Volume 34, Number 12, December 2019
Importance-based multicriteria decision making with interval valued criteria satisfactions.

Ronald R. Yager Naif Alajlan

On Pythagorean fuzzy decision making using soft likelihood functions.

Liguo Fei Yuqiang Feng Luning Liu

A total uncertainty measure for D numbers based on belief intervals.

Xinyang Deng Wen Jiang

q-Rung orthopair fuzzy Choquet integral aggregation and its application in heterogeneous multicriteria two-sided matching decision making.

Decui Liang Yinrunjie Zhang Wen Cao

From Big to Smart Data: Iterative ensemble filter for noise filtering in Big Data classification.

Diego García-Gil Francisco Luque Sánchez Julián Luengo Salvador García Francisco Herrera

Soft information set for multicriteria decision making.

Manish Aggarwal

Some Dombi aggregation of Q-rung orthopair fuzzy numbers in multiple-attribute decision making.

Chiranjibe Jana G. Muhiuddin Madhumangal Pal

Differential calculus of interval-valued q-rung orthopair fuzzy functions and their applications.

Jie Gao Zeshui Xu

On combination rule in Dempster-Shafer theory using OWA-based soft likelihood functions and its applications in environmental impact assessment.

Peilin Li Liguo Fei

q -Rung orthopair fuzzy sets-based decision-theoretic rough sets for three-way decisions under group decision making.

Decui Liang Wen Cao

Binary classification rule generation from decomposed data.

Piotr Honko

Volume 34, Number 11, November 2019
Uncertainty measure based on Tsallis entropy in evidence theory.

Xiaozhuan Gao Fan Liu Lipeng Pan Yong Deng Sang-Bing Tsai

A Dempster-Shafer theory and uninorm-based framework of reasoning and multiattribute decision-making for surveillance system.

Wenjun Ma Weiru Liu Xudong Luo Kevin McAreavey Yuncheng Jiang Jianbing Ma

A formal approach for graphically building fuzzy XML model.

Li Yan Zongmin Ma

Nested formulation paradigms for induced ordered weighted averaging aggregation for decision-making and evaluation.

Chen Zhu LeSheng Jin Radko Mesiar Ronald R. Yager Daniel Paternain Humberto Bustince

Variances with Bonferroni means and ordered weighted averages.

Fabio Blanco-Mesa Ernesto León-Castro José M. Merigó Enrique Herrera-Viedma

Pythagorean Dombi fuzzy aggregation operators with application in multicriteria decision-making.

Muhammad Akram Wieslaw A. Dudek Jawaria Mohsan Dar

A new soft likelihood function based on power ordered weighted average operator.

Yutong Song Yong Deng

Density-clusters ordered weighted averaging operator based on generalized trapezoidal fuzzy numbers.

Pingtao Yi Lu Wang Weiwei Li

Deriving priority weights from intuitionistic fuzzy multiplicative preference relations.

Fanyong Meng Jie Tang Zeshui Xu

Some preference relations based on q -rung orthopair fuzzy sets.

Hongxu Li Songyi Yin Yang Yang

Graded logic for decision support systems.

Jozo Dujmovic

A novel outranking sorting approach based on interval-valued Pythagorean uncertain linguistic Euclidean distance for material supplier grading.

Sidong Xian Hailin Guo Yafen Dong

Fitting Sugeno integral for learning fuzzy measures using PAVA isotone regression.

Gleb Beliakov Dmitry V. Divakov

Weighted power means of q -rung orthopair fuzzy information and their applications in multiattribute decision making.

Wen Sheng Du

Distance measure for Fermatean fuzzy linguistic term sets based on linguistic scale function: An illustration of the TODIM and TOPSIS methods.

Donghai Liu Yuanyuan Liu Lizhen Wang

Some q-rung interval-valued orthopair fuzzy Maclaurin symmetric mean operators and their applications to multiple attribute group decision making.

Jie Wang Guiwu Wei Rui Wang Fuad E. Alsaadi Tasawar Hayat Cun Wei Yi Zhang Jiang Wu

Synthetic minority oversampling for function approximation problems.

Lourdes Pelayo Scott Dick

Volume 34, Number 10, October 2019
Measuring global prosperity using data envelopment analysis and OWA operator.

