza Berangi Behrouz Minaei

On multi-resident activity recognition in ambient smart-homes.

Son N. Tran Dung Nguyen Ngo Tung Son Xuan-Son Vu Long Hoang Qing Zhang Mohan Karunanithi

Automatic ontology construction from text: a review from shallow to deep learning trend.

Fatima N. Al-Aswadi Chan Huah Yong Keng Hoon Gan

Semantic association computation: a comprehensive survey.

Shahida Jabeen Xiaoying Gao Peter Andreae

Volume 53, Number 5, June 2020
Pythagorean fuzzy MCDM method based on CoCoSo and CRITIC with score function for 5G industry evaluation.

Xindong Peng Xiang Zhang Zhigang Luo

A comparative evaluation of novelty detection algorithms for discrete sequences.

Rémi Domingues Pietro Michiardi Jérémie Barlet Maurizio Filippone

Data-based composite control design with critic intelligence for a wastewater treatment platform.

Ding Wang Mingming Ha Junfei Qiao Jun Yan Yingbo Xie

Saliency Boosting: a novel framework to refine salient object detection.

Vivek Kumar Singh Nitin Kumar Suresh Madhavan

Iris recognition in unconstrained environment on graphic processing units with CUDA.

Ali Noruzi Mahmoud Mahlouji Ali Shahidinejad

ASRoIL: a comprehensive survey for automatic speech recognition of Indian languages.

Amitoj Singh Virender Kadyan Munish Kumar Nancy Bassan

TODIM-based multi-criteria decision-making method with hesitant fuzzy linguistic term sets.

Mingwei Lin Huibing Wang Zeshui Xu

Opportunities and challenges in enhancing access to metadata of cultural heritage collections: a survey.

Wafa' Za'al Alma'aitah Abdullah Zawawi Talib Mohd Azam Osman

Novel aggregation operators and ranking method for complex intuitionistic fuzzy sets and their applications to decision-making process.

Harish Garg Dimple Rani

Analyzing rare event, anomaly, novelty and outlier detection terms under the supervised classification framework.

Ander Carreño Iñaki Inza José Antonio Lozano

Computerized acoustical techniques for respiratory flow-sound analysis: a systematic review.

Priya Devi Muthusamy Kenneth Sundaraj Nurulfajar Abd Manap

A review of applications of artificial intelligent algorithms in wind farms.

Yirui Wang Yang Yu Shuyang Cao Xingyi Zhang Shangce Gao

Cancelable Biometrics: a comprehensive survey.

Manisha Nitin Kumar

Brain structural disorders detection and classification approaches: a review.

Kirti Raj Bhatele Sarita Singh Bhadauria

Neural networks for facial age estimation: a survey on recent advances.

Prachi Punyani Rashmi Gupta Ashwani Kumar

A systematic review and meta-analysis on performance of intelligent systems in lung cancer: Where are we?

Massoud Sokouti Mohsen Sokouti Babak Sokouti

An efficient intrusion detection technique based on support vector machine and improved binary gravitational search algorithm.

M. R. Gauthama Raman Nivethitha Somu Sahruday Jagarapu Tina Manghnani Thirumaran Selvam Kannan Krithivasan V. S. Shankar Sriram

Detecting the presence of anterior cruciate ligament deficiency based on a double pendulum model, intrinsic time-scale decomposition (ITD) and neural networks.

Wei Zeng Shiek Abdullah Ismail Evangelos Pappas

Machine learning in telemetry data mining of space mission: basics, challenging and future directions.

Aboul Ella Hassanien Ashraf Darwish Sara Abdelghafar

An integrating genetic algorithm and modified Newton method for tracking control and vibration suppression.

Chuen-Jyh Chen

Detecting the presence of anterior cruciate ligament injury based on gait dynamics disparity and neural networks.

Wei Zeng Shiek Abdullah Ismail Evangelos Pappas

Explicit methods for attribute weighting in multi-attribute decision-making: a review study.

Julio Pena Gonzalo Nápoles Yamisleydi Salgueiro

Volume 53, Number 4, April 2020
New multiparametric similarity measure for neutrosophic set with big data industry evaluation.

Xindong Peng Florentin Smarandache

Identification of epileptic seizures in EEG signals using time-scale decomposition (ITD), discrete wavelet transform (DWT), phase space reconstruction (PSR) and neural networks.

Wei Zeng Mengqing Li Chengzhi Yuan Qinghui Wang Fenglin Liu Ying Wang

A systematic review of fundamental and technical analysis of stock market predictions.

