Volume 34, Number 1, April 2020
Two approximation algorithms for probabilistic coalition structure generation with quality bound.

Kouki Matsumura Bojana Kodric Tenda Okimoto Katsutoshi Hirayama

Computing and testing Pareto optimal committees.

Haris Aziz Jérôme Monnot

Strategyproof and fair matching mechanism for ratio constraints.

Kentaro Yahiro Yuzhe Zhang Nathanaël Barrot Makoto Yokoo

Facial feedback for reinforcement learning: a case study and offline analysis using the TAMER framework.

Guangliang Li Hamdi Dibeklioglu Shimon Whiteson Hayley Hung

The impact of agent definitions and interactions on multiagent learning for coordination in traffic management domains.

Jen Jen Chung Damjan Miklic Lorenzo Sabattini Kagan Tumer Roland Siegwart

A norm enforcement mechanism for a time-constrained conditional normative framework.

Babatunde Opeoluwa Akinkunmi Moyin Florence Babalola

Semantics and algorithms for trustworthy commitment achievement under model uncertainty.

Qi Zhang Edmund H. Durfee Satinder P. Singh

Fast core pricing algorithms for path auction.

Hao Cheng Wentao Zhang Yi Zhang Lei Zhang Jun Wu Chongjun Wang

A collaborative agent-based traffic signal system for highly dynamic traffic conditions.

Behnam Torabi Rym Z. Wenkstern Robert Saylor

Crossmodal attentive skill learner: learning in Atari and beyond with audio-video inputs.

Dong-Ki Kim Shayegan Omidshafiei Jason Pazis Jonathan P. How

Privacy sensitive environment re-decomposition for junction tree agent organization construction.

Yang Xiang Abdulrahman Alshememry

COMBIMA: truthful, budget maintaining, dynamic combinatorial market.

Rica Gonen Ozi Egri

Applying Max-sum to asymmetric distributed constraint optimization problems.

Roie Zivan Tomer Parash Liel Cohen-Lavi Yarden Naveh

Solving the fair electric load shedding problem in developing countries.

Olabambo Ifeoluwa Oluwasuji Obaid Malik Jie Zhang Sarvapali Dyanand Ramchurn

Partition decision trees: representation for efficient computation of the Shapley value extended to games with externalities.

Oskar Skibski Tomasz P. Michalak Yuko Sakurai Michael J. Wooldridge Makoto Yokoo

Multi-objective multi-agent decision making: a utility-based analysis and survey.

Roxana Radulescu Patrick Mannion Diederik M. Roijers Ann Nowé

Agents teaching agents: a survey on inter-agent transfer learning.

Felipe Leno da Silva Garrett Warnell Anna Helena Reali Costa Peter Stone

The complexity of bribery and control in group identification.

Gábor Erdélyi Christian Reger Yongjie Yang

Bounds and dynamics for empirical game theoretic analysis.

Karl Tuyls Julien Pérolat Marc Lanctot Edward Hughes Richard Everett Joel Z. Leibo Csaba Szepesvári Thore Graepel

An agent for learning new natural language commands.

Amos Azaria Shashank Srivastava Jayant Krishnamurthy Igor Labutov Tom M. Mitchell

Truthfulness on a budget: trading money for approximation through monitoring.

Paolo Serafino Carmine Ventre Angelina Vidali

Stable outcomes in modified fractional hedonic games.

Gianpiero Monaco Luca Moscardelli Yllka Velaj

Strategyproof multi-item exchange under single-minded dichotomous preferences.

Haris Aziz

Strategic negotiations for extensive-form games.

Dave de Jonge Dongmo Zhang

Probabilistic physical search on general graphs: approximations and heuristics.

Noam Hazon Mira Gonen