Gholam R. Amin Fazley K. Siddiq

A graphical method for ranking Atanassov's intuitionistic fuzzy values using the uncertainty index and entropy.

Muhammad Irfan Ali Feng Feng Tahir Mahmood Imran Mahmood Haider Faizan

An interval-valued exceedance method in MCDM with uncertain satisfactions.

Zeyi Liu Fuyuan Xiao

Constrained shadowed sets and fast optimization algorithm.

Jie Zhou Can Gao Witold Pedrycz Zhihui Lai Xiaodong Yue

Distance and similarity measures of Pythagorean fuzzy sets based on the Hausdorff metric with application to fuzzy TOPSIS.

Zahid Hussian Miin-Shen Yang

Mapping fuzzy RDF(S) into fuzzy object-oriented databases.

Tianyi Fan Li Yan Zongmin Ma

Some interval-valued q-rung orthopair weighted averaging operators and their applications to multiple-attribute decision making.

Yanbing Ju Chao Luo Jun Ma Hengxia Gao Ernesto Del R. Santibanez-Gonzalez Aihua Wang

On generalized similarity measures for Pythagorean fuzzy sets and their applications to multiple attribute decision-making.

Rajkumar Verma José M. Merigó

Some q-rung orthopair uncertain linguistic aggregation operators and their application to multiple attribute group decision making.

Zhengmin Liu Hongxue Xu Yuannian Yu Junqing Li

q-Rung orthopair uncertain linguistic partitioned Bonferroni mean operators and its application to multiple attribute decision-making method.

Zhengmin Liu Lin Li Junqing Li

Novel neutrality operation-based Pythagorean fuzzy geometric aggregation operators for multiple attribute group decision analysis.

Harish Garg

Some q-rung orthopair fuzzy Hamy mean operators in multiple attribute decision-making and their application to enterprise resource planning systems selection.

Jie Wang Guiwu Wei Jianping Lu Fuad E. Alsaadi Tasawar Hayat Cun Wei Yi Zhang

An approach towards decision making and shortest path problems using the concepts of interval-valued Pythagorean fuzzy information.

Naeem Jan Muhammad Aslam Kifayat Ullah Tahir Mahmood Jun Wang

Generalized orthopair fuzzy weighted distance-based approximation (WDBA) algorithm in emergency decision-making.

Xindong Peng Raghunathan Krishankumar Kattur Soundarapandian Ravichandran

Some results on information measures for complex intuitionistic fuzzy sets.

Harish Garg Dimple Rani

Volume 34, Number 9, September 2019
A novel ordered weighted averaging weight determination based on ordinal dispersion.

Nuria Martínez Daniel Gómez Pablo Olaso Karina Rojas Javier Montero

Evidence combination using OWA-based soft likelihood functions.

Liguo Fei Yuqiang Feng Luning Liu

A new matrix game with payoffs of generalized Dempster-Shafer structures.

Lian Zhou Fuyuan Xiao

Real-time force doors detection system using distributed sensors and neural networks.

Jordán Pascual Espada Vicente García-Díaz Edward Rolando Núñez-Valdéz Rubén González Crespo

On intuitionistic fuzzy decision-making using soft likelihood functions.

Liguo Fei Yuqiang Feng Luning Liu Weicheng Mao

Trapezoidal Pythagorean fuzzy linguistic entropic combined ordered weighted Minkowski distance operator based on preference relations.

Sidong Xian Yue Xiao Lin Li Dongxu Yu

Quantile-induced uncertain heavy ordered weighted averaging operator and the application in incentive evaluation problems.

Pingtao Yi Weiwei Li Danning Zhang

Additive consistency-based priority-generating method of q-rung orthopair fuzzy preference relation.

Cheng Zhang Huchang Liao Li Luo

The sign test and the signed-rank test for interval-valued data.

Przemyslaw Grzegorzewski Martyna Spiewak

The distance measures between q-rung orthopair hesitant fuzzy sets and their application in multiple criteria decision making.

Donghai Liu Dan Peng Zaiming Liu

A novel multiple-attribute group decision-making method based on q-rung orthopair fuzzy generalized power weighted aggregation operators.

Yanbing Ju Chao Luo Jun Ma Aihua Wang

Signed distance ranking based approach for solving bounded interval-valued fuzzy numbers linear programming problems.

