Volume 34, Number 4, 2021
The CADE-28 Automated Theorem Proving System Competition - CASC-28.

Geoff Sutcliffe Martin Desharnais

An efficient glomerular object locator for renal whole slide images using proposal-free network and dynamic scale evaluation method.

Xueyu Liu Ming Li Yongfei Wu Yilin Chen Fang Hao Daoxiang Zhou Chen Wang Chuanfeng Ma Guangze Shi Xiaoshuang Zhou

Deterministic policies based on maximum regrets in MDPs with imprecise rewards.

Pegah Alizadeh Emiliano Traversi Aomar Osmani

Volume 34, Number 2, 2021
The 10th IJCAR automated theorem proving system competition - CASC-J10.

Geoff Sutcliffe

Drone-assisted automated plant diseases identification using spiking deep conventional neural learning.

Kubilay Demir Vedat Tümen

An interdisciplinary conceptual study of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for helping benefit-risk assessment practices.

Gauthier Chassang Mogens Thomsen Pierre Rumeau Florence Sèdes Alejandra Delfin

Volume 34, Number 1, 2021
Accelerating route choice learning with experience sharing in a commuting scenario: An agent-based approach.

Franziska Klügl Ana Lúcia C. Bazzan

Reinforcement learning vs. rule-based adaptive traffic signal control: A Fourier basis linear function approximation for traffic signal control.

Theresa Ziemke Lucas Nunes Alegre Ana L. C. Bazzan

Demand-responsive rebalancing zone generation for reinforcement learning-based on-demand mobility.

Alberto Castagna Maxime Guériau Giuseppe Vizzari Ivana Dusparic

Agriculture fleet vehicle routing: A decentralised and dynamic problem.

Marin Lujak Elizabeth Sklar Frédéric Semet

ORNInA: A decentralized, auction-based multi-agent coordination in ODT systems.

Alaa Daoud Flavien Balbo Paolo Gianessi Gauthier Picard

Policy adaptation for vehicle routing.

Tristan Cazenave Jean-Yves Lucas Thomas Triboulet Hyoseok Kim

Safety perception and pedestrian dynamics: Experimental results towards affective agents modeling.

Francesca Gasparini Marta Giltri Stefania Bandini

Agents in Traffic and Transportation (ATT 2020).

Marin Lujak Ivana Dusparic Franziska Klügl Giuseppe Vizzari