Volume 42, Number 4, 2021
Looking Back, Looking Ahead: Symbolic versus Connectionist AI.

Ashok K. Goel

Agents of Exploration and Discovery.

Pat Langley

Avoiding Negative Side Effects Due to Incomplete Knowledge of AI Systems.

Sandhya Saisubramanian Shlomo Zilberstein Ece Kamar

Do We Need a Hippocratic Oath for Artificial Intelligence Scientists?

Nikolaos Siafakas

Feedback-Based Self-Learning in Large-Scale Conversational AI Agents.

Pragaash Ponnusamy Alireza Roshan Ghias Yi Yi Benjamin Yao Chenlei Guo Ruhi Sarikaya

On the Care and Feeding of Virtual Assistants: Automating Conversation Review with AI.

Ian Beaver Abdullah Mueen

Large Scale Multilingual Sticker Recommendation In Messaging Apps.

Abhishek Laddha Mohamed Hanoosh Debdoot Mukherjee Parth Patwa Ankur Narang

Will AI Write Scientific Papers in the Future?

Yolanda Gil

Volume 42, Number 3, 2021
Letter from the Editors: AI Magazine in the New Era of AI.

Kristen Brent Venable Odd Erik Gundersen

Engagement during Pandemic Teaching: Report of The Eaai-21 Panel on Teaching Online and Blended AI Courses.

Michael Wollowski

Betting on Bets.

Chris Welty Praveen K. Paritosh Kurt D. Bollacker

Summary Report for the Third International Competition On Computational Models of Argumentation.

Stefano Bistarelli Lars Kotthoff Francesco Santini Carlo Taticchi

Recommending News in Traditional Media Companies.

Jon Atle Gulla Rolf Dyrnes Svendsen Lemei Zhang Agnes Stenbom Jørgen Frøland

Progress in Recommender Systems Research: Crisis? What Crisis?

Paolo Cremonesi Dietmar Jannach

Human-Centered Recommender Systems: Origins, Advances, Challenges, and Opportunities.

Joseph A. Konstan Loren G. Terveen

Recommendations as Treatments.

Thorsten Joachims Ben London Yi Su Adith Swaminathan Lequn Wang

Deep Learning for Recommender Systems: A Netflix Case Study.

Harald Steck Linas Baltrunas Ehtsham Elahi Dawen Liang Yves Raimond Justin Basilico

Recommender Systems: Past, Present, Future.

Dietmar Jannach Pearl Pu Francesco Ricci Markus Zanker

Volume 42, Number 2, 2021
Rethinking AI Magazine Again.

Ashok K. Goel

Considerations on Creating Conversational Agents For Multiple Environments and Users.

Javier Cebrián Ramón Martínez-Jiménez Natalia Rodriguez Luis Fernando D'Haro

Clarity 2.0: Improved Assessment of Product Competitiveness from Online Content.

Yufeng Huang Mariana Bernagozzi Michelle Morales Sheema Usmani Biplav Srivastava Michelle Mullins

Improving Search Engine Efficiency through Contextual Factor Selection.

Anxiang Zeng Han Yu Qing Da Yusen Zhan Yang Yu Jingren Zhou Chunyan Miao

Day-Ahead Forecasting of Losses in the Distribution Network.

Nisha Dalal Martin Mølnå Mette Herrem Magne Røen Odd Erik Gundersen

Optimizing Smart Grid Operations from the Demand Side.

Yongqing Zheng Han Yu Yuliang Shi Kun Zhang Shuai Zhen Lizhen Cui Cyril Leung Chunyan Miao

Federated Learning-Powered Visual Object Detection for Safety Monitoring.

Yang Liu Anbu Huang Yun Luo He Huang Youzhi Liu Yuanyuan Chen Lican Feng Tianjian Chen Han Yu Qiang Yang

Deploying an Artificial Intelligence-Based Defect Finder for Manufacturing Quality Management.

Kyoung Jun Lee Jun Woo Kwon Soohong Min Jungho Yoon

Editorial Introduction.

Ruchir Puri Neil Yorke-Smith

Volume 42, Number 1, 2021
AAAI News.

Carol M. Hamilton

AAAI's New Award for the Societal Benefits of AI - An Interview with Richard Tong.

Richard Tong Ashok K. Goel

The Role of Open-Source Software in Artificial Intelligence.

Jim Spohrer

The Case Against Registered Reports.

Odd Erik Gundersen

Advances in Theory and Applications of Artificial Intelligence.

Hamido Fujita Philippe Fournier-Viger Jun Sasaki Moonis Ali

Report on the First and Second Workshops on Hierarchical Planning Held at the International Conference on Automated Planning and Scheduling.

Pascal Bercher Daniel Höller Gregor Behnke Susanne Biundo Vikas Shivashankar Ron Alford

Organizing a Successful Artificial Intelligence Online Conference: Lessons from the 13th Symposium on Combinatorial Search.

Daniel Harabor Mauro Vallati

Artificial Intelligence's Grand Challenges: Past, Present, and Future.

Ganesh Mani Frank Chen Steve Cross Thomas Kalil Vanathi Gopalakrishnan Francesca Rossi Ken Stanley

Using a Machine Learning Tool to Support High-Stakes Decisions in Child Protection.

Rhema Vaithianathan Diana Benavides Prado Eric E. Dalton Alexandra Chouldechova Emily Putnam-Hornstein

Machine Learning Techniques for Accountability.

Been Kim Finale Doshi-Velez

Artificial and Human Intelligence in Mental Health.

Mariano Sigman Diego Fernández Slezak Lucas Drucaroff Sidarta Ribeiro Facundo Carrillo

Procedural Democracy and Electronic Agents.

Suman Gupta

Artificial Intelligence Community and Self.

Peter Tu

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Work: A Proactive Strategy.

Thomas A. Kochan

Rethinking the Maturity of Artificial Intelligence in Safety-Critical Settings.

Mary L. Cummings

Zeitenwende - Turn of Eras.

Meinolf Sellmann Bart Selman