Isaac Kofi Nti Adebayo Felix Adekoya Benjamin Asubam Weyori

Modeling empathy: building a link between affective and cognitive processes.

Özge Nilay Yalçin Steve DiPaola

A survey of quaternion neural networks.

Titouan Parcollet Mohamed Morchid Georges Linarès

A corporate shuffled complex evolution for parameter identification.

Morteza Alinia Ahandani Hamed Kharrati

Feature selection in image analysis: a survey.

Verónica Bolón-Canedo Beatriz Remeseiro

A new graph-preserving unsupervised feature selection embedding LLE with low-rank constraint and feature-level representation.

Xiaohong Han Haishui Chai Ping Liu Dengao Li Li Wang

Intuitionistic fuzzy β-covering-based rough sets.

Bing Huang Huaxiong Li Guo-fu Feng Chunxiang Guo

Flexible slider crank mechanism synthesis using meta-heuristic optimization techniques: a new designer tool assistance for a compliant mechanism synthesis.

Mohamed Amine Ben Abdallah Imed Khemili Nizar Aifaoui

The dissimilarity approach: a review.

Yandre M. G. Costa Diego Bertolini Alceu S. Britto Jr. George D. C. Cavalcanti Luiz E. S. Oliveira

Parameter identification of engineering problems using a differential shuffled complex evolution.

Babak Pourasghar Morteza Alinia Ahandani Hamed Kharrati

Recommendation system based on deep learning methods: a systematic review and new directions.

Aminu Da'u Naomie Salim

A survey of feature extraction and fusion of deep learning for detection of abnormalities in video endoscopy of gastrointestinal-tract.

Hussam Ali Muhammad Sharif Mussarat Yasmin Mubashir Husain Rehmani Farhan Riaz

On the frontiers of pose invariant face recognition: a review.

Sheikh Bilal Ahmed Syed Farooq Ali Jameel Ahmad Muhammad Adnan Muhammad Moazam Fraz

A new integrated model of the group method of data handling and the firefly algorithm (GMDH-FA): application to aeration modelling on spillways.

Amin Mahdavi Meymand Mohammad Zounemat-Kermani

Effective lexicon-based approach for Urdu sentiment analysis.

Neelam Mukhtar Mohammad Abid Khan

A survey on structured discriminative spoken keyword spotting.

Shima Tabibian

Comparison of support vector machine, back propagation neural network and extreme learning machine for syndrome element differentiation.

Enliang Yan Jialin Song Chaonan Liu Jingmin Luan Wenxue Hong

Reduction foundation with multigranulation rough sets using discernibility.

Anhui Tan Wei-Zhi Wu Jinjin Li Tongjun Li

Spatiotemporal clustering: a review.

Mohd Yousuf Ansari Amir Ahmad Shehroz S. Khan Gopal Bhushan Mainuddin

Segmentation of cervical cells for automated screening of cervical cancer: a review.

Abid Sarwar Abrar Ali Sheikh Jatinder Singh Manhas Vinod Sharma

Recent trends in deep learning based personality detection.

Yash Mehta Navonil Majumder Alexander F. Gelbukh Erik Cambria

Volume 53, Number 3, March 2020
A comprehensive survey on symbiotic organisms search algorithms.

Farhad Soleimanian Gharehchopogh Human Shayanfar Hojjat Gholizadeh

Novel meta-heuristic bald eagle search optimisation algorithm.

Hassan A. Alsattar A. A. Zaidan B. B. Zaidan

Applicability of LAMDA as classification model in the oil production.

Luis Morales Hector Lozada José Aguilar Edgar Camargo

Interval neutrosophic hesitant fuzzy Einstein Choquet integral operator for multicriteria decision making.

Pankaj Kakati Surajit Borkotokey Saifur Rahman Bijan Davvaz

Linguistic neutrosophic partitioned Maclaurin symmetric mean operators based on clustering algorithm and their application to multi-criteria group decision-making.

Peide Liu Xinli You

An extended TOPSIS method based on ordered fuzzy numbers for group decision making.

Dariusz Kacprzak

Performance evaluation of classifiers for the recognition of offline handwritten Gurmukhi characters and numerals: a study.

Munish Kumar Manish Kumar Jindal Rajendra Kumar Sharma Simpel Rani Jindal

Enhanced leader particle swarm optimisation (ELPSO): a new algorithm for optimal scheduling of home appliances in demand response programs.

