Volume 77, Number 12, December 2021
Improved authentication in vanets using a connected dominating set-based privacy preservation protocol.

M. Saravanan S. Manoj kumar

Realization of ultrafast all-optical NAND and XNOR logic functions using carrier reservoir semiconductor optical amplifiers.

Amer Kotb Kyriakos E. Zoiros Wei Li

Efficient binary to quaternary and vice versa converters: embedding in quaternary arithmetic circuits.

Abdollah Norouzi Doshanlou Majid Haghparast Mehdi Hosseinzadeh Midia Reshadi

TM-generation model: a template-based method for automatically solving mathematical word problems.

Donggeon Lee Kyung Seo Ki Bugeun Kim Gahgene Gweon

Frame rate computing and aggregation measurement toward QoS/QoE in Video-SAR systems for UAV-borne real-time remote sensing.

Mohammad Reza Khosravi Sadegh Samadi

DDBWS: a dynamic deadline and budget-aware workflow scheduling algorithm in workflow-as-a-service environments.

Ehsan Saeedizade Mehrdad Ashtiani

Compiler-directed scratchpad memory data transfer optimization for multithreaded applications on a heterogeneous many-core architecture.

Xiaohan Tao Jianmin Pang Jinlong Xu Yu Zhu

A formally verified blockchain-based decentralised authentication scheme for the internet of things.

Khizar Hameed Saurabh Garg Muhammad Bilal Amin Byeong Kang

LARA: Locality-aware resource allocation to improve GPU memory-access time.

Hossein BiTalebi Farshad Safaei

Correction to: A report on teaching a series of online lectures on quantum computing from CERN.

Elías F. Combarro Sofia Vallecorsa Luis J. Rodríguez-Muñiz Álvaro Aguilar-González José Ranilla Alberto Di Meglio

A report on teaching a series of online lectures on quantum computing from CERN.

Elías F. Combarro Sofia Vallecorsa Luis J. Rodríguez-Muñiz Álvaro Aguilar-González José Ranilla Alberto Di Meglio

Toward efficient and intelligent video analytics with visual privacy protection for large-scale surveillance.

Nguyen Anh Tu Thien Huynh-The Kok-Seng Wong M. Fatih Demirci Young-Koo Lee

FPGA acceleration on a multi-layer perceptron neural network for digit recognition.

Isaac Westby Xiaokun Yang Tao Liu Hailu Xu

Token-based approach in distributed mutual exclusion algorithms: a review and direction to future research.

Ashish Singh Parihar Swarnendu Kumar Chakraborty

Deep knowledge-aware framework for web service recommendation.

Depeng Dang Chuangxia Chen Haochen Li Rongen Yan Zixian Guo Xingjian Wang

Across-camera object tracking using a conditional random field model.

Sheng-Tzong Cheng Chih-Wei Hsu Gwo-Jiun Horng Sz-Yu Chen

Human action recognition using high-order feature of optical flows.

Limin Xia Wentao Ma

Access point selection in the network of Internet of things (IoT) considering the strategic behavior of the things and users.

Payam Porkar Rezaeiye Arash Sharifi Amir Masoud Rahmani Mehdi Dehghan

Smart object recommendation (SORec) architecture using representation learning in Smart objects-Based Social Network (SBSN).

Pratibha Mahajan Pankaj Deep Kaur

Optimal port allocation scheme for deflection-routed networks-on-chip.

Igor Z. Stojanovic Milica D. Jovanovic Sandra M. Djosic Goran Lj. Djordjevic

Efficient selective replication of critical code regions for SDC mitigation leveraging redundant multithreading.

Sanem Arslan Osman S. Unsal

An improved Harris hawks optimizer for job-shop scheduling problem.

Chang Liu

Smart home security: challenges, issues and solutions at different IoT layers.

Haseeb Touqeer Shakir Zaman Rashid Amin Mudassar Hussain Fadi Al-Turjman Muhammad Bilal

On implementing a powerful intrusion prevention system focused on big data.

Abdulrahman Saad Alqahtani Khaled Ali Abuhasel Mohammed Alquraish

A multi-dimensional double descending maximum padding priority algorithm for cloud data centers.

Bin Liang Xiaoshe Dong Yufei Wang Longxiang Wang

Efficient heterogeneous programming with FPGAs using the Controller model.

Gabriel Rodriguez-Canal Yuri Torres Francisco J. Andújar Arturo González-Escribano

Thinking in Parallel: foreword.

Vicente Matellán Olivera José Luis González Sánchez

Task allocation optimization model in mechanical product development based on Bayesian network and ant colony algorithm.

Taotao Liu Guijiang Duan

Computation offloading and service allocation in mobile edge computing.

Chunlin Li Qianqian Cai Chaokun Zhang Bingbin Ma Youlong Luo

A novel LSTM-CNN-grid search-based deep neural network for sentiment analysis.

Ishaani Priyadarshini Chase Cotton

Secure authenticated key exchange for WSNs in IoT applications.

Mingping Qi Jianhua Chen

Applying image registration algorithm combined with CNN model to video image stitching.

Weiran Cao

An intelligent cloud computing of trunk logistics alliance based on blockchain and big data.

Deqian Fu Shunbo Hu Lintao Zhang Shuqing He Jianlong Qiu

Efficient designs of reversible sequential circuits.

Davar Kheirandish Majid Haghparast Midia Reshadi Mehdi Hosseinzadeh

Resource discovery in the Internet of Things integrated with fog computing using Markov learning model.

Samira Kalantary Javad Akbari Torkestani Ali Shahidinejad

Design of CMOS QVCO with high-Q symmetric differential inductor for wireless LAN.

Miyoung Lee Byungjoo Park

AIEMLA: artificial intelligence enabled machine learning approach for routing attacks on internet of things.

Saurabh Sharma Vinod Kumar Verma

Design of a simulation model for high performance LINPACK in hybrid CPU-GPU systems.

Yichang Hu Lu Lu

A novel decentralized security architecture against sybil attack in RPL-based IoT networks: a focus on smart home use case.

Ankur O. Bang Udai Pratap Rao

Balanced content space partitioning for pub/sub: a study on impact of varying partitioning granularity.

Daegun Yoon Zhetao Li Sangyoon Oh

An efficient mutual authentication and key agreement scheme without password for wireless sensor networks.

Yulei Chen Jianhua Chen

Optimization for DV-Hop type of localization scheme in wireless sensor networks.

