Volume 40, Number 6, November - December 2021
Does Gender Matter? The Effect of Management Responses on Reviewing Behavior.

Davide Proserpio Isamar Troncoso Francesca Valsesia

What Happens When a Retailer Drops a Product Category? Investigating the Consequences of Ending Tobacco Sales.

Ali Goli Pradeep K. Chintagunta

Measuring Competition for Attention in Social Media: National Women's Soccer League Players on Twitter.

Federico Rossi Gaia Rubera

Do "Little Emperors" Get More Than "Little Empresses"? Boy-Girl Gender Discrimination as Evidenced by Consumption Behavior of Chinese Households.

Chen Lin Yuxin Chen Jeongwen Chiang Yufei Zhang

Raw Ideas in the Fuzzy Front End: Verbosity Increases Perceived Creativity.

Laura J. Kornish Sharaya M. Jones

"Meet Me Halfway": The Costs and Benefits of Bargaining.

Xu Zhang Puneet Manchanda Junhong Chu

Modeling Dynamic User Interests: A Neural Matrix Factorization Approach.

Paramveer S. Dhillon Sinan Aral

Informational and Noninformational Advertising Content.

Yi-Lin Tsai Elisabeth Honka

Reciprocity and Unveiling in Two-Sided Reputation Systems: Evidence from an Experiment on Airbnb.

Andrey Fradkin Elena Grewal David Holtz

Editorial: Acknowledgments, Stocktaking, and Farewell.

K. Sudhir

Volume 40, Number 5, September - October 2021
The Impact of Increase in Minimum Wages on Consumer Perceptions of Service: A Transformer Model of Online Restaurant Reviews.

Dinesh Puranam Vrinda Kadiyali Vishal Narayan

Do Larger Audiences Generate Greater Revenues Under Pay What You Want? Evidence from a Live Streaming Platform.

Shijie Lu Dai Yao Xingyu Chen Rajdeep Grewal

Internalization of Advertising Services: Testing a Theory of the Firm.

Birger Wernerfelt Alvin Silk Shuyi Yu

Competitive Advertising on Brand Search: Traffic Stealing and Click Quality.

Andrey Simonov Shawndra Hill

Targeted Advertising and Consumer Inference.

Jiwoong Shin Jungju Yu

Estimation of Preference Heterogeneity in Markets with Costly Search.

Ilya Morozov Stephan Seiler Xiaojing Dong Liwen Hou

Understanding Large-Scale Dynamic Purchase Behavior.

Bruno J. D. Jacobs Dennis Fok Bas Donkers

Digitization and Flexibility: Evidence from the South Korean Movie Market.

Joonhyuk Yang Eric T. Anderson Brett R. Gordon

Frontiers: Can an Artificial Intelligence Algorithm Mitigate Racial Economic Inequality? An Analysis in the Context of Airbnb.

Shunyuan Zhang Nitin Mehta Param Vir Singh Kannan Srinivasan

Volume 40, Number 4, July - August 2021
The Role of Time-Varying Contextual Factors in Latent Attrition Models for Customer Base Analysis.

Patrick Bachmann Markus Meierer Jeffrey Näf

Low-Price Guarantees in a Dual Channel of Distribution.

Juncai Jiang Chuan He

Do "Made in USA" Claims Matter?

Xinyao Kong Anita Rao

The Effect of Individual Online Reviews on Purchase Likelihood.

Prasad Vana Anja Lambrecht

Digital Piracy, Creative Productivity, and Customer Care Effort: Evidence from the Digital Publishing Industry.

Xiaolin Li Chenxi Liao Ying Xie

The Short-Run Effects of the General Data Protection Regulation on Technology Venture Investment.

Jian Jia Ginger Zhe Jin Liad Wagman

Random-Coefficients Logit Demand Estimation with Zero-Valued Market Shares.

Jean-Pierre Dubé Ali Hortaçsu Joonhwi Joo

Price Salience and Product Choice.

