Volume 76, Number 12, December 2020
Secure decentralized peer-to-peer training of deep neural networks based on distributed ledger technology.

Amin Fadaeddini Babak Majidi Mohammad Eshghi

Parallel SEN: a new approach to improve the reliability of shuffle-exchange network.

Roshanak Abedini Reza Ravanmehr

A fast high average-utility itemset mining with efficient tighter upper bounds and novel list structure.

Krishan Kumar Sethi Dharavath Ramesh

EAAM: Energy-aware application management strategy for FPGA-based IoT-Cloud environments.

Atanu Majumder Sangeet Saha Amlan Chakrabarti

Prediction-based underutilized and destination host selection approaches for energy-efficient dynamic VM consolidation in data centers.

Kawsar Haghshenas Siamak Mohammadi

Two-level utilization-based processor allocation for scheduling moldable jobs.

Ying-Jhih Wu Shuo-Ting Yu Kuan-Chou Lai Amit Chhabra Hsi-Ya Chang Kuo-Chan Huang

A novel method for victim block selection for NAND flash-based solid state drives based on scoring.

Asal Khanbadr Mohammadreza Binesh Marvasti Seyyed Amir Asghari Sohrab Khanbadr Amir M. Rahmani

The design and implementation of a robust single-layer QCA ALU using a novel fault-tolerant three-input majority gate.

Seyed-Sajad Ahmadpour Mohammad Mosleh Saeed Rasouli Heikalabad

Smart seed selection-based effective black box fuzzing for IIoT protocol.

SungJin Kim Jaeik Cho Changhoon Lee Taeshik Shon

Dynamic scheduler implementation used for load distribution between hardware accelerators (RTL) and software tasks (CPU) in heterogeneous systems.

Cristian Andy Tanase

Image-based stroke rat brain atrophy volume and infarct volume computation.

Yung-Kuan Chan Chun-Fu Hong Meng-Hsiun Tsai Ya-Lan Chang Ping-Hsuan Sun

Tails in the cloud: a survey and taxonomy of straggler management within large-scale cloud data centres.

Sukhpal Singh Gill Xue Ouyang Peter Garraghan

An enhanced rerouting cost estimation algorithm towards internet of drone.

Yunseok Chang

Efficient data aggregation with node clustering and extreme learning machine for WSN.

Ihsan Ullah Hee Yong Youn

clusterCL: comprehensive support for multi-kernel data-parallel applications in heterogeneous asymmetric clusters.

Valon Raca Eduard Mehofer

Opportunistic scheduling and resources consolidation system based on a new economic model.

Tarek Menouer Christophe Cérin Ching-Hsien Hsu

Integrating software and hardware hierarchies in an autotuning method for parallel routines in heterogeneous clusters.

Jesús Cámara Javier Cuenca Domingo Giménez

Modern architecture for photonic networks-on-chip.

Kapil Sharma Vivek Kumar Sehgal

Towards finding the best-fit distribution for OSN data.

Subhayan Bhattacharya Sankhamita Sinha Sarbani Roy Amarnath Gupta

A smart adaptive particle swarm optimization-support vector machine: android botnet detection application.

Mahdi Moodi Mahdieh Ghazvini Hossein Moodi Behnam Ghavami

GPU acceleration of Fitch's parsimony on protein data: from Kepler to Turing.

Sergio Santander-Jiménez Miguel A. Vega-Rodríguez Antonio Zahinos-Márquez Leonel Sousa

Multi-granularity hybrid parallel network simplex algorithm for minimum-cost flow problems.

Jincheng Jiang Jinsong Chen Chisheng Wang

An integrated semi-automated framework for domain-based polarity words extraction from an unannotated non-English corpus.

Mohammed Kaity Vimala Balakrishnan

Spatiotemporal feature mining algorithm based on multiple minimum supports of pattern growth in Internet of Things.

Anqing Zhu

Training deep neural networks: a static load balancing approach.

Sergio Moreno-Álvarez Juan Mario Haut Mercedes Eugenia Paoletti Juan A. Rico-Gallego Juan Carlos Díaz Martín Javier Plaza

Dynamic clustering method for imbalanced learning based on AdaBoost.

Xiaoheng Deng Yuebin Xu Lingchi Chen Weijian Zhong Alireza Jolfaei Xi Zheng

Clustering-based force-directed algorithms for 3D graph visualization.

Jiawei Lu Yain-Whar Si

Seeking the best Weather Research and Forecasting model performance: an empirical score approach.

Raúl Moreno Enrique Arias Diego Cazorla Juan José Pardo Francisco J. Tapiador

Job scheduler for streaming applications in heterogeneous distributed processing systems.

Ali Al-Sinayyid Michelle Zhu

A heterogeneous parallel Red-Black SOR technique and the numerical study on SIMPLE.

Ruitian Li Liang Gong Ming-hai Xu

Optimal low-latency network topologies for cluster performance enhancement.

Yuefan Deng Meng Guo Alexandre F. Ramos Xiaolong Huang Zhipeng Xu Weifeng Liu

Stochastic performance model for web server capacity planning in fog computing.

Paulo Pereira Jean Araujo Matheus Torquato Jamilson Dantas Carlos Melo Paulo R. M. Maciel

A survey on security challenges in cloud computing: issues, threats, and solutions.

Hamed Tabrizchi Marjan Kuchaki Rafsanjani

GPU-accelerated registration of hyperspectral images using KAZE features.

Álvaro Ordóñez Francisco Argüello Dora B. Heras Begüm Demir

Superiorization methodology and perturbation resilience of inertial proximal gradient algorithm with application to signal recovery.

Nuttapol Pakkaranang Poom Kumam Vasile Berinde Yusuf I. Suleiman

Finally, how many efficiencies the supercomputers have?

János Végh

Efficient hybrid algorithm based on moth search and fireworks algorithm for solving numerical and constrained engineering optimization problems.

Xiaoxia Han Lin Yue Yingchao Dong Quanxi Xu Gang Xie Xinying Xu

Leveraging knowledge-as-a-service (KaaS) for QoS-aware resource management in multi-user video transcoding.

Luis Costero Francisco D. Igual Katzalin Olcoz Francisco Tirado

Pyramid context learning for object detection.