Qinqin Shi Chengji Wu Qiang Xu Jianping Zhang

Design and testing of a reversible ALU by quantum cells automata electro-spin technology.

Rupsa Roy Swarup Sarkar Sourav Dhar

Volume 77, Number 11, November 2021
Multilevel parallelism optimization of stencil computations on SIMDlized NUMA architectures.

Kaifang Zhang Huayou Su Yong Dou

$\hbox {E}^{2}\hbox {M}^{3}$: energy-efficient massive MIMO-MISO 5G HetNet using Stackelberg game.

Subha Ghosh Debashis De

Studying the adaptation of Portuguese NER for different textual genres.

Juliana P. C. Pirovani Elias Oliveira

Intelligent circulation system modeling using bilateral matching theory under Internet of Things technology.

Zhigang Gao Duchun Wang Hua Zhou

Smart predictive maintenance for high-performance computing systems: a literature review.

André Lima Vitor Moraes Aranha Caio Jordão de Lima Carvalho Erick Giovani Sperandio Nascimento

A pragmatic convolutional bagging ensemble learning for recognition of Farsi handwritten digits.

Yaser Ahangari Nanehkaran Junde Chen Soheil Salimi Defu Zhang

Multi-criteria decision-making for controller placement in software-defined wide-area networks.

Ali Abdi Seyedkolaei Seyed-Amin Hosseini-Seno

The improvement in obstacle detection in autonomous vehicles using YOLO non-maximum suppression fuzzy algorithm.

Nayereh Zaghari Mahmood Fathy Seyed Mahdi Jameii Mohammad Shahverdy

A survey of energy-saving technologies in cloud data centers.

Huiwen Cheng Bo Liu Weiwei Lin Zehua Ma Keqin Li Ching-Hsien Hsu

Scalable balanced training of conditional generative adversarial neural networks on image data.

Massimiliano Lupo Pasini Vittorio Gabbi Junqi Yin Simona Perotto Nouamane Laanait

An energy-efficient cuckoo search algorithm for virtual machine placement in cloud computing data centers.

Hamza Onoruoiza Salami Abubakar Bala Sadiq M. Sait Idris Ismail

Lea-TN: leader election algorithm considering node and link failures in a torus network.

Amit Biswas Anil Kumar Tripathi Samir Aknine

Fast and secure Global-Heap for memory-centric computing.

Myung-Hoon Cha Sang-Min Lee Baik-Song An Hong-Yeon Kim Kang-Ho Kim

Automated building and road classifications from hyperspectral imagery through a fully convolutional network and support vector machine.

R. Tamilarasi S. Prabu

Multi criteria based personalized recommendation service using analytical hierarchy process for airbnb.

Hwa-Young Jeong

On designing the adaptive computation framework of distributed deep learning models for Internet-of-Things applications.

Chia-Heng Tu Qihui Sun Mu-Hsuan Cheng

Collaborative detection and mitigation of DDoS in software-defined networks.

Omer Elsier Tayfour Muhammad Nadzir Marsono

PSO+LOA: hybrid constrained optimization for scheduling scientific workflows in the cloud.

Huifang Li Danjing Wang Julio Ruben Cañizares Abreu Qing Zhao Orlando Bonilla Pineda

A scatter search algorithm with a novel solution representation for flexible open shop scheduling: a multi-objective optimization.

Javad Behnamian S. Memar Dezfooli H. Asgari

Fault-tolerant routing algorithm based on disjoint paths in 3-ary n-cube networks with structure faults.

Yujie Zhang Weibei Fan Zhijie Han Yunfei Song Ruchuan Wang

Artificial chicken swarm algorithm for multi-objective optimization with deep learning.

Qianzhou Wei Dongru Huang Yu Zhang

Enriched multi-agent middleware for building rule-based distributed security solutions for IoT environments.

Francisco J. Aguayo-Canela Héctor Alaiz-Moretón María Teresa García-Ordás José Alberto Benítez-Andrades Carmen Benavides Isaías García-Rodríguez

An efficient query optimization technique in big data using σ-ANFIS load balancer and CaM-BW optimizer.

Deepak Kumar Vijay Kumar Jha

HS6: An Efficient H-Code RAID-6 Scaling by Optimizing Data Migrating and Parity Updating.

Zhu Yuan Xindong You Xueqiang Lv Muyuan Li Ping Xie

Zone selection strategy in Geocast routing algorithms in VANET: a review.

Sara Mokhayeri Mohammad Taghi Kheirabadi

History table-based linear analysis method for DRAM-PCM hybrid memory system.

Jeong-Geun Kim Yoon-Su Jo Su-Kyung Yoon Shin-Dug Kim

A containerized task clustering for scheduling workflows to utilize processors and containers on clouds.

Hidehiro Kanemitsu Kenji Kanai Jiro Katto Hidenori Nakazato

Sliding window-based LightGBM model for electric load forecasting using anomaly repair.

Sungwoo Park Seungmin Jung Seungwon Jung Seungmin Rho Eenjun Hwang

UPR: deadlock-free dynamic network reconfiguration by exploiting channel dependency graph compatibility.

Juan-José Crespo José L. Sánchez Francisco J. Alfaro-Cortés José Flich José Duato

Intelligent sentinet-based lexicon for context-aware sentiment analysis: optimized neural network for sentiment classification on social media.

K. E. Naresh Kumar V. Uma

Performance computation and implementation of distributed controllers for reliable software-defined networks.

Abdulrahman Saad Alqahtani

Auditing images collected by sensors in ambient intelligence systems with privacy and high efficiency.

Juan Zhang Changsheng Wan Chunyu Zhang Xiaojun Guo Taochen Lu

HGP4CNN: an efficient parallelization framework for training convolutional neural networks on modern GPUs.

Hao Fu Shanjiang Tang Bingsheng He Ce Yu Jizhou Sun

Availability-aware and energy-aware dynamic SFC placement using reinforcement learning.

Guto Leoni Santos Theo Lynn Judith Kelner Patricia Takako Endo

The service architecture of Internet of things terminal connection based on blockchain technology.

Tao Liu Yi Yuan Zhongyang Yu

Traffic collision avoidance system: false injection viability.

John Hannah Robert Mills Richard Dill Douglas D. Hodson

Performance evaluation of convolutional neural network on Tianhe-3 prototype.

Weiduo Chen Xiaoshe Dong Heng Chen Qiang Wang Xingda Yu Xingjun Zhang

Enhanced long short-term memory with fireworks algorithm and mutation operator.