Ali Ebrahimnejad José Luis Verdegay Galdeano Harish Garg

Set-based extended aggregation functions.

Radko Mesiar Anna Kolesárová Daniel Gómez Javier Montero

Pythagorean fuzzy Dombi aggregation operators and its applications in multiple attribute decision-making.

Chiranjibe Jana Tapan Senapati Madhumangal Pal

Prioritized aggregation operators based on the priority degrees in multicriteria decision-making.

Boquan Li Zeshui Xu

Volume 34, Number 8, August 2019
TDBF: Two-dimensional belief function.

Yangxue Li Yong Deng

Hesitant fuzzy best-worst multi-criteria decision-making method and its applications.

Asif Ali Tabasam Rashid

Virtual learning environment to predict withdrawal by leveraging deep learning.

Saeed-Ul Hassan Hajra Waheed Naif R. Aljohani Mohsen Ali Sebastián Ventura Francisco Herrera

Bidirectional project method for dual hesitant Pythagorean fuzzy multiple attribute decision-making and their application to performance assessment of new rural construction.

Jianping Lu Xiyue Tang Guiwu Wei Cun Wei Yu Wei

On the orness of Bonferroni mean and its variants.

Bapi Dutta José Rui Figueira Satyajit Das

An interindividual iterative consensus model for fuzzy preference relations.

Yejun Xu Pengqun Gao Luis Martínez-López

Two-tuple linguistic utility aggregation operator and its applications to group decision-making.

Huihui Liu Guoliang Yang Weilan Suo Jianwei Gao

Information measures for q-rung orthopair fuzzy sets.

Xindong Peng Lin Liu

Multiple-attribute group decision-making method of linguistic q-rung orthopair fuzzy power Muirhead mean operators based on entropy weight.

Peide Liu Weiqiao Liu

Volume 34, Number 7, July 2019
Nonadditive robust ordinal regression with nonadditivity index and multiple goal linear programming.

Jian-Zhang Wu Gleb Beliakov

Group decision making based on Dombi operators and its application to personnel evaluation.

Xiaorong He

Pythagorean fuzzy preference relations and their applications in group decision-making systems.

Prasenjit Mandal A. S. Ranadive

Rank-based analysis method to determine OWA weights and its application in group decision making.

Chengju Gong Weiwei Li Pingtao Yi

A new approach for emergency decision-making based on zero-sum game with Pythagorean fuzzy uncertain linguistic variables.

Xue-Feng Ding Hu-Chen Liu

Aggregation of uncertainty data based on ordered weighting aggregation and generalized information quality.

Yuting Li Fuyuan Xiao

On interval-valued fuzzy decision-making using soft likelihood functions.

Liguo Fei

Research on the assessment of classroom teaching quality with q-rung orthopair fuzzy information based on multiparametric similarity measure and combinative distance-based assessment.

Xindong Peng Jingguo Dai

Some cosine similarity measures and distance measures between q-rung orthopair fuzzy sets.

Donghai Liu Xiaohong Chen Dan Peng

Dependent evidence combination based on decision-making trial and evaluation laboratory method.

Honghui Xu Yong Deng

Attitudinal choice models with applications in human decision making.

Manish Aggarwal

A lightweight clustering-based approach to discover different emotional shades from social message streams.

Ferdinando Di Martino Sabrina Senatore Salvatore Sessa

Operators and comparisons of probabilistic linguistic term sets.

Wangwang Yu Hui Zhang Boquan Li

Group decision-making based on pythagorean fuzzy TOPSIS method.

Muhammad Akram Wieslaw A. Dudek Farwa Ilyas

A new distance measure based on the weighted induced method and its application to Pythagorean fuzzy multiple attribute group decision making.

Liping Yu Shouzhen Zeng José M. Merigó Chonghui Zhang

Pythagorean fuzzy preference ranking organization method of enrichment evaluations.

Zi-Xuan Zhang Wen-Ning Hao Xiao-Han Yu Gang Chen Suo-Juan Zhang Jun-Yue Chen

Single variable differential calculus under q-rung orthopair fuzzy environment: Limit, derivative, chain rules, and its application.

Jianmei Ye Zhenghai Ai Zeshui Xu

Multicriteria decision-making using Archimedean aggregation operators in Pythagorean hesitant fuzzy environment.

