Volume 33, Number 12, December 2018
Belief intervals aggregation.

Guidong Sun Xin Guan Xiao Yi Jing Zhao

Clustering algorithms based on correlation coefficients for probabilistic linguistic term sets.

Mingwei Lin Huibing Wang Zeshui Xu Zhiqiang Yao Jinli Huang

Oddness-based classification: A new way of exploiting neighbors.

Myriam Bounhas Henri Prade Gilles Richard

Synthetic generation of spatial graphs.

Vicenç Torra Annie Jonsson Guillermo Navarro-Arribas Julián Salas

Multiple attribute group decision making based on q-rung orthopair fuzzy Heronian mean operators.

Zhengmin Liu Song Wang Peide Liu

Total belief theorem and conditional belief functions.

Jean Dezert Albena Tchamova Deqiang Han

An improvement to generalized regret based decision making method considering unreasonable alternatives.

Shuang Liang Xinyang Deng Lin Yang Wen Jiang

Volume 33, Number 11, November 2018
Modelling stock selection using ordered weighted averaging operator.

Mohaddeseh Hajjami Gholam R. Amin

Exponential operation and aggregation operator for q-rung orthopair fuzzy set and their decision-making method with a new score function.

Xindong Peng Jingguo Dai Harish Garg

Distance and similarity measures of Pythagorean fuzzy sets and their applications to multiple criteria group decision making.

Wenyi Zeng Deqing Li Qian Yin

A dissimilarity Jensen-Shannon divergence measure for intuitionistic fuzzy sets.

Rajesh Joshi Satish Kumar

Some new Pythagorean fuzzy Choquet-Frank aggregation operators for multi-attribute decision making.

Yuping Xing Runtong Zhang Jun Wang Xiaomin Zhu

A novel induced aggregation method for intuitionistic fuzzy set and its application in multiple attribute group decision making.

Shouzhen Zeng Carlos Llopis-Albert Yunhua Zhang

Aspects of generalized orthopair fuzzy sets.

Ronald R. Yager Naif Alajlan Yakoub Bazi

Another view on q-rung orthopair fuzzy sets.

Muhammad Irfan Ali

The linear assignment method for multicriteria group decision making based on interval-valued Pythagorean fuzzy Bonferroni mean.

Decui Liang Adjei Peter Darko Zeshui Xu Wei Quan

Volume 33, Number 10, October 2018
Group Decision Support under Intuitionistic Fuzzy Relations: The Role of Weak Transitivity and Consistency.

Barbara Pekala Eulalia Szmidt Janusz Kacprzyk

Group Recommendations Based on Hesitant Fuzzy Sets.

Jorge Castro Manuel J. Barranco Rosa M. Rodríguez Luis Martínez-López

Maximizing the Influence in Social Networks via Holistic Probability Maximization.

Mingyue Zhang Xuan Wei Guoqing Chen

Multimodal query-level fusion for efficient multimedia information retrieval.

Saeid Sattari Adnan Yazici

Parallel Processing Strategies for Skyline Queries Tolerant to Outliers.

Pierre Nerzic Hélène Jaudoin Olivier Pivert

Human Centric Data Management.

Guy De Tré Janusz Kacprzyk Gabriella Pasi Slawomir Zadrozny Antoon Bronselaer

Volume 33, Number 9, September 2018
Some power Maclaurin symmetric mean aggregation operators based on Pythagorean fuzzy linguistic numbers and their application to group decision making.

Fei Teng Zhengmin Liu Peide Liu

Weighted-selective aggregated majority-OWA operator and its application in linguistic group decision making.

Binyamin Yusoff José M. Merigó David Ceballos José Ignacio Peláez

Multiple attribute decision-making method for dealing with heterogeneous relationship among attributes and unknown attribute weight information under q-rung orthopair fuzzy environment.

Zhengmin Liu Peide Liu Xia Liang

A new trapezoidal Pythagorean fuzzy linguistic entropic combined ordered weighted averaging operator and its application for enterprise location.

Sidong Xian Yue Xiao Zhijun Yang Yonghong Li Zhiyu Han

Analyzing the monotonicity of belief interval based uncertainty measures in belief function theory.

Xinyang Deng

Outlier detection using linguistically quantified statements.