Changqing Gong Xinyao Wang Abdullah Gani Han Qi

An enhanced architecture for route discovery and load balancing in WSN.

Mandeep Kaur Amit Gupta Balwinder Singh Sohi

People-centric collective intelligence: decentralized and enhanced privacy mobile crowd sensing based on blockchain.

M. Arulprakash R. Jebakumar

Correction to: Efficient methods for finding an optimal network location for travel planning.

Junkyu Lee Seog Park

Efficient methods for finding an optimal network location for travel planning.

Junkyu Lee Seog Park

A novel cloud management framework for trust establishment and evaluation in a federated cloud environment.

Rabia Latif Syeda Hadia Afzaal Seemab Latif

Lustre I/O performance investigations on Hazel Hen: experiments and heuristics.

Marco Seiz Philipp Offenhäuser Stefan Andersson Johannes Hötzer Henrik Hierl Britta Nestler Michael Resch

Performance evaluation and optimization of a task offloading strategy on the mobile edge computing with edge heterogeneity.

Wei Li Shunfu Jin

GPU-aware resource management in heterogeneous cloud data centers.

Ashwin Kumar Kulkarni B. Annappa

R2T-DSDN: reliable real-time distributed controller-based SDN.

Shahrzad Sedaghat Amir Hossein Jahangir

Improved salp swarm algorithm based on the levy flight for feature selection.

Kulanthaivel Balakrishnan R. Dhanalakshmi Utkarsh Mahadeo Khaire

Co-designing HPC-systems by computing capabilities and management flexibility to accommodate bioinformatic workflows at different complexity levels.

Dmitry A. Suplatov Maksim V. Shegay Yana A. Sharapova Ivan Timokhin Nina Popova Vladimir V. Voevodin Vytas K. Svedas

IPR: Intelligent Proactive Routing model toward DDoS attack handling in SDN.

R. Pradeepa M. Pushpalatha

Effective partitioning mechanisms for time-evolving graphs in the Flink system.

Yi-Hsuan Lee Sheng-Jia Jian

Considerations about learning Word2Vec.

Giovanni Di Gennaro Amedeo Buonanno Francesco A. N. Palmieri

Multi-level parallel chaotic Jaya optimization algorithms for solving constrained engineering design problems.

Héctor Migallón Antonio Jimeno-Morenilla Hector Rico José-Luis Sánchez-Romero Akram Belazi

An optimized hybrid deep learning model using ensemble learning approach for human walking activities recognition.

Vijay Bhaskar Semwal Anjali Gupta Praveen Lalwani

Smart healthcare in smart cities: wireless patient monitoring system using IoT.

M. Poongodi Ashutosh Sharma Mounir Hamdi Maode Ma Naveen K. Chilamkurti

Performance-aware placement and chaining scheme for virtualized network functions: a particle swarm optimization approach.

Samane Asgari Shahram Jamali Reza Fotohi Mahdi Nooshyar

Volume 77, Number 10, October 2021
Applying TS-DBN model into sports behavior recognition with deep learning approach.

Yingqing Guo Xin Wang

A novel approach for multilevel multi-secret image sharing scheme.

Kanchan Bisht Maroti Deshmukh

Parallel multichannel blind source separation using a spatial covariance model and nonnegative matrix factorization.

Antonio Jesús Muñoz-Montoro Julio J. Carabias-Orti Raquel Cortina Sebastián García Galán José Ranilla

A task recommendation framework for heterogeneous mobile crowdsensing.

Jian Wang Jiaxin Liu Zhong-Nan Zhao Guosheng Zhao

An efficient branch predictor for improved accuracy of instruction level parallelism.

Sweety Nain Prachi Chaudhary

Multidimensional adaptative and deterministic integration in CUDA and OpenMP.

R. Quintero-Monsebaiz Amilcar Meneses-Viveros F. Carranza C. G. Cortés A. González-Zamudio A. Vela

A two-step rumor detection model based on the supernetwork theory about Weibo.

Xuefan Dong Ying Lian Yuxue Chi Xianyi Tang Yijun Liu

iHRNL: Iterative Hessian-based manifold regularization mechanism for localization in WSN.

Abhishek Rakesh Kumar Yadav Shekhar Verma S. Venkatesan

Adaptive virtual machine migration based on performance-to-power ratio in fog-enabled cloud data centers.

Mustafa Khaleel Michelle M. Zhu

An energy-efficient big data workflow scheduling algorithm under budget constraints for heterogeneous cloud environment.

Wakar Ahmad Bashir Alam Aman Atman

CSMA/CA channel hopping in IoT environment toward intelligent multi-user diversity.

GaYoung Kim Junho Jeong

Streaming techniques: revealing the natural concurrency of the lattice Boltzmann method.

Andrey Zakirov Anastasia Y. Perepelkina Vadim D. Levchenko Sergey A. Khilkov

A method of progression detection for glaucoma using K-means and the GLCM algorithm toward smart medical prediction.

S. Vimal Yesudhas Harold Robinson Madasamy Kaliappan Kandasamy Vijayalakshmi Sanghyun Seo

Implementation of real estate contract system using zero knowledge proof algorithm based blockchain.

Soonhyeong Jeong Byeongtae Ahn

Semantic tools for development of high-level interactive applications for supercomputers.

Maxim Alexandrovich Gorodnichev Danil Lebedev

Predicting freshmen enrollment based on machine learning.

Lei Yang Li Feng Longqing Zhang Liwei Tian

A novel state transition simulated annealing algorithm for the multiple traveling salesmen problem.

Yan Zhang Xiaoxia Han Yingchao Dong Jun Xie Gang Xie Xinying Xu

HiperView: real-time monitoring of dynamic behaviors of high-performance computing centers.

Tommy Dang Ngan V. T. Nguyen Yong Chen

Social collaborative filtering using local dynamic overlapping community detection.

Shiva Jalali Monireh Hosseini

Near-optimal replacement policies for shared caches in multicore processors.

Javier Díaz Pablo Ibáñez Teresa Monreal Víctor Viñals José M. Llabería

Epidemic zone of COVID-19 from social media using hypergraph with weighting factor (HWF).

S. Pradeepa K. R. Manjula

Comprehensive survey on energy-aware server consolidation techniques in cloud computing.