Ahmad Rezaee Jordehi

Leveraging synonymy and polysemy to improve semantic similarity assessments based on intrinsic information content.

Montserrat Batet David Sánchez

Non-intrusive human activity recognition and abnormal behavior detection on elderly people: a review.

Athanasios Lentzas Dimitris Vrakas

Integration of case-based reasoning and fuzzy approaches for real-time applications in dynamic environments: current status and future directions.

Arezoo Sarkheyli-Hägele Dirk Söffker

Computer aided detection in automated 3-D breast ultrasound images: a survey.

Ehsan Kozegar Mohsen Soryani Hamid Behnam Masoumeh Salamati Tao Tan

A review of breast boundary and pectoral muscle segmentation methods in computer-aided detection/diagnosis of breast mammography.

Mehrdad Moghbel Chia Yee Ooi Nordinah Ismail Yuan Wen Hau Nogol Memari

A survey of mono- and multi-lingual character recognition using deep and shallow architectures: indic and non-indic scripts.

Sukhandeep Kaur Seema Bawa Ravinder Kumar

A survey of swarm and evolutionary computing approaches for deep learning.

Ashraf Darwish Aboul Ella Hassanien Swagatam Das

Recent Studies on Chicken Swarm Optimization algorithm: a review (2014-2018).

Sanchari Deb Xiao-Zhi Gao Kari Tammi Karuna Kalita Pinakeswar Mahanta

A review of generative adversarial networks and its application in cybersecurity.

Chika Yinka-Banjo Ogban-Asuquo Ugot

Deep learning-based breast cancer classification through medical imaging modalities: state of the art and research challenges.

Ghulam Murtaza Liyana Shuib Ainuddin Wahid Abdul Wahab Ghulam Mujtaba Henry Friday Nweke Mohammed Ali Al-garadi Fariha Zulfiqar Ghulam Raza Nor Aniza Azmi

Enhanced bag of visual words representations for content based image retrieval: a comparative study.

K. S. Arun V. K. Govindan S. D. Madhu Kumar

Generation of maximal fuzzy cliques of fuzzy permutation graph and applications.

Sreenanda Raut Madhumangal Pal

Optimum design of fuzzy controller using hybrid ant lion optimizer and Jaya algorithm.

Mahdi Azizi Seyyed Arash Mousavi Ghasemi Reza Goli Ejlali Siamak Talatahari

A review of alignment based similarity measures for web usage mining.

Vinh-Trung Luu Germain Forestier Jonathan Weber Paul Bourgeois Fahima Djelil Pierre-Alain Muller

Volume 53, Number 2, February 2020
A v-twin projection SVR with automatic accuracy adjustment.

Nan-nan Zhao Xin-yu Ouyang Chuang Gao Li-dong Wang

Missing value imputation: a review and analysis of the literature (2006-2017).

Wei-Chao Lin Chih-Fong Tsai

A novel chaotic selfish herd optimizer for global optimization and feature selection.

Priyanka Anand Sankalap Arora

Hybrid computational intelligence algorithms and their applications to detect food quality.

Lavika Goel Sundaresan Raman Subham Swastik Dora Anirudh Bhutani A. S. Aditya Abhinav Mehta

Bird swarm algorithms with chaotic mapping.

Elif Varol Altay Bilal Alatas

Attribute reducts of multi-granulation information system.

Qingzhao Kong Xiawei Zhang Weihua Xu Shutong Xie

Deceptive consumer review detection: a survey.

Dushyanthi U. Vidanagama Thushari P. Silva Asoka S. Karunananda

Online AdaBoost-based methods for multiclass problems.

Silas Garrido Teixeira de Carvalho Santos Roberto Souto Maior de Barros

Multi-agent system for microgrids: design, optimization and performance.

Khadija Tazi Fouad Mohammed Abbou Farid Abdi

Filtering techniques for channel selection in motor imagery EEG applications: a survey.

Muhammad Zeeshan Baig Nauman Aslam Hubert P. H. Shum

A comprehensive review of type-2 fuzzy Ontology.

Iqbal Qasim Mahmood Alam Shumaila Khan Abdul Wahid Khan Khalid Mahmood Malik Muhammad Saleem Syed Ahmad Chan Bukhari

An enhanced colliding bodies optimization and its application.

Debao Chen Renquan Lu Suwen Li Feng Zou Yajun Liu

Covering based multigranulation fuzzy rough sets and corresponding applications.

Jianming Zhan Xiaohong Zhang Yiyu Yao

Fall prediction using behavioural modelling from sensor data in smart homes.