Agnieszka Duraj Adam Niewiadomski Piotr S. Szczepaniak

Fuzzy Quantification and Opinion Mining on Qualitative Data using Feature Reduction.

Betul Dundar Diyar Akay Fatih Emre Boran Suat Özdemir

Induced Heavy Moving Averages.

Ernesto León-Castro Ezequiel Avilés-Ochoa José M. Merigó

Pythagorean Fuzzy Clustering Analysis: A Hierarchical Clustering Algorithm with the Ratio Index-Based Ranking Methods.

Xiaolu Zhang

Automatic Discovery of Clusters by Removing Noisy Data.

Shounak Roychowdhury Witold Pedrycz

Volume 33, Number 8, August 2018
Shadowed sets of type-II: Representing and computing shadowiness in shadowed sets.

Adeku Musa Ibrahim Tamunokuro Opubo William-West

Generating Z-number based on OWA weights using maximum entropy.

Bingyi Kang Yong Deng Kasun Hewage Rehan Sadiq

Pythagorean fuzzy multicriteria group decision making through similarity measure based on point operators.

Animesh Biswas Biswajit Sarkar

A ranking function based on principal-value Pythagorean fuzzy set in multicriteria decision making.

Sidong Xian Yubo Yin Mingqiu Fu Fengmin Yu

Interval-valued Pythagorean fuzzy GRA method for multiple-attribute decision making with incomplete weight information.

Muhammad Sajjad Ali Khan Saleem Abdullah

New similarity measures of intuitionistic fuzzy sets based on the Jaccard index with its application to clustering.

Chao-Ming Hwang Miin-Shen Yang Wen-Liang Hung

A new type of fuzzy integrals for decision making based on bivariate symmetric means.

Gleb Beliakov

Monotonic argument-dependent OWA operators.

Wenyi Zeng Deqing Li Yundong Gu

A comparative study on consensus measures in group decision making.

Maria José del Moral Francisco Chiclana Juan Miguel Tapia García Enrique Herrera-Viedma

Additive Fuzzy Systems: From Generalized Mixtures to Rule Continua.

Bart Kosko

Volume 33, Number 7, July 2018
Fuzzy rankings for preferences modeling in group decision making.

Nicola Capuano Francisco Chiclana Enrique Herrera-Viedma Hamido Fujita Vincenzo Loia

Modeling fuzzy data with RDF and fuzzy relational database models.

Zongmin Ma Li Yan

Personalized quantifier by Bernstein polynomials combined with interpolation spline.

Kaihong Guo Hao Xu

Logarithmic aggregation operators and distance measures.

Victor Gerardo Alfaro-Garcia José M. Merigó Anna Maria Gil Lafuente Janusz Kacprzyk

Two new methods for ranking of Z-numbers based on sigmoid function and sign method.

Somayeh Ezadi Tofigh Allahviranloo Salar Mohammadi

An ontology-based framework for automatic topic detection in multilingual environments.

Karel Gutiérrez-Batista Jesús R. Campaña María Amparo Vila Miranda María J. Martín-Bautista

Some q-rung orthopair fuzzy Heronian mean operators in multiple attribute decision making.

Guiwu Wei Hui Gao Yu Wei

Multicriteria decision making based on intuitionistic fuzzy prioritized arithmetic mean.

Weize Wang Jerry M. Mendel

Interval-valued Pythagorean fuzzy extended Bonferroni mean for dealing with heterogenous relationship among attributes.

Decui Liang Adjei Peter Darko Zeshui Xu

FSCOAL - Parallel simultaneous fuzzy co-clustering and learning.

David Biton Meir Kalech Lior Rokach

Evaluation method based on fuzzy relations between Dempster-Shafer belief structure.

Haoyang Zheng Yong Deng

Volume 33, Number 6, June 2018
Fast learning of scale-free networks based on Cholesky factorization.

Vladisav Jelisavcic Ivan Stojkovic Veljko Milutinovic Zoran Obradovic

Interval-valued probabilistic linguistic term sets in multi-criteria group decision making.

Chengzu Bai Ren Zhang Shuang Shen Chaofan Huang Xin Fan

On some characteristics and related properties for OWF and RIM quantifier.

Jian Wang Martin Kalina Radko Mesiar LeSheng Jin

An improved soft likelihood function for Dempster-Shafer belief structures.

