ijcv - Volume 46

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ijcv - Volume 46 - Number 3 - February - March 2002
Correspondence, Matching and Recognition.

Tilo Burghardt==Dima Damen==Walterio W. Mayol-Cuevas==Majid Mirmehdi==

Metric Regression Forests for Correspondence Estimation.

Gerard Pons-Moll==Jonathan Taylor==Jamie Shotton==Aaron Hertzmann==Andrew W. Fitzgibbon==

Relatively-Paired Space Analysis: Learning a Latent Common Space From Relatively-Paired Observations.

Zhanghui Kuang==Kwan-Yee Kenneth Wong==

Label Embedding: A Frugal Baseline for Text Recognition.

José A. Rodríguez-Serrano==Albert Gordo==Florent Perronnin==

A Spline-Based Trajectory Representation for Sensor Fusion and Rolling Shutter Cameras.

Alonso Patron-Perez==Steven Lovegrove==Gabe Sibley==

Morphologically Invariant Matching of Structures with the Complete Rank Transform.

Oliver Demetz==David Hafner==Joachim Weickert==

Efficient Dense Rigid-Body Motion Segmentation and Estimation in RGB-D Video.

Jörg Stückler==Sven Behnke==

Discovering Beautiful Attributes for Aesthetic Image Analysis.

Luca Marchesotti==Naila Murray==Florent Perronnin==

ijcv - Volume 46 - Number 2 - February 2002
On the impact of primary traffic correlation in TV White Space.

Angela Sara Cacciapuoti==Marcello Caleffi==Luigi Paura==

A mobility optimized SPRT based distributed security solution for replica node detection in mobile sensor networks.

Venkatesh Manickavasagam==Jayashree Padmanabhan==

Link probability, node degree and coverage in three-dimensional networks.

Luiz Filipe M. Vieira==Marcelo G. Almiron==Antonio A. F. Loureiro==

Deployment and evaluation of a fully applicable distributed event detection system in Wireless Sensor Networks.

Norman Dziengel==Martin Seiffert==Marco Ziegert==Stephan Adler==Stefan Pfeiffer==Jochen H. Schiller==

On power control in full duplex underlay cognitive radio networks.

Ningkai Tang==Shiwen Mao==Sastry Kompella==

Key evolving RFID systems: Forward/backward privacy and ownership transfer of RFID tags.

Tassos Dimitriou==

A secure and energy-efficient stochastic multipath routing for self-organized mobile ad hoc networks.

Sajal Sarkar==Raja Datta==

A novel approach for scalable multi-hop data dissemination in vehicular ad hoc networks.

Moumena Chaqfeh==Abderrahmane Lakas==

An energy-efficient QoS routing for wireless sensor networks using self-stabilizing algorithm.

Da-Ren Chen==

WDFAD-DBR: Weighting depth and forwarding area division DBR routing protocol for UASNs.

Haitao Yu==Nianmin Yao==Tong Wang==Guangshun Li==Zhen-guo Gao==Guozhen Tan==

How to provide fair service for V2I communications in VANETs?

Michal Hoeft==Jacek Rak==

Extended shortcut tree routing for ZigBee based wireless sensor network.

L. K. Wadhwa==Rashmi S. Deshpande==Vishnu Priye==

Maximizing Wireless Sensor Network lifetime by communication/computation energy optimization of non-repudiation security service: Node level versus network level strategies.

Huseyin Ugur Yildiz==Kemal Bicakci==Bülent Tavli==Hakan Gultekin==Davut Incebacak==

Modified access polynomial based self-healing key management schemes with broadcast authentication and enhanced collusion resistance in wireless sensor networks.

Xinjiang Sun==Xiaobei Wu==Cheng Huang==Zhiliang Xu==Jianlin Zhong==

A dual IEEE 802.11 and IEEE 802.15-4 network architecture for energy-efficient communications with low-demanding applications.

Ignacio Foche-Pérez==Javier Simó-Reigadas==Ignacio Prieto-Egido==Eduardo Morgado==Andrés Martínez-Fernández==

On throughput capacity for a class of buffer-limited MANETs.

Jia Liu==Min Sheng==Yang Xu==Jiandong Li==Xiaohong Jiang==

Observing CoAP groups efficiently.

Isam Ishaq==Jeroen Hoebeke==Ingrid Moerman==Piet Demeester==

Node selection optimization for collaborative beamforming in wireless sensor networks.

Geng Sun==Yanheng Liu==Jing Zhang==Aimin Wang==Xu Zhou==

CoCo+: Exploiting correlated core for energy efficient dissemination in wireless sensor networks.

Zhiwei Zhao==Jiajun Bu==Wei Dong==Tao Gu==Xianghua Xu==

Context-aware opportunistic networking in multi-hop cellular networks.

Baldomero Coll-Perales==Javier Gozálvez==Vasilis Friderikos==

A fast and accurate performance analysis of beaconless IEEE 802.15.4 multi-hop networks.

Rachit Srivastava==Sanjay Motilal Ladwa==Abhijit Bhattacharya==Anurag Kumar==

Distributed multi-objective cross-layer optimization with joint hyperlink and transmission mode scheduling in network coding-based wireless networks.

Jain-Shing Liu==Jichiang Tsai==

CStorage: Decentralized compressive data storage in wireless sensor networks.

Ali Talari==Nazanin Rahnavard==

GTS size adaptation algorithm for IEEE 802.15.4 wireless networks.