Glenn Forbes Stewart Massie Susan Craw

Can autism be catered with artificial intelligence-assisted intervention technology? A comprehensive survey.

Muhammad Shoaib Jaliaawala Rizwan Ahmed Khan

The state of the art and taxonomy of big data analytics: view from new big data framework.

Azlinah Mohamed Maryam Khanian Najafabadi Bee Wah Yap Ezzatul Akmal Kamaru-Zaman Ruhaila Maskat

A study on features of social recommender systems.

Jyoti Shokeen Chhavi Rana

A meta-heuristic proposal for inverse kinematics solution of 7-DOF serial robotic manipulator: quantum behaved particle swarm algorithm.

Serkan Dereli Rasit Köker

A review of unsupervised feature selection methods.

Saúl Solorio-Fernández Jesús Ariel Carrasco-Ochoa José Fco. Martínez-Trinidad

Evaluating the websites of academic departments through SEO criteria: a hesitant fuzzy linguistic MCDM approach.

Baris Özkan Eren Özceylan Mehmet Kabak Metin Dagdeviren

Expert finding in community question answering: a review.

Sha Yuan Yu Zhang Jie Tang Wendy Hall Juan Bautista Cabotà

Significance of processing chrominance information for scene classification: a review.

Sowmya Viswanathan D. Govind K. P. Soman

Volume 53, Number 1, January 2020
From ants to whales: metaheuristics for all tastes.

Fernando Fausto Adolfo Reyna-Orta Erik Cuevas Ángel G. Andrade Marco A. Pérez Cisneros

Robust multi-criteria decision making methodology for real life logistics center location problem.

Mihrimah Özmen Emel Kizilkaya Aydogan

Marketing campaign targeting using bridge extraction in multiplex social network.

Pantelis Vikatos Prokopios Gryllos Christos Makris

Covering-based intuitionistic fuzzy rough sets and applications in multi-attribute decision-making.

Jianming Zhan Bingzhen Sun

Robust visual line-following navigation system for humanoid robots.

Li-Hong Juang Jian-Sen Zhang

Detecting anomalies in sequential data augmented with new features.

Xiangzeng Kong Yaxin Bi David H. Glass

A novel exponential distance and its based TOPSIS method for interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy sets using connection number of SPA theory.

Harish Garg Kamal Kumar

A state of the art review of intelligent scheduling.

Mohammad Hossein Fazel Zarandi Ali Akbar Sadat Asl Shahabeddin Sotudian Oscar Castillo

Independence test and canonical correlation analysis based on the alignment between kernel matrices for multivariate functional data.

Tomasz Górecki Miroslaw Krzysko Waldemar Wolynski

Reflective agents for personalisation in collaborative games.

Damon Daylamani-Zad Harry W. Agius Marios C. Angelides

Exploring the influential reviewer, review and product determinants for review helpfulness.

M. S. I. Malik Ayyaz Hussain

Knowledge discovery and visualization in antimicrobial resistance surveillance systems: a scoping review.

Reza Safdari Marjan Ghazi Saeedi Hossein Masoumi-Asl Peyman Rezaei-Hachesu Kayvan Mirnia Taha Samad-Soltani

Real-time control of ball balancer using neural integrated fuzzy controller.

Rupam Singh Bharat Bhushan

Real-world diffusion dynamics based on point process approaches: a review.

Minkyoung Kim Dean Paini Raja Jurdak

Shilling attacks against collaborative recommender systems: a review.

Mingdan Si Qingshan Li

Towards the use of fuzzy logic systems in rotary wing unmanned aerial vehicle: a review.

Md Meftahul Ferdaus Sreenatha G. Anavatti Mahardhika Pratama Matthew A. Garratt

A bibliometric analysis of neutrosophic set: two decades review from 1998 to 2017.

Xindong Peng Jingguo Dai

Two types of coverings based multigranulation rough fuzzy sets and applications to decision making.

Jianming Zhan Weihua Xu

A review on intelligent process for smart home applications based on IoT: coherent taxonomy, motivation, open challenges, and recommendations.

A. A. Zaidan B. B. Zaidan

Social Book Search: a survey.

Ritesh Kumar Rajendra Pamula

40 years of cognitive architectures: core cognitive abilities and practical applications.

Iuliia Kotseruba John K. Tsotsos

Improving search engine optimization (SEO) by using hybrid modified MCDM models.

Hung-Jia Tsuei Wei-Ho Tsai Fu-Te Pan Gwo-Hshiung Tzeng