Wen Jiang Weiwei Hu

Linguistic Pythagorean fuzzy sets and its applications in multiattribute decision-making process.

Harish Garg

Pythagorean hesitant fuzzy Hamacher aggregation operators and their application to multiple attribute decision making.

Guiwu Wei Mao Lu Xiyue Tang Yu Wei

Relative importance of explanatory variables: Traditional method versus soft regression.

Eli Shnaider Arthur Yosef

Triangular norm-based cuts and possibility characteristics of triangular intuitionistic fuzzy numbers for decision making.

Zhi-Hong Yi Hong-Quan Li

Modeling evidential databases as possible worlds.

Fatma Ezzahra Bousnina Mohamed Anis Bach Tobji Mouna Chebbah Boutheina Ben Yaghlane

Some New Properties of Negation of a Probability Distribution.

Amit Srivastava Shikha Maheshwari

Volume 33, Number 5, May 2018
Relational Representation of Uncertain and Imprecise Time Assessments: An Application to Artworks Dating.

Juan Miguel Medina Olga Pons María Amparo Vila Miranda

Comparing Apples and Oranges: The Weighted OWA Function.

Gleb Beliakov

Type-1 OWA Unbalanced Fuzzy Linguistic Aggregation Methodology: Application to Eurobonds Credit Risk Evaluation.

Francisco Chiclana Francisco Mata Luis G. Pérez Enrique Herrera-Viedma

Pythagorean Fuzzy Maclaurin Symmetric Mean Operators in Multiple Attribute Decision Making.

Guiwu Wei Mao Lu

Hesitant -Fuzzy Sets.

Alireza Hosseini Dehmiry Mashaallah Mashinchi Radko Mesiar

An OWA Operator-Based Cumulative Belief Degrees Approach for Credit Rating.

Sait Gül Özgür Kabak Y. Ilker Topcu

An Agent-Based Pythagorean Fuzzy Approach for Demand Analysis with Incomplete Information.

Ulas Baran Baloglu Yakup Demir

Hesitant Fuzzy Linguistic Maclaurin Symmetric Mean Operators and their Applications to Multi-Criteria Decision-Making Problem.

Su-Min Yu Hong-yu Zhang Jian-qiang Wang

Multicriteria Decision-Making Method Based on Similarity Measures under Single-Valued Neutrosophic Refined and Interval Neutrosophic Refined Environments.

Faruk Karaaslan

Fuzzy Generalization and Comparisons for the Rand Index.

Miin-Shen Yang Chiou-Cherng Yeh

Volume 33, Number 4, April 2018
Attitudinal Choquet integrals and applications in decision making.

Manish Aggarwal

A fuzzy ID3 induction for linguistic data sets.

Suzan Kantarci-Savas Efendi N. Nasibov

Elliptic entropy of uncertain set and its applications.

Rong Gao Dan A. Ralescu

Decision-theoretic rough sets under Pythagorean fuzzy information.

Prasenjit Mandal A. S. Ranadive

Minkowski-type distance measures for generalized orthopair fuzzy sets.

Wen Sheng Du

Generating OWA weights using truncated distributions.

Maxime Lenormand

Construction of Choquet integrals through unimodal weighting vectors.

Bonifacio Llamazares

Certainty aggregation and the certainty fuzzy measures.

LeSheng Jin Radko Mesiar Surajit Borkotokey Martin Kalina

A general type-2 fuzzy model for computing with words.

Yuncheng Jiang

Some methods for strategic decision-making problems with immediate probabilities in Pythagorean fuzzy environment.

Harish Garg

Volume 33, Number 3, March 2018
New exponential operational laws and their aggregation operators for interval-valued Pythagorean fuzzy multicriteria decision-making.

Harish Garg

Similarity measures of Pythagorean fuzzy sets based on the cosine function and their applications.

Guiwu Wei Yu Wei

Pythagorean fuzzy Bonferroni mean aggregation operator and its accelerative calculating algorithm with the multithreading.

Decui Liang Yinrunjie Zhang Zeshui Xu Adjei Peter Darko

Uncertain linguistic hesitant fuzzy sets and their application in multi-attribute decision making.

Fanyong Meng Jie Tang Cunlin Li

A novel aggregation method for Pythagorean fuzzy multiple attribute group decision making.

Shouzhen Zeng Zhiming Mu Tomas Balezentis

Study on the ranking problems in multiple attribute decision making based on interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy numbers.