Pengxin Ding Jianping Zhang Huan Zhou Xiang Zou Minghui Wang

Multimodal transport path optimization model and algorithm considering carbon emission multitask.

HuiFang Li Luan Su

A novel explanatory hybrid artificial bee colony algorithm for numerical function optimization.

Muath Ibrahim Jarrah A. S. M. Jaya Zakaria N. M. Alqattan Mohd Asyadi Azam Rosni Abdullah Hazim Jarrah Ahmed Ismail Abu-Khadrah

Influenza-like illness prediction using a long short-term memory deep learning model with multiple open data sources.

Chao-Tung Yang Yuan-An Chen Yu-Wei Chan Chia-Lin Lee Yu-Tse Tsan Wei-Cheng Chan Po-Yu Liu

Volume 76, Number 11, November 2020
Efficient scheduling of streams on GPGPUs.

Mohamad Beheshti Roui S. Kazem Shekofteh Hamid Noori Ahad Harati

A Petri-net-based communication-aware modeling for performance evaluation of NOC application mapping.

Mostafa Raeisi-Varzaneh Hossein Sabaghian Bidgoli

Equilibrium: an elasticity controller for parallel tree search in the cloud.

Stefan Kehrer Wolfgang Blochinger

ScrimpCo: scalable matrix profile on commodity heterogeneous processors.

Jose Carlos Romero Antonio Vilches Andrés Rodríguez Angeles G. Navarro Rafael Asenjo

NestMSA: a new multiple sequence alignment algorithm.

Mohammed Kayed Ahmed A. Elngar

An efficient multi-functional duplication-based scheduling framework for multiprocessor systems.

Qi Tang Li-Hua Zhu Jin Lian Li Zhou Ji-Bo Wei

A novel LMAEB-CNN model for Chinese microblog sentiment analysis.

Yi-Jen Su Wu-Chih Hu Ji-Han Jiang Ruei-Ye Su

Energy and quality of service-aware virtual machine consolidation in a cloud data center.

Anurina Tarafdar Mukta Debnath Sunirmal Khatua Rajib Kumar Das

On the design of two-stage multiprojection methods for distributed memory systems.

Byron E. Moutafis George A. Gravvanis C. K. Filelis-Papadopoulos

Cyber-physical energy system toward safety in smart grids.

Emad Roshandel Faraj-Allah Dolatkhahi Ali Hosseinzadeh Hamid Davazdah-Emami

Three-dimensional rapid registration and reconstruction of multi-view rigid objects based on end-to-end deep surface model.

Shengzan Yan Lijun Xu Shushan Wang

Dynamic power-aware scheduling of real-time tasks for FPGA-based cyber physical systems against power draining hardware trojan attacks.

Krishnendu Guha Atanu Majumder Debasri Saha Amlan Chakrabarti

MLEsIDSs: machine learning-based ensembles for intrusion detection systems - a review.

Gulshan Kumar Kutub Thakur Maruthi Rohit Ayyagari

EDGAN: motion deblurring algorithm based on enhanced generative adversarial networks.

Yong Zhang Shao Yong Ma Xi Zhang Li Li Wai-Hung Ip Kai-Leung Yung

CA-Dedupe: content-aware deduplication in SSDs.

Ramin Gholami Taghizadeh Reza Gholami Taghizadeh Fahimeh Khakpash Mohammadreza Binesh Marvasti Seyyed Amir Asghari

Performance modeling of the sparse matrix-vector product via convolutional neural networks.

Maria Barreda Manuel F. Dolz M. Asunción Castaño Pedro Alonso-Jordá Enrique S. Quintana-Ortí

Scalable recurrent neural network for hyperspectral image classification.

Mercedes Eugenia Paoletti Juan Mario Haut Javier Plaza Antonio Plaza

Interactive capacitive touch music table with embedded microcontrollers.

Bassam Shaer Lesley Ray Jacob McBee Anthony Graham Connor Watkins Danita Lee Marcum

A score identification parallel system based on audio-to-score alignment.

Antonio Jesús Muñoz-Montoro Raquel Cortina Sebastián García Galán Elías F. Combarro José Ranilla

Trust-embedded collaborative deep generative model for social recommendation.

Xiaoyi Deng Yenchun Jim Wu Fuzhen Zhuang

Improving utilization of heterogeneous clusters.

Esteban Stafford José Luis Bosque

Tall-and-skinny QR factorization with approximate Householder reflectors on graphics processors.

Andrés E. Tomás Enrique S. Quintana-Ortí

Color disease spot image segmentation algorithm based on chaotic particle swarm optimization and FCM.

Lu Xiong Guanrong Tang Yeh-Cheng Chen Yu-Xi Hu Ruey-Shun Chen

A secure biometric-based authentication protocol for global mobility networks in smart cities.

Meysam Ghahramani Reza Javidan Mohammad Shojafar

Incorporating evolutionary computation for securing wireless network against cyberthreats.

Shubhra Dwivedi Manu Vardhan Sarsij Tripathi

Acceleration of MRI analysis using multicore and manycore paradigms.

Maria Pantoja Maxence Weyrich Gerardo Fernández-Escribano

Modified adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system (M-ANFIS) based multi-disease analysis of healthcare Big Data.

K. Vidhya R. Shanmugalakshmi

Two-stage classification of tuberculosis culture diagnosis using convolutional neural network with transfer learning.

Ray-I Chang Yu-Hsuan Chiu Jeng-Wei Lin

Block diagonal dominance-based dynamic programming for detecting community.

Xingquan Li Cong Cao Tao Zhang

PriNergy: a priority-based energy-efficient routing method for IoT systems.

Fatemeh Safara Alireza Souri Thar Baker Ismaeel Al Ridhawi Moayad Aloqaily

Internet of health things-driven deep learning system for detection and classification of cervical cells using transfer learning.

Aditya Khamparia Deepak Gupta Victor Hugo C. de Albuquerque Arun Kumar Sangaiah Rutvij H. Jhaveri

Cryptosystem design based on Hermitian curves for IoT security.

Omar A. Alzubi Jafar Ahmad Abed Alzubi Osama M. Dorgham Mohammad Alsayyed

Deep convolutional network for breast cancer classification: enhanced loss function (ELF).

