Volume 38, Number 6, November - December 2019
The Strategic Implications of Scale in Choice-Based Conjoint Analysis.

John R. Hauser Felix Eggers Matthew Selove

Test & Roll: Profit-Maximizing A/B Tests.

Elea McDonnell Feit Ron Berman

Search Advertising: Budget Allocation Across Search Engines.

Mohammad Zia Ram C. Rao

Advertising and Demand for Addictive Goods: The Effects of E-Cigarette Advertising.

Anna E. Tuchman

Season Ticket Buyer Value and Secondary Market Options.

Michael Lewis Yanwen Wang Chunhua Wu

Monetizing Online Marketplaces.

Hana Choi Carl F. Mela

Frontiers: Machines vs. Humans: The Impact of Artificial Intelligence Chatbot Disclosure on Customer Purchases.

Xueming Luo Siliang Tong Zheng Fang Zhe Qu

Frontiers: Asymmetric Effects of Recreational Cannabis Legalization.

Pengyuan Wang Guiyang Xiong Jian Yang

Frontiers: How Effective Is Third-Party Consumer Profiling? Evidence from Field Studies.

Nico Neumann Catherine E. Tucker Timothy Whitfield

Editorial: An Update on the Frontiers Section.

K. Sudhir

Volume 38, Number 5, September - October 2019
Linear Estimation of Aggregate Dynamic Discrete Demand for Durable Goods: Overcoming the Curse of Dimensionality.

Cheng Chou Timothy P. Derdenger Vineet Kumar

A Salesforce-Driven Model of Consumer Choice.

Bicheng Yang Tat Y. Chan Raphael Thomadsen

Salesforce Contracting Under Uncertain Demand and Supply: Double Moral Hazard and Optimality of Smooth Contracts.

Tinglong Dai Kinshuk Jerath

Time Inconsistency and Product Design: A Strategic Analysis of Feature Creep.

Sanjay Jain

Opinion Leaders and Product Variety.

Dmitri Kuksov Chenxi Liao

Advertising Strategy in the Presence of Reviews: An Empirical Analysis.

Brett Hollenbeck Sridhar Moorthy Davide Proserpio

Creation and Consumption of Mobile Word of Mouth: How Are Mobile Reviews Different?

Sam Ransbotham Nicholas H. Lurie Hongju Liu

Mobile App Introduction and Online and Offline Purchases and Product Returns.

Unnati Narang Venkatesh Shankar

Mobile Hailing Technology and Taxi Driving Behaviors.

Yanwen Wang Chunhua Wu Ting Zhu

Introduction to the Special Section on Mobile Technologies.

K. Sudhir

Volume 38, Number 4, July - August 2019
Using Conditional Restricted Boltzmann Machines to Model Complex Consumer Shopping Patterns.

Feihong Xia Rabikar Chatterjee Jerrold H. May

Inference for Product Competition and Separable Demand.

Adam N. Smith Peter E. Rossi Greg M. Allenby

Product Line Design Under Preference Uncertainty Using Aggregate Consumer Data.

Zibin Xu Anthony J. Dukes

Lead Offer Spillovers.

Matthew McGranaghan Jura Liaukonyte Geoffrey Fisher Kenneth C. Wilbur

Search and Learning at a Daily Deals Website.

Mantian Mandy Hu Chu (Ivy) Dang Pradeep K. Chintagunta

Learning in Online Advertising.

W. Jason Choi Amin Sayedi

Word of Mouth, Observed Adoptions, and Anime-Watching Decisions: The Role of the Personal vs. the Community Network.

Mina Ameri Elisabeth Honka Ying Xie

Skimming from the Bottom: Empirical Evidence of Adverse Selection When Poaching Customers.

Przemyslaw Jeziorski Elena Krasnokutskaya Olivia Ceccarini

Volume 38, Number 3, May - June 2019
Brand Positioning Based on Brand Image-Country Image Fit.

Kristina Klein Franziska Völckner Hernán A. Bruno Henrik Sattler Pascal Bruno

Why Customer Service Frustrates Consumers: Using a Tiered Organizational Structure to Exploit Hassle Costs.

Anthony J. Dukes Yi Zhu

Measuring the Impact of Product Placement with Brand-Related Social Media Conversations and Website Traffic.

Beth L. Fossen David A. Schweidel

U-Shaped Conformity in Online Social Networks.

Monic Sun Xiaoquan (Michael) Zhang Feng Zhu

Probabilistic Selling for Vertically Differentiated Products with Salient Thinkers.

Quan Zheng Xiajun Amy Pan Janice E. Carrillo

Recommending Products When Consumers Learn Their Preference Weights.

Daria Dzyabura John R. Hauser

Dynamic Demand for New and Used Durable Goods Without Physical Depreciation: The Case of Japanese Video Games.

Masakazu Ishihara Andrew T. Ching

Competitive Dynamics in the Sharing Economy: An Analysis in the Context of Airbnb and Hotels.

Hui Li Kannan Srinivasan

Volume 38, Number 2, March - April 2019
Practice Prize Paper-Managing Advertising Campaigns for New Product Launches: An Application at Mercedes-Benz.

Marc Fischer

On the Profitability of Stacked Discounts: Identifying Revenue and Cost Effects of Discount Framing.

Necati Ertekin Jeffrey D. Shulman Haipeng (Allan) Chen

Consumer Response to Chapter 11 Bankruptcy: Negative Demand Spillover to Competitors.

O. Cem Ozturk Pradeep K. Chintagunta Sriram Venkataraman

Social TV, Advertising, and Sales: Are Social Shows Good for Advertisers?

Beth L. Fossen David A. Schweidel

Effectiveness of Product Recommendations Under Time and Crowd Pressures.

Kohei Kawaguchi Kosuke Uetake Yasutora Watanabe

Dynamic Online Pricing with Incomplete Information Using Multiarmed Bandit Experiments.

Kanishka Misra Eric M. Schwartz Jacob D. Abernethy

A Comparison of Approaches to Advertising Measurement: Evidence from Big Field Experiments at Facebook.

Brett R. Gordon Florian Zettelmeyer Neha Bhargava Daniel Chapsky

Volume 38, Number 1, January - February 2019
Managing Consumer Deliberations in a Decentralized Distribution Channel.

Xi Li Yanzhi Li Mengze Shi

Freemium as an Optimal Strategy for Market Dominant Firms.

Zijun (June) Shi Kaifu Zhang Kannan Srinivasan

Multimarket Value Creation and Competition.

Qiang Fu Ganesh Iyer

Learning by Doing and the Demand for Advanced Products.

Yufeng Huang

Accounting for Discrepancies Between Online and Offline Product Evaluations.

Daria Dzyabura Srikanth Jagabathula Eitan Muller

The Performance Measurement Trap.

Dmitri Kuksov J. Miguel Villas-Boas

Cooperative Search Advertising.

Xinyu Cao T. Tony Ke

Sensor Data and Behavioral Tracking: Does Usage-Based Auto Insurance Benefit Drivers?

Miremad Soleymanian Charles B. Weinberg Ting Zhu

Identifying Customer Needs from User-Generated Content.

Artem Timoshenko John R. Hauser