Yonghua Hao Xinguo Chen

Matrix games with missing, interval, and ambiguous lottery payoffs of pure strategy profiles and compound strategy profiles.

Wenjun Ma Xudong Luo Yuncheng Jiang

Quantile induced heavy ordered weighted averaging operators and its application in incentive decision making.

Ping-Tao Yi Weiwei Li Yajun Guo Danning Zhang

Aggregation of Heterogeneously Related Information with Extended Geometric Bonferroni Mean and Its Application in Group Decision Making.

Bapi Dutta Felix T. S. Chan Debashree Guha Ben Niu Junhu Ruan

MetrIntPair - A Novel Accurate Metric for the Comparison of Two Cooperative Multiagent Systems Intelligence Based on Paired Intelligence Measurements.

László Barna Iantovics Corina Rotar Muaz A. Niazi

Volume 33, Number 2, February 2018
Intuitionistic Fuzzy Interval-Valued Linguistic Entropic Combined Weighted Averaging Operator for Linguistic Group Decision Making.

Sidong Xian Yubo Yin Wenting Xue Yue Xiao

Extended Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets Based on the Hesitant Fuzzy Membership and their Application in Decision Making with Risk Preference.

Wei Zhou Zeshui Xu

An OWA-Based Ranking Approach for University Books Recommendation.

Shahab Saquib Sohail Jamshed Siddiqui Rashid Ali

Empirical Fuzzy Sets.

Plamen P. Angelov Xiaowei Gu

Distance Measure of Pythagorean Fuzzy Sets.

Deqing Li Wenyi Zeng

Some q-Rung Orthopai Fuzzy Bonferroni Mean Operators and Their Application to Multi-Attribute Group Decision Making.

Peide Liu Junlin Liu

A Novel Approach for Linguistic Group Decision Making Based on Generalized Interval-Valued Intuitionistic Fuzzy Linguistic Induced Hybrid Operator and TOPSIS.

Sidong Xian Yafen Dong Yanbing Liu Na Jing

Implicit Elicitation of Attitudinal Character in the OWA Operator.

Eun Young Kim Byeong Seok Ahn

Some q-Rung Orthopair Fuzzy Aggregation Operators and their Applications to Multiple-Attribute Decision Making.

Peide Liu Peng Wang

SESLDS: An Extension Scheme for Linked Data Sources Based on Semantically Enhanced Annotation and Reasoning.

Pu Li Bao Xiao Aftab Akram Yuncheng Jiang Zhifeng Zhang

Volume 33, Number 1, January 2018
On the use of convolutional neural networks for robust classification of multiple fingerprint captures.

Daniel Peralta Isaac Triguero Salvador García Yvan Saeys José Manuel Benítez Francisco Herrera

The binomial decomposition of OWA functions, the 2-additive and 3-additive cases in n dimensions.

Silvia Bortot Ricardo Alberto Marques Pereira Thuy Hong Nguyen

Pythagorean fuzzy power aggregation operators in multiple attribute decision making.

Gui-Wu Wei Mao Lu

An Interval-Valued Pythagorean Fuzzy Outranking Method with a Closeness-Based Assignment Model for Multiple Criteria Decision Making.

Ting-Yu Chen

Pythagorean Fuzzy LINMAP Method Based on the Entropy Theory for Railway Project Investment Decision Making.

Wenting Xue Zeshui Xu Xiaolu Zhang Xiaoli Tian

Equivalent Structures of Interval Sets and Fuzzy Interval Sets.

Bao Qing Hu Heung Wong Ka Fai Cedric Yiu

Intuitionistic Fuzzy Power Aggregation Operator Based on Entropy and Its Application in Decision Making.

Wen Jiang Boya Wei Xiang Liu Xiaoyang Li Hanqing Zheng

Tolerance Dominance Relation in Incomplete Ordered Decision Systems.

Lihe Guan Darong Huang Fengqing Han

An Evidential Axiomatic Design Approach for Decision Making Using the Evaluation of Belief Structure Satisfaction to Uncertain Target Values.

Xinyang Deng Wen Jiang

On Ranking of Continuous Z-Numbers with Generalized Centroids and Optimization Problems Based on Z-Numbers.

Dong Qiu Yumei Xing Rongwen Dong