Smarika Acharya Abeer Alsadoon P. W. C. Prasad Salma Abdullah Anand Deva

Data storage security for the Internet of Things.

Yuntao Duan Jiangdai Li Gautam Srivastava Jyh-Haw Yeh

Optimized distributed large-scale analytics over decentralized data sources with imperfect communication.

Reza Shahbazian Francesca Guerriero

On solving the unrelated parallel machine scheduling problem: active microrheology as a case study.

Francisco José Orts Gómez Gloria Ortega López Antonio Puertas Inmaculada García Ester M. Garzón

A cloud-based face video retrieval system with deep learning.

Feng-Cheng Lin Ngo Huu Huy Chyi-Ren Dow

Low-cohesion differential privacy protection for industrial Internet.

Jun Hou Qianmu Li Shicheng Cui Shunmei Meng Sainan Zhang Zhen Ni Ye Tian

Indoor device-free passive localization with DCNN for location-based services.

Lingjun Zhao Chunhua Su Zeyang Dai Huakun Huang Shuxue Ding Xinyi Huang Zhaoyang Han

Efficient deep feature selection for remote sensing image recognition with fused deep learning architectures.

Fatih Özyurt

A survey of local differential privacy for securing internet of vehicles.

Ping Zhao Guanglin Zhang Shaohua Wan Gaoyang Liu Tariq Umer

Heart sound signal recovery based on time series signal prediction using a recurrent neural network in the long short-term memory model.

Zhi-Hao Wang Gwo-Jiun Horng Tz-Heng Hsu Aripriharta Gwo-Jia Jong

Volume 76, Number 10, October 2020
Comparative studies on machine learning for paralinguistic signal compression and classification.

Seokhyun Byun Seunghyun Yoon Kyomin Jung

Predator-prey approach in modeling users' data packets forwarding.

Yaming Zhang Yaya Hamadou Koura Yanyuan Su

Pseudo-random number generation using LSTMs.

Young-Seob Jeong Kyo-Joong Oh Chung-Ki Cho Ho-Jin Choi

An accelerated rendering scheme for massively large point cloud data.

Nakhoon Baek Kwan-Hee Yoo

Multimodal deep learning for finance: integrating and forecasting international stock markets.

Sang Il Lee Seong Joon Yoo

Correction to: Learning class-specific word embeddings.

Sicong Kuang Brian D. Davison

Learning class-specific word embeddings.

Sicong Kuang Brian D. Davison

Hash-tree PCA: accelerating PCA with hash-based grouping.

Lkhagvadorj Battulga Sang-Hyun Lee Aziz Nasridinov Kwan-Hee Yoo

Multi-sensor-based detection and tracking of moving objects for relative position estimation in autonomous driving conditions.

Jinwoo Kim Yonggeon Choi MyungWook Park Sangwoo Lee Sunghoon Kim

Improvement and performance analysis of a power-saving mechanism considering traffic patterns.

Jihee Jung Azizbek Marakhimov Jang Hyun Baek

Speech and music pitch trajectory classification using recurrent neural networks for monaural speech segregation.

Han-Gyu Kim Gil-Jin Jang Yung-Hwan Oh Ho-Jin Choi

An effective approach to enhancing a focused crawler using Google.

Jae-Gil Lee Donghwan Bae Sansung Kim Jungeun Kim Mun Yong Yi

δ-Transitive closures and triangle consistency checking: a new way to evaluate graph pattern queries in large graph databases.

Yangjun Chen Bin Guo Xingyue Huang

Distributed graph cube generation using Spark framework.

Seok Kang Suan Lee Jinho Kim

Probability machine-learning-based communication and operation optimization for cloud-based UAVs.

Hyeok-June Jeong Suh-Yong Choi Sung-Su Jang Young-Guk Ha

Intelligent fault detection using raw vibration signals via dilated convolutional neural networks.

Mohammad Azam Khan Yong-Hwa Kim Jaegul Choo

Designing an integrated knowledge graph for smart energy services.

Sejin Chun Jooik Jung Xiongnan Jin Seungmin Seo Kyong-Ho Lee

Threshold-based portfolio: the role of the threshold and its applications.

Sang Il Lee Seong Joon Yoo

Power saving with CoMP transmission for densely deployed small cell networks.

Linjing Zhao Xiaonan Zhang Ying Han Kang G. Shin

Transition activity recognition using fuzzy logic and overlapped sliding window-based convolutional neural networks.

Jaewoong Kang Jongmo Kim Seongil Lee Mye M. Sohn

Efficient processing of recommendation algorithms on a single-machine-based graph engine.

Yong-Yeon Jo Myung-Hwan Jang Sang-Wook Kim Kyungsik Han

Hardware-aided update acceleration in a hybrid Semantic Web database system.

Dennis Heinrich Stefan Werner Christopher Blochwitz Thilo Pionteck Sven Groppe

An emulation scheme for OpenGL SC 2.0 over OpenGL.

Nakhoon Baek

Techniques and guidelines for effective migration from RDBMS to NoSQL.

Ho-Jun Kim Eun-Jeong Ko Young-Ho Jeon Ki-Hoon Lee

Reducing paging cost of tracking area list-based mobility management in LTE network.

Jihee Jung Jang Hyun Baek

An effective graph summarization and compression technique for a large-scaled graph.

Hojin Seo Kisung Park Yongkoo Han Hyunwook Kim Muhammad Umair Kifayat-Ullah Khan Young-Koo Lee

Adapting the TopLeaders algorithm for dynamic social networks.

Wenhao Gao Wenjian Luo Chenyang Bu

Discovery of topic flows of authors.

Young-Seob Jeong Sang-Hun Lee Gahgene Gweon Ho-Jin Choi

MRTensorCube: tensor factorization with data reduction for context-aware recommendations.

Svetlana Kim Suan Lee Jinho Kim Yongik Yoon

The influence of IT investment and IT governance on corporate performance of multibusiness firms.

KyungSeok Ryu Jooseok Park JaeHong Park

An efficient continuous range query processing scheme in mobile P2P networks.

Jongtae Lim Kyoungsoo Bok Jaesoo Yoo

An attribute-based community search method with graph refining.