Nisha Chaurasia Mohit Kumar Rashmi Chaudhry Om Prakash Verma

Reliability-aware task scheduling for energy efficiency on heterogeneous multiprocessor systems.

Zexi Deng Dunqian Cao Hong Shen Zihan Yan Huimin Huang

DYRE: a DYnamic REconfigurable solution to increase GPGPU's reliability.

Josie E. Rodriguez Condia Pierpaolo Narducci Matteo Sonza Reorda Luca Sterpone

A novel cloud workflow scheduling algorithm based on stable matching game theory.

Zhao-hong Jia Lei Pan Xiao Liu Xue-jun Li

A frequency-aware and energy-saving strategy based on DVFS for Spark.

Hongjian Li Yaojun Wei Yu Xiong Enjie Ma Wenhong Tian

Routing algorithms for the shuffle-exchange permutation network.

Behnam Khosravi Behrooz Khosravi Bahman Khosravi

A novel multiclass priority algorithm for task scheduling in cloud computing.

Hicham Ben Alla Said Ben Alla Abdellah Ezzati Abdellah Touhafi

Algorithms and software for data mining and machine learning: a critical comparative view from a systematic review of the literature.

Gilda Taranto-Vera Purificación Galindo Villardon Javier Merchán Sánchez-Jara Julio Salazar-Pozo Alex Moreno-Salazar Vanessa Salazar-Villalva

A CPU-GPU-based parallel search algorithm for the best differential characteristics of block ciphers.

Pei Li Shihao Zhou Jiageng Chen

Correction to: EDVWDD: Event‑Driven Virtual Wheel‑based Data Dissemination for Mobile Sink‑Enabled Wireless Sensor Networks.

Shubhra Jain Kiran Kumar Pattanaik Rahul Kumar Verma Anupam Shukla

EDVWDD: Event-Driven Virtual Wheel-based Data Dissemination for Mobile Sink-Enabled Wireless Sensor Networks.

Shubhra Jain Kiran Kumar Pattanaik Rahul Kumar Verma Anupam Shukla

N-version of the neutrosophic cubic set: application in the negative influences of Internet.

Muhammad Gulistan Ahmed Elmoasry Naveed Yaqoob

Speeding up the testing and training time for the support vector machines with minimal effect on the performance.

Hamid Reza Ghaffari

Stochastic distributed data stream partitioning using task locality: design, implementation, and optimization.

Siwoon Son Hyeonseung Im Yang-Sae Moon

An HPC hybrid parallel approach to the experimental analysis of Fermat's theorem extension to arbitrary dimensions on heterogeneous computer systems.

Alfonso Niño Sebastián Reyes Ramon Carbó-Dorca

Adoption of bio-image technology on rehabilitation intervention of sports injury of golf.

Wenlong Zhou Zhiyong Fu

Study of the generalized discrete grey polynomial model based on the quantum genetic algorithm.

Chong Liu Wen-Ze Wu Wanli Xie

JCOGIN: a programming framework for particle transport on combinatorial geometry.

Baoyin Zhang Zeyao Mo Xin Wang Wei Wang Gang Li Aiqing Zhang Xiaolin Cao

Low precision matrix multiplication for efficient deep learning in NVIDIA Carmel processors.

Pablo San Juan Rafael Rodríguez-Sánchez Francisco D. Igual Pedro Alonso-Jordá Enrique S. Quintana-Ortí

Burst: real-time events burst detection in social text stream.

Tajinder Singh Madhu Kumari

Simple method of selecting totalistic rules for pseudorandom number generator based on nonuniform cellular automaton.

Miroslaw Szaban

An efficient parallel indexing structure for multi-dimensional big data using spark.

Manar A. Elmeiligy Ali I. El-Desouky Sally M. Elghamrawy

Optimized area efficient quantum dot cellular automata based reversible code converter circuits: design and energy performance estimation.

Aishwarya Kaity Sangeeta Singh

Improving the energy-efficiency of virtual machines by I/O compensation.

Peng Xiao Zhenyu Ni Dongbo Liu Zhigang Hu

A bio-inspired privacy-preserving framework for healthcare systems.

Chandramohan Dhasarathan Manish Kumar Atul Kumar Srivastava Fadi M. Al-Turjman Achyut Shankar Manoj Kumar

Deep learning-based algorithm for vehicle detection in intelligent transportation systems.

Linrun Qiu Dongbo Zhang Yuan Tian Najla Al-Nabhan

E2LG: a multiscale ensemble of LSTM/GAN deep learning architecture for multistep-ahead cloud workload prediction.

Peyman Yazdanian Saeed Sharifian

Distributed stochastic principal component analysis using stabilized Barzilai-Borwein step-size for data compression with WSN.

Pei Heng Li Hee Yong Youn

Navigation in the social internet-of-things (SIoT) for discovering the influential service-providers using distributed learning automata.

Javad Pashaei Barbin Saleh Yousefi Behrooz Masoumi

Cyberattack detection model using deep learning in a network log system with data visualization.

Jung-Chun Liu Chao-Tung Yang Yu-Wei Chan Endah Kristiani Wei-Je Jiang

SDLER: stacked dedupe learning for entity resolution in big data era.

Alladoumbaye Ngueilbaye Hongzhi Wang Daouda Ahmat Mahamat Ibrahim A. Elgendy

Mid-term electricity load prediction using CNN and Bi-LSTM.

M. Junaid Gul Gul Malik Urfa Anand Paul Jihoon Moon Seungmin Rho Eenjun Hwang

Research on GPU parallel algorithm for direct numerical solution of two-dimensional compressible flows.

Yongzhen Wang Xuefeng Yan Jun-an Zhang

Distributed and incremental travelling salesman algorithm on time-evolving graphs.

Shalini Sharma Jerry Chou

A novel dual-biological-community swarm intelligence algorithm with a commensal evolution strategy for multimodal problems.

Hui Ren Xiaochen Shen Xiaojun Jia

A stealing mechanism for delegation methods.

Zhengming Yi Yiping Yao

A user-centric intelligent context-aware system for realizing internet-of-things environments.

Kwanhee Kim Jaehwan Lee Kyoungchan Kim Sangoh Park

A study on VAL platform for 5G network for large-capacity data transmission.

Hae-Jong Joo Hwa-Young Jeong

Deep neural network-based fusion model for emotion recognition using visual data.

Luu Ngoc Do Hyung-Jeong Yang Hai Duong Nguyen Soo-Hyung Kim Guee-Sang Lee In Seop Na

Replication and data management-based workflow scheduling algorithm for multi-cloud data centre platform.

