Volume 130, May 2022
Internet addiction in young adults: A meta-analysis and systematic review.

Raquel Lozano-Blasco Alberto Quilez Robres Alberto Soto Sánchez

Effectiveness of anti-cyberbullying educational programs: A socio-ecologically grounded systematic review and meta-analysis.

Min Lan Nancy Law Qianqian Pan

The association between social anxiety and mobile phone addiction: A three-level meta-analysis.

Guangming Ran Jun Li Qi Zhang Xiang Niu

A meta-analysis and systematic literature review of mixed reality rehabilitation programs: Investigating design characteristics of augmented reality and augmented virtuality.

Matt C. Howard Maggie M. Davis

To share or not to share: Extending Protection Motivation Theory to understand data sharing with the police.

Alexis Shore Kelsey Prena James J. Cummings

When do they offend together? Comparing co-offending between different types of cyber-offenses and traditional offenses.

Marleen Weulen Kranenbarg

Sensation seeking and cyberbullying among Chinese adolescents: Examining the mediating roles of boredom experience and antisocial media exposure.

Xue-Chen Zhang Xiao-Wei Chu Cui-Ying Fan Frank Andrasik Hui-Fen Shi Xiang-En Hu

Impulse control differentiates Internet gaming disorder from non-disordered but heavy Internet gaming use: Evidence from multiple behavioral and multimodal neuroimaging data.

Rujing Zha Ran Tao Qingmei Kong Huan Li Ying Liu Ruiqi Huang Zhengde Wei Wei Hong Ying Wang Daren Zhang Andreas J. Fallgatter Yihong Yang Xiaochu Zhang Peipeng Liang Hengyi Rao

Modifying UTAUT2 for a cross-country comparison of telemedicine adoption.

Anne Schmitz Ana M. Díaz-Martín M. Jesús Yagüe Guillén

Whose AI? How different publics think about AI and its social impacts.

Luye Bao Nicole M. Krause Mikhaila N. Calice Dietram A. Scheufele Christopher D. Wirz Dominique Brossard Todd P. Newman Michael A. Xenos

Expectations VS reality: Expected and actual affective reactions to unsolicited sexual images.

Vasileia Karasavva Jessie Swanek Audrey Smodis Adelle E. Forth

"The thing is, it follows you everywhere": Child and adolescent conceptions of cyberbullying.

Karissa Leduc Pooja Megha Nagar Oksana Caivano Victoria Talwar

Allying with AI? Reactions toward human-based, AI/ML-based, and augmented hiring processes.

Manuel F. Gonzalez Weiwei Liu Lei Shirase David L. Tomczak Carmen E. Lobbe Richard Justenhoven Nicholas R. Martin

Seeking medical advice in mobile applications: How social cue design and privacy concerns influence trust and behavioral intention in impersonal patient-physician interactions.

Jiaxin Zhang Yan Luximon Qingchuan Li

Determinants of the digital outcome divide in E-learning between rural and urban students: Empirical evidence from the COVID-19 pandemic based on capital theory.

Ling Zhao Cuicui Cao Yuni Li Yuan Li

How does information overload about COVID-19 vaccines influence individuals' vaccination intentions? The roles of cyberchondria, perceived risk, and vaccine skepticism.

Andreawan Honora Kai-Yu Wang Wen-Hai Chih

The COVID-19 infodemic at your fingertips. Reciprocal relationships between COVID-19 information FOMO, bedtime smartphone news engagement, and daytime tiredness over time.

Kevin Koban Ariadne Neureiter Anja Stevic Jörg Matthes

Factors influencing fake news rebuttal acceptance during the COVID-19 pandemic and the moderating effect of cognitive ability.

Xin Wang Fan Chao Guang Yu Kaihang Zhang

Do digital competencies and social support boost work engagement during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Maren Oberländer Tanja Bipp

The role of students' interests during computer-assisted learning: A field experiment.

Kaat Iterbeke Wouter Schelfhout Kristof De Witte

Beautiful victims: How the halo of attractiveness impacts judgments of celebrity and lay victims of online abuse.

Christopher J. Hand Graham G. Scott

Internet use and subsequent health and well-being in older adults: An outcome-wide analysis.

Atsushi Nakagomi Koichiro Shiba Ichiro Kawachi Kazushige Ide Yuiko Nagamine Naoki Kondo Masamichi Hanazato Katsunori Kondo

Self-disclosure during the COVID-19 emergency: Effects of narcissism traits, time perspective, virtual presence, and hedonic gratification.

Qian Fu Inma Rodríguez-Ardura Antoni Meseguer-Artola Peng Wu

Children's risk and benefit behaviours on social networking sites.

Beatrice Hayes Alana I. James Ravinder Barn Dawn Watling