Tom Blake Sarah Moshary Kane Sweeney Steve Tadelis

Scalable Optimal Online Auctions.

Dominic Coey Bradley J. Larsen Kane Sweeney Caio Waisman

Volume 40, Number 3, May - June 2021
Pricing Under Dynamic Competition When Loyal Consumers Stockpile.

Manish Gangwar Nanda Kumar Ram C. Rao

The Effect of Over-the-Top Media Services on Piracy Search: Evidence from a Natural Experiment.

Shijie Lu Koushyar Rajavi Isaac Dinner

Media Platforms' Content Provision Strategies and Sources of Profits.

Wilfred Amaldoss Jinzhao Du Woochoel Shin

Can Non-tiered Customer Loyalty Programs Be Profitable?

Arun Gopalakrishnan Zhenling Jiang Yulia Nevskaya Raphael Thomadsen

The Fateful First Consumer Review.

Sungsik Park Woochoel Shin Jinhong Xie

Scalable Data Fusion with Selection Correction: An Application to Customer Base Analysis.

Daniel Minh McCarthy Elliot Shin Oblander

A Dynamic Model of Optimal Retargeting.

J. Miguel Villas-Boas Yunfei (Jesse) Yao

Endogenous Evaluation and Sequential Search.

Liang Guo

A Theoretical Analysis of the Lean Start-up Method.

Onesun Steve Yoo Tingliang Huang Kenan Arifoglu

Volume 40, Number 2, March - April 2021
List Price and Discount in a Stochastic Selling Process.

Z. Eddie Ning

The Path to Click: Are You on It?

Savannah Wei Shi Michael Trusov

Entry of Platforms into Complementary Hardware Access Product Markets.

Siddhartha Sharma Amit Mehra

Impact of Political Television Advertisements on Viewers' Response to Subsequent Advertisements.

Beth L. Fossen Girish Mallapragada Anwesha De

How and When to Use the Political Cycle to Identify Advertising Effects.

Sarah Moshary Bradley T. Shapiro Jihong Song

Economic Impact of Category Captaincy: An Examination of Assortments and Prices.

Madhu Viswanathan Om Narasimhan George John

Cryptocurrency Adoption with Speculative Price Bubbles.

Yanhao Max Wei Anthony Dukes

Consumer Search and Purchase: An Empirical Investigation of Retargeting Based on Consumer Online Behaviors.

Zhenling Jiang Tat Y. Chan Hai Che Youwei Wang

Targeting and Privacy in Mobile Advertising.

Omid Rafieian Hema Yoganarasimhan

Volume 40, Number 1, January - February 2021
When Consumers Learn, Money Burns: Signaling Quality via Advertising with Observational Learning and Word of Mouth.

Yogesh V. Joshi Andrés Musalem

A Model of Brand Architecture Choice: A House of Brands vs. A Branded House.

Jungju Yu

Price Fairness and Strategic Obfuscation.

William J. Allender Jura Liaukonyte Sherif Nasser Timothy J. Richards

When Franchisee Service Affects Demand: An Application to the Car Radiator Market and Resale Price Maintenance.

Tongil Kim

The End of the Express Road for Hybrid Vehicles: Can Governments' Green Product Incentives Backfire?

Cheng He O. Cem Ozturk Chris Gu Jorge Mario Silva-Risso

Preference Learning and Demand Forecast.

Xinyu Cao Juanjuan Zhang

The Impact of Coupons on the Visit-to-Purchase Funnel.

Arun Gopalakrishnan Young-Hoon Park

The Effect of Home-Sharing on House Prices and Rents: Evidence from Airbnb.

Kyle Barron Edward Kung Davide Proserpio

Frontiers: Moment Marketing: Measuring Dynamics in Cross-Channel Ad Effectiveness.

Jia Liu Shawndra Hill

Frontiers: Algorithmic Collusion: Supra-competitive Prices via Independent Algorithms.

Karsten Hansen Kanishka Misra Mallesh M. Pai