Zain Ul Abedin Babar Nazir

Volume 77, Number 9, September 2021
Correction to: Equilibrium: an elasticity controller for parallel tree search in the cloud.

Stefan Kehrer Wolfgang Blochinger

Optimal coordination of over current relay using opposition learning-based gravitational search algorithm.

Debasis Acharya Dushmanta Kumar Das

Exploring the clinical diagnostic value of pelvic floor ultrasound images for pelvic organ prolapses through deep learning.

Li Duan Yangyun Wang Juxiang Li Ningming Zhou

An enhanced AHP-TOPSIS-based clustering algorithm for high-quality live video streaming in flying ad hoc networks.

Elnaz Khanmohammadi Behrang Barekatain Alfonso Ariza-Quintana

Efficient resource utilization using multi-step-ahead workload prediction technique in cloud.

Sounak Banerjee Sarbani Roy Sunirmal Khatua

A study for efficiency improvement of used car trading based on a public blockchain.

Seung Gyun Yoo Byeongtae Ahn

Autofocus alignment of long distance Near-ınfrared laser units for smoke sensing in wide closed area.

Amsuk Oh

An adaptive gravitational search algorithm for multilevel image thresholding.

Yi Wang Zhiping Tan Yeh-Cheng Chen

FONS: a fog orchestrator node selection model to improve application placement in fog computing.

Gaurav Baranwal Deo Prakash Vidyarthi

High-performance in classification of heart disease using advanced supercomputing technique with cluster-based enhanced deep genetic algorithm.

Ahmed A. Bakhsh

Heterogeneity-aware elastic scaling of streaming applications on cloud platforms.

Jyoti Sahni Deo Prakash Vidyarthi

Distributed intrusion detection scheme using dual-axis dimensionality reduction for Internet of things (IoT).

Shashank Gavel Ajay Singh Raghuvanshi Sudarshan Tiwari

BCGAN: A CGAN-based over-sampling model using the boundary class for data balancing.

Minjae Son Seungwon Jung Seungmin Jung Eenjun Hwang

Analysis of complications after transcatheter arterial chemoembolization based on deep learning.

Mengyan Xing Zhonghua Ma Hanfang Fu Fang Jin Jing Wang Yujie Hua Li Han

Novel side pose classification model of stretching gestures using three-layer LSTM.

Boldmaa Solongontuya Kyung Joo Cheoi Mi-Hye Kim

Quantum-inspired binary chaotic salp swarm algorithm (QBCSSA)-based dynamic task scheduling for multiprocessor cloud computing systems.

Kaushik Mishra Rosy Pradhan Santosh Kumar Majhi

Optimal multilevel media stream caching in cloud-edge environment.

Hengliang Tang Chunlin Li Yihan Zhang Youlong Luo

IDCOS: optimization strategy for parallel complex expression computation on big data.

Yang Song Helin Jin Hongzhi Wang You Liu

Correction to: Parallel optimization of the ray-tracing algorithm based on the HPM model.

Junfeng Wang Gangyi Ding Yiou Wang Yu-Gang Li Fu-Quan Zhang

Parallel optimization of the ray-tracing algorithm based on the HPM model.

Junfeng Wang Gangyi Ding Yiou Wang Yu-Gang Li Fu-Quan Zhang

Prediction of cardiovascular risk by measuring carotid intima media thickness from an ultrasound image for type II diabetic mellitus subjects using machine learning and transfer learning techniques.

P. Lakshmi Prabha A. K. Jayanthy C. Prem Kumar Balaji Ramraj

A hybrid list-based task scheduling scheme for heterogeneous computing.

Muhammad Sulaiman Zahid Halim Muhammad Waqas Dogan Aydin

Enabling fast and energy-efficient FM-index exact matching using processing-near-memory.

Jose Manuel Herruzo Ivan Fernandez Sonia González-Navarro Oscar G. Plata

cRedit-based and reputation retrieval system.

Yung-Ting Chuang Jia-Jun Tsai

Hierarchical clustering and routing protocol to ensure scalability and reliability in large-scale wireless sensor networks.

Harmanpreet Singh Damanpreet Singh

Factorized solution of generalized stable Sylvester equations using many-core GPU accelerators.

Peter Benner Ernesto Dufrechou Pablo Ezzatti Rodrigo Gallardo Enrique S. Quintana-Ortí

Deploying deep learning approaches to left ventricular non-compaction measurement.

Jesús M. Rodríguez-de-Vera Josefa González-Carrillo José M. García Gregorio Bernabé

Efficient hybrid algorithm based on genetic with weighted fuzzy rule for developing a decision support system in prediction of heart diseases.

Abdul Zubar Hameed Balamurugan Ramasamy Muhammad Atif Shahzad Ahmed Atef S. Bakhsh

Real-time energy data compression strategy for reducing data traffic based on smart grid AMI networks.

Jie-Fu Huang Geng-Hua Zhang Sun-Yuan Hsieh

Support NNEF execution model for NNAPI.

Yuan-Ming Chang Chia-Yu Sung Yu-Chien Sheu Meng-Shiun Yu Min-Yih Hsu Jenq-Kuen Lee

Performance and energy task migration model for heterogeneous clusters.

Esteban Stafford José Luis Bosque

GPU accelerated waterpixel algorithm for superpixel segmentation of hyperspectral images.

Pablo Quesada-Barriuso Dora Blanco Heras Francisco Argüello

A lightweight model with spatial-temporal correlation for cellular traffic prediction in Internet of Things.

Wei-Che Chien Yueh-Min Huang

Design of low-power and high-speed CNTFET-based TCAM cell for future generation networks.

A. Gangadhar K. Babulu

An improved privacy-preserving data mining technique using singular value decomposition with three-dimensional rotation data perturbation.

N. V. Kousik K. Premalatha

Analysis of the material distribution system of wise information technology of 120 under deep learning.

Sai Tang Hongrui Zhao Zhuolin Wang Yue Zhu Daiyu Hou Hongwei Wang

PyDTNN: A user-friendly and extensible framework for distributed deep learning.

Sergio Barrachina Adrián Castelló Mar Catalán Manuel F. Dolz José I. Mestre

Fuzzy rule-based system for energy efficiency in wireless sensor networks.

Amruta Lipare Damodar Reddy Edla Saidi Reddy Parne

A methodology to enable QoS provision on InfiniBand hardware.

