Volume 36, Number 1, April 2022
Approximating voting rules from truncated ballots.

Manel Ayadi Nahla Ben Amor Jérôme Lang

What values should an agent align with?

Enrico Liscio Michiel van der Meer Luciano Cavalcante Siebert Catholijn M. Jonker Pradeep K. Murukannaiah

Privacy preserving planning in multi-agent stochastic environments.

Tommy Hefner Guy Shani Roni Stern

Quantifying the effects of environment and population diversity in multi-agent reinforcement learning.

Kevin R. McKee Joel Z. Leibo Charlie Beattie Richard Everett

Representing and reasoning about auctions.

Munyque Mittelmann Sylvain Bouveret Laurent Perrussel

Formal verification of group and propagated trust in multi-agent systems.

Nagat Drawel Jamal Bentahar Amine Laarej Gaith Rjoub

The complexity of election problems with group-separable preferences.

Piotr Faliszewski Alexander Karpov Svetlana Obraztsova

Designing empathic virtual agents: manipulating animation, voice, rendering, and empathy to create persuasive agents.

Dhaval Parmar Stefan Olafsson Dina Utami Prasanth Murali Timothy W. Bickmore

Mandrake: multiagent systems as a basis for programming fault-tolerant decentralized applications.

Samuel H. Christie V. Amit K. Chopra Munindar P. Singh

Verification of multi-layered assignment problems.

Barak Steindl Meirav Zehavi

Redividing the cake.

Erel Segal-Halevi

Exploiting environmental signals to enable policy correlation in large-scale decentralized systems.

Panayiotis Danassis Zeki Doruk Erden Boi Faltings

Manipulation-resistant false-name-proof facility location mechanisms for complex graphs.

Ilan Nehama Taiki Todo Makoto Yokoo

Online revenue maximization for server pricing.

Shant Boodaghians Federico Fusco Stefano Leonardi Yishay Mansour Ruta Mehta

An explainable assistant for multiuser privacy.

Francesca Mosca Jose M. Such

Unravelling multi-agent ranked delegations.

Rachael Colley Umberto Grandi Arianna Novaro

Fair allocation of conflicting items.

Halvard Hummel Magnus Lie Hetland

Gini index based initial coin offering mechanism.

Mingyu Guo Zhenghui Wang Yuko Sakurai

Formal verification of neural agents in non-deterministic environments.

Michael E. Akintunde Elena Botoeva Panagiotis Kouvaros Alessio Lomuscio

Candidate selections with proportional fairness constraints.

Xiaohui Bei Shengxin Liu Chung Keung Poon Hongao Wang

Input addition and deletion in reinforcement: towards protean learning.

Iago Bonnici Abdelkader Gouaïch Fabien Michel

Fair allocation of indivisible goods and chores.

Haris Aziz Ioannis Caragiannis Ayumi Igarashi Toby Walsh

Combining quantitative and qualitative reasoning in concurrent multi-player games.

Nils Bulling Valentin Goranko

Evaluating approval-based multiwinner voting in terms of robustness to noise.

Ioannis Caragiannis Christos Kaklamanis Nikos Karanikolas George A. Krimpas