Volume 31, Number 6, 2018
The 9th IJCAR Automated Theorem Proving System Competition - CASC-J9.

Geoff Sutcliffe

The Barcelona declaration for the proper development and usage of artificial intelligence in Europe.

Luc Steels Ramón López de Mántaras

Leveraging knowledge bases for future prediction with memory comparison networks.

Daniel Andrade Bing Bai Ramkumar Rajendran Yotaro Watanabe

Performance robustness of AI planners in the 2014 International Planning Competition.

Andrea F. Bocchese Chris Fawcett Mauro Vallati Alfonso Emilio Gerevini Holger H. Hoos

Volume 31, Number 5, 2018
Classification of retinal vessels using a collaborative agent-based architecture.

Pablo Chamoso Sara Rodríguez Fernando de la Prieta Javier Bajo

A genetic algorithm for group formation in elderly communities.

Juan M. Alberola Elena del Val Ângelo Costa Paulo Novais Vicente Julián

Coalition formation in social environments with logic-based agents.

Mario Alviano Gianluigi Greco Antonella Guzzo

Volume 31, Number 4, 2018
New stochastic local search approaches for computing preferred extensions of abstract argumentation.

Dangdang Niu Lei Liu Shuai Lü

Resizing cardinality constraints for MaxSAT.

Eivind Jahren Roberto Javier Asín Achá

INNAMP: An incremental neural network architecture with monitor perceptron.

Sharad Gupta Sudip Sanyal

Two-phase selective decentralization to improve reinforcement learning systems with MDP.

Thanh Nguyen Snehasis Mukhopadhyay

Volume 31, Number 3, 2018
Consensus-finding that preserves mutually conflicting hypothetical information from a same agent.

Éric Grégoire Jean-Marie Lagniez Du Zhang

Programming and verifying a declarative first-order prover in Isabelle/HOL.

Alexander Birch Jensen John Bruntse Larsen Anders Schlichtkrull Jørgen Villadsen

Towards backbone computing: A Greedy-Whitening based approach.

Yueling Zhang Min Zhang Geguang Pu Fu Song Jianwen Li

Can an A.I. win a medal in the mathematical olympiad? - Benchmarking mechanized mathematics on pre-university problems.

Takuya Matsuzaki Hidenao Iwane Munehiro Kobayashi Yiyang Zhan Ryoya Fukasaku Jumma Kudo Hirokazu Anai Noriko H. Arai

Hierarchical invention of theorem proving strategies.

Jan Jakubuv Josef Urban

Foreword to the Special Issue on Automated Reasoning.

Pascal Fontaine Cezary Kaliszyk Stephan Schulz Josef Urban

Volume 31, Number 1, 2018
Drawing OWL 2 ontologies with Eddy the editor.

Domenico Lembo Daniele Pantaleone Valerio Santarelli Domenico Fabio Savo

Combining argumentation and aspect-based opinion mining: The SMACk system.

Mauro Dragoni Célia da Costa Pereira Andrea G. B. Tettamanzi Serena Villata

Supporting adaptiveness of cyber-physical processes through action-based formalisms.

Andrea Marrella Massimo Mecella Sebastian Sardiña

An intelligent system for taxi service: Analysis, prediction and visualization.

Yu Lu Zeng Zeng Huayu Wu Gim Guan Chua Jingjing Zhang

ASQFor: Automatic SPARQL query formulation for the non-expert.

Muhammad Rizwan Saeed Charalampos Chelmis Viktor K. Prasanna

Addressing structural and linguistic heterogeneity in the Web.

Jacobo Rouces Gerard de Melo Katja Hose

Demonstrations Track of the 25th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence.

Carlos Linares López