Javier Cano-Cano Francisco J. Andújar Jesús Escudero-Sahuquillo Francisco J. Alfaro-Cortés José L. Sánchez

Analytical models for availability evaluation of edge and fog computing nodes.

Paulo Pereira Jean Araujo Carlos Melo Vinícius Santos Paulo R. M. Maciel

An intelligent IoT-based positioning system for theme parks.

Sina Einavipour Reza Javidan

Transitivity of transformation matrices to bridge word vector spaces over 1000 years.

Katsurou Takahashi Hiroaki Ohshima

Graph threshold algorithm.

Wookey Lee Justin JongSu Song Charles Cheolgi Lee Tae-Chang Jo James J. H. Lee

Efficient data management techniques based on hierarchical IoT privacy using block chains in cloud environments.

Yoon-Su Jeong Dong-Ryool Kim Seung-Soo Shin

Layered ontology-based multi-sourced information integration for situation awareness.

Jongmo Kim Junsik Kong Mye M. Sohn Gyudong Park

Parallel programs execution optimization using behavior control in LuNA system.

Victor Malyshkin Darkhan Akhmed-Zaki Vladislav Perepelkin

Cops and robber on grids and tori: basic algorithms and their extension to a large number of cops.

Fabrizio Luccio Linda Pagli

FERMAT: FPGA energy reduction method by approximation theory.

Amir Bavafa Toosi Mehdi Sedighi

A solution to dynamic green vehicle routing problems with time windows using spiking neural P systems with modified rules and learning.

Resmi RamachandranPillai Michael Arock

Constructing effective lightweight privacy protection in RFID-based systems.

Po-Jen Chuang Yen-Feng Tu

Multi-attribute overlapping radar working pattern recognition based on K-NN and SVM-BP.

Yanping Liao Xinyu Chen

Distributed application provisioning over Ethereum-based private and permissioned blockchain: availability modeling, capacity, and costs planning.

Carlos Melo Jamilson Dantas Paulo Pereira Paulo R. M. Maciel

High-performance simulations of turbulent boundary layer flow using Intel Xeon Phi many-core processors.

Ji Hoon Kang Jinyul Hwang Hyung Jin Sung Hoon Ryu

An intelligent internet of things-based secure healthcare framework using blockchain technology with an optimal deep learning model.

T. Veeramakali R. Siva B. Sivakumar P. C. Senthil Mahesh N. Krishnaraj

Blockchain-based solutions for security, privacy, and trust management in vehicular networks: a survey.

Branka Mikavica Aleksandra Kostic-Ljubisavljevic

A novel transfer learning approach for the classification of histological images of colorectal cancer.

Elene Firmeza Ohata João Victor Souza das Chagas Gabriel Maia Bezerra Mohammad Mehedi Hassan Victor Hugo C. de Albuquerque Pedro Pedrosa Rebouças Filho

Entity-level sentiment prediction in Danmaku video interaction.

Qingchun Bai Kai Wei Jie Zhou Chao Xiong Yuanbin Wu Xin Lin Liang He

Computation of workflow scheduling using backpropagation neural network in cloud computing: a virtual machine placement approach.

Narayani Raman Aisha Banu Wahab Sutherson Chandrasekaran

Implementation of a high-accuracy phase unwrapping algorithm using parallel-hybrid programming approach for displacement sensing using self-mixing interferometry.

Tassadaq Hussain Saqib Amin Usman Zabit Eduard Ayguadé

A firefly algorithm for power management in wireless sensor networks (WSNs).

Hossein Pakdel Reza Fotohi

Enhanced traffic-adaptive slotted MAC for IoT-based smart monitoring grid.

Tanvi Sood Kanika Sharma

Parallel modeling of wildfires using efficient solvers for ill-conditioned linear systems.

Oleg Bessonov Sofiane Meradji

Volume 77, Number 8, August 2021
Mapping techniques in multicore processors: current and future trends.

Manjari Gupta Lava Bhargava S. Indu

Analysis of clinical features of large-cell neuroendocrine carcinoma patients guided by chest CT image under deep learning.

Chunfeng Zheng Xiaoting Wang Haiyun Zhou Juan Li Zhongtao Zhang

A cloud-based monitoring system for performance analysis in IoT industry.

Yong Peng I. C. Wu

Human behavioral pattern analysis-based anomaly detection system in residential space.

Seunghyun Choi Changgyun Kim Yong-Shin Kang Sekyoung Youm

A systematic study of load balancing approaches in the fog computing environment.

Mandeep Kaur Saroa Rajni Aron

Deep mixed precision for hyperspectral image classification.

Mercedes Eugenia Paoletti Xuanwen Tao Juan Mario Haut Sergio Moreno-Álvarez Antonio Plaza

Optimal TAL-based registration with cell-based central policy in mobile cellular networks: a semi-Markov process approach.

Hee-Seon Jang Jang Hyun Baek

Optical wireless communication using camera and RGB display.

Anil L. Pereira

An efficient binary chaotic symbiotic organisms search algorithm approaches for feature selection problems.

Hekmat Mohmmadzadeh Farhad Soleimanian Gharehchopogh

MapReduce distributed parallel computing framework for diagnosis and treatment of knee joint Kashin-Beck disease.

Chenpo Dang Guirong Yi Zhaomin Zhu Peng Zhou Hongbin Shao Yanbin Yao Maosheng Zhao Lintao Li Shensong Li

A cellular automata rule placing a maximal number of dominoes in the square and diamond.

Rolf Hoffmann Dominique Désérable Franciszek Seredynski

A secure blockchain-based group key agreement protocol for IoT.

Chien-Ming Chen Xiaoting Deng Wensheng Gan Jiahui Chen SK Hafizul Islam

Using Bayesian network technology to predict the semiconductor manufacturing yield rate in IoT.

Xiaodong Fang Chan Chang Genggeng Liu

Optimizing NFV placement for distributing micro-data centers in cellular networks.

Diego de Freitas Bezerra Guto Leoni Santos Glauco Estácio Gonçalves André L. C. Moreira Leylane Graziele Ferreira da Silva Élisson da Silva Rocha Maria Valéria Marquezini Judith Kelner Djamel Sadok Amardeep Mehta Mattias Wildeman Patricia Takako Endo

Multistep temperature prediction for proactive thermal management on chip multiprocessors.