Yufeng Zhan==Yuanqing Xia==Mashood Anwar==

Light commodity devices for building vehicular ad hoc networks: An experimental study.

Jamal Toutouh==Enrique Alba==

OSL: An optimization-based scheduler for RFID Dense-Reader Environments.

Javier Vales-Alonso==Francisco J. Parrado-García==Juan J. Alcaraz==

Evaluation of available bandwidth as a routing metric for delay-sensitive IEEE 802.15.4-based ad-hoc networks.

Muhammad Omer Farooq==Thomas Kunz==Cormac J. Sreenan==Kenneth N. Brown==

HierHybNET: Capacity scaling of ad hoc networks with cost-effective infrastructure.

Cheol Jeong==Won-Yong Shin==

An Incremental Procedure for the Lateral Calibration of a Time-of-Flight Camera by One Image of a Flat Surface.

Rudi Penne==Bart Ribbens==Luc Mertens==

Shape Description and Matching Using Integral Invariants on Eccentricity Transformed Images.

Faraz Janan==Michael Brady==

Multi-Class Active Learning by Uncertainty Sampling with Diversity Maximization.

Yi Yang==Zhigang Ma==Feiping Nie==Xiaojun Chang==Alexander G. Hauptmann==

Towards 3D Face Recognition in the Real: A Registration-Free Approach Using Fine-Grained Matching of 3D Keypoint Descriptors.

Huibin Li==Di Huang==Jean-Marie Morvan==Yunhong Wang==Liming Chen==

SPHORB: A Fast and Robust Binary Feature on the Sphere.

Qiang Zhao==Wei Feng==Liang Wan==Jiawan Zhang==

ijcv - Volume 46 - Number 1 - January 2002
Special issue on advances in vehicular networks.

Falko Dressler==Onur Altintas==Björn Scheuermann==Suman Banerjee==

Designing fail-safe and traffic efficient 802.11p-based rear-end collision avoidance.

Natalya An==Jens Mittag==Hannes Hartenstein==

Balanced traffic routing: Design, implementation, and evaluation.

Ruilin Liu==Hongzhang Liu==Daehan Kwak==Yong Xiang==Cristian Borcea==Badri Nath==Liviu Iftode==

Integration of congestion and awareness control in vehicular networks.

Miguel Sepulcre==Javier Gozálvez==Onur Altintas==Haris Kremo==

Evaluation of MAC contention techniques for efficient geo-routing in vehicular networks.

Carolina García-Costa==Esteban Egea-López==Joan García-Haro==

Analysis of a receiver-based reliable broadcast approach for vehicular networks.

Mozhdeh Gholibeigi==Geert Heijenk==Dmitri Moltchanov==Yevgeni Koucheryavy==

Bluetooth Low Energy performance and robustness analysis for Inter-Vehicular Communications.

Walter Bronzi==Raphaël Frank==German Castignani==Thomas Engel==

Scooter-to-X communications: Antenna placement, human body shadowing, and channel modeling.

Hao-Min Lin==Hsin-Mu Tsai==Mate Boban==

A resilient in-network aggregation mechanism for VANETs based on dissemination redundancy.

Stefan Dietzel==Julian Gürtler==Frank Kargl==

Establishing location-privacy in decentralized long-distance geocast services.

Martin Florian==Felix Pieper==Ingmar Baumgart==

PUCA: A pseudonym scheme with strong privacy guarantees for vehicular ad-hoc networks.

David Förster==Frank Kargl==Hans Löhr==

Efficient ID-based public auditing for the outsourced data in cloud storage.

Jianhong Zhang==Qiaocui Dong==

A novel similarity measure between intuitionistic fuzzy sets based on the centroid points of transformed fuzzy numbers with applications to pattern recognition.

Shyi-Ming Chen==Shou-Hsiung Cheng==Tzu-Chun Lan==

An incremental dependency calculation technique for feature selection using rough sets.

Muhammad Summair Raza==Usman Qamar==

Distributed attitude synchronization control for a group of flexible spacecraft using only attitude measurements.

An-Min Zou==Anton H. J. de Ruiter==Krishna Dev Kumar==

Fisher-regularized support vector machine.

Li Zhang==Weida Zhou==

Towards the bio-personalization of music recommendation systems: A single-sensor EEG biomarker of subjective music preference.

Dimitrios A. Adamos==Stavros I. Dimitriadis==Nikolaos A. Laskaris==

Guest Editorial: Deep Learning.

Marc'Aurelio Ranzato==Geoffrey E. Hinton==Yann LeCun==

Stacked Predictive Sparse Decomposition for Classification of Histology Sections.

Hang Chang==Yin Zhou==Alexander Borowsky==Kenneth E. Barner==Paul T. Spellman==Bahram Parvin==

Heterogeneous Multi-task Learning for Human Pose Estimation with Deep Convolutional Neural Network.

Sijin Li==Zhi-Qiang Liu==Antoni B. Chan==

Discriminative Deep Face Shape Model for Facial Point Detection.

Yue Wu==Qiang Ji==

Spiking Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Energy-Efficient Object Recognition.

Yongqiang Cao==Yang Chen==Deepak Khosla==

A Neural Autoregressive Approach to Attention-based Recognition.

Yin Zheng==Richard S. Zemel==Yu-Jin Zhang==Hugo Larochelle==