Jingwen Shang Chaokun Wang Changping Wang Gaoyang Guo Jun Qian

KMLOD: linked open data service for Korean medical database.

PhalPheaktra Chhaya Chi-Hwan Choi Kyung-Hee Lee Wan-Sup Cho Young-Sung Lee

Relevance maximization for high-recall retrieval problem: finding all needles in a haystack.

Justin JongSu Song Wookey Lee

Editor's note.

Elastic edge cloud resource management based on horizontal and vertical scaling.

Chunlin Li Tang Jianhang Youlong Luo

A novel parallel Markov clustering method in biological interaction network analysis under multi-GPU computing environment.

You Fu Wei Zhou

Scheduling scientific workflows on virtual machines using a Pareto and hypervolume based black hole optimization algorithm.

Fatemeh Ebadifard Seyed Morteza Babamir

SWEclat: a frequent itemset mining algorithm over streaming data using Spark Streaming.

Wen Xiao Juan Hu

Dynamic cooperative caching strategy for delay-sensitive applications in edge computing environment.

Li Chunlin Jing Zhang

Performance issues and solutions in SDN-based data center: a survey.

Alireza Shirmarz Ali Ghaffari

Filter cache: filtering useless cache blocks for a small but efficient shared last-level cache.

Han Jun Bae Lynn Choi

Volume 76, Number 9, September 2020
Correction to: Rio: a personal storage system in multi-device and cloud.

Feng Wang Yanjun Wu Feiyue Huang

THS-IDPC: A three-stage hierarchical sampling method based on improved density peaks clustering algorithm for encrypted malicious traffic detection.

Liangchen Chen Shu Gao Baoxu Liu Zhigang Lu Zhengwei Jiang

Distributed non-negative matrix factorization with determination of the number of latent features.

Gopinath Chennupati Raviteja Vangara Erik Skau Hristo N. Djidjev Boian S. Alexandrov

New comprehensive model based on virtual clusters and absorbing Markov chains for energy-efficient virtual machine management in cloud computing.

Mehdi Rajabzadeh Abolfazl Toroghi Haghighat Amir Masoud Rahmani

Incremental collusive fraud detection in large-scale online auction networks.

Mahila Dadfarnia Fazlollah Adibnia Mahdi Abadi Ali Dorri

Design and implementation of an elastic processor with hyperthreading technology and virtualization for elastic server models.

Parth Bir Shylaja Vinaykumar Karatangi Amrita Rai

An approach toward design and development of an energy-aware VM selection policy with improved SLA violation in the domain of green cloud computing.

Riman Mandal Manash Kumar Mondal Sourav Banerjee Utpal Biswas

Deployment techniques in wireless sensor networks: a survey, classification, challenges, and future research issues.

Rahul Priyadarshi Bharat Gupta Amulya Anurag

Development of training environment for deep learning with medical images on supercomputer system based on asynchronous parallel Bayesian optimization.

Yukihiro Nomura Issei Sato Toshihiro Hanawa Shouhei Hanaoka Takahiro Nakao Tomomi Takenaga Tetsuya Hoshino Yuji Sekiya Soichiro Miki Takeharu Yoshikawa Naoto Hayashi Osamu Abe

A low-power task scheduling algorithm for heterogeneous cloud computing.

Bin Liang Xiaoshe Dong Yufei Wang Xingjun Zhang

Bandwidth allocation for communicating virtual machines in cloud data centers.

Kamalesh Karmakar Rajib Kumar Das Sunirmal Khatua

A decision tree framework for shot classification of field sports videos.

Ali Javed Khalid Mahmood Malik Aun Irtaza Hafiz Malik

Dynamic replication factor model for Linux containers-based cloud systems.

Heithem Abbes Thouraya Louati Christophe Cérin

Effect of garbage collection in iterative algorithms on Spark: an experimental analysis.

Minseo Kang Jae-Gil Lee

Designing a MapReduce performance model in distributed heterogeneous platforms based on benchmarking approach.

Abolfazl Gandomi Ali Movaghar Midia Reshadi Ahmad Khademzadeh

Design and analysis of the rotational binary graph as an alternative to hypercube and Torus.

Jung-hyun Seo Hyeong-Ok Lee

A prefetch-aware scheduling for FPGA-based multi-task graph systems.

Reza Ramezani

TCR: a trustworthy and churn-resilient academic distribution and retrieval system in P2P networks.

Yung-Ting Chuang Feng-Wei Li

Multi-level trust-based intelligence schema for securing of internet of things (IoT) against security threats using cryptographic authentication.

Kobra Mabodi Mehdi Yusefi Shahram Zandiyan Leili Irankhah Reza Fotohi

CloudBench: an integrated evaluation of VM placement algorithms in clouds.

Mario A. Gomez-Rodriguez Víctor Jesús Sosa Sosa Jesús Carretero José Luis González

Robust parallel hybrid artificial bee colony algorithms for the multi-dimensional numerical optimization.

Tansel Dökeroglu Selen Pehlivan Bilgin Avenoglu

Efficient resource scaling based on load fluctuation in edge-cloud computing environment.

Chunlin Li Jingpan Bai Youlong Luo

Detecting straggler MapReduce tasks in big data processing infrastructure by neural network.

Amir Javadpour Guojun Wang Samira Rezaei Kuan-Ching Li

An efficient scheduling optimization strategy for improving consistency maintenance in edge cloud environment.

Chunlin Li Chengyi Wang Youlong Luo

NIASHPT: a novel intelligent agent-based strategy using hello packet table (HPT) function for trust Internet of Things.

Behnam Seyedi Reza Fotohi

A solution to drawbacks in capturing execution requirements on heterogeneous platforms.

Rajesh Devaraj

Using improved gradient-boosted decision tree algorithm based on Kalman filter (GBDT-KF) in time series prediction.

Ling Li Sida Dai Zhiwei Cao Jinghui Hong Shu Jiang Kunmeng Yang

A novel countermeasure technique to protect WSN against denial-of-sleep attacks using firefly and Hopfield neural network (HNN) algorithms.

Reza Fotohi Somayyeh Firoozi Bari

Performance drop at executing communication-intensive parallel algorithms.

