Volume 33, Number 4, July 2019
A formal framework for reasoning about opportunistic propensity in multi-agent systems.

Jieting Luo John-Jules Ch. Meyer Max Knobbout

A game-theoretic approach for selecting optimal time-dependent thresholds for anomaly detection.

Amin Ghafouri Aron Laszka Waseem Abbas Yevgeniy Vorobeychik Xenofon D. Koutsoukos

SA-IGA: a multiagent reinforcement learning method towards socially optimal outcomes.

Chengwei Zhang Xiaohong Li Jianye Hao Siqi Chen Karl Tuyls Wanli Xue Zhiyong Feng

High-multiplicity election problems.

Zack Fitzsimmons Edith Hemaspaandra

Volume 33, Number 3, May 2019
VerifCar: a framework for modeling and model checking communicating autonomous vehicles.

Johan Arcile Raymond R. Devillers Hanna Klaudel

Decomposition methods with deep corrections for reinforcement learning.

Maxime Bouton Kyle D. Julian Alireza Nakhaei Kikuo Fujimura Mykel J. Kochenderfer

Inferring true voting outcomes in homophilic social networks.

John A. Doucette Alan Tsang Hadi Hosseini Kate Larson Robin Cohen

Algorithms for destructive shift bribery.

Andrzej Kaczmarczyk Piotr Faliszewski

Volume 33, Numbers 1-2, March 2019
A probabilistic argumentation framework for reinforcement learning agents - Towards a mentalistic approach to agent profiles.

Régis Riveret Yang Gao Guido Governatori Antonino Rotolo Jeremy Pitt Giovanni Sartor

Strategic behavior and learning in all-pay auctions: an empirical study using crowdsourced data.

Yoram Bachrach Ian A. Kash Peter Key Joel Oren

Multi-agent soft constraint aggregation via sequential voting: theoretical and experimental results.

Cristina Cornelio Maria Silvia Pini Francesca Rossi Kristen Brent Venable

Systemic design of distributed multi-UAV cooperative decision-making for multi-target tracking.

Yunyun Zhao Xiangke Wang Chang Wang Yirui Cong Lincheng Shen

Towards an Internet of Agents model based on Linked Open Data approach.

Pablo Pico-Valencia Juan A. Holgado-Terriza José A. Senso

Computing optimal coalition structures in polynomial time.

Shaheen Fatima Michael J. Wooldridge

A context-aware convention formation framework for large-scale networks.

Mohammad Rashedul Hasan Anita Raja Ana L. C. Bazzan