Volume 41, Number 1, January - February 2022
I Will Survive: Predicting Business Failures from Customer Ratings.

Christof Naumzik Stefan Feuerriegel Markus Weinmann

Signaling Through Advertising When an Ad Can Be Blocked.

Yuxin Chen Qihong Liu

Understanding Managers' Trade-Offs Between Exploration and Exploitation.

Alina Ferecatu Arnaud De Bruyn

Designing an Online Retail Marketplace: Leveraging Information from Sponsored Advertising.

Fei Long Kinshuk Jerath Miklos Sarvary

Tied Goods and Consumer Switching Costs.

Yufeng Huang

Star-Cursed Lovers: Role of Popularity Information in Online Dating.

Behnaz Bojd Hema Yoganarasimhan

Pushing Notifications as Dynamic Information Design.

Ganesh Iyer Zemin (Zachary) Zhong

Can Facing the Truth Improve Outcomes? Effects of Information in Consumer Finance.

Jessica Fong Megan Hunter

Frontiers: Virus Shook the Streaming Star: Estimating the COVID-19 Impact on Music Consumption.

Jaeung Sim Daegon Cho Youngdeok Hwang Rahul Telang

Frontiers: The Impact of Ad-Blockers on Online Consumer Behavior.

Vilma Todri

Editorial: A New Chapter or a New Page for Marketing Science?

Olivier Toubia