N. Revathi G. Sumathi

Like a rainbow in the dark: metadata annotation for HPC applications in the age of dark data.

Björn Schembera

Revisiting non-tree routing for maximum lifetime data gathering in wireless sensor networks.

Xiaojun Zhu

KDB: a fast update and high speed packet classifier in SDN.

Rashid Hatami Hossein Bahramgiri

A selfish herd optimization algorithm based on the simplex method for clustering analysis.

Ruxin Zhao Yongli Wang Gang Xiao Chang Liu Peng Hu Hao Li

CMODLB: an efficient load balancing approach in cloud computing environment.

Sarita Negi Man Mohan Singh Rauthan Kunwar Singh Vaisla Neelam Panwar

Toward graph classification on structure property using adaptive motif based on graph convolutional network.

Xingquan Li Hongxi Wu

High performance of brain emotional intelligent controller for DTC-SVM based sensorless induction motor drive.

Sridhar Savarapu Narri Yadaiah

The use of remote sensing satellite using deep learning in emergency monitoring of high-level landslides disaster in Jinsha River.

Leijin Long Feng He Hongjiang Liu

Identification and control of the volatile organic compounds activity in confined environments (Mosques).

Muhammad Atif Shahzad Abdul Zubar Hameed Abdulrahman Basahel

VGL: a high-performance graph processing framework for the NEC SX-Aurora TSUBASA vector architecture.

Ilya V. Afanasyev Vladimir V. Voevodin Kazuhiko Komatsu Hiroaki Kobayashi

Adoption value of deep learning and serological indicators in the screening of atrophic gastritis based on artificial intelligence.

Jianhai Zhang Jianhong Yu Suna Fu Xinhua Tian

Consensus-based data replication protocol for distributed cloud.

Rashmi Maheshwari Naveen Kumar Monal Shadi Shailesh Tiwari

NNBlocks: a Blockly framework for AI computing.

Tai-Liang Chen Yi-Ru Chen Meng-Shiun Yu Jenq-Kuen Lee

GPU-based embedded edge server configuration and offloading for a neural network service.

Joohwan Kim Shan Ullah Deok-Hwan Kim

A deep learning-based CEP rule extraction framework for IoT data.

Mehmet Ulvi Simsek Feyza Yildirim Okay Suat Ozdemir

A novel vector-space-based lightweight privacy-preserving RFID authentication protocol for IoT environment.

Mohd Shariq Karan Singh

A CUDA-powered method for the feature extraction and unsupervised analysis of medical images.

Leonardo Rundo Andrea Tangherloni Paolo Cazzaniga Matteo Mistri Simone Galimberti Ramona Woitek Evis Sala Giancarlo Mauri Marco S. Nobile

Structure-preserving NPR framework for image abstraction and stylization.

M. P. Pavan Kumar B. Poornima H. S. Nagendraswamy C. Manjunath

Optimal fault-tolerant quantum comparators for image binarization.

F. Orts Gloria Ortega López A. C. Cucura Ernestas Filatovas Ester M. Garzón

A dynamic variability management approach working with agile product line engineering practices for reusing features.

Azaz Ahmed Kiani Yaser Hafeez Muhammad Imran Sadia Ali

Gait analysis in patients with neurological disorders using ankle-worn accelerometers.

Jung-Yeon Kim Suhwan Lee Hee Bum Lee Byeong-Gwon Kang Soo-Bin Im Yunyoung Nam

Absolute rotary encoder system based on optical sensor for angular measurement.

Wen-Yen Lin Ching-Wen Huang

Evaluating the performance of FFT library implementations on modern hybrid computing systems.

Sergey I. Malkovsky Aleksei A. Sorokin Georgiy Tsoy Sergey P. Korolev Sergey I. Smagin Vadim A. Kondrashev

Investigating multiple defects on a new fault-tolerant three-input QCA majority gate.

Seyed Amir Hossein Foroutan Reza Sabbaghi-Nadooshan Majid Mohammadi Mohammad Bagher Tavakoli

Provably secure lightweight client authentication scheme with anonymity for TMIS using chaotic hash function.

Vishesh P. Gaikwad Jitendra V. Tembhurne Chandrashekhar Meshram Cheng-Chi Lee

Multi-objective heuristics algorithm for dynamic resource scheduling in the cloud computing environment.

K. Lalitha Devi S. Valli

HybriDroid: an empirical analysis on effective malware detection model developed using ensemble methods.

Arvind Mahindru A. L. Sangal

Application of deep learning model under improved emd in railway transportation investment benefits and national economic attribute analysis.

Jia He

Recognition of food type and calorie estimation using neural network.

Raghvendra Kumar Eanoch Golden Julie Yesudhas Harold Robinson S. Vimal Sanghyun Seo

A method of activity-based software maintenance cost estimation for package software.

Kyoung-ae Jang Woo-Je Kim

Parallel source separation system for heart and lung sounds.

Antonio Jesús Muñoz-Montoro D. Suarez-Dou Raquel Cortina Francisco J. Cañadas-Quesada Elías F. Combarro

HSAC-ALADMM: an asynchronous lazy ADMM algorithm based on hierarchical sparse allreduce communication.

Dongxia Wang Yongmei Lei Jinyang Xie Guozheng Wang

Novel certificateless Chebyshev chaotic map-based key agreement protocol for advanced metering infrastructure.

Dariush Abbasinezhad-Mood Arezou Ostad-Sharif Morteza Nikooghadam Sayyed Majid Mazinani

On protocols for increasing the uniformity of random bits generated with noisy quantum computers.

Elías F. Combarro Federico Carminati Sofia Vallecorsa José Ranilla Ignacio F. Rúa

Traffic classification for efficient load balancing in server cluster using deep learning technique.

V. Punitha C. Mala

Sampling-based visual assessment computing techniques for an efficient social data clustering.

M. Suleman Basha S. K. Mouleeswaran K. Rajendra Prasad

Toward efficient execution of data-intensive workflows.

Oleg V. Sukhoroslov

A comprehensive and holistic knowledge model for cloud privacy protection.

Aymen Akremi Mohsen Rouached

Towards design and implementation of security and privacy framework for Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) by leveraging blockchain and IPFS technology.

Randhir Kumar Rakesh Tripathi

Efficient design and implementation of a robust coplanar crossover and multilayer hybrid full adder-subtractor using QCA technology.

Mukesh Patidar Namit Gupta

Volume 77, Number 7, July 2021
Blockchain-based federation of wireless sensor nodes.