José A. Moríñigo Pablo García-Muller Antonio J. Rubio-Montero Antonio Gómez-Iglesias Norbert Meyer Rafael Mayo García

A location and time-aware resource searching scheme in mobile P2P ad hoc networks.

Shuai Zhou Xianfu Meng

An efficient and stable method to cluster software modules using ant colony optimization algorithm.

Elmira Hatami Bahman Arasteh

Source-to-source compilation targeting OpenMP-based automatic parallelization of C applications.

Hamid Arabnejad João Bispo João M. P. Cardoso Jorge G. Barbosa

Ring-mesh: a scalable and high-performance approach for manycore accelerators.

Somnath Mazumdar Alberto Scionti

Enhancing network intrusion detection classifiers using supervised adversarial training.

Chuanlong Yin Yuefei Zhu Shengli Liu Jinlong Fei Hetong Zhang

Iteration-fusing conjugate gradient for sparse linear systems with MPI + OmpSs.

Maria Barreda José Ignacio Aliaga Vicenç Beltran Marc Casas

Real-time event-driven sensor data analytics at the edge-Internet of Things for smart personal healthcare.

Partha Pratim Ray Dinesh Dash Debashis De

GraphMap: scalable iterative graph processing using NoSQL.

Sayan Goswami Ayam Pokhrel Kisung Lee Ling Liu Qi Zhang Yang Zhou

An effective clinical decision support system using swarm intelligence.

Vanaja Ramaswamy Saswati Mukherjee

A novel cost-aware algorithm for dynamic task placement problem in a heterogeneous Internet-scale data center.

Shuo Zhang Yaping Liu Ning Hu Ning Zhou

Feature mining simulation of video image information in multimedia learning environment based on BOW algorithm.

Lijuan Zhang

A novel and efficient classifier using spiking neural network.

Joshua Arul Kumar Ranjan Titus Sigamani Janet Barnabas

Machine learning and IoT-based cardiac arrhythmia diagnosis using statistical and dynamic features of ECG.

R. Lakshmi Devi V. Kalaivani

Volume 76, Number 8, August 2020
Optimal algorithm for Multi-hop relay selection based on cognitive radio.

Zhong-xun Wang Yan-fang Dong Zhan-kai Bao

Establishing a survival probability prediction model for different lung cancer therapies.

Hsiu-An Lee Hsiao-Hsien Rau Louis R. Chao Chien-Yeh Hsu

Analysis of interpolation algorithms for the missing values in IoT time series: a case of air quality in Taiwan.

Neil Y. Yen Jia-Wei Chang Jia-Yi Liao You-Ming Yong

Optimizing target selection complexity of a recommendation system by skyline query and multi-criteria decision analysis.

Chih-Kun Ke Chiao-Min Chang

Low-complexity QCA universal shift register design using multiplexer and D flip-flop based on electronic correlations.

Jun-Cheol Jeon

The weights initialization methodology of unsupervised neural networks to improve clustering stability.

Seongchul Park Sanghyun Seo Changhoon Jeong Juntae Kim

Exploiting the concept level feature for enhanced name entity recognition in Chinese EMRs.

Qing Zhao Dan Wang Jianqiang Li Faheem Akhtar

Provenance compression scheme based on graph patterns for large RDF documents.

Kyoungsoo Bok Jieun Han Jongtae Lim Jaesoo Yoo

The implementation of an IoT-based exercise improvement system.

Tsan-Ching Kang Chia-Hsien Wen Shih-Wei Guo Wei-Yueh Chang Chen-Lin Chang

On construction of a network log management system using ELK Stack with Ceph.

Chao-Tung Yang Endah Kristiani Yuan-Ting Wang Geyong Min Ching-Han Lai Wei-Je Jiang

A research of Monte Carlo optimized neural network for electricity load forecast.

Binbin Yong Liang Huang Fucun Li Jun Shen Xin Wang Qingguo Zhou

An enhancement of task scheduling in cloud computing based on imperialist competitive algorithm and firefly algorithm.

Seyedeh Monireh Ggasemnezhad Kashikolaei Ali Asghar Rahmani Hosseinabadi Behzad Saemi Morteza Babazadeh Shareh Arun Kumar Sangaiah Gui-Bin Bian

Detecting removed attributes in the cyber system for smart manufacturing.

Chun-Tai Yen ChenKun Tsung Wen-Fang Wu

An efficient two-stage method for solving the order-picking problem.

Rong-Chang Chen Chen-Yi Lin

Response time of a ternary optical computer that is based on queuing systems.

Xianchuan Wang Sulan Zhang Shan Gao Mian Zhang Jie Zhang Xianchao Wang Zheng Xu

Effective large for gestational age prediction using machine learning techniques with monitoring biochemical indicators.

Faheem Akhtar Jianqiang Li Muhammad Azeem Shi Chen Hui Pan Qing Wang Ji-Jiang Yang

Matching game-based hierarchical spectrum sharing in cooperative cognitive radio networks.

Min-Kuan Chang Yung-Jen Mei Yu-Wei Chan Mei-Yu Wu Wun-Ren Chen

Spatial air index with neighbor information for processing k-nearest neighbor searches in IoT mobile computing.

Jun-Hong Shen Cheng-Jung Yu Ching-Ta Lu WenYen Lin Neil Y. Yen Tien-Chi Huang Hong-Ray Chu

Large dynamic tiled display system implementation and application.

Shih-Nung Chen Jason Chi-Shun Hung Chun-Chia Wang

ANP-based quantification method for the smart manufacturing system design decomposition.

Hwa-Young Jeong

Editor's note.

A cost saving and load balancing task scheduling model for computational biology in heterogeneous cloud datacenters.

Wenwei Cai Jiaxian Zhu Weihua Bai Weiwei Lin Naqin Zhou Keqin Li

Time-variant attribute-based multitype encryption algorithm for improved cloud data security using user profile.

S. Kumaresan Vijayaragavan Shanmugam

Multi-Bearer Coordinate Grouping-Based Code Division Multiple Access for data communication in wireless network.

N. Mohan

Nonparametric dynamically weighted combination model to determine when to stop testing.

C. A. S. Deiva Preetha Subburaj Ramasamy

An attribute-based lightweight cloud data access control using hypergraph structure.