Arun Sarkar Animesh Biswas

Volume 34, Number 6, June 2019
Monte Carlo integration for Choquet integral.

Hamzeh Agahi Hossein Mehri-Dehnavi Radko Mesiar

A new probability transformation method based on a correlation coefficient of belief functions.

Wen Jiang Chan Huang Xinyang Deng

Pythagorean fuzzy Bonferroni means based on T-norm and its dual T-conorm.

Yi Yang Kwai-Sang Chin Heng Ding Hong-Xia Lv Yan-Lai Li

Similarity measures, penalty functions, and fuzzy entropy from new fuzzy subsethood measures.

Hélida Salles Santos Inés Couso Benjamín R. C. Bedregal Zdenko Takác Maria Minárová Alfredo Asiain Edurne Barrenechea Humberto Bustince

Dealing with incomplete information in linguistic group decision making by means of Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Sets.

Raquel Ureña Gang Kou Jian Wu Francisco Chiclana Enrique Herrera-Viedma

Uncertainty and negation - Information theoretic applications.

Amit Srivastava Lakhveer Kaur

The acclamation consensus state and an associated ranking rule.

Raúl Pérez-Fernández Bernard De Baets

Eliciting and measuring hesitance in decision-making.

LeSheng Jin

Variance measures with ordered weighted aggregation operators.

Rajkumar Verma José M. Merigó

The generalized Dice similarity measures for Pythagorean fuzzy multiple attribute group decision making.

Jie Wang Hui Gao Guiwu Wei

Multi-attribute group decision-making methods based on q-rung orthopair fuzzy linguistic sets.

Honghai Wang Yanbing Ju Peide Liu

Pythagorean fuzzy TOPSIS for multicriteria group decision-making with unknown weight information through entropy measure.

Animesh Biswas Biswajit Sarkar

A method for fuzzy quantified querying over fuzzy Resource Description Framework graph.

Guanfeng Li Li Yan Zongmin Ma

The interval-valued hesitant Pythagorean fuzzy set and its applications with extended TOPSIS and Choquet integral-based method.

Lina Wang Hai Wang Zeshui Xu Zhiliang Ren

Volume 34, Number 5, May 2019
Dual concepts in fuzzy theory: Entropy and knowledge measure.

Surender Singh Sumita Lalotra Sonam Sharma

Multiattribute group decision-making based on Pythagorean fuzzy Einstein prioritized aggregation operators.

Muhammad Sajjad Ali Khan Saleem Abdullah Asad Ali

Maximum entropy ordered weighted averaging in the binomial decomposition framework.

Silvia Bortot Ricardo Alberto Marques Pereira Anastasia Stamatopoulou

Embedding OWA under preference ranking for DEA cross-efficiency aggregation: Issues and procedures.

Amar Oukil

Analysis of self-confidence indices-based additive consistency for fuzzy preference relations with self-confidence and its application in group decision making.

Xia Liu Yejun Xu Rosana Montes Yucheng Dong Francisco Herrera

Pythagorean fuzzy average aggregation operators based on generalized and group-generalized parameter with application in MCDM problems.

Bhagawati Prasad Joshi

Fermatean fuzzy linguistic set and its application in multicriteria decision making.

Donghai Liu Yuanyuan Liu Xiaohong Chen

Elliptical distribution-based weight-determining method for ordered weighted averaging operators.

Xiuyan Sha Zeshui Xu Chuancun Yin

A new procedure for hesitant multiplicative preference relations.

Fanyong Meng Jie Tang Qingxian An Xiaohong Chen

SUOWA operators: A review of the state of the art.

Bonifacio Llamazares

Hesitant interval-valued Pythagorean fuzzy VIKOR method.

Wei Yang Yongfeng Pang

Generalized attitudinal Choquet integral.

Manish Aggarwal

Research on arithmetic operations over generalized orthopair fuzzy sets.

Wen Sheng Du

Volume 34, Number 4, April 2019
A novel matrix game with payoffs of Maxitive Belief Structure.

Yuzhen Han Yong Deng

Multiple-attribute group decision-making based on power Bonferroni operators of linguistic q-rung orthopair fuzzy numbers.