Francisco José de Haro-Olmo José Antonio Álvarez-Bermejo Angel Jesus Varela-Vaca Juan Antonio López-Ramos

Design and implementation of an academic expert system through big data analysis.

Dojin Choi Hyeonbyeong Lee Kyoungsoo Bok Jaesoo Yoo

Leveraging deep learning with audio analytics to predict the success of crowdfunding projects.

Jiatong Shi Kunlin Yang Wei Xu Mingming Wang

A blockchain-based intelligent anti-switch package in tracing logistics system.

Chin-Ling Chen Yong-Yuan Deng Wei Weng Ming Zhou Hongyu Sun

Joint energy optimization on the server and network sides for geo-distributed data centers.

Yang Qin Wuji Han Yuanyuan Yang Weihong Yang

CamNav: a computer-vision indoor navigation system.

Abdel Ghani Karkar Somaya Al-Máadeed Jayakanth Kunhoth Ahmed Bouridane

A new efficient approach for detecting single and multiple black hole attacks.

Rachid Khalladi Mohammed Rebbah Omar Smail

Fair and near-optimal coflow scheduling without prior knowledge of coflow size.

Chenghao Li Huyin Zhang Wenjia Ding Tianying Zhou

High-performance dataflow computing in hybrid memory systems with UPC++ DepSpawn.

Basilio B. Fraguela Diego Andrade

Energy-efficient cluster head selection through relay approach for WSN.

Pramod Singh Rathore Jyotir Moy Chatterjee Abhishek Kumar Radhakrishnan Sujatha

A variable action set cellular learning automata-based algorithm for link prediction in online social networks.

Mozhdeh Khaksar Manshad Mohammad Reza Meybodi Afshin Salajegheh

Diagnostic efficacy of ultrasound combined with magnetic resonance imaging in diagnosis of deep pelvic endometriosis under deep learning.

Minmin Yang Min Liu Yan Chen Suhui He Yan Lin

Adoption of computerized tomography images in detection of lung nodules and analysis of neuropeptide correlative substances under deep learning algorithm.

Li Zhu Jianbo Gao

Dynamic swarm class rebalancing for the process mining of rare events.

Jinyan Li Yaoyang Wu Simon Fong Raymond K. Wong Victor W. Chu Kok-Leong Ong Kelvin Kian Loong Wong

Efficacy evaluation of interventional therapy for primary liver cancer using magnetic resonance imaging and CT scanning under deep learning and treatment of vasovagal reflex.

Chunfeng Zheng Lei Chen Jihua Jian Juan Li Zhonghui Gao

Sequence-aware similarity learning for next-item recommendation.

Zhuoxin Zhan Liulan Zhong Jing Lin Weike Pan Zhong Ming

OG-RADL: overall performance-based resource-aware dynamic load-balancer for deadline constrained Cloud tasks.

Said Nabi Masroor Ahmed

Behavior analysis method for indoor environment based on app usage mining.

Shinjin Kang Soo Kyun Kim

Dual-drive opposition-based non-inertial particle swarm optimization for deep learning in IoTs.

Wenliang Cao Lanlan Kang Zu-Wen Liu

Algorithms for functionalities of virtual network: a survey.

Brajesh Kumar Umrao Dharmendra Kumar Yadav

A 3D graphics rendering pipeline implementation based on the openCL massively parallel processing.

Mingyu Kim Nakhoon Baek

Design of all-optical parallel multipliers using semiconductor optical amplifier-based Mach-Zehnder interferometers.

Sumit Sharma Sudip Roy

A metadata-driven approach to efficiently detect code-reuse attacks on ARM multiprocessors.

Hyunyoung Oh Yeongpil Cho Yunheung Paek

Distributed L-diversity using spark-based algorithm for large resource description frameworks data.

MinHyuk Jeon Odsuren Temuujin Jinhyun Ahn Dong-Hyuk Im

SS-ITS: secure scalable intelligent transportation systems.

Asma Belhadi Youcef Djenouri Gautam Srivastava Jerry Chun-Wei Lin

Classification of brain tumors from MR images using deep transfer learning.

Özlem Polat Cahfer Güngen

High-performance analysis of interleaved high-gain converter with active switched inductor using intelligent controller.

M. V. Sudarsan Ch. Sai Babu S. Satyanarayana

Correction to: Analysis and implementation of reactive fault tolerance techniques in Hadoop: a comparative study.

Hassan Asghar Babar Nazir

Analysis and implementation of reactive fault tolerance techniques in Hadoop: a comparative study.

Hassan Asghar Babar Nazir

Construction and verification of color fundus image retinal vessels segmentation algorithm under BP neural network.

Zhao Liu

Enhancing HDFS with a full-text search system for massive small files.

Wentao Xu Xin Zhao Bin Lao Ge Nong

Diamond: multi-dimensional indexing technique for medical images retrieval using vertical fragmentation approach.

Ali Asghar Safaei Saeede HabibiAsl

Accurate computation: COVID-19 rRT-PCR positive test dataset using stages classification through textual big data mining with machine learning.

Shalini Ramanathan Mohan Ramasundaram

Correction to: Future cloud: spherical processors for realizing low-cost upgrade in underwater data centers.

A. A. Periola Opeyemi A. Osanaiye Ayobami Taiwo Olusesi

Future cloud: spherical processors for realizing low-cost upgrade in underwater data centers.

A. A. Periola Opeyemi A. Osanaiye Ayobami Taiwo Olusesi

Bidirectional LSTM-RNN-based hybrid deep learning frameworks for univariate time series classification.

Mehak Khan Hongzhi Wang Adnan Riaz Aya El-Fatyany Sajida Karim

Provably secure authentication key exchange scheme using fog nodes in vehicular ad hoc networks.

Tsu-Yang Wu Zhiyuan Lee Lei Yang Jia-Ning Luo Raylin Tso

Evolution pattern mining on dynamic social network.

Guan-Yi Jheng Yi-Cheng Chen Hung-Ming Liang

Electrooculogram-aided intelligent sensing and high-performance communication control system for massive ALS individuals.

Jayabrabu Ramakrishnan Ramkumar Sivasakthivel T. Akila Mervin Retnadhas Tintu Thomas Uthup Mythily R

Mille Cheval: a GPU-based in-memory high-performance computing framework for accelerated processing of big-data streams.

Vivek Kumar Dilip Kumar Sharma Vinay Kumar Mishra