R. Mythili Revathi Venkataraman T. Sai Raj

Confidentiality-preserving based on attribute encryption using auditable access during encrypted records in cloud location.

J. Raja M. Ramakrishnan

A novel energy-efficient framework (NEEF) for the wireless body sensor network.

S. Malathy Ravi Rastogi R. Maheswar G. R. Kanagachidambaresan T. V. P. Sundararajan Dhasarathan Vigneswaran

Resource key distribution and allocation based on sensor vehicle nodes for energy harvesting in vehicular ad hoc networks for transport application.

G. Prakash Raja Krishnamoorthy P. T. Kalaivaani

Development of fuzzy approach to predict the fetus safety and growth using AFI.

C. Amuthadevi Gayathri Monicka Subarnan

Privacy-preserving data publishing based on sanitized probability matrix using transactional graph for improving the security in medical environment.

K. Saranya K. Premalatha

Adapted stream region for packet marking based on DDoS attack detection in vehicular ad hoc networks.

Raenu Kolandaisamy Rafidah Md. Noor Muhammad Reza Z'aba Ismail Ahmedy Indraah Kolandaisamy

Predicting the customer's opinion on amazon products using selective memory architecture-based convolutional neural network.

Trupthi Mandhula Suresh Pabboju Narsimha Gugulothu

Detection of heartbeat sounds arrhythmia using automatic spectral methods and cardiac auscultatory.

Mohammed Mustafa G. M. T. Abdalla Manimurugan Shanmuganathan Adel R. Alharbi

Derivative-based band clustering and multi-agent PSO optimization for optimal band selection of hyper-spectral images.

Kishore Raju Kalidindi Pardha Saradhi Varma Gottumukkala Rajyalakshmi Davuluri

Time-critical energy minimization protocol using PQM (TCEM-PQM) for wireless body sensor network.

P. Thirumoorthy P. Kalyanasundaram R. Maheswar P. Jayarajan G. R. Kanagachidambaresan Iraj S. Amiri

A new healthcare diagnosis system using an IoT-based fuzzy classifier with FPGA.

Sambit Satpathy Prakash Mohan Sanchali Das Swapan Debbarma

An effective non-cooperative iris recognition system using hierarchical collaborative representation-based classification.

M. Rajeev Kumar K. Arthi

Combinatorial meta-heuristics approaches for DVFS-enabled green clouds.

Lourdes Mary Amulu Ravi Ramraj

A fuzzy shape representation of a segmented vessel tree and kernel-induced random forest classifier for the efficient prediction of lung cancer.

P. Deepa M. Suganthi

Ensemble hill climbing optimization in adaptive cruise control for safe automated vehicle transportation.

R. Sivakumar H. Mangalam

Design and implementation of CfoTS networks for industrial fault detection and correction mechanism.

S. Karthikeyan K. Vimala Devi K. Valarmathi

A new improved filter-based feature selection model for high-dimensional data.

Deepak Raj Munirathinam Mohanasundaram Ranganadhan

Daily evapotranspiration prediction using gradient boost regression model for irrigation planning.

Abraham Sudharson Ponraj T. Vigneswaran

Enhanced lifetime of heterogeneous wireless sensor network using stable election protocol with region-based energy-conscious sink movement.

Nachimuthu Madhavi Muthusamy Madheswaran

Physical layer impairment-aware shared path protection in wavelength-routed optical networks.

R. Krishnamurthy T. Srinivas Iraj Sadegh Amiri

A novel clustering algorithm by clubbing GHFCM and GWO for microarray gene data.

P. Edwin Dhas B. Sankara Gomathi

Volume 76, Number 7, July 2020
Natural embedding of live actors and entities into 360° virtual reality scenes.

Vuthea Chheang Sangkwon Jeong Gookhwan Lee Jong-Sung Ha Kwan-Hee Yoo

Legacy code and parallel computing: updating and parallelizing a numerical model.

Fernando G. Tinetti Maximiliano J. Perez Ariel Fraidenraich Adolfo E. Altenberg

Grasshopper optimization algorithm with principal component analysis for global optimization.

Xiaofeng Yue Hongbo Zhang

A modified water cycle evolutionary game theory algorithm to utilize QoS for IoT services in cloud-assisted fog computing environments.

Mina Emami Khansari Saeed Sharifian

Comment on "Privacy-preserving public auditing for non-manager group shared data".

Jianli Bai Rong Hao

An iterative stochastic algorithm based on distributed learning automata for finding the stochastic shortest path in stochastic graphs.

Hamid Beigy Mohammad Reza Meybodi

Power information network intrusion detection based on data mining algorithm.

Xiaojun Zuo Ze Chen Limian Dong Jie Chang Botao Hou

FastNBL: fast neighbor lists establishment for molecular dynamics simulation based on bitwise operations.

Kun Li Shigang Li Shan Huang Yifeng Chen Yunquan Zhang

OFNE: a framework of opinion features regulated network embedding.

Fei Ren Xiaoliang Chen Fei Hao Yajun Du Jianzhong Zheng

Distributed deep learning platform for pedestrian detection on IT convergence environment.

Seong-Soo Han Yoon-Ki Kim You-Boo Jeon JinSoo Park Doo-Soon Park DuHyun Hwang Chang-Sung Jeong

An efficient approach for multi-user multi-cloud service composition in human-land sustainable computational systems.

Beibei Pang Fei Hao Yixuan Yang Doo-Soon Park

Deep neural network-based automatic unknown protocol classification system using histogram feature.

Younggiu Jung Changmin Jeong

Intelligent content-based cybercrime detection in online social networks using cuckoo search metaheuristic approach.

Amanpreet Singh Maninder Kaur

Robust hand pose estimation using visual sensor in IoT environment.

Sul-Ho Kim Seok-Woo Jang Jin-Ho Park Gye-Young Kim

Clustering of tourist routes for individual tourists using sequential pattern mining.

Gun Ho Lee Hee Seon Han

Distributed denial of service attacks and its defenses in IoT: a survey.

Mikail Mohammed Salim Shailendra Rathore Jong Hyuk Park

A new cost-saving and efficient method for patch management using blockchain.

Yonggun Kim Yoojae Won

An efficient method for privacy-preserving trajectory data publishing based on data partitioning.

Songyuan Li Hong Shen Yingpeng Sang Hui Tian

Design and implementation of an IoT-cloud converged virtual machine system.

Yunsik Son Junho Jeong Yangsun Lee

Mesh convergence test system in integrated platform environment for finite element analysis.

Daeyong Jung Daewon Lee Myungil Kim Hoyoon Kim Seung-Keun Park

Reefer container monitoring system using PLC-based communication technology for maritime edge computing.

Jun-Ho Huh

Energy-efficient migration techniques for cloud environment: a step toward green computing.

Srimoyee Bhattacherjee Rituparna Das Sunirmal Khatua Sarbani Roy

An optimized cluster storage method for real-time big data in Internet of Things.

Li Tu Shuai Liu Yan Wang Chi Zhang Ping Li

Improved collaborative filtering recommendation algorithm based on differential privacy protection.

Chunyong Yin Lingfeng Shi Ruxia Sun Jin Wang

Editor's note.

Challenging the abstraction penalty in parallel patterns libraries.

José Daniel García David del Rio Astorga Marco Aldinucci Fabio Tordini Marco Danelutto Gabriele Mencagli Massimo Torquati

dOCAL: high-level distributed programming with OpenCL and CUDA.

Ari Rasch Julian Bigge Martin Wrodarczyk Richard Schulze Sergei Gorlatch

Generation of high-performance code based on a domain-specific language for algorithmic skeletons.

Fabian Wrede Christoph Rieger Herbert Kuchen

Programming bsp and multi-bsp algorithms in ml.

Victor Allombert Frédéric Gava

Detecting semantic violations of lock-free data structures through C++ contracts.

Javier López-Gómez David del Rio Astorga Manuel F. Dolz Javier Fernández José Daniel García

Hybrid CPU-GPU execution support in the skeleton programming framework SkePU.

Tomas Öhberg August Ernstsson Christoph W. Kessler

Transforming powerlist-based divide-and-conquer programs for an improved execution model.

Virginia Niculescu Frédéric Loulergue

A DSL for graph parallel programming with vertex subsets.

Kento Emoto Fumihisa Sadahira

Puncalc: task-based parallelism and speculative reevaluation in spreadsheets.

Alexander Asp Bock Florian Biermann

Editor's note.

NADE: nodes performance awareness and accurate distance evaluation for degraded read in heterogeneous distributed erasure code-based storage.

Xingjun Zhang Yi Cai Yunfei Liu Zhiwei Xu Xiaoshe Dong

MapReduce scheduling algorithms: a review.

Ibrahim Abaker Targio Hashem Nor Badrul Anuar Mohsen Marjani Ejaz Ahmed Haruna Chiroma Ahmad Firdaus Muhamad Taufik Abdullah Faiz Alotaibi Waleed Kamaleldin Mahmoud Ali Ibrar Yaqoob Abdullah Gani

Ethereum smart contract-based automated power trading algorithm in a microgrid environment.

Sein Myung Jong-Hyouk Lee

An attribute-based encryption scheme with multiple authorities on hierarchical personal health record in cloud.

Rui Guo Xiong Li Dong Zheng Yinghui Zhang

Enhancing cloud storage security against a new replay attack with an efficient public auditing scheme.

Kuan Fan Mingxi Liu Guofang Dong Wenbo Shi

A novel predicted replication strategy in cloud storage.

Li He Zhicheng Qian Fengjun Shang

Twitter spam account detection based on clustering and classification methods.

Kayode Sakariyah Adewole Tao Han Wanqing Wu Houbing Song Arun Kumar Sangaiah

2PBDC: privacy-preserving bigdata collection in cloud environment.

Jangirala Srinivas Ashok Kumar Das Joel J. P. C. Rodrigues

Editor's note.

Volume 76, Number 6, June 2020
Accelerating influence maximization using heterogeneous algorithms.

Mridul Haque Dip Sankar Banerjee

Vectorizing programs with IF-statements for processors with SIMD extensions.

Huihui Sun Sergei Gorlatch Rongcai Zhao

Hybrid scheduling to enhance reliability of real-time tasks running on reconfigurable devices.

Abolfazl Ghavidel Yasser Sedaghat Mahmoud Naghibzadeh

STEEL-RT: combining single task-single executor model and expanded scheduling to ease heterogeneity exploitation.

Antón Rey Francisco D. Igual Manuel Prieto-Matías

InKS: a programming model to decouple algorithm from optimization in HPC codes.

Ksander Ejjaaouani Olivier Aumage Julien Bigot Michel Mehrenberger Hitoshi Murai Masahiro Nakao Mitsuhisa Sato

Parallel multiprocessing and scheduling on the heterogeneous Xeon+FPGA platform.

Andrés Rodríguez Angeles G. Navarro Rafael Asenjo Francisco Corbera Ruben Gran Darío Suárez Gracia José L. Núñez-Yáñez

A tool to assess the communication cost of parallel kernels on heterogeneous platforms.

Juan A. Rico-Gallego Sergio Moreno-Álvarez Juan Carlos Díaz Martín Alexey L. Lastovetsky

Simplifying and implementing service level objectives for stream parallelism.

Dalvan Griebler Adriano Vogel Daniele De Sensi Marco Danelutto Luiz Gustavo Fernandes

Re-engineering the ant colony optimization for CMP architectures.

José M. Cecilia José M. García

Editor's note.

High-performance link-based cluster ensemble approach for categorical data clustering.

N. Yuvaraj C. Suresh Ghana Dhas

An energy-aware buffer management (EABM) routing protocol for WSN.

P. Jayarajan G. R. Kanagachidambaresan T. V. P. Sundararajan K. Sakthipandi R. Maheswar A. Karthikeyan

A multi-objective krill herd algorithm for virtual machine placement in cloud computing.

K. M. Baalamurugan S. Vijay Bhanu

A hybrid encoding method for reducing code stream in EICA-optimized SMVQ reversible data hiding.

K. R. Prabha M. Jagadeeswari

VLSI architecture of binary encoding technique for fast motion estimation based on Hamming distances.

A. Arun M. Devaraju

A proposed method for the improvement in biometric facial image recognition using document-based classification.