Peide Liu Weiqiao Liu

Interval-valued probabilistic hesitant fuzzy set and its application in the Arctic geopolitical risk evaluation.

Chenyang Song Hua Zhao Zeshui Xu Zhinan Hao

Hesitant Pythagorean fuzzy Maclaurin symmetric mean operators and its applications to multiattribute decision-making process.

Harish Garg

A new divergence measure for basic probability assignment and its applications in extremely uncertain environments.

Liguo Fei Yong Deng

Correlation and correlation coefficient of generalized orthopair fuzzy sets.

Wen Sheng Du

Online cluster validity indices for performance monitoring of streaming data clustering.

Masud Moshtaghi James C. Bezdek Sarah M. Erfani Christopher Leckie James Bailey

Induced cluster-based OWA operators with reliability measures and the application in group decision-making.

Pingtao Yi Weiwei Li

Volume 34, Number 3, March 2019
Spherical aggregation operators and their application in multiattribute group decision-making.

Shahzaib Ashraf Saleem Abdullah

Learning the stress function pattern of ordered weighted average aggregation using DBSCAN clustering.

Resmiye Nasiboglu Baris Tekin Tezel Efendi N. Nasibov

New q-rung orthopair fuzzy partitioned Bonferroni mean operators and their application in multiple attribute decision making.

Wei Yang Yongfeng Pang

Detection of outlier information by the use of linguistic summaries based on classic and interval-valued fuzzy sets.

Agnieszka Duraj Adam Niewiadomski Piotr S. Szczepaniak

Towards adaptive maps.

Marina Torres David A. Pelta José L. Verdegay Carlos Cruz

Behavioral ordered weighted averaging operator and the application in multiattribute decision making.

Ying Zhou Weiwei Li Pingtao Yi Yajun Guo

An efficient evolutionary algorithm to optimize the Choquet integral.

Muhammad Aminul Islam Derek T. Anderson Fred Petry Paul Elmore

The ordered weighted average in the theory of expertons.

Salvador Linares-Mustarós Joan Carles Ferrer-Comalat Dolors Corominas Coll José M. Merigó

Volume 34, Number 2, February 2019
Score-hesitation trade-off and portfolio selection under intuitionistic fuzzy environment.

Wei Zhou Zeshui Xu

Pythagorean fuzzy multiple criteria decision analysis based on Shapley fuzzy measures and partitioned normalized weighted Bonferroni mean operator.

Ru-Xin Nie Zhang-peng Tian Jian-qiang Wang Jun-hua Hu

Linguistic-induced ordered weighted averaging operator for multiple attribute group decision-making.

Sidong Xian Jiahui Chai Hailin Guo

Probabilistic bipartition interaction index of multiple decision criteria associated with the nonadditivity of fuzzy measures.

Jian-Zhang Wu Gleb Beliakov

Generalized intuitionistic fuzzy soft power aggregation operator based on t-norm and their application in multicriteria decision-making.

Harish Garg Rishu Arora

An integrated MCDM method for robot selection under interval-valued Pythagorean uncertain linguistic environment.

Hu-Chen Liu Mei-Yun Quan Hua Shi Chao Guo

Partitioned Bonferroni mean based on two-dimensional uncertain linguistic variables for multiattribute group decision making.

Peide Liu Junlin Liu

Volume 34, Number 1, January 2019
Multiple criteria decision analysis under complex uncertainty: A Pearson-like correlation-based Pythagorean fuzzy compromise approach.

Ting-Yu Chen

International Journal of Intelligent Systems.

Ronald R. Yager

New logarithmic operational laws and their aggregation operators for Pythagorean fuzzy set and their applications.

Harish Garg

Some q-rung orthopair fuzzy maclaurin symmetric mean operators and their applications to potential evaluation of emerging technology commercialization.

Guiwu Wei Cun Wei Jie Wang Hui Gao Yu Wei

Application of uninorms to market basket analysis.

Raymond Moodley Francisco Chiclana Fabio Caraffini Jenny Carter

A ranking method for multiple attribute decision-making problems based on the possibility degrees of trapezoidal intuitionistic fuzzy numbers.

Yonghua Hao Xinguo Chen Xuzhu Wang

Bonferroni means with induced ordered weighted average operators.

Fabio Blanco-Mesa Ernesto León-Castro José M. Merigó Zeshui Xu