Rajarathinam Senthilkumar Ramasamy Kannan Gnanamurthy

Analysis of mobile internet speed, signal strength and FMDH antenna design for improved internet speed.

S. Saravanan P. Sudhakar

Automatic assessment of descriptive answers in online examination system using semantic relational features.

V. Nandini P. Uma Maheswari

A big data approach to sentiment analysis using greedy feature selection with cat swarm optimization-based long short-term memory neural networks.

Abdulaziz Alarifi Amr Tolba Zafer Al-Makhadmeh Wael Said

GARUDA: Gaussian dissimilarity measure for feature representation and anomaly detection in Internet of things.

Shadi A. Aljawarneh Vangipuram Radhakrishna

Applied fuzzy heuristics for automation of hygienic drinking water supply system using wireless sensor networks.

S. Kavi Priya G. Shenbagalakshmi T. Revathi

AI-enabled turbo-coded OFDM system for improved BER performance.

Priti Subramanium Rajeshree D. Raut

Big data analytic diabetics using map reduce and classification techniques.

Ahmad Ali AlZubi

Triangular fuzzy-based spectral clustering for energy-efficient routing in wireless sensor network.

U. Nilabar Nisha A. Mahabub Basha

3D visualization and cluster analysis of unstructured protein sequences using ARCSA with a file conversion approach.

U. Vignesh R. Parvathi

An artificial immune system-based algorithm for abnormal pattern in medical domain.

L. Sharmila U. Sakthi

Health care data analysis using evolutionary algorithm.

Annamalai Suresh Rajagopal Kumar R. Varatharajan

Profit and resource availability-constrained optimal handling of high-performance scientific computing tasks.

B. Reshmi P. Poongodi

Feasible DDoS attack source traceback scheme by deterministic multiple packet marking mechanism.

S. Suresh N. Sankar Ram

Correction to: A self-adjusting quantum key renewal management scheme in classical network symmetric cryptography.

Jiawei Han Yanheng Liu Xin Sun Aiping Chen

A self-adjusting quantum key renewal management scheme in classical network symmetric cryptography.

Jiawei Han Yanheng Liu Xin Sun Aiping Chen

3D grid clustering scheme for wireless sensor networks.

Naveen Jegan P. J. A. Alphonse Sivaraj Chinnasamy

Adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system based under-frequency load shedding for Tamil Nadu.

K. Paul Joshua J. Mohanalin S. T. Jaya Christa

A framework for semantic image annotation using LEGION algorithm.

R. Kishorekumar P. Deepa

Research and application of fuzzy decision based on multi-agent system.

Wenxu Zhang Lei Ma Xiaonan Li W. Zhang

Gear reducer optimal design based on computer multimedia simulation.

Ying Sun Jiabing Hu Gongfa Li Guozhang Jiang Hegen Xiong Bo Tao Zujia Zheng Du Jiang

Packet classification based on the decision tree with information entropy.

Xiaoming Dong Meng Qian Rong Jiang

Cross-range scaling of inverse synthetic aperture radar images with complex moving targets based on parameter estimation.

Guohui Di Fulin Su Xinbo Xu

Online multi-person tracking assist by high-performance detection.

Weixin Hua Dejun Mu Zhigao Zheng Dawei Guo

A graph-based model to improve social trust and influence for social recommendation.

Gourav Bathla Himanshu Aggarwal Rinkle Rani

A data authentication scheme for UAV ad hoc network communication.

Jianguo Sun Wenshan Wang Liang Kou Yun Lin Liguo Zhang Qingan Da Lei Chen

Correction to: Semantic annotation of summarized sensor data stream for effective query processing.

Shobharani Pacha Suresh Ramalingam Murugan R. Sethukarasi

Semantic annotation of summarized sensor data stream for effective query processing.

Shobharani Pacha Suresh Ramalingam Murugan R. Sethukarasi

Feature fatigue analysis of product usability using Hybrid ant colony optimization with artificial bee colony approach.

J. Midhunchakkaravarthy S. Selva Brunda

Intelligent rule-based approach for effective information retrieval and dynamic storage in local repositories.

Ramachandran Alagarsamy S. A. Sahaaya Arul Mary

Enhanced DTLS with CoAP-based authentication scheme for the internet of things in healthcare application.

Priyan Malarvizhi Kumar Usha Devi Gandhi

Swarm-based clustering algorithm for efficient web blog and data classification.

E. A. Neeba S. Koteeswaran N. Malarvizhi

Just-in-time customer churn prediction in the telecommunication sector.

Adnan Amin Feras N. Al-Obeidat Babar Shah May Al Tae Changez Khan Hamood Ur Rehman Durrani Sajid Anwar

Editor's note.

Volume 76, Number 5, May 2020
A rewrite/merge approach for supporting real-time data warehousing via lightweight data integration.

Alfredo Cuzzocrea Nickerson Ferreira Pedro Furtado

Developing a supervised learning-based social media business sentiment index.

Hyeonseo Lee Nakyeong Lee Harim Seo Min Song

Characterizing user interest in NoSQL databases of social question and answer data.

Minchul Lee Sieun Jeon Min Song

Effectiveness analysis of an IoT mechanism in support of monitoring Chinese white dolphins by simulation model.

Qiao Ming Peng Lin Hui Kuei Min Wang Liang Cheng Chang

Asymmetric sifter-shaped microchannel network in biological MEMS for size- and mass-based mammalian cell sorting and separation using hydrodynamic technique.

Fenil. C. Panwala Rajagopal Kumar

Computing dynamic across-wind response of tall buildings using artificial neural network.

T. J. Nikose Ranjan S. Sonparote

Analysis of energy consumption and latency in advanced wireless networks through DRX mechanism.

B. Arunsundar P. Sakthivel E. Natarajan

Air volume improvement in the duct system in frost-free refrigerators based on the CFD method.

Jianjun Ye Xingyu Huang Yanglin Cheng Junda Shao Yuan Zhang

Using metadata for recommending business process.

Zhao Li Jun Wu Xiaofeng Zhang Jingsha He Peng Chen Keqing He

A new goal ordering for incremental planning.

Ruishi Liang Mingzhi Mao